Third part of my fun with four BBc and my best friend

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I gave Trevor’s cock one last kiss and sucked him a little bit more before he fastened himself back up as we sorted ourselves out.

We quickly finished our drinks before slowly walking out and up to the elevator that would take us to our rooms.

Second part of my fun with Tracey and four big black hunks

There was no one else about so once in the elevators the guys began fondling and kissing Tracey and I passionately.

Tracey took the opportunity to get both Daniel and Henry’s cocks out, dropping to her knees and sucking on each of them in turn as we went up in the lift.

I was pushed back against one of the walls with two fingers from each of the other men now probing and slopping around my frothing pussy. My knickers had been slid down my legs and kicked off, left lying on the elevator floor.

We arrived at the third floor and the doors opened and thankfully no one else was around. My panties were picked up and we walked back to our room, me knickerless and the two guys still with their cocks out.

For this fun we had gone back to the room where I was spending the night with my two older lovers.

Once inside the room the fun began quite quickly, with Tracey being stripped out of her blouse and her trousers leaving her standing in the sexy black bodystocking and her red high heels.

The guys told her she looked incredible. Her big tits looked magnificent as she was pawed and groped all over.

My skirt and blouse were stripped off, along with my bra and now I was just standing in my copper coloured stockings, red suspender belt and my heels.

Once more the guys commented on the tattoos on our ankles telling us how much they enjoyed them and we told them that we also had replaced the other ones with new ones.

I spun around to show them my tattoo on the small of my back and Tracey reciprocated, pulling her bodystocking down to show the ‘whore’ tattoo on her left tit.

I quickly had Trevor once again fingerbanging me as I was leaning against a chest of drawers. Tracey was already on her hands and knees, loudly and greedily sucking on Daniel, Clive and Henry in turn.

I wanted to see my friend take on all four of them so told Trevor to go and join his son, his brother and his nephew and give me a real show as they fucked the shit out of my friend. I wanted to play with myself as I watched on.

I lay back on the double bed making myself comfortable, with my legs spread wide and my heels dug into the duvet as my right hand slowly tweaked, pulled and tugged on both of my nipples in turn and my left hand was working on my wet slit and clit.

“Go on fuck her,” I commanded.”Let me fucking see you use her.”

Tracey was now surrounded by all four of the men and was standing with her crotchless, lace bodystocking now pulled down so her big tits hung over the top of it.

Henry and his father Clive had a finger each working on her pussy and her ass. Henry slid a finger, then a second and a third into her cunt as she practically begged his father to open her ass up.

“I want a fucking cock up my arse,” she blurted.

She was being kissed deeply by Trevor and his son Daniel worked on each of her big swinging tits, licking and sucking her nipples alternately and then pulling them quite hard. They were now bullet stiff and Tracey was opening her legs wide to allow another hard finger fucking. Four fingers were now slamming into her sopping wet twat.

She now had a finger deep up her wet, open arsehole as well.

“Let me get your gorgeous cocks nice and stiff boys,” she said. ” I want fucked in every hole.”

I was really tugging at my nipples as I watched my friend acting out like a complete cheap whore for the four naked black men.

She moved around them kissing each one and pulling on their hard cocks whilst french kissing them and with her hands all over their muscular chests and bums.

She was soon back on her knees with the men literally queuing up for her to suck them off and get them nice and hard.

I now had two fingers slamming in and out of my wet cunt as I watched the stunningly filthy action and I knew that I was pretty close to climaxing by playing with myself.

Clive looked across at me pounding my cunny and told me to bring myself off as Tracey slobbered and drooled over their hard cocks.

When it was Daniel’s turn, he slipped his length between her tits once again receiving a delicious titty fuck to get him nice and fully erect.

Henry soon replaced him between my friend’s massive knockers. His full ten and half, to eleven inches standing proud, slamming in between her massive melons as she spat on his cock length and sucked on it the best that she could. His shiny helmet glistened with her spit.

I then witnessed her trying to take two men into her mouth at the same time. Daniel and his father Trevor slid their big cocks together as she licked, kissed and tried to suck on both of them stretching her mouth really wide, laughing saying she could not manage it.

With three fingers slipping easily in and out my well used hole, I started to cream and squirt. Spraying the duvet cover and splashes of my fanny batter landing on my stockings and shoes.

