Married asian woman has an incredible time in the hot tub

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Disclaimer: This story, and all characters, are fiction. All characters are over 18. This is my first story! I would love to receive feedback in the comment section and a positive star review!

“Don’t touch me!” snaps Iona.

“Alright, alright, jeez” replies Tom, slowly backing away from her.

“What’s your problem anyway?” he asks.

Iona grabs her cup of coffee, storms out of the kitchen and into their spare bedroom before slamming the door behind her.

She’s still fuming when she sits down at her desk and fires up her laptop computer.

“What’s my problem?” she mutters to herself. “You’re my problem!”

She hears a knock on the door. Tom slowly opens the door.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Yes” she snaps angrily. “I have a lot of writing to do today”.

“Well, I just wanted to say goodbye. You know I’m leaving for that conference in Vegas soon and I’ll be gone all weekend” Tom tells her.

“I know” she replies sharply without even looking at him.

She hears him pack his bags, close the front door of their apartment and leave.

When they first met through mutual friends three years ago, there were fireworks between Tom and Iona. They married 6 months later and moved into a cozy two-bedroom apartment in San Francisco.

Things were great at first. Iona spent her days writing books about relationships. Tom landed a well-paying job working as a salesman for a big insurance company.

But things became rocky when Tom started traveling for work. He would spend entire weekends at conferences getting hammered with his colleagues only to return late on Sunday night hungover and exhausted. She felt neglected, bored and alone.

One day she discovered Tom had a one-night stand with a bartender in Las Vegas. Her loneliness quickly turned into anger and disgust. Now, she can’t even look at him without thinking who else he’s been with and is physically repulsed by his touch.

Their once passionate relationship turned into a sexless marriage. Nowadays, she spends most weekends alone in their apartment or sunbathing by the pool.

Iona looks out her bedroom window at the swimming pool below. The water sparkled and shimmered under the morning sunlight enticing her.

She jumps out of her chair and heads to her closet to change into her bathing suit. She pulls out a bright yellow bikini top and matching bottoms and lays them on the bed along with a fluffy white towel.

She takes off her clothes and stands naked in front of the mirror as she surveys her figure.

Iona’s 34DD breasts and brown nipples are unusually large for a 5″3 Asian woman. And despite being 35 years old, her boobs are surprisingly perky. She runs her hands through her light brown shoulder-length hair which does not match her womanly hair down below. She has a small patch of black pubic hair below her belly button and a shapely round ass.

She puts on her bikini and notices it must have shrunk in the wash because it’s definitely smaller than the last time she wore it.

Her bikini top struggles to contain her voluptuous breasts. She feels self-conscious and nervous that one of her neighbors will see her wearing so little. So, she wraps a towel around her body and heads downstairs to the communal pool area.

Thankfully, there is no one at the pool. She spreads her towel on a deck chair and lays down on her back eager to soak up some rays.

After a few minutes, she hears footsteps. She looks up and notices her neighbor Tyrone approaching.

Tyrone is a tall, muscular 20-year-old. He has long black hair and intense brown eyes.

Feeling embarrassed by her skimpy bikini, she flips over onto her stomach and covers her breasts with her towel.

“Hey, Iona, beautiful day right?” exclaims Tyrone.

“Yup, enjoying this great weather” she replies.

He lays down on the deck chair next to hers.

“Your bikini is awfully small. Don’t they make swimsuits in your size?” he asks teasingly.

“Shut up!” she says swatting him with a magazine.

Tyron has lived down the hall from her and Tom for years. He’s always been friendly, polite, and he loves to crack jokes.

“Where’s Tom today?” he asks.

“He’s out of town for the weekend” replies Iona.

A commotion draws Iona’s attention to the entrance of the pool. A group of four young black men arrive, wearing basketball jerseys and carrying gym bags.

They look large and imposing and she isn’t sure what their intentions are. Should she stay by the pool or go and hide in her apartment?

“Oh, here come the homies” says Tyrone.

The young men walk over to where Iona and Tyrone are sitting.

