Having Sex With my twin Sister

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Chapter 1 – Introduction –
Today I am going to tell you the story of my first lesbian expereince with my twin sister Tori. Firstly, I live in a small family of me, my sister, and my mother. I do not know my father and neither does my sister as you will see later. Our mother long ago always wanted children but could never have them as she had gotten a hysterectomy(uterus removed). However, due to her background in medical engineering, she could incubate embryos and still sort of “give birth” as she has done before for other people who were infertile. She also wanted twins from a young age so she figured this would be the perfect way to do it. Basically, she took two pairs of DNA from four people and merged them into two embryos, incubated them, then boom! Me and my sister were made. I know it sounds weird but my mother was never the romantic or sexual type as she was mainly Asexual and Aroace. She never dealt with guys besides her father, and was always taught to focus on her job. But from there, me and my sister were born.

As you can see, we are not the most typical family which I’m indifferent on. My mother(Orisa) is a 45 year old caucasian woman with brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a basic figure. To me she was gorgeous, but to an outsider that was easily diminished as her personality was that of a robot. She always focused on work, judged others heavily, and only did things if it had a specific purpose. She loved me and my sister just fine, but as a person she was very tight knit as she only interacted with her family. My sister (Tori), is a 18 year old girl with brown hair, hazel eyes and a smart personality. She always had less insecurity than me, was confident, and sometimes acted intimidating to others when I really knew she could be soft at times. She was also gorgeous with very smooth legs, nice perky boobs, and great hair. And as far as me(Juliette), I am also an 18 year old girl but not as pretty as Tori in my opinion. I used to be really insecure but now I’ve gained more confidence over the years and am starting to love my skinny figure. Tori always said that I had our mother’s intuition and cared just like her and I guess in a way that is still true. However, I am going to tell you the story of how we developed feelings for each other and eventually, took each other’s virginity.

Chapter 2 – Coming Out –
To start off, like a year ago I came out to my family. Growing up Tori was always into boys and showed it off, but I never did. She never failed to call out when a guy was hot or got her aroused, which me and my mother joked about. However, I never really did the same. Soon I realized that it was due to me not liking boys, but girls. After realizing this, I went on a spiral of masturbating with the thought of different girls from my private school, or watching movies that played women I had crushes on. I then went to lesbian porn and fell in instant love with it. I wasn’t completely turned off by the Idea of a penis, but sex between to girls far out compteted for my arousal. It wasn’t until one day I told my sister.

We were at the dinner table and our mother was asleep. I was feeling extremely anxious because I knew our mother was very judgemental and wanted us to go down a specific path, her path. But my sister took my “I think I’m gay” more lightly. She was clear that she didn’t care and that it made sense given my distaste with some of the guys she has pointed out. She even laughed about it and asked if I even masturbated to lesbian porn, which I spilled that out too. It wasn’t until the next day, I wrote my mother a note and stuck it on her bed. It was pretty long but it basically confessed to my arousal of women and pleaded not to be disappointed or to “hate me”. Now thinking back on it, it was really insecure of me to think my mother would instantly hate me for anything I would have done, but I digress. Later that day my mother sat down and gave me a note that she wrote, stating that I could never do anything for her to look down on me, and that I should be proud of what makes me aroused. From then on I was open about being a lesbian, and felt more comfortable.

Chapter 3 – Sexual Comfortability –

Around the beginning of summer(2021), I was deep into my sexuality. At school I would outline my crushes and talk about them with my sister. I also would think about boobs, vaginas, and other feminine aspects in my free time, but most of all, I would masturbate… a lot. My sister too, also masturbated frequenty as we both never actually dated anyone, and that was evident by how horny we were. We would even sometimes text each other when mother was occupied so the other could rub one out. My sister would sometimes stall my mother and bring about a conversation downstairs just so I could reach orgasm in my room upstairs. Eventually we admitted to masturbating and sometimes watching porn to our mother, even thought she already knew… she’s wasn’t dumb lol.

Mother: “You think I don’t notice how long you’re in the bathroom for, or how long you’re in the shower for. You should give me more credit.”