I was being encouraged by the guys telling me to fuck myself to orgasm and that it would be the first of many I would be having that night.

As I was climaxing, Trevor lay across the bed with his big cock sticking up like a flagpole as he asked Tracy to sit on him.

She climbed on top of him, kissing up his body. Starting with his big, full, heavy balls. Then running her tongue up his cock, giving it another suck and then sliding up on top of him, kissing him deeply as his cock was placed at her pussy entrance and she slowly slid herself onto his length.

I had a perfect position watching my friend slowly rocking back and forth on this delicious handsome man’s cock, and could see it coated and slimy with her creamy pussy juice.

His son Daniel was now in front of her and she instinctively reached out and started sucking on his cock, wanking him into her mouth and then licking and flicking the tip of his big cock before engulfing it in her red ruby lips.

He started beating my friend around the face with his hard-on as she was picking up her pace of riding his father.

“Who’s going to take my arse first?”

she asked and with a flash Clive was behind her on the bed.

I saw him running a couple of fingers down her bum, spit on her big arse, and then slowly he penetrated her with his fingers, opening her up as his brother’s cock was very deep in her wet creamy gash.

“Oh fuck yes. Go on, get it up my fucking arse. I want fucked and I want DP’d now,” she was saying in between licking and sucking furiously on Daniel’s hard cock.

Henry had now moved across to me and was feeding his big length for me to slobber over as I watched my friend taking on the other three men.

“She’s absolutely something else isn’t she?” I smiled looking at Henry as I flicked the tip of his cock with my tongue.

“Hell yes babes. She’s absolutely stunning,” he said, smiling at me. “I can’t wait to have my cock deep up her tight pussy again.”

Tracy was busy with Daniels cock in her mouth but smiled looking at Henry saying as she was gobbling,”I can’t wait for you to fuck me with your huge fucking cock again either.”

Clive had positioned his hard cock at Tracey’s arsehole opening, and he simply spat on her bum. His spit trickled to her puckered and opened up hole to lubricate it and then he began to feed his length into her arse.

She temporarily moaned as he opened up and then Trevor stopped still to allow his brother to slide his cock up her bum as he was still buried balls deep up her pussy.

She was moaning heavily now.

“Oh yes. That’s it, that’s it, now start fucking me,” she said. Clive had half his cock up her bum hole as him and Trevor began moving in unison.

“Oh god,steady, steady,” Tracey pleaded. “Let me do it,” and she began rocking back against them. Soon building a rhythm with them where Trevor’s cock was moving slowly in and out her wet juicy pussy and Clive was plunging up her arsehole at the same time.

She tried talking but had Daniels cock deep in her mouth.

She garbled loudly,”Oh fuck, oh fuck,” moving her mouth and now licking on Daniel.

“Go on. Oh fuck yes. Fuck it, fuck my ass. Oh god fuck my cunt. Oh god yes, go on make me cum you dirty bastards.”

Her big tits were wobbling, hanging out of her body stocking and she looked incredible. Her legs spread wide, her sexy red heels still firmly on her feet and Daniel’s cock slapping against her face.

I was slowly wanking on Henry, licking his shaft length and down onto his hairy balls.Slowly licking and sucking them before going back up and bobbing my head up and down on his ramrod hard, black stiff cock.

Daniel and Henry then swapped places with me being fed Daniel’s cock in my mouth and Tracey being slapped around her face with Henry’s massive member.

Henry then fed Tracey his length and it was being adored by Tracey. Her red lipstick smearing around his shiny head as she kissed the length and sucked hard on his fucking massive cock.

She was receiving a really hard fucking now from Clive up her ass, and she started cumming violently on both men’s cocks.

Her slimy white cream was evident on Trevor’s length as it slid in and out of her and she started riding back, enjoying her massive orgasm and telling Clive to fuck her faster and to split her in two.

Henry was enjoying Tracey being screwed so violently, and her enjoying it so much. He started slapping her around her face. His massive hard on glistening with pre-cum dripping from his cock.

As she came heavily, Tracey slowed down as a violent orgasm crashed over her. Both men were sunk balls deep into her as she violently shook, crying out in delight as she was cumming so heavily.

Daniel was enjoying me licking and sucking on his cock and he asked me to fuck him, so changing positions he lay down beside Tracey and I positioned myself over his cock. Teasing it against my wet pussy lips in a squatting position, trying to balance in my high heels on the bed as I lowered myself down inch by inch and his cock.

