Mom And Dad Having Sex After Long Time

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Hello everyone i am Sudhanshu from kolkata today i am going to tell 100% real story which has happen few days ago. My mom is 45 years old mature women ,she is little fatty and healthy thats why she have a very sexy figure and quite lagre boobs and always wears her saree 5 inches below her super wide T shaped navel and have lots of streach marks on her belly her navel and belly is always visible whenever she wears saree at home or for outside she does not cares her pallu at all everyone in market stares my moms navel and belly even when i see my moms navel and belly,

Mom looks like prostitute women but i cant do anything.

My dad is a business man and lives in Delhi for his work Comes home once after 2 to 3 months.

My mom dad sex frequently is not good because of my dads job so he has to live in delhi they they both have sex 1 time a month, but this lockdown my dad was not able to come come and stayed at delhi for 5 months by the time my mom was having sex craving badly and i was noticing that. Soo few day ago finally my dad came home.

The day dad came home that night mom and dad is planing to sleep in our guest room, and i already knew that they will have sex tonight because they meet after long time and its human nature also. so that night i was not able sleep, thoughts related to sex was coming frequently in my mind i decided to peek in our guest room that time was around 10:20. i slowly went to our guest room and stand beside the door, and there is a slight gap between the 2 woods of the door from that gap we can easily see inside our guest room.

When i peek from that gap i saw light was not turned off but all the window are shut, and my mom was wearing saree at 10:20 and dad was in his underwear i was little shocked whats going on, then dad took out condom from his bag and told mom to tear it. that time my penis was like a hard rock and i was little afraid and then i realize that dad has told mom to wear saree to see moms sexy belly and navel. Every womens figure looks more sexier when they wear saree below theri navel. But that day mom was wearing her saree only in bra almost 7 inches below her navel without blouse and thank god they didn’t turn off their room lights.

Dad came near to mom and grab her belly and started squeezing and pur his toung in her super wide T shaped navel and started liking, my heart was beating very fast dad licked her navel around 15 to 20 minutes its normal her navel is soo big that anyone can lick her navel for long time. Then dad stood up and pull his black dick then mom sucking dads dick but dads dick was not so hard it was flexible due to age i thing.

Then mom putting condom on dads dick then again started to suck. after that dad grabbed moms buge boobs and opened the hooks of her bra and pulled off. When is saw that moment i was like in heaven first time i saw moms boob her boobs were like a papaya and her nipples were almost 1 inches long omg then dad was squeezing her boobs badly then turned her and sucking her long nipples then they go to bed and dad pulled her saree downward from her belly mom was fully naked and looking like a bbw pornstar her pussy was black but dont have hairs.

Dad was slowly inserting his dick to moms pussy and started to fuck, mom was not making a single sound, she was not getting any impact
or difference when dad was fucking her badly she quitly lying down on bet i was shocked then i thaught mature womens have more experience than others thats why they dont sream. Dad was increase his fucking speed and suddenly stopped and removed his dick and layed down then knew that sperm came out, dads sex duration was not good a and i also knew that mom was not satisfied. but then mom stood up and coming towards the door with her bouncing boobs and belly then i quickly returned to my room. my dick was like an iron rod. then i masturbate by thinking. hope u liked it its a real incident happens with me i am attaching some of my moms navel pic in saree while at home i took these secretly.

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