We laughed it off and became more open about sex. I was a little insecure about it but weridly, Tori loved the fact we could talk about sex with our mother. It then escalated to admitting upfront that in the past hour one of us was masturbating or going to masturbate, and it was completely normal. In fact mother enjoyed the fact that we were growing up and appreciated how she was in the loop of our sexuality. The last thing she would want is for us to hide things from her or be secretive.

Chapter 4 – Open Nudity –

Me being a lesbian also didn’t make our household akward like I thought it would at first. Before I came out, my sister and I always used to undress in front of each other, and even in front of our mother. Hell, even sometimes mother would undress fully in front of us, but we didn’t think anything of it. I was surprised to see that the same was true after I came out, that our bodies were still free with each other and no one thought it weird. I guess this is a good time to describe each of our bodies. Through the numerous times I have seen my family naked, it has engraved in my mind how they look. My mother had a skinny figure with perky tits that were a bit saggy but nonetheless beautiful. She exercised often so she had some muscle on her legs and abs. But her vagina was pretty arousing. I’ve never been really aroused by my mother but her vagina encompassed my thoughts here and there when I masturbated. It was basically a large flappy vagina with stiff black hair above it. It was mildly hairy but still looked patchy. She was also a little wrinkled in the face due to old age but I always said that made her more beautiful.

Tori had a great figure as well with perky tits and popped out nipples. Her areolas were a lot bigger than mine and were a little darker as well. Her vagina was a smooth moundy vagina with small flats to the center. Her clit was just behind the center flap and she had brown hair above it. She had less hair than our mother and it was a lot softer too which was pleasant to me. She also had small feet which I adored and became aroused by. Even thought I would enjoy what I saw on occasion, I looked at my mother’s and sister’s nakedness normally even though I was a lesbian.

It’s weird describing my body but naked wise, I am pretty fit. I dance and do fitness sometimes so I have some muscles. I have small abs and smooth legs. I never really saw my feet as attractive but they were small as well. My breasts are also perky but a little small. But my vagina, I love the way it looks. I have a soft small hairy patch above it with mounds and center flaps just like my sister. One of the small body features we have in common.

In sum I have always loved all of our bodies and we would continue throughout the year being more open with each other.

Chapter 5 – Summer Lovin’ –

When school was about to end and summer break started, I began to want to please myself more and I would have the whole summer to do so. Throught the last days of school I though only of sex with hot girls in my class. Pushed up breasts, gorgeous legs, pretty faces, and great hair, all of these things in my focus as classes finished up. With all the pent up sexual energy, I still always managed to wait until I got home to get my rock off, and like I said, I masturbated quite a bit. With how comfortable mother made me feel about my body, I felt comfortable relaying my desires of sexual pleasure. One summer night after mother got home from work, me and Tori were called into the living room to have a conversation about sex. After her talking about how much she cares about our sexual experiences, I was surpirsed when she gave me and my sister magic wand vibrators for clitoral stimulation.

Mother: Make sure to use it sparingly.

After that night I began to go to town on my clit. I was masturbating about two times a day, if not more. And so was my sister. She also used mothers gift often. Tori would frequently tell me if she needed time to “vibrate her pussy” or if she just got done cumming in the bathroom, and it was completely normal. In fact I could hear Tori in the bathroom from time to time as she did I. In our house, it wasn’t hard to hear the vibrator buzzing through the wall, or us hyperventilating over sexual pleasure. Although we did try to keep it discreet from mother, even though we failed at times. This one particular time, I thought I could sneak in an orgasm in the middle of night. Tori was in her room and mother was sleeping, or so I thought. I went to the bathroom and took out my vibrator from the cabinets and started to masturbate. It wasn’t until 10 minutes later, as I began to orgasm, mother came into the bathroom after hearing all the buzzing and breathing. She opened the door and I popped up and put my hand over my vagina, trying to hide my nudity. She basically caught me in the act of masturbating.

Mother: Sorry… I thought you were sleeping and I heard something. Well… now I know where it was coming from.

The next morning, we just proceeded as normal as embarrassing things are nothing to be ashamed of. It was awkward, but an interesting story to tell the least. In all of this, my sexuallity over the summer increased tremendously, and so did my sister’s. However, when school started back up and fall started to kick in, this is when my feelings for Tori started to develop.