Tyrone stands up and says “Good morning fellas.”

“What’s up man” says one of the men with a big smile.

“Who’s this?” asks one of the men pointing at Iona.

“Oh, this is my neighbor Iona. Iona, meet Darnell, Michael and Treyvon.”

She stands up and shakes their hands and notices how strong and muscular they are. She looks tiny standing next to the men who tower over her.

“You know each other?” she asks in surprise.

They all nod in unison.

She notices Michael and Treyvon have beards and darker skin.

Michael is taller with brown eyes and lighter skin.

Treyvon is shorter with straight black hair and black eyes.

Iona feels safer having been properly introduced to Tyrone’s friends.

The guys all jump in the pool and begin horsing around, splashing and dunking each other. She’s impressed by their boundless energy and stamina compared to her lazy husband.

Sweat starts beading on Iona’s forehead and she feels like her skin is baking under the sun. She gets up from her chair and walks quickly on the hot tiles to the edge of the pool. She steps into the water and submerges herself completely.

She continues to cool down by bobbing up and down in the water. Her boobs bounce and fall and a few of the guys stop and stare.

Iona gets to know them better as they circulate throughout the pool.

They talk about school, basketball, music and the weather. She realizes that Tyrone’s friends are actually interesting and fun to be around.

She joins in a few games and loses herself, forgetting every worry and just enjoying the moment as they throw the ball back and forth, make jokes, and laugh together.

A few hours pass and Iona is having so much fun that she hasn’t even noticed that it’s getting dark.

“Man, it’s getting cold, let’s jump in the hot tub” suggests Darnell.

“Oh, I really should head back home, it’s getting late” protests Iona.

“Join us for one drink” insists Tyron.

“C’mon it’s Friday night!” says Michael.

“Okay, but just ONE drink” she replies firmly.

Iona is the first to enter the hot tub. The warm water spreads heat across her skin as the bubbles tickle her body.

Tyron grabs a box of beers from his apartment and hands everyone a bottle.

Her four new friends climb in and join her. It’s a tight squeeze and she can feel her shoulders touching the men on either side of her.

She feels comfortable and relaxed with her four new friends as they laugh and drink beers in the hot tub.

She’s not sure if it’s the alcohol, the bubbles, or the fact that she’s the only woman in a hot tub with four handsome young men. But she’s feeling nervous, excited and even a little bit turned on. Her erect nipples are noticeable through her bikini top.

“So, what do you do for work?” asks Michael.

“Well, I write books about relationships” she responds.

“What kind of relationships?” Darnell chimes in.

“Well, usually about issues inside and outside of the relationships, no matter whether it’s cheating, in-laws not approving, general fighting, or issues the society has with relationships”.

“What about interracial dating?” asks Treyvon.

“Yeah, you ever dated a black guy?” asks Tyrone.

“No, I can’t say I have” Iona replies.

“Once you go black you never go back!” says Michael causing everyone to laugh.

“Well, I guess I’ll never know cause I’m married now” replies Iona.

“Kind of a shame at the moment” she says with a wicked smile.

She is sick and tired of being a good stay-at-home wife while her husband travels the country every weekend having fun. Maybe it’s time she had a little fun of her own.

Suddenly she feels a hand rest on her thigh under the water. She looks around but can’t figure out whose hand it belongs to.

The mysterious hand slides further up her thigh and grazes against her bikini bottoms. She knows she should push it away but she doesn’t.

She knows should get up and leave, but she doesn’t.

The mysterious hand begins rubbing her pussy through her bikini bottom. She lets out a soft moan and closes her eyes. The same fingers pull her bikini bottom to the side and stroke her pussy lips.

She can’t resist, it feels so good to be touched like this. She moans again.

Tyrone, who is sitting next to her, moves in for a kiss but she hesitates and pulls away from him. There are so many reasons she should stop this. She’s married, he’s younger, he’s her neighbour.

