Unexpected sex with a Niece

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This story took place completely unexpectedly. I was woking in an advertizement firm when due to Covid, it laid me off for six months. As the firm assured me of re-hiring, I decided to visit my relatives in village. I belonged to a rural area but moved to city for the job. My parents were dead but in my family I had three brothers and two sisters. Out of them two brothers and a sister still lived in the village. There were other relatives also. Farm bussiness was now handled by my brothers. I was youngest in family and still unmarried. At that time I was 28 and searching for a suitable girl. I wanted my wife to be a educated city girl. Whenever, my sisters and bhabis suggested someone from village I refused.

All of my siblings were married so I had a lot of nieces and nephews. My elder brother got married when I was ten. He was like a father figure to me. He was living in the family house so I went to live with him. I was greeted cheerfully by all. First thing that I was that fear of Covid was much less in village as compared to city.

Bhumika was the eldest daughter of my eldest brother. She was 17 and a student of tenth standard. She changed a lot from the last time I saw her. She was not fair in complexion but all other features of hers were good. Despite being a village damsel she had
good dressing sense. Her waist was slim and bottom firm. Since she was a girl one could tell that her breasts were going to grow more.

She greeted me by hugging me. “You are my favorite uncle.” She said. “Hello favorite niece, Glad to see that you are as pretty and radiant as ever.” I replied.

When she kept hugging me a little longer my sixth sense told me that she would embarrass me. How much I could not have guessed at the time. I was not wrong as very soon I saw her starting some cock teasing work. One day she bent to adjust strap of her shoe with her back to me. Another day I was sitting in living room when she started searching a lost earring. She started crawling on floor looking for it. As she came closer I realised that neckline of her shirt was large and her cleavage was very much visible.

One day she took me to see our catlle farm. From there we went for sight seeing towards a creek flowing from a stream. On the way she told me that various places of creek are used by people for different purposes. The start is for drinking, place the near trees for bathing and near rocks for washing cloths. I asked whether fish is still found in it and she told me ‘no more.’ When we reached near the trees, she put her veil on a bush and jumped into water. She asked me to do Same but I refused.

“That’s silly, we don’t have dry cloths with us.” I said

“Uncle this is village, not city. All of us make a dip in it when its hot.”

“Very childish, Get out of the water… think how you will walk wet towards home.”

“No problem uncle, my veil is dry. I will wrap it around me.” She replied.

I pulled her up and she came out of the stream soaked, with her hair wet and her clothes close to her body. I could easily see her black bra and black panty. Some parts of her body were visible too. She maybe feeling cool but I was feeling hot. I told her thst I need to go bathroom so walk quick. She said with a naughty smile. ‘Village Males feel no shame in pissing anywhere.’ I told her I that I used to do that in past but now I am a city guy.

Due to hot weather most of the family members used to sleep on roof top. The Charpoys of men were set a little away from Charpoys of women, so there was little chance of any close contact. I used to see my brother and his wife going down for peeing or for drinking water. This was a way to to do sex privately.

One day it was overcast all day but there was no thunder or lighting to warn. By evening air became cool. All the family decided to sleep downstaris but I decided to sleep on roof top. My brother warned me of rain, but I said I wanted to enjoy rain. However I needed protection from rain so from downstairs I pulled out the dining table rubber sheet. Bhumika saw me do this, she asked her mother to let her sleep on roof too. Her mother agreed with one condtion that she will come down when rain starts falling hard. Intially we were on two different charpoys. We talked about other things like weather. She said she was feeling cold. Soon the rain started coming down and I covered my entire Charpoy with the rubber sheet. Instead of going down Bhumika moved under the sheet. I asked her to go down but she snuggled up close and hugged me. “I want to enjoy rain too.” She said. The feel of her young body had its effect. I have nothing else to do but turn away from her and lie on my side so that I could hide my erection. As the rain drops hit us hard she giggled and started tickling me in the armpits. I had no choice but to defend myself and hold her tight, then she started to clasp me with her legs and continue to annoy me until I told her to stop or I will Spank her.

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