Chapter 6 – Lust & Contemplation –

I don’t know why, but all of a sudden in the mid fall, I started to become sexually aroused by my sister. It wasn’t really love or romanticism but rather a lust for her body. As I said before, I never had a closer relationship with any other girl and never had any experience with one either. This started to bother me a little as I really wanted to know what it felt like to touch another woman sexually. Tori didn’t know of my arousal for her so everything proceeded as normal, but there was still a slight change in how I saw her. At school I would often think about her body, seeing her naked just out the shower, or touching her while she was naked. At home I would talk to her or play around with her which kept my mind off of sex, but around night time I would offer her to sleep with me in my bed(not sex but actually sleeping together). We used to always do this when we were younger, but I guess we grew out of it. For nostalgic purposes, Tori would never decline as she also loved being close to me physically.

When we slept together, I would often be the one cuddling her and spooning her. I would always be on the outside, wrapping my arm around her upper waste, wishing I could go lower. Mother also thought of this as sweet since we were sisters and enjoyed the fact that we could sleep together, even at the age we were at. At some point, I knew I just wanted more than just masturbation and fantasies, I wanted to be sexual with my sister. I know it sounds weird but, because we were both really comfortable with our bodies and talking about sex, at that time I wish it could have escalated to helping each other explore the other’s body, maybe even getting the other off, or making them cum. As a lesbian, my sister stood out to me because she was a girl and I wanted to connect with her. I wanted to see how she would like being touched by a girl, or having a girl go down on her. Basically, I’m sugar coating that I wanted to have sex with my sister Tori. However, I felt that mother would be disgusted in wanting to do that and even having those thoughts in the first place. So the idea of getting in trouble kept me in check from telling my sister about us having sex or touching her sexually. But eventually we would have our moment.

Chapter 7 – Family Vacation –

At this point, Christmas was approaching, snow was falling, and of course it was really cold outside. However, one thing me and my sister really looked forward to was our family trip to florida. Every year this time, mother and our small family group – grandparents, grandaunts, and cousins – would go to Florida on a business trip. Here my mother would do her bioengineering experiments and since the family was also in that field, they would be involved too. Mother didn’t really tell me or my sister what exactly she was doing, but said that when we get older she would tell us. Me and my sister didn’t care too much about it though, as we enjoyed spending time in the hot weather, going to the beach, and even sometimes going to Disney World – but that was on occasion.

When we got to Florida, my sister and I were excited because our mother bought a hotel resort room instead of spending nights at the family house. When we got there, it was a two bedroom room with a TV in the middle and a bathroom towards the side. It had a small balcony with tall glass windows you could look through and see the beach from, which only took a five minute walk. On Christmas Day, our mother took us to see our family. We bonded, and shared stories, but our reunion ended abruptly because my sister and I wanted to spend the rest of our time at the beach. Because we were old enough, mother said we could spend the night at the hotel by ourselves and go to any place we wanted.

Mother: Okay. Since you want to enjoy the resort so badly, I’m going to send you back to the room and you can stay there until I finish up my work here. I know it’s a little boring waiting for me to get done. But I’ll be gone for at least a day so call me frequently and try not to spend too much money. I’m trusting you.

Tori: Thanks mother, you’re the best.

Me: I call you every hour. You can trust us.

Chapter 8 – Just Me and You –

Later that day, we got back to the resort and started to venture off. Me and Tori went down the boardwalk and finally settled down on the beach. At the beach we played around, swam in the ocean, and even met some people from the same resort we were in. We played volleyball, soccer and even talked with some teens of another parent couple. Around 8:00 we finally finished up and ate dinner at the resort. It was a really awesome day and it still holds up to be one of the best days of my life, but mainly because of what would happen later that night.

After we got cleaned up for bed and checked in on mother. She said was still at work and would spend the night at the family house. After a while me and my sister played around in the room as we weren’t really tired yet. We playfully wrestled and swung each other around. It was fun because we used to do this a lot with each other when we were little, so doing it again gave a bit of nostalgia. However, I began to get a little aroused whenever she wrestled me onto the floor. I unconsciously inched my crotch onto her at times and would straddle her on the floor because it felt kinda good. And whenever she would be on top of me it would make me really horny. At the time, she didn’t think anything of it, but I think I enjoyed our rough play a little too much.