But the fingers working her pussy drag another moan from her mouth and Tyrone sucks her bottom lip. Iona wraps a hand around his neck and gives in to his kiss, allowing him to slip his tongue in.

She feels more strong hands untying her bikini top which falls into the water allowing her impressive breasts to fall free.

“Wow, she’s stacked!” exclaims Michael.

Michael reaches over and cups her breasts in both hands, while Darnell pinches and tweaks her pointy brown nipples.

Treyvon yanks her bikini bottoms off and throws them out of the steamy hot tub. She feels his fingers exploring her pussy, finding her opening, then sliding in causing her to gasp.

She can’t believe what’s happening. A few hours ago, she was sunbathing by the pool, and now she is butt naked in a hot tub being manhandled by four young, horny black men.

Her mind screams at her to put a stop to this. That she’s married and knows this is wrong. But then again, if her husband can cheat, why can’t she?

The truth is, she couldn’t stop even if she wanted to. She’s overcome with lust. Every touch feels amazing, every bit of extra attention is beyond belief.

Suddenly, Michael stands up in the hot tub, presenting his enormous dark member for her attention. It’s the biggest dick she’s ever seen and it’s pointing right at her!

“You have never seen one of these before, right?” he asks, smiling.

“Gosh, is that real?” she gasps, causing the men to chuckle.

“This one is real too” says Treyvon as he stands up, proudly displaying his long and thick member for her.

Tyrone and Darnell also stand, forming a naked circle around Iona, who can’t help but gawk open-mouthed at the four impressive cocks surrounding her.

“Your dicks are all huge!” she blurts out covering her mouth in shock.

“C’mon, stroke them, baby!” says Tyron as he grabs her hand and guides it to his manhood.

She wraps her small hand around his spectacularly long and thick member.

She reaches up and grabs Darnell’s shaft with her other hand and begins awkwardly stroking both dicks at the same time.

She’s never done anything like this before, but she’s not questioning it. She wants to make them feel good, wants to please and be pleased.

Rather than let herself think about what she should or could do, she leans forward and kisses each of their enlarged dick heads one by one, before stopping at Darnell’s.

Iona sticks out her tongue and runs it from the bottom of his long, veiny shaft all the way to the top, circles her tongue over his large head, then takes him in her mouth.

Her lips stretch to fit him into her petite mouth. She needs to feel his cock deep in her throat. She relaxes her jaw, takes a deep breath through her nostrils, and takes his cock down her hungry throat.

“Damn, she trying to swallow all of his cock!” Michael exclaims.

Tyrone, Michael, and Treyvon watch with excitement as Darnell hits the back of Iona’s throat while she continues to jerk them with her free hands. Always eager to please, Iona bobs her head back and forth as she enthusiastically sucks his cock.

Iona had learned to be competitive from a young age. Getting the best grades, playing the piano, had all been expected. And now, she’s determined to deep throat the biggest cocks she’d ever seen. It’s just another challenge she faced (literally).

Treyvon is next in line. She opens her mouth and welcomes his member to enter, glide over her soft tongue, and press against the back of her throat.

He grips the back of her head with both hands and pumped his hips faster. She grabs his tight butt cheeks as he fucks her face, his hanging balls slapping against her chin.

When she comes up for air, it’s Michaels turn. Out of all of the guys, Michael’s cock is truly the largest and thickest. She gasps as she sees him coming towards her and opens her mouth wide and sticks her tongue out in anticipation.

His enormous head enters her mouth, and her throat is stretched wide to accommodate him. She struggles to swallow his massive meat, and she has to work to do it. She licks and sucks, gulping to take him deeper down her throat.

As the hot tub jets keep bubbling, the young men take turns fucking Iona’s pretty face. She gives herself over to pleasuring the men, enjoys their groans as she slobbers, sucks and deep throats each of their impressively large dicks.

It’s Tyrone who lifts her up in his strong arms and carries her to a nearby lounge with the promise of more. He lays her down on the soft pillows, her naked, wet body glistens in the moonlight. Laying on her back, she spreads her legs wide, revealing her pink pussy.

