We can’t do that. He is my son

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On the evening of January 26, Mr. Willis visited an apartment where Nelyen M.,a distant relative of his , lived.
Living in the apartment were also Nelyen’s teenage son, Rasheed B., as well as her two little daughters. Also residing in the apartment was Sandra M., Nelyen’s sister.

Approximately 9 or 10 p.m. Mr.Willis had to be asked to leave by Nelyen. Around 11:30 p.m., Mr. Willis returned to the apartment. He was pounding on the door claiming:
“Somebody was going to kill me.”

Believing that somebody was after Mr. Willis, Nelyen opened the door to let him into the apartment. Another man, Mr. Greenlaw, who was armed with a shotgun, then pushed Mr. Willis into the apartment through the front door. Mr. Greenlaw instructed Mr. Willis to lay down on the floor. Mr. Greenlaw also instructed Nelyen to lay across Mr. Willis’s legs. Mr. Greenlaw told her:
“‘Bitch, lay down.”

At that time a third man, Mr. Farr, who was holding a gun, entered the apartment with Mr. Sibley, who was also carrying a handgun.
Mr. Farr, Mr. Willis, and Mr. Greenlaw were all members of the same street gang. Mr. Sibley was a member of a different street gang. Mr. Greenlaw, Mr. Sibley, and Mr. Farr were wearing ski masks which were on top of their heads during a portion of the incident.
Rasheed was forced to lie down on the floor. A pillow was placed over his head. The intruders then began demanding:
“Where’s the fucking dope and money?”.

The intruders began swearing at Rasheed and threatening to kill him. The two armed gang members who were yelling at Rasheed were Mr. Farr and Mr. Greenlaw. Rasheed denied having any drugs or money. The boy heard one of the gang members say;
“Let’s kill him.”
Rasheed then heard a click and passed out.
One of the intruders, who was armed with a firearm and wearing a ski mask, went into the bedroom where Sandra was asleep, awoke her, and asked:

“Where is the money and the jewelry and the dope?”
The man then lowered his pants and underpants and said:
“Suck my dick, bitch.’”

Then Sandra started sucking the man’s dick.
At some point, Nelyen was ordered to take off her clothes and to lay on the floor in a hallway.
Rasheed, her son, was brought into the hallway.
Mr. Farr and Mr. Greenlaw than said to Rasheed in reference to his mother Nelyen who was now unclothed:
“‘Fuck her.”

As Rasheed was being pushed down towards his mother who was completely naked on the floor, he felt a gun in his back.
Nelyen protested:
“We can’t do that. He is my son.”
Mr. Greenlaw then said:
“‘What’s up with you all. You some guy bitches.’”

Mr. Greenlaw ordered Nelyen M. to get on her knees and pushed Rasheed in front of her.
Then Mr.Greenlaw blindfolded Rasheed, tied his hands behind his back and pointed the gun to his head.
“Strip him and put his dick in your mouth”
Nelyen was terrified but she have to comply.

She removed her son’s pants and underpants. His cock was soft.
“Grab his cock and jerk him off”.
Nelyen grabbed Rasheed’s cock and began to rub it. The boy’s penis hardened.
“Very good. Now suck your son’s dick, bitch!”

Nelyen put Rasheed’s dick in her mouth and started blowing him. The boy started moaning.
“I think now he can fuck you” said Mr. Greenlaw, pushing the boy onto the floor and moving his mother over him.
“Put his dick into your cunt and start moving up and down”

Nelyen started pleading and sobbing. He put Rasheed’s dick into her cunt but in the meanwhile the boy had lost his erection.
Rasheed was then led from the hallway.
Mr. Greenlaw then said:
‘Man, these bitches ain’t nothing but guy bitches.”
Mr. Willis then walked into the hallway, lowered his pants and underpants and got on top of Nelyen.
“Spread your legs, bitch. If your son doesn’t want to fuck you, I’ll do it for him”
Mr. Willis put his cock in Nelyen’s cunt and started fucking her.
When he finished, Mr. Willis then walked back into the kitchen with his pants down around his knees.
Mr. Greenlaw then directed Nelyen to a couch in the living room.
“On all fours!”

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