After we tired ourselves out, we layed down and got ready to go to bed. I was still a little wet down there from our little wrestling session so I wasn’t really that tired. Before falling asleep, me and my sister talked about sex and who we think is hot, pretty usual among us by now. However, I was mainly focused on her body, and her sexually, what she thought of women, and what she thought of me sexually.

Me: Would you ever consider havign sex with a woman, like someone from school or something like that?

Tori: Well… I’m mostly into guys but the idea of girl on girl action seems interesting. I’m sure you as a lesbian have scene a lot of lesbian porn so you would be pretty good at lesbian sex. I’ve only seen some. Why do you ask though?

Me: Just curious. I can’t wait to experience another person getting me off, it’s just something I’m hoping for I guess. I’ve never really experienced another woman, let alone sex with another person.

Tori: I get it. You’re horny all the time, which I am too.

After our conversation we cuddled up into our position and Tori fell asleep. I on the other hand stayed up and thought about her, what she would think if I ever said “we got each other off”. I knew she wouldn’t get downright upset with me because she was always an understanding person when it comes to me. But I thought it would make our relationship awkward and the last thing I wanted was to make her feel uncomfortable. So I just kept my mouth shut and spooned her till she fell asleep.

Chapter 9 – Wet Dreams –

After 20 minutes passed, I started to get squeamish. I was getting so horny at the thought of my sister’s body and I couldn’t subdue it. It also didn’t help that I was also spooning her tightly. We were both in a black tank top and both had only night shorts on. Picture me and her laying on our sides and her back pressed up against my front, while my arm wraps around her stomach. My head was just above her shoulders. Her hair even drifted back in my face a little. I wanted to move my hand along her tits so badly, or maneuver my hand inside her underwear, but with each thought of doing that, I would remind myself that this is my straight sister and I might make her uncomfortable. From what it seemed she was fast asleep, but I still couldn’t bring myself to touch her. About 30 minutes later, I decided in my mind I would move my hand along her body. I couldn’t hold the sexual tension anymore, I just was lustfull to hold myself back. I wanted to know what another woman felt like.

I started lightly by moving my hand around her stomach, cresting her belly with my hand, feeling her skin. I moved up my hand slowly, trying not to wake her. I went up her stomach and landed on her left breast. I cupped it gently while placing my index finger on her nipple. I could feel it erecting slightly through the shirt. I could feel myself soaking my panties as I touched her. I moved in closer as to press my body more on her. I then went to her next boob and started to fondle that one. Her tits were so soft and warm, I just wanted to grab them tightly. I put my hand back down to her stomach and this time, traveled my hand underneath her tank top. Dragging my fingers along her bare skin, I finally got to her tittes underneath her shirt, her bare naked tits. I started to play with them, feeling them lightly while also sort of gripping it firmly. They were so warm and her nipples were so hard. I suddenly felt more secretion in my panties so I lifted my left hand out of Tori’s shirt to adjust my shorts. I wrapped my arm around my sister again and then got the courage to go down low this time.

I felt my sister’s belly button for a slight sec, then reached down to my sister’s waist. I plunged into my sister’s shorts, then panties, going slow so I didn’t wake her. Immediately I felt her soft hair I told you about earlier. Her patchy soft hair got me so aroused. I couldn’t even believe that I was about to touch a vagina. A couple of seconds later, my hand threaded down to her cunt. Her legs seemed to be in a position where I couldn’t fully touch her cunt so I nudged her left leg ( the one on top of the other because she is on her side) with one of mine so it would open up her crotch to my hand a bit. And then that’s when I touched it. Her sweet moundy vagina. Her vagina itself had little hair by it, where the patchy hair was only above it. My hand was in a position where I coulndt go any lower due to her legs closing me off, but I could rub her vagina with my middle finger, and that’s what I did. As soon as I started to massage her clit however, I noticed that she was wet, really wet. Her vagina felt warm and swelled like she was also aroused. At first I thought that she wouldn’t feel any of my sexual touches in her sleep but this made me think the opposite.

