Massage to client in Hyderabad

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Hi all. This is my story on Sex4Stories. About me, I’m mani from Hyderabad. Women find me attractive and I always had their attention. I’m 24 and a regular to the gym. This incident happened last year. I was leading a massage service in Hyderabad for the last 2 years.

It was a Monday. I got a call from my old client Sunitha that she shared my number to one of her friends who is divorced and needs a massage. She told me to follow it up when I receive a call from her. I received a call from her after 2 days saying she is Soujanya.

She asked me to come to her house at 7.30 pm on that day. I said yes and she said she will share the location address of her house in Manikonda. I reached there at 7.30 pm and she asked me to come to her flat. I went in and she was alone. She was in her early 30’s but looked like a 25-year-old lady.

Let me describe her. Her stats were 36-28-35 and she was looking like a college girl. Her boobs were very big. She offered me water and showed me the room. I kept perfume sticks and prepared the bed and the oil for massage. She came to the room in a thin towel around there hip and little covering the boobs.

I told her to lay down on the bed. She gave me a smile and laid on her chest! I couldn’t believe what I was looking at, a beautiful lady back! Her ass was so inviting that I wanted to bury my face in it! I lifted her towel above her butt and slowly poured oil.

I started massaging her thigh and legs and slowly started moving my hand near to her butt. She was shivering when I was moving my hand near the butt. Slowly completed both the legs and started massaging her back top and neck. I did a good back massage where she was having some pain.

I reached up to the base of her ass! She didn’t utter a word. I was about to massage her thighs and ass. To my surprise, she started adjusting her thighs a bit and spread her thighs so I can massage her inner thighs. I poured more oil and started rubbing her inner thighs.

I was slowly touching her anal. She started giving moans when I am messaging her anal hole. I didn’t touch much in her pussy. She started moaning loudly. I played with my thumb into her annal. After 5 minutes she released her first orgasm. Then I told her to turn around and removed her towel from the boobs.

I started massaging her boobs and she loved it. I started playing with her nipples with both the boobs with 2 hands. She was aroused and took my dick from my shorts. eShe started pressing front and back with her soft hands. My dick was already on fire.

Then she pulled my dick to her mouth. She started licking the dick very deeply she was sucking like a pro. I was massaging her boobs and pressing them hard. I was also fully in the mood. She started licking my balls also. I released all the cum in her mouth. Then I slowly reached her vagina part and leg massage.

I started slowly playing with my finger between her legs. She asked me to do 69 so she can suck my dick. She took my dick and started playing with it. Slowly it started raising. I started licking her pussy. I buried my face in it. My tongue was so deep in her pussy that I was able to touch her vaginal flush.

I was able to suck and she started sucking dick in 69 position. I started licking her pussy deeply and she sucked my dick. After that, she had one more orgasm. I drank all her juices which are hot. She asked me to massage her pussy hole and anal.

I poured oil near her pussy. I started putting my one finger in pussy and one in anal and started massaging. In between, I played with her boobs some time. She was moaning and shouting still she got relaxed. I told her to take rest for 10 minutes.

She went to the restroom and came back. She asked if I am ok for sex. I said it’s ok. She played with my dick for 5 minutes with her soft hand. It raised again and she asked me to sleep on the floor. She sat on me and inserted my dick in her pussy. She started doing cowgirl position with loud moans until she released her juices.

Then I made her in doggy style and inserted my 8-inch dick into her pussy from the behind and banged her for a good 5 minutes. I made her lie down and continued to fuck her from back in her ass. I fucked for more than 10 minutes. Before I came I removed my dick and pored my semen on her ass.

We rested for some time on the bed. Later I took her to the bathroom and made her sit on the stool. I gave her the bath while playing her pussy and ass hole and cleaned full body. All the oil was washed well. We both hugged tightly in the shower and came out.

I cleaned her and told her to rest for some time and started to pack my bag. She asked me how much money she should pay. I said I am doing for fun and I don’t need the money. She loved it and told me that it was the best massage ever! We both hugged and I left.

She calls me when her daughter is in school and gets a massage and good ass fuck from me.

If any female around Hyderabad /Vizag interested in massage with great relaxation with 6 years of professional experience please send an email.

I am regular in Hyderabad and I travel monthly to other cites. If any female wants group sex or lesbian let me know as I have some female friends in Hyderabad. Guys don’t mail me about the address of the females. It’s a waste of time. Any female can contact me on [email protected]

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