Love when needed

I am sumit. I live alone at bhopal. I am an electronics company. I am 25. My parents live in delhi I have one elder sister. I got a call from my sister aditi . She is married. She was married just 7 months ago. My parents have always been very strict old school. They married my sister to a wrong guy. After that I stopped talking with them. I got a call at night. It was my sister crying on phone. She was crying. I said why are crying. What happened. She said my husband threw me out of house. Mom and dad threw me out of house. They said I will degrade their reputation. I said do you have any card with you. I said i am sending you 5000 rupees. Take a hotel. Stay there. I am coming tommorow. I booked morning flight. I went to delhi. I booked another flight to bhopal. Let me tell you about my sister. she is 27. She has figure of 34-28-34. We came back to bhopal.

My neighbours thought she is my wife. I never talk to anyone. She told me thank you. I said you are my life. I would have died if anything would have happened to you. She use to call me babu. I said you saved me from mom and dad. she said I will find a job. I said no need. I earn enough to look after 3 of us. She said thanks. I told her you go. Have sleep. We wake up. She was wearing blue colour cotton saree. She was wearing backless sleeveless blouse. One aunt came to our house. She said you got married recently. Poorna said yes. She said sumit told us. He don’t have a family. My sister was shocked hearing this. She looked att me. My sister said I am his only family. They chatted for sometime. And she went. Days passed and everyone started thinking she is my wife. Poorna told me this. I said leave it. Anyway we are leaving this country in sometime. We are going to Georgia forever. She said why. I said I will get promotion. We had dinner. I sent divorce notice to her husband. They got divorced.

My sister started wearing jeans top. But I told her to keep wearing mangalsutra and sindoor. One night I came home drunk. She opened door. I said hey baby. I love you. She was amazed. She thought may be I am drunk. I kissed her on cheeks. She kissed me back. I said aunt is watching. She said you don’t worry. I started smooching her. then I closed door. She said what the hell do u think you are doing. I said sorry 2 aunt were watching. 5 months have passed and everyone is saying why we are not having kids. She said let them say. I woke up and went to kitchen. I hugged her from behind and apologized about last night. She said it’s ok. I said I love you. She replied I love you too. I said let’s go for movie. She was wearing a blue colour saree. We went to cinema Hall. I was holding her from her waist. We started watching movie. There were couples kissing. I said I also want to kiss you ahe said no i am your sister not wife. I requested please. Just kiss. She said ok. We started kissing. We were kissing for 5 minutes.

Then we went to restaurant. We ate food. We came home. Aunt were watching from their balcony. We got down. I took her in my armms. I said they are watching. She said I have a plan. We went to our flat. She said baby I am dying to get fucked from you. I know we planned not to have kids for next two year. And it was my period. Now today you can fuck me. We started kissing. I started gripping her ass. We went inside house. We stayed there for some time, kissing each other madly. Then I broke the kiss and we made eye contact. She started to blush.

Aditi: So, you do all these things with your own sister?

I replied, “I am doing this to you, ONLY because you are my sister. And I think you were also waiting for the same, right?

My sister blushed and pushed me away. But I pulled her toward me, and gave her a tight hug and started enjoying her back and butt. She moaned softly.

Aditi: You have become too naughty. I removed her hair from her neck and started kissing her neck. While kissing, I whispered in her ear, ” I haven’t even started yet.”

Then I carried her to the bedroom and made her lie on the bed. She was lying there thinking what I’ll do next.

Then I went on her on the bed. First, I dragged my sibling down properly and then started to kiss her neck while holding both her hands pinned to the bed and above her head.

Aditi was moaning softly and was moving her body rapidly out of excitement. Then I stopped kissing and went to her belly. I raised her top and kissed all the exposing parts. First, I kissed her belly and licked her belly button. Then slowly I raised her top to breast and started kissing the downside of her breasts. Aditi started to jump out of pleasure.

With a lot of effort, I removed the top from her breast, and she helped me to remove it completely. I was pleased to see my sister lying under me half-naked, as she was not wearing any bras. I was delighted to notice that her boobs had grown a lot, since the last time I had seen them.

Aditi covered her face because of shyness. Meanwhile, I started to play with my sister’s breasts, making her moan loudly. I started pressing them and pinching those pink nipples. Those were already erect due to excitement.

I started sucking them. She started moaning louder and started to move her hands on my hair. She was pushing my head toward her breasts. I bit those nipples now and chewed her melons completely, making them red.