She was obviously feeling sometype of pleasure from me touching her in her sleep, and that scared me. In my mind, she could wake up at any moment if I kept on massaging her vagina and I did not want to get caught with my hand inside her underwear. At that point I thought to myself, why am I doing this. I can just go to the bathroom and rub one out myself, rather than potentially get caught by my sister as I fondled her genitals in her sleep. I wanted to touch her, and kiss her, lick her genitals, suck on her clit, and suck on her nipples, but it wasn’t possible and I shouldn’t even be attempting this at all. At that point I got really disappointed in myself and lifted my hand from her pants. I unwrapped my hands from her and turned around. What am I doing I thought. I should just continue as normal and not make things weird. I was still aroused but then just decided that it was better to just go to sleep. About a minute later, as I’m trying to go to sleep and forget about what I just did, I am IMMEDIATELY shot with fear from what I’m about the hear next.

Tori: Why did you stop?

I was speechless. I couldn’t even respond back, so I just layed there, facing away from her.

Tori: Well… Jules (nickname for me)

I didn’t say a word. All of a sudden, I could feel Tori move and knew she sat up straight. A second later I sat up and turned around to look at her.

Me: Tori… I’m so -so -so sorry. I should have asked you and I shouldn’t have touched you without asking. I was just really horny and curious to know what another girl felt like. I’m really sorry.

Tori looked at me with a huge grin on her face while I was shot with terror of getting introuble.

Me: Are you going to tell mother?

Tori: Woah woah, it’s alright, I would never tell your mother to get you in trouble. You know you could have just asked me if you wanted to feel for me.

Me: I know I know, I was just afraid that because you were straight I would make you feel uncomfortable and things would be awkward between us.

Tori: No never. I mean I love being open with our sexual dires and I would have let you touch me if you really wanted to. I mean wouldn’t you let me touch you if I wanted too?

Me: Yea i would. So… how long were you awake for.

Tori: All of it… and I felt all of it.

Me: yea im sorry

Tori: You don’t have to say sorry, I didn’t say it was a bad thing. if it makes you feel any better I actually kinda liked it. It felt nice.

Me: Well I’m glad we’re still cool and I love you.

Tori: Love you too. But you know mother is still out, and we could… finish what we started.

Me: For real. I’m in.

Tori: Ok then, let’s do it. [said with laughter]

We both laughed and then sat upright in the bed. We were about to do what I always lusted for, and what I’ve been fantasizing, having lesbian sex.

Chapter 10 – Climax –

We both grinned at each other and took off the covers. I was especially grinning out of nerves and excitement. We were on the upright, directed towards the TV, but turned and tilted our bodies to face each other. We leaned up against the bed wall and went in close.

After all the grinning, I leaned in and kissed her. I could feel myself gaining pleasure as we kissed. We kept kissing over and over again, adding tongue with each time. After a couple of seconds, Tori put her hand on my side, like she was pulling me into a hug. We turned and pulled each other in. I rubbed my hand up and down her side as we kissed. Finally, after a while I put my hands on her tits through her tank top. As I gripped her tits I shoved my tongue down Tori’s throat. Her lips were so soft and her boobs seemed to melt in my hands from warmth. Tori then pulled out of the kissing and took her shirt off, revealing her gorgeous, juicy breast. I did the same and she seemed to smile at them.

Tori: Wow you boobs are really nice.

I laughed and then grabbed her wrist with my hand and planted them on my tits. It felt so good. She gripped my tits firmly and moved her hands in a circle pattern.

Tori: Could you do that stuff you were doing to me earlier? [Said breathing lightly from the arousal]

I nodded slightly and breathed yeah. I pushed her down slightly while whispering to lay down. As she did, she extended her legs out and opened them slightly. I was surged by a wave of lust and got on top of her. I was in a position where my legs were on the outside of her legs, where her legs were in between my legs and my crotch. I sort of straddled her and pressed my crotch down and kissed her. I kissed her some and then went down her neck, kissing as I traveled to her boobs. My hands were switfully grabbing her tits as I did this. I took my hand off her tits and placed my mouth on her right tit. My hands were by her waist while I went to town, sucking and licking on her nipple.

Tori: uhh [moaned softly]

I did the same with the other tit and agressively sucked and liked on her nipples. Her boobs were warm on my mouth and her nipples were hard and erect. As I lathered my tongue on her nipples she started to moan and I felt that to be a good sign. But then I wanted a taste of her pussy. So I took my mouth off and lifted up from licking her.

Me: Here take your pants off.

