My darling Rani Aunty

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This is my first story in this site so please ignore any mistakes. Let me introduce myself this is Ramesh (Name changed) and the heroin of this story is my lovable Rani Aunty. Your feedbacks are invited and also mail me even if you don’t like the story.

This is a real incident which took place couple of years back. Basically I am from Chennai and I have completed my B.Sc and working as manager in a showroom. Myself and my parents staying in a rented appartment where two other families are staying in which one is Rani’s family. I never interacted with any one in the apartment since full day I will be in showroom except Saturday half-day and Sunday holiday and mostly during this days i will be with my friends outside roaming and boozing else will be sleeping in home.

My Mom and Rani Aunty are very good friends to each other and mostly aunty will be in my home only. She had love marriage against their families so no one visits her and also her hubby is working in Army and posted in Gujarat and will be coming to meet her only in one year, all this information I got from my mom.

It was a Saturday I came to home from showroom as it’s half day working for me. My parents were getting ready to leave for our native to attend one marriage, as I already informed I won’t come since I need rest. But my plan was to call my friend home and have booze peacefully. While leaving the home my mom informed that I have said to Rani and she will provide you food, better you go her home and have it since it is difficult to bring everything here. While leaving my mom once again informed Rani please take care of my boy for which she responded sure Akka I will don’t worry. Once my parents boarded the cab I went inside home and took my phone to call my friend to inform about the party suddenly the door bell rang.

I opened the door and it was Rani Aunty. It was around 5 and she asked me what you would like to have in dinner. I thought for a second that if I would call my friends to home and booze definitely my mom would come to know through aunty and my mom will kill me. So I said anything is fine aunty and got frustrated thinking my boozing plan failed. She insisted me please tell me what you like ask me freely and don’t hesitate. I was silent and she understood and said again Ramesh think me as your friend and I won’t tell your mom. Then I said her I thought of boozing today since parents are not in home. Aunty laughed and said oh that’s it huh, come to my home and I have liquor with me, I was shocked and followed her, she turned back and said lock your house and then come.

Then I changed to shorts and t.shirt locked the door and went to her house with no bad intention and my only goal was liquor. Once I went inside she asked is chicken fine for you and I said ya fine. She gave me 500 rupees and asked to buy chicken and some groceries and said silently in my ears also side dishes which ever you like. I asked her please show me the bottle which you have. She showed me three bottles, Royal Stag, Teachers choice and Bacardi and all are from Indian Army and original. I was in heaven since all these are my favourite brands. Then I asked her suddenly whether you booze, she said first go and bring the things and I will tell you everything since I too need someone to share my feelings.

After half an hour I came back to home after purchasing all necessary things. Now I will describe our conversation as me (myself) and she (Aunty)

She: Thanks Ramesh for your help so kind of you.
Me: It’s ok aunty and don’t hesitate to ask anything I will help you.
She: Sure if anything needed I will ask you
Me: Great
She: You are talking very nicely but you never talked with me before.
Me: I feel little shy talking with opposite genders.
She: Oh I see, but this type of people will have multiple girl friends
Me: Ha ha good comedy, I never had anyone in my life.
She: Hey sorry da I was just kidding you don’t take it personally.
Me: It’s ok aunty I never mind and it is true and why should you be sorry.
She: Do you feel that you don’t have girl friend?
Me: No I never felt bad for that. I am enjoying my life with my friends and parents.
She: Good, I think you booze a lot.
Me: Not too much but have it once in a week.
She: Don’t have it more and it’s not good for health and still you are not married yet.
Me: But still you didn’t confirmed that whether you booze or not.
She: Ya I used to when I feel lonely and frustrated.
Me: Why you feel like that, any problem come to our home and talk with mom.
She: That’s what I am doing but still without husband nearby it’s very difficult to live that too without talking with parents and relatives.
Me: I am sorry about that, what happened to your family since I don’t know anything about your life.
She: It’s a very long story Ramesh.
Me: If you want you can share so that you may feel little relaxed.
She: Even I wanted to share with someone whom I trust. I am talking with you for first time even though I trust you since you are not fake.
Me: Yes aunty you can trust me and I won’t tell this to anyone.
She: Yes you should not since your mom also don’t know many things.
Me: Sure aunty.
She: Come to kitchen we can talk and cook food simultaneously, also make drink for both of us. She insisted for Bacardi drink.
Me: I had made all the arrangements in kitchen, made the drink and also kept apple, guvava with salt as side dish.
She: Started her story, about there love with uncle they fought with there parents and married in register office. (I am not including her story since it is very long and heart touching one) They are married since 12 years and still now no conversation with them (parents and relatives) and they don’t have children also.

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