Sexy encounter in a bus

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Hi everyone this is zamim. Let me tell you about myself, i am zamim, from Chennai and working in Bangalore. I am 26 M, slightly chubby and 5.6 with 7 inch cock.

So lets go to the story. This happened long back around 2 years back but i still remember it very much.

I travel frequently from Chennai to Bangalore. So once i had to travel to chennai for an emergency. I did not book my tickets but got the bus easily.

After my work in chennai i had to go back to Bangalore. I thought we will get bus easily so i didn’t book. But all the buses were full so i had to go to SETC bus. People from Tamil Nadu know how bad is Setc. I thought about my bad luck and went to the bus stop. There people were standing in quee for ticket. I got a chit paper with 13 written in it and the guy showed me the bus. I boarded and luckily it was window seat. I got settled down.

When the bus was about to start a guy came and kept the bag in the rack above behind him was the girl who is the heroine of the story. She said bye to him and sat next to me. I was so happy as this is the first time i am traveling with a girl next to me in bus. The conductor came and asked her if she wants to change seat (i was cursing him inside) to which she said she is fine with this. I kept saying her sometimes and she noticed once and smiled. She asked me where i will get down. I said electronic city. She said she will get down at madiwala and told to wake her when i get down and she will move. I said i will take the aisle seat and gave her the window seat. She happily accepted it. We moved the have rest back so that we can shift the seats. But after seeing down i didn’t move it back. She too didn’t do that. After some time she kept the mobile and tried to sleep.

After someone the lights were switched off only a dim light was there. Our seat didn’t receive much light and i was observing her curves in the dim light. Let me describe her she is an average looking dusky girl with a big ass and good sized breasts. I don’t know the exact numbers though. I waited for sometime and took my first step. I slowly kept my hand on her thigh as if it was by mistake and kept it there. I pretend to be sleeping. There was no movement from her side. So i slightly moved my hand further feeling her thighs over her leggings. And yeah she was wearing legging and top with a shawl. It was so soft i want to press it but was afraid.

I slowly moved my hand towards her hip and reached there. She jerked a bit. I was afraid and took my hands. She then turned away from side showing me her ass and also she was closer to me and my thighs were touching her. I couldn’t control myself. I slowly kept my hands on her ass over her top. what an ass it was.

Guys i am telling you that’s the best feeling a man can get. I slightly grabbed her ass and slightly pressed. There was no reaction from her. I gained some courage and lifted her top to her hip and grabbed her ass and pressed slightly. I didn’t want to take my hand from her ass. I looked around to see if anyone is awake. But all were sleeping. So i turned towards her kept my right hand in her butt and using my left hand i slightly touched her hips and felt then over her dress. She had some right flesh there. My heart beat was increasing due to fear and i placed my hand there. I then put my hand below her top and moved inside and felt her bare hip. I felt some shockb inside me. I slowly caressed her belly. i tried to reach her navel but it was difficult in that position. So i took my hands out and want to feel her boobs. I slowly moved my hands on the side and when i felt her bra straps.

Then i moved towards her boobs and felt it. My dick was fully erect by now and i tried to grab it but it was difficult. I wished she turned to my side or lay flat. I again wanted to feel her bare body. So i again put my hand inside her top and slid inside and was feeling her belly. I even tried to go up. Thank God her top was little loose. I almost reached her bra and she moved suddenly. My heart almost stopped. I dont knw if i should take my hand out or keep it there. But to my surprise she coverd herself with her shawl so that no one can see what’s happening. I was so happy with that and i got a green signal. But she didn’t react to what i was doing. But with more courage now i lifted her top some more. She helped by slightly moving. I reached her boobs. She came closer but she was turned the other side. I grabbed her boobs over her bra and pressed them. She jerked a little. Those boobs were big and i cant grab it fully with my hand. I came a little closer and touched her ass with my dick and kept pressing her boobs over her bra. But i want to feel her bare boobs. I tried putting my hands inside her bra but it was very tight and difficult for me. I wanted her to lay flat so i could continue. i tried to pull her to lay flat. She turned but kept her face on the other side. I realised she is shy and now I was able to lift her bra up.

I then pressed her boobs and played with her nipples. She was shaking continuously. I wish there was no bra. I wanted to kiss her. I went near her and kissed her cheeks. She wasn’t expecting that. But i didn’t want it to end there. I kept kissing her cheecks and bit her. I then moved towards her neck. The shawl was covering her neck. I moved it down and kissed there. I even started biting and licking her neck. She couldn’t control further and she held my hair and pulled closer. I wanted to kita her lip. I pulled her towards me and we lip locked. First it was just kiss but i started french kissing her and she too responded. But we broke the kiss as it was risky.

