Affair With The Bengali – The last fuck Conclusion

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Thanks a lot for the feedback and email guys. I understand some of you were not happy with the second part stating it ended abruptly. And some of you praised both My stories.

I am very happy that you guys are communicating and sharing with Me on what you like/dislike about My real life stories.
If you have not read the earlier parts, please do give a read and do read this part since this is the final part of the series. But a disclaimer must be there, that this final part might have emotional moments as well and not just sex.

Second Part: Sumaiyya First TIme With a Bengali
First Part: Sumaiyya First TIme With a Bengali

Without wasting much of your time, I am Sumaiyya Qureshi let Me start the final part of the series.Please pardon Me if I make any small mistakes.

I was around 25 , Roy was in his early 40s . We were having an amazing sex