Aunty ne Valla Husband Mundey Denganu – Part 2

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Hi guys hope you all are safe in your homes this is my continuation of my previous story na life lo real gha jarigina story amina mistakes untey adjust avande how u will all like it.My name is Kumar (name changed) Iam from Vijayawada na age 22 years nenu engineering 4th year chadvutuna ede nenu 2nd year lo unnapudu jariginde naku sex piche bagha istam.

So 1 week ainde nenu sex chese aunty tho valu malli return 1 week tarvta vastanu ane unlce cheapru so nenu msg chesa uncle ke meru appudaina bza vastey naku msg cheyande ane and he called me and said that they are coming tomorrow and okaa hotel cheparu near to our bza busstand. so enka wait chestuna malli excitement tho aroju night porn chustu 2 times cum chesa enka next day uncle ke call chesa evening aidede ane cheparu elopala nenu ala tadepalli ke vela atununche malli bus-stand ke vele akkada wait chestuna e lopala konchem mirinda kanukone taganu and waiting for his call. Enka uncle phone chese ramnaru nenu ala walk chestu hotel dhagreke vela and uncle kindake vache receive chesukone room ke tesukuvelaru. elopala ma converation ente antey

Uncle: Hi Kumar, after a long time and she wants you to lick her ass and pussy more time because she liked your licking please do it for 1-2 hrs.

Me: Sure Uncle ane chepa.

uncle room bell kotaru aunty open chesaru ivala night gown vesukone sexy unde aunty ahha shapes 34-34-36 asalu chustuney pichekede enka ala room loke vele door lock chesamu.

uncle kurchomane cheparu nenu shoes and socks tese shirt pant bannaih tese chair lo kurchuna uncle tv katese bed ne ready chese neat gha sadartunaru and bag lo nunche condom packet and maassage lotion tesaru. elopala aunty na dhagareke vache nannu liplock chesinde iddaram ala ichukutunamu and tana bagha suck chestunde na tongue ne exchanging saliva and elopala uncle bed ready antey ala kiss chestu bed medake vele mare kiss chesukutunamu. enka aunty emo plzz kumar start it slow ane ande so lotion tesukone aunty nighty paike ete legs ke apply chesa ala paike pike chese hands ke chesa enka aunty ne lepe night gown tesesa aunty na mundu bra and panty to unnaru melagha apply chestuna body motham she is moaning mmmmm…….

ane mulugutunde enka aunty panty tesesa akkada kasepu massage lagha chesa fingering chesa and bra tesese boobs ne pisukutuna mulugutunde asalu piche ekutunde naku itey appudu aunty legese na drawer tese nannu tana medha paduko pete lip kiss istunde kaspeu ala kiss chese boobs suck chestuna aunty na jattu patukone boobs medha press chestunde. boobs suck chestuna and uncle kuda dress remove chese kurchone chutunadu aunty emo kasepu agande first kumar tho aina taravta chedamu threesome ande ok annaru uncle enka aunty emo nannu pussy and ass lick cheyamande nenu enka kindake vele lick chestuna pussy ne first hand peta lopala taravata tongue pete lick chestuna and tanu lickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeee……. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..

ane arustunde uncle emo wine tagutu chustu enjoy chestunadu and rubbing his dick. aunty enka lick cheyamande literally e sare oka 1hour only pussy lick chesa ahha madhyalo aunty paike laghe right side boob na notlo petinde enko boob emo press chestuna and liplock chesinde malli enka aunty venke terge ass ne lick cheyamnde chesanu oka 1hour asss lick chesa e sare and ahha taravta malli boobs suck chestuna enka malli lip lock ichukunamu and enka fuck cheyamnde nenu chedamu anpudu uncle condom packet tese na dick patukone na dick ke condom vesadu nenu enka na dick petanu aunty pussy lo chala loose gha unde ala ala fuck chestuna and she is moaning like mmmmmmmmmm……… fuuuuccccccckkkkkmeeeeeeeeeeekummmmmmmmaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….. fuuuuccccckkkkkkmeeeeeee…….

ane arustunde nenu na madda ne aunty medha padukone strokes istuna ala istu boobs pisuktuna aunty gatigha arustunde nenu enka liplock icha and enka aunty ke already out aipoinde nenu enka fuck chestuna enka naku ala ala chestu cum chesa itey aunty tana pussy lo nunche modda tese cheitilo patukone condom tese lick chesinde na modda out aipoinde nenu ala kurchuna enka uncle direct gha pussy lo dick pete fuck chestundu. nenu relax avutuna itey aunty kumar ra kumar ane pilichinde nenu side padukone liplock istuna and boobs ne suck chestuna uncle emo gatigha strokes istunadu nenu boob suck cheyadam chuse uncle kuda pussy lo nunche dick tese right side boob suck chestunadu nenu left side boob suck chestunamu iddaramu gatigha suck chestunamu and she is moaning a lot mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………… yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my darlinggggggggggggssssssssssssss………….. suuuuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkkkk meee babbbbbbbbiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss………..

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