I grabbed at her shorts and slid them off as Tori lifted her legs to help me. When both her shorts and underwear were off, Tori spread in front of me and started touching herself. I also took my underwear off and eventually, we were both completely naked with our clothes to the side. I started to rub along my own pussy for pleasure and it felt so nice to do, especially in front of my sister. A second later I pulled Tori by her thighs and inched her closer to me. I removed her hand from her vagina and placed mine there, feeling the soft juicy cunt between her legs. I was on top of her with my hand down at her cooch rubbing and playing with her pussy.

Tori: Oh wow that feels nice.

Her whole pussy was wet and even dribbling fluid from her canal. I put some saliva on my hand and rubbed her clit with two of my fingers, going in the middle to slightly penetrate her. Tori held her head up and her face was flushed red from all the pleasure.

Me: I’m going to put my mouth on it ok?

Tori: Please. yes.

I went down and put my hand on her thighs, her legs were bent up and spread so my head could have more space between her legs. After a second, I then put my whole mouth on her vagina, basically kissing it before sucking on it. I opened my mouth and put my tongue on her vagina. It was so warm, and I loved the taste.

Tori: Ohhhh, that feels so nice.

I began to lick and suck on her cunt, shaking my head back and forth to taste every bit. I used her thighs to propel myself forward in her vagina, licking up and down her tight slit. I then lifted up to put my fingers in. Her clit was swollen and enlarged and Tori began to squirm a little. I was also breathing heavily with my heart pounding due to what was happening. I was actually having sex with a girl.
I massaged her clit a bit with my hand rubbing side to side aggressively. I then stopped and put my index and middle finger inside her cunt. Her vagina was extremely wet and tight. I slid in and out of it swiftly, doing a bending motion as I went out to try to stimulate her G-Spot, as this is what I did to get myself off.

Tori: Ohhh shit, keep going. Ohh shit please keep going, Oh fuck.

Tori started to pant as I went faster and faster in and out of her pussy. While I did this, I then put my tongue back on her clit and licked ferociously. I could tell she was on the verge of cumming so I wanted to go a little faster. My hand went back and forth fast and made squishing sounds as it went inside of her. Tori started to squirm around and even put her leg on my back to draw me in. Her head was even thrown back with her eyes closed, as she was about to orgasm.

Tori: Keep going. ohhhhhhh fuck. I’m cumming! uhhh. uuuhhh. shit [said said moderately loud]

As Tori moaned, she also came on my fingers, and I could feel the squirt juice from her vagina rain down my fingers. Tori breathed heavily and pushed me out of her. She then got up.

Tori: Okay now let me do you.

She then kissed me and pushed me against the bed wall. I layed down, leaning on the bed and Tori rode me. Her pussy was on my crotch and she started to touch my boobs. She gripped them firmly then started to kiss my neck. Then my chest. Then both my tits. She sucked on my nipples and licked them aggressively. It felt so good and I started to moan. I could feel her warm tongue going back and forth on my nipples. It made me wet.

Me: Rub my vagina. [Whispered]

Tori sat up, went back, and layed – stomach down – with her head directed towards my pussy. I started to rub myself as she lubed her fingers up with her mouth. She took my hand off my pussy and rubbed it up and down. OH MY GOD. When I tell you it felt so fucking good, I mean it. Her hands were rubbing up and down my clit and it felt electrifying. Her hand would tilt palm upwards when going up and turn downwards when going back down, kind of doing a massaging movement on my clit. She could feel my juices flowing in her hand. I was lusting for her to be inside of me.

Me: Put your fingers in.

Tori then took her two fingers and shoved it in my cunt. OMG it felt so good. As she went in and out she touched my G-spot and pussy felt so good.

Me: Holy shit, woah, oh my fuck, that feels so good. [said aggressively but still quiet]

I swear her fingers must have been drowning because I was that wet. You could even hear the squishing of my vagina penetrate my flesh. After a while she took her fingers out and placed her hands on my thighs, motioning me to push up so she could eat out my vagina. After a while she put her head in between my legs and stuck her tongue on my clit. She was eating me out and licking my genitalia. She did this slowly, but then accelerated. I swear it felt so EUPHORIC. Having Tori, my own sister’s tongue on my genitals was like no other. As I’m writing this, I’m taken back to the feeling of her tongue, her warm wet tongue on my pussy, and it is indescribable. She ate my pussy for a good minute, and even spat on my clit to make it more wet. I tilted my head back from the pleasure because it numbed me and engulfed my entire body.

