Sex with neighbor aunty

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Hi this is karthick from chennai, this is real experience with neighbor lady who resides next to me. i was completed be and searching job, meantime looking my brother home construction. so i usually stay in the newly constructing place. the lady who resides next to me then and then offer snacks and tea . i enjoyed it. she always wore nighty in day time too. when i get a chance i will see her boobs gap, shaking boobs, dick and sometimes erected nipples too.

this is far went fine day i was standing front of her home and monitoring home construction. she crossed me, i was realized she touched my cock intentionally and left with smile. i went inside her home she laughing like anything and managing like its happened unfortunate. same day intentionally touched her dick and crossed, she not responded. after sometime touched her boobs. heyyy sound alone came nothing else. i found she is ready for that.

i was expected the correct time to do. because people are working know. its not possible for fine time. after few days raining started. i was managed and laying the cot outside of her home, she opened the door and asked me to come inside, time around 11.30 in night. i went inside and i make the ready bed in her hall. she told her bed have space come there .i said i am comfortable here. she not leaved until i entered her bed. she switched off the lights. now me and she in bed.

i told her i am comport stay in single palce so i will move here and there. if i did anything notify me. i intentionally put my hand into her boobs area. she wore nighty and not wear bra. slightly my fingers played her boobs area found the erected nipples. slightly played some time with my fingers. i got to hear mm mmm sound from her. its awesome and getting mood more. my body fells into different mood. one hand plays her nipple and another hand touching her bottom area, not wear panty too. she plays her leg into my leg. i was trying to huck her she came close to me and top of me, i used the chance to make her nude. removed her nighty upto her hip area. kissed her face
kissed her lips area she shakeing her body for over mood sametime removing her nighty fully. she started to remove my shorts and tees. we both nude together. kissing face all the places. kissing her lips and tasted her saliva, its awesome taste during the sex mood. i moved little kissed and biting little into ears. she got over excited into mood, i got to know from twisting her legs with my leg and hugging tightly.

slightly moved to neg area kissing and slightly bited her neg places. she likes my kissing and biting. still she hugging tightly and somewhat managed and move to her boobs area . its like a great mountain. her size is 34 D . i couldn’t see her nipple color but its erected. i was trying to suck her nipples she hugging me tightly. little moved and sucking her nipple and pressing her boobs area. its went for more than 10 min, dont have milk but i like to suck that erected nipples and her enjoyment, her legs still playing with my legs. she brought my hands into her pussy area and placed tightly. it was little hairy.

my fingers moved the pussy area found the all the parts where the hole and pussy lips and all. i eager to suck pussy lips long time, turned and move my mouth into her pussy area. its the smell awesome. its cleaned properly. the smell brought into heaven, i moved my mouth in around place deep kissing her pussy lips area when i deep kissing she in heaven her legs pressing me into that place. i started sucking her pussy lips its awesome. liquid came already. the liquid taste was great. i got over excied for liquid taste , i was sucking her lips more than 10 mins. i spread her pussy lips inserted her my tounge into her pussy lips gap. its great feel. she is in over to created noise and asking me to do hard and go inside. she voluterly take my cock and sucking vigorously. i was in heaven, both sucking our private parts. i was about to come my cum, she is also same condtion. i was ejaculated into her mouth, same time she too in satisfied ejaculated her. i drunk her. she hugged tightly. we both little relaxed form mood. its little not fully. she changed her position and came to me said i never had a ejaculation like this, i enjoyed. she kept some snacks bed area we had few and started kissing each other her legs making my legs into locked.

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