By then, she was breathing heavily. So I removed my shirt and laid on her. Then I started kissing her lips. We kissed each other wildly, exchanging our saliva. Slowly, I removed her clothes while kissing, and slid my hand into her panties.

My sister realized what I was doing only after I started brushing my fingers on her pussy! She tried to moan but I didn’t let her do it. I inserted one of my fingers into her vagina and started finger fucking my sister. She was moving her hip to support my act.

Soon, I inserted another finger which was too much for her. Just after the insertion of another finger, she broke the kiss and asked me to remove it. I kept them there for a while, and then I removed them.

Aditi was relieved by that, but that was not for long. Then I came into 69 position, removed her panty, and started licking my sister’s pussy! She was trying her best to suppress her moan.

Then she saw my bulge in my shorts. After that, she started removing my shorts and undies and took out my dick. By then, I was sucking her pussy and was moving my tongue in her pussy lips.

As a revenge, she started kissing my penis and licked it. She took it in her mouth and started sucking it. Her sucking sent an electric current through my spine. We both started to please each other’s private parts to our best and that made me cum in her mouth,. She also had an orgasm.

I licked her pussy and cleaned it. Aditi swallowed my cum and sucked every drop from my dick.

We laid beside each other for a while to take some breath. Then we hugged each other’s naked bodies and smooched madly for some time. That made my dick erect again, and she sensed it on her pussy. Then she said –

Aditi: Looks like my anna is ready for more.

And she held my dick and started to press it on her love hole.

Me: When my little sis is asking for it, how can I say, no?

I started to enter her pussy, while kissing her neck. She was screaming out of pain but I smooched her to suppress her noise.

With one huge push, I entered my sister’s vagina fully. I remained there for a while, and after her body relaxed, I slowly started to fuck her hard.

I fucked her in missionary position for almost 10 minutes, while sucking her boobs. She was moaning all the while.

Aditi: Ahh.. Anna, slowly ahhh Annaaaa.

Then I made her stand like a dog and started fucking her from behind in doggy style. She was moaning heavily and tried to hide her voice using the pillow. I fucked my elder sister like that for about 10 minutes.

Her pussy then started tightening around my dick and she had her second orgasm. Soon after that, I started exploding my seeds in my sister’s pussy, and shot everything inside her pussy.

Then we both slept on each other, without removing my penis from her pussy.

After some time, my dick started to go limp. I removed it from her pussy. Suddenly, she jumped on me like she was waiting for it and started to suck out whatever sperm left on my dick.

We both then kissed each other and hugged for a while. After that, we went to the bathroom for cleaning.

In the bathroom, I saw her cleaning herself and that made me hard again. I pushed her to the wall and started the shower. The shower made both of us wet.

Aditi was facing the wall, so I kissed her on her wet neck, and licked her there while pressing her boobs. I did this for a while and inserted my penis into her pussy from behind. My sister started moaning again.

Aditi: Ahh.. Baby, please do it slowly. I’ll not go anywhere.

But I didn’t listen to her and fucked her madly for another 5 minutes. I was making her moan under the shower.

Then I started to feel my ejaculation, so I removed my dick suddenly and started fingering her until she had her orgasm. Then she looked at me and said –

Aditi: Why are you punishing your dick by removing it from its favorite part? Look how sad it is. Let me make it happy.

And Aditi bent down and sat on her knees, and started giving me blowjob. After 4-5 minutes, I came in her mouth, and she licked my dick to clean it.

We kissed each other exchanging our cum mixed saliva and cleaned each other in the shower.

I dried myself and got out of the bathroom. After a few minutes, she came out with the towel wrapped around her breast. That towel miserably failed to hide her cleavage. She gave me a sexy smile and said –

Aditi: I missed you so much, Anna. Especially this ‘horny’ brothee who fucks his own sister. So, from here on, I grant my sweet brotger unlimited sex package. You can fuck me anywhere all the time, and my body will be for you. She came to me after dropping her towel and we hugged each other naked.

Me: Aditi, I also missed you so much. From here on, you have full permission over my dick, and you can use it as you want to.

We slept for a while. After the sleep, we made love to each other like a newly wedded couple throughout the night.

Then I woke up in the morning to her blowjob. This became our routine to have sex in the morning before going to the office, and in the night too.

We moved out of India. She is pregnant now.

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