We were mad on second time

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Hai guys this Sami. I’m back with another session between Pavitra and me. If you hadn’t read my first chapter of “the day we lost our virginity” go ahead. This time we were like pros of our session. As we had earlier session we gained some experience and I was totally addicted to her.

This time we planned our sessions perfectly. She had a holidays on second and fourth Saturday of every month as it is of holidays we planned for outings etc. Coming to the another session by completing the first one we thought to have another one in similar way so we planned to book from Friday night itself.

She came with all the costumes we need to try and we entered into the room. She became very crazy and started kissing after entering to the room and me crazy for her. We smooched each other for 15min and we fell on the bed gone in a crazy mode.

I took of her tshirt and she took of my shirt and I tore her inner bra and started licking, biting her boobs and nipples and she started moaning slowly later she came upon and took my pants and removed her pants also now we both are naked she took my dick and started licking it she was doing it like pro after 5mim I’m about to cum and I informed her and she removed my tool from her mouth and she sat on me and held my dick and guided it into her pussy and started to and fro and her boobs we bouncing like anything.

By seeing such bouncing boobs it made me very crazy and I started pressing her boobs she was moaning and screaming. After 15 min we both cumed at a time and fell on bed and then I got up and started my raid my her first I went near her pussy and started licking it and biting it in a mad manner her moans and screams made me in a crazy manner and I turned her back and started kissing her ass and slapping on them and the I dragged her into Doggy position and started to finger in asshole after that I started to insert my dick in to her ass as her ass her hole was some what tight she started to cry for it later on she started to enjoy it after 1 hour session we were exhausted and slept.

In between my sleep I got to wake up and by seeing her in such a way my mood went crazy. I held her and dragged towards me in hugged her as her ass facing towards my dick and with my hand I started fingering and tapping on pussy and as soon we woke by the next we again had session without brushing the kisses that were made without brush are of awesome feeling.

We had tiffin and then we went into bathroom in shower we went crazy lying on floor kissing her on neck made me piss off their itself and later she also pissed and we bathed in such way that I rubbed her body with soap and she rubbed my body we came out by having both of us in a single towel as room temperature is so cool we took the blanket and we tied it for our body.

Later she wore red saree and a open back blouse which I asked to bring in red saree she was too hot and made in romantic mood then I hugged from behind and started kissing her neck her back in that blouse made me very romantic and then I removed her pallu and pressing her boobs then I went down and started to remove saree which was held in langa and now she was in blouse and langa and took her not the bed from toe I kissed her to the forehead.

I then slowly started to move her langa towards up and went to pussy and started licking it and turned around and towards ass from top her back with open blouse made me crazy I totally fell her on her back slept on her back for a while and then removed her blouse and started stroking in to her pussy again after one hour we were exhausted and slept till evening and in evening we sat nudley on bed as her ass pointed towards my tool and watched tv and after that we went out and had some dinner and bought ice cream and oil to the room.

After entering into room we both stripped ourselves and I took the ice cream of strawberry flavour and applied to her whole body and started to lick it was like heaven to me and she also enjoyed it well and after also their some ice cream left which we kept in my mouth and started to liplock as we exchanged our saliva like never and again at we had sessions at regular intervals.

Last day Sunday as previous we started kissing each other without brush and we had tiffin and slept one on each other for hour from afternoon we started massaging our bodies with oil my dick penetrated in her very smoothly in every hole after that we are exhausted and at night again we had another romantic session by having both of them in single tshirt that was double of our body size and it also expanded further we had session through out night and we slept by 4 in the morning and woke up by 6 in morning and I dropped her near her hostel.

After we had a gap of one month and we had another session and I will come with it in story.

Girls who are looking for romantic sex get connected with me @[email protected]. Comments and feedback are also welcomed.

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