It slid into me easily and he was soon balls deep up me.

Henry was still slapping Tracy around her face with his cock, pre-cum evident. The sticky strings around his bell end being lapped at by a greedy Tracey.

Tracey lashed her tongue around his swollen glands, savouring the taste of this and looking at him saying,”Oh fuck, that is delicious. It looks like you’re about to blow shortly?”

I was finding it difficult to balance myself on the bed, and so slipped myself off what was now a very glistening shaft and told Daniel to fuck me in a standing position.

I moved off the bed and placed my hands against a dressing table as he positioned himself behind me kicking my legs open wider.

“Get ready for a fucking you married slut,” he said forcefully as he did so.

I prepared myself to be entered from behind as he nudged his big cock against my pussy lips once more. My stockings had partially come adrift of their red suspender belt, with my right leg now bare to the knee, the stocking having rolled down.

My left suspender belt clasp still clung on dearly for life to that stocking as his cock slid deep into me, like a knife through butter.

Looking in the mirror I could see Clive had slipped his length out of Tracey’s now red and gaping arsehole.

Trevor also withdrew his cream covered cock, and Tracey, like a true slut, spun around and licked, lapped and cleaned both of the men’s cocks. Savouring juice from Trevor’s and a good dirty cock length, feasting on her own ass juices.

She was sucking on Clive’s cock as the men commented that not many women did ass to mouth as enthusiastically as Tracey was doing.

Daniel was now balls slapping into me, grabbing me around my waist and pulling me back hard on his cock.

Henry was now moving into position behind Tracey in the doggy style position and had begun teasing her gaped and wet pussy with his huge cock.

The two fathers stood back with hard cocks after Tracey had finished cleaning them and watched their two sons get to work on myself and Tracy.

Tracey moaned once more as Henry began sliding his full rock hard length into her, telling him that she wanted fucked and fucked hard until he spunked.

I had been moved around from the position I was in, and had now joined my friend facing her doggystyle on the bed with Daniel behind me.

Tracey and I looked at each other and instinctively went in for a kiss, sharing each other’s tongues as we were being fucked hard from behind by two of our black studs. Their fathers now lying back pulling on their cocks watching the action.

Clive commented, “Henry will be cumming soon, and Daniel you must be getting closer as well?” Daniel speeding up his pounding of me from behind.

Tracey and I continued to share deep kisses in between bucking to meet the guys’ thrusts and begging them all to give us their cream.

We began to anticipate a good spunking and knew that their fathers would be enjoying the show and also joining in in the hot sticky action shortly.

Henry was pounding Tracey hard, her big tits wobbling hanging out of her all in one bodystocking as he slammed his massive tool into her wet pussy from behind.

I was being banged furiously by Daniel. He was pulling me hard back onto his cock with both of my stockings now adrift from their suspender clasps.

I looked back over my shoulder and urged him to fuck me harder.

“Pound my cunt please,” I urged.

As best we could Tracy and I continued to share kisses in between the rogering we were taking.

Daniel announced he was about to cum and I urged him to spray my ass with his hot seed.

Henry also said he was about to spunk and Tracey was begging him to fire it up her fanny.

Both of their fathers had now made their way to join us. Clive fed Tracey his cock and I was being treated to Trevor’s slapping around my face as his son pulled out from behind me and began spunking all over my ass.

The sight of his son shooting off over me and my urging him to, “Fucking cover my married arse,” had Trevor sending his cum flying.

Spunking simultaneously as his son.

I had sucked on Trevor’s cock a little bit, but he had withdrawn it from my mouth and was wanking furiously directly into my face and began cumming heavily.

His son was splashing all over my back and ass, as he began plastering my face with his sticky white goo. “Oh fuck yes,” I smiled. “Go on, fucking cover me boys,” I said licking my lips as shot after shot splattered against me.

My red lipstick was smeared with delicious white sticky cum. His first ropes splashed over the top of my head and onto my hair before the second third and fourth splattered directly onto my face, sending rivulets of spunk running down it.

Daniel was also spunking heavily, and I had felt his hot seed splashing my ass cheeks and the intensity of his spurts had sent the first two ropes arching over my back as well.

Henry was flooding Tracy’s pussy with his cum as she slammed back to take his full cock, him slamming balls deep into her.