Me: Ohhh….Yess -uhh go faster.

As I said this, I forcefully put my hand on Tori’s head, basically pushing her deeper into my pussy. I was kind of directing how she licked me, and kept her head in a position where it felt good the most. You could even hear the slathering of her tongue as it massaged my clit. I was sweating and so was she from all the movement. About another minute later I was at the verge of an orgasm from her tongue.

Me: Uhh, Tori Please….. Uhhhhhh Uhhhhh Uhhhh [moderately loud but getting quieter with each moan] shit… Fuck… I’m cumming… I’m cumming. Ohh… ohh god. [said quieter as I breath a lot softly]

At this moment was the hardest I have ever orgasmed. I have never gotten this much pleasure on my own before. After panting from just orasming in Tori’s mouth, my breathing slowed and I motioned her to get up off me. She slowly got up from my legs and layed down next to me. While doing so, I slowly rubbed my pussy to ease the feeling out. I was shot back and numb with my eyes barely open, trying to recover from cumming.

Tori: Jules… you ok?

Me: Yea [breathing heavily] that was amazing.

Tori: Yea it was, I came so hard.

With about a minute to recover, we got up and fixed the bed. It got pretty messy so we cleaned up the room, all while having a big grin on both our faces.

Me: We just had sex…

Tori: Yes that’s… surreal… in a good way.

Chapter 11 – Recovery –

We cleaned up and put our clothes on. We decided that it was best to talk about what just happened, while also going to the main lobby to get a snack. It was about 1:00am and the halls were empty. On the way to the vending machine, me and Tori smiled at each other. We talked about keeping this secret away from mother, but also realized that it isn’t as big of a deal as we first thought. Mother was more understanding about sex than we usually thought, so we came to the conclusion that if mother did ever suspect, we shouldn’t lie about it, rather just tell what we did. Realistically, we agreed this was just two sisters, helping each other out, which I liked a lot. The only difference was that we were helping each other with our bodies. It wasn’t like a romantic relationship, rather it was the same old twin sister relationship we had, just with a little kick. It was like when we always to talked about masturbating, or talked about sex, or just being nude infront of each other, we agreed to treat this the same way. And I liked that a lot. It kept our relationship normal and even opened us up to not being afraid to go to the other person to talk to, no matter the issue or topic. If anything, we were more open with each other now than ever. As sisters, sex opened a level of comfortability that we never had experienced before. Not even in couples relationships can sex be this connecting. For us, we had experienced each other’s bodies. We knew more about what lied in each crevice of our nakedness. We gained more knowledge of what the other person felt like in certain aspects of their body. We even knew what the other person tasted like, especially in the vagina. In a way, that’s a connection that not all sisters can say they have, and we agreed on it.

Tori: Yea this brings us closer to each other. We could do it more often, when the other person may need it.

Me: Yea, maybe not frequently, but once and a while, when mother is gone, we could be sexual with each other.

Me and Tori smiled as we went back to our room with some food from the vending machine.

We got inside our room, we ate for a bit while watching TV, and learning from each other. After a bit, we got tired and finally decided to go to sleep, for real this time lol. We decided to sleep with no clothes on and cuddled up. I spooned her in bed like I always did, this time with us being fully nude under the covers. While having my hand on her tits, we both drifted swiftly to sleep.
Chapter 12 – The Morning After –

That morning – the day after Christmas, I woke up with Tori in my arms. The sound of my phone ringing woke both of us up. Mother was calling my phone and I had to answer. Because we didn’t want to get caught, we put our clothes on just in case she was at the hotel.

Me: Mother, how are you? What’s going on? [Said as I picked up the phone]

Mother: Nothing just wanted to check in and make sure you were ok, is Tori there with you.

Tori: Hello Mother, we just woke up. What’s going on?

Mother: Nothing, I finished my work and I’m at the house (family house) finishing up. I’m going to pick you guys up at noon so we can check out and go back home. Start getting ready now Okay.

Me and Tori: Ok no problem.