I again continued for the boobs and told her i wanted the bra out of the way. She looked at me and came near me and told to unhook it from behind. I tried with 1 hand it was very difficult. I told to turn around. But she laughed and she removed the hook in like 5 seconds. Next i was surprised with what she did. She removed her bra without even lifting her dress. I realised the use of elastic in the strap. She kept in the seat and now i am happy that there is no barrier. I kept playing with her boobs and pressed it so hard. She said its paining but i didnt stop. She too dint want it to stop. I wanted to suck her boobs. But its very risky. So i looked around again to confirm no one is seeing us. Everyone were asleep. I went inside her shawl and lifted her top till her neck and started kissing her belly. She pressed my head towards her and i was moving up by licking her. I reached her boobs and was kissing it all around and licking it. When i bit her nipples she was shaking too much i held her with my hand and continued doing this. I liked her smell and her boobs. Though i couldn’t see them i was able to feel them. Feeling is better than seeing 😉 she was also slightly moaning so i put my finger inside her mouth to stop her from waking others. She was sucking my finger like she was giving me a blow job. Then i came outside her as it was very difficult to breathe.

I tried to touch her pussy over her dress. I could feel it was wet. I put my hand inside her leggings and tried to touch the pussy from her panty side. She held my hand and said to stop. But i didn’t want to. I tried pushing my hands and successfully reached her pussy. It was hairy and she said thats why i told to stop. I said i dont mind and felt her clit and pussy hole. It was so wet. I tried to push her leggings slightly down. She did it herself. She slid down her leggings and panty till her knee. Now i was able to explore her easily. I tried to put my hand inside. She held it and said she is a virgin. But i really want to put my hand inside. I said i will do it slowly and slightly moved my hand inside her. It was too hot and tight. I put my finger in her mouth and told her to lubricate it. She did it smiling. I then spread her legs and i inserted my fore finger slowly in. It was still difficult. But i didn’t wanna force it. If she screams everyone will wake. So i went to her lips and kissed her. I then Slowly inserted my fingers inside her. It was so hot and she was resisting. I told her to relax and she did and now i put my hand inside. I could realise it was paining for her and tears were rolling down her eyes. I kissed and licked them and slowly took my hand out. I asked her if i should stop. She said she want it. So i again went inside her. Now she was not resisting and i was able to insert my finger and i slowly moved to and fro. Within 5-10 strokes she had her orgasm and i felt liquid flowing from inside her. She kissed me now and she told she liked it. Now i wanted to put 2 fingers inside her. She stopped me and said enough for now. She then came to my dick and touched it over my tracks. She was shocked to see that big dick. She wanted to take it out and she didn’t even ask me. She pulled down my tracks and underwear and she started stroking. I asked her if she has experience. She said she have seen porn.

She was stroking it slowly first and she increased the pace. I kept holding her ass during this. She said she want it in her mouth. I said its difficult in this. She told me she will take care of it. She told me to move to edge of the seat and i did. She too moved away and she bent towards my dick. She was holding my dick and she kissed the top and licking the top. She then took my dick in and strated sucking it. I held her hair and pushed it in. She almost chocked and hit me. She herself took it deep. She was doing it very well. I doubted if this was her first time. I told to move to and fro and she did that. She was doing it like a porn star. I couldn’t control myself after 5 mins i cummed inside her mouth. She said it tastes like coconut. We then dressed ourselves and kissed each other. We didn’t know when we slept. We sleeping on each other’s shoulder. I woke up around 4:30 and was going to reach my destination. I wokd her up and told i wil get down in 10-15 mins. And i kissed her hard this time and bit her lips. She too enjoyed it. I broke the kiss and asker her name. She said it as vaishnavi and told you ask this after everything. I smiled and said everything is not over and asked her number. She said lets not continue this and lets stop here and told me she is getting married soon and she doesn’t want to complicate this. Though i was sad i respected her decision and when i was about to get down. I said bye with a sad face. She came close and kissed me. Thid time with love. I liked that. Kissrd her cheeks and got down.

That was my first experience in bus. And it was so good. But i wished i got more from her. I am married now but still i want to explore more of sexual fantasies. Any women who want the same can contact me at [email protected]. Hope you guys like my story. Feedbacks are welcome. Meet you in next encounter

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