“That’s it fucking fill me up,” she said.” God almighty I can feel your cum firing up inside me.”

She was tugging on Clive’s cock as he began cumming off as well.

His first rope splattering over her shoulder and landing on her back.

“Oh fuck yes. Give me it. Cover me,” she said as she continued taking his son’s baby batter up her fanny. He began directing his ropes of jism onto my friend’s face.

“You gorgeous, sexy dirty fucking slut. Just look at you,” he said, wanking hard as he sprayed Tracey with his white sticky cream.

She put her tongue out of her mouth trying the best she could to savour the taste, as this older black stallion of a man hosed her face with stream after stream of hot, delicious seed.

“You dirty skank,” he said laughing as she urged him on to cover her.

Henry had stopped pounding her from behind and was obviously finished spurting. He slowly withdrew his massive member from her now gaping wide open pussy. Her lips all swollen and red.

As he slipped out a loud farting noise was emitted, followed by dribbles of spunk running out of her gaped twat onto the bed sheet.

“Ooh, that looks delicious,” I said, my face covered in spunk and my back and ass also well coated.

I instinctively moved my head down to Tracy’s pussy and began licking greedily at her wet lips savouring her juice, but also now sucking Henry’s spunk out of her wet cunthole.

Both guys had finished unloading all over me and I was absolutely covered once more as I delved my tongue deep into my friend’s open hole tasting the mixture of her juices and the salty deposit.

Trevor was still unloading over Tracy’s face with me lapping at her pussy from behind.

She looked over her shoulder briefly, sticky ropes of white spunk running down in streams and dripping off her chin,telling me to lick her cunt and bring her off again.

With her head turned to me Trevor shot another rope of cum this time splattering right over her head.

I licked furiously at her fanny nibbling on her clit. Whilst burying my tongue deep into her to savour the salty goodness that had been deposited there by big cocked Henry.

“Oh Anna. Oh fuck yes babes,” she panted.”Oh that’s it, that’s it lick me. I’m cumming again you dirty bitch.”

Spunk was literally falling off her chin and sticky ribbons dribbled onto her shoulders and tits as she licked her tongue around her lips and told me to lick her harder and make her orgasm.

Trevor had finally finished unloading all over her pretty face and he was now standing back watching me tongue her out and bring her to climax.

Within a couple of minutes of furiously lapping at her open wet, wide gash she was grinding it back onto my face. As she shook and came off once again.

My beautiful big titted friend was orgasming heavily and I could now taste not only the salty jizz from Henry but her sweet pussy juice leaking onto my face and tongue as I brought her off.

All of the guys were standing with softening cocks watching me to go to town on her as she ground back her face looking a picture covered in fresh cum.

Once she had finished cumming we instinctively stood and embraced and began french kissing each other.

Savouring the taste of cock, cunt and cum.

We laughed and licked at each other’s faces. Sucking the remnants of the spunk off each other as the guys told us how dirty we were, and how much fun they had had.

After several minutes of deep kissing and cleaning action we were hugged by each of the men. Each in turn telling us what a fantastic session it had been again and how much fun they had.

Tracey looked simply stunning with her big tits still hanging out of her bodystocking.

Her cunt red and raw from the hard fucking and licking it had taken. Her toned legs looked incredible in the black lace and red high heels.

My stockings were both down around my ankles, with my red suspender belt hanging around my waist holding on to simply nothing.

“You look like you’ve taken one hell of a fucking,” Tracey joked, looking at the state of me spunk still on my back and ass and my own cunt red raw and my hair matted.

“I could say the same about you,” I laughed. We then settled down as we all shared a drink Tracey and I not bothering to tidy ourselves up. Feeling comfortable sat in such a slutty state with our four hunky studs.

None of the men had bothered putting any clothes on you all, now comfortable being naked around each other and sat with their flaccid cocks still impressive as we shared a drink and chatted.

I was staying in the room and sleeping with Trevor and Clive for the night as Tracey was going to be sharing an adjacent room with Daniel and Henry.

After a drink we said our goodnights to each other and Tracey and the two guys left, quickly covering up with robes and heading back to their room.

I showered and put a short black see-through nightdress on as my two hunks also got themselves ready for an evening of rest.

Well some rest at any rate, and some more cock for me in the very early hours of the morning.

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