We got out of bed and started packing our things. It wasn’t a lot of stuff since we didn’t stay for too long. Mother had her bags at the house so Tori and I just had our bags to carry. When we finished we each got washed up in the bathroom. The bathroom was a large room with a bath and a glass shower cage. This is when things started to get sexual again. While I finished washing my face, Tori went up behind me. I could see her in the mirror as I wiped my face dry. She started to grope me from behind, and put her hands around my waste. She moved her hands around the front of me while wrapping her arms around my body as well. I was still wearing the same outfit as before, black tank top with gray shorts. As she pressed up on me, I just sat there and smiled in the mirror. I could see from her reflection that Tori was also smiling, smiling while foundling my body. Her hands grabbed my breasts and gripped tightly, I could tell she wasn’t afraid to be a little rough.

Me: oohh, uhhh [I moaned]. We gotta be quick, mother will be here soon.

Tori: Ok

Tori started to kiss my neck, and maneuvered her right hand inside my panties. I could feel rubbing my vagina, she was basically masturbating me. She slid her hand in deeper and did a rubbing circular motion across my clitoris. Man it felt so good, I was relaxed for a good minute. After a couple more rubs I took her hand out from my underwear and took off my shorts and panties. I still had a shirt on but my lower region was completely bare. She did the same. I sat on the bathtub rim and opened my legs for my sister. My feet planted on the floor and my legs opened up. That’s when my sister again, plunged her head in my crotch and started eating my pussy.

Me: ohh shit, damn, fuck. That feels so good.

I guess between all the adrenalineand sexual tension from the other night, I came within minutes. Feeling my sister tongue on my clit gave me goosebumps, and I came hard from it.

Me: OOOHHH good…….Shit….. Jesus. OMG

As I came, we continued to have oral sex, this time switching. Tori leaned up against the bathroom wall and I got up from the bathtub rim.

Tori: Go down on me.

I went towards her and got on my knees. She spread her legs and bent down some as to make it easier for my mouth to touch her cunt. I held her thighs and began to eat Tori’s Vagina out. It tasted just the same as it did the night before, beautiful.

Tori: God damn, This feels so fucking good.

My tongue licked up and down while my head also tilted with it. I was beating into her pussy with my tongue, and sucking on her clit. Within minutes, Tori came and jetted some fluid out. While her juices didn’t all go in my mouth, I wouldn’t have cared if it did.

Tori: Shit, I’m cumming, don’t stop.

After a couple more licks, Tori motioned me off her and cleaned up. I whipped my vagina, as did Tori, and we both got recuperated. After a while, we put on our dress clothes – not much since it was Florida – and finished tidying up. We smile at each other over having sex once more. When everything was packed we proceeded to leave the room and wait for mother’s arrival.

Chapter 13 – Roundtrip –

Around noon, Mother arrived to take us back to the airport. She was in a frantic state, as all flight passengers are, on the way back home. But me and Tori stayed calm and just fell fast asleep on the plane. We got back home eventually and undwinded after our trip. Me and Tori spent the day with each other watching TV and eating Pizza, while mother rested from the trip. We talked and conversed like we normally did, and definitely didn’t discuss all the events that transpired in the hotel room. We just hung out and had fun like normal sisters, with the additive of sticking our hands in the other’s pants from time to time.

Chapter 14 – Lesbian in Action (L.I.A) –

In the after events of our trip, life went on and was pretty spectacular. At that moment, I was at my happiest point, and so was my sister. While Tori and I couldn’t always have full on sex with each other, we still touched one another in secret or while sleeping together and that was special. In my head, I frequently thought of all the events that transpired and some that might happen in the future. I thought about what would happen if our mother found out, but was more curious than nervous or scared. Maybe someday Tori and I could open up about this to mother, or could admit to being so comfortable with each other that we could be sexual with each other when we wanted to. Surely Mother would agree that comfortability between sisters posses more benefit than anything. And of course, Tori and I didn’t tell other people at school about our sexual rendezvous, and probably wouldn’t tell anyone ever. But with all these thoughts, I’m grateful to have shared such an intimate relationship with my sister. I’m glad that in my life, Tori and I have been nothing but comforting to each other when it comes to developing our sexualities and exploring our bodies. I’m eager to see what will transpire next as we grow up to be adults in the future.

Authors note: This story – originally created by me (Mya moore) – took a great amount of time to relay. Nevertheless, thank you wholeheartedly for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. – Mya Moore 🙂

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