She is more turned on than she’s ever been before. She’s riding high on the excitement and the clear desire in the men’s eyes. She can’t wait to feel these horny men inside her.

Tyrone climbs on top of her slowly. She watches as he crawls over her until they’re face to face. She wraps her hands around his broad muscular shoulders. She looks between her legs and braces herself as he positions his strong, throbbing cock at her wet opening.

“Ahhh, cries Iona in a mix of pleasure and pain as a sharp pain echoes through her. His enormous head invades her tight pussy and slides deep in, stretching the walls of her vagina and filling her up completely.

He thrusts his huge member deep inside of her until he’s balls deep. She feels fuller and more satisfied than ever before.

She moans loudly as he continues to pump his long cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy. After what feel like an eternity of pleasure, teetering on the edge of ecstasy, she feels Tyrone’s cock twitch and spasm inside of her.

“Uggggh, I’m going to cum” he yells.

“Cum inside me!” She begs.

She holds onto him tightly, as he pumps his cock deeper and deeper as a torrent of warm cum shoots inside her. Tyrone finishes and pulls out. Iona lays there with cum dripping out of her pussy.

The young men flip Iona over onto her hands and knees and look her over as she watches them over her shoulder. Darnell moves to her head and Michael stays by her feet. Tyrone and Treyvon stand at either side of her, and play with her hanging boobs, massaging them and teasing her nipples.

Darnell presents his long cock in front of her face, and she opens her mouth, wraps her lips around his heavenly pole, and begins sucking.

Michael smacks her plump ass cheeks a few times leaving red handprints. He grabs her hips and points his thick member at her soaking wet pussy. Then with one swift motion, thrusts into her pussy with his gigantic cock.

“Mhhhhhhhh!” moans Iona, her voice muffled around Darnell’s thick cock stretching her mouth.

A rhythmic slapping echoes as Michael’s thighs slap against her butt cheeks as he pounds her tight Asian pussy from behind. Her boobs swing in all directions.

Waves of pleasure rush through her body as she is spit-roasted and skewered by the two young men.

She feels Michaels cock twitch inside of her and moments later feels his hot cum erupting and filling up her pussy.

A short time later, she hears Darnell groan with pleasure as his cock spasms and warm jizz spurts out hitting the back of her throat. She does her best to swallow it all down, but there is so much, some of it spills out her mouth.

Treyvon sits down on the deck chair and motions Iona to sit on his lap. She walks over to him, her legs still wobbly, and straddles him. Their eyes lock and she can see the animal intensity in his eyes.

He grabs her by the waist and lowers her down onto his thick member.

“Ahhhhhhh” she moans.


She rides his spectacular long pole up and down while meeting his thrusts. Her eyes are closed and her lips are pursed together as she feels an intense orgasm building.

“Aiyeeeeeee!” she cries out, climaxing.

Treyvon is delighted, and can’t stop himself from thrusting faster and harder, his own orgasm approaching. Moments later he lets out a loud ‘ahhhhhhh’ and explodes inside of her.

Iona collapses onto him, exhausted and sweaty after hours of intense group sex. Her whole body is sore but she feels satisfied and content.

The group rests on the deck chairs. Eventually, people begin standing up and gathering their belongings.

Iona fishes her wet bikini from the hot tub and puts it back on. She wraps her white towel around her body.

She embraces each of the men and says goodbye, and watches them walk off into the night, leaving her and Tyrone alone.

“You can’t tell anyone about this” she says.

“Of course not,” he says. “I won’t tell a soul.”

“Good. And if you can keep this secret between us, then maybe we can do it again” she says, smiling at him.

“I’ve love that!” says Tyrone with a broad smile.

Iona walks back to her apartment and takes a hot shower, washing the sweat and cum from her body. She smiles to herself as she relives the excitement from earlier that day and the new sexual positions she explored.

She can’t wait to try it all again!

She’s a changed woman, that’s for sure. She decides she’s going to be nicer to her husband, Tom. Now that she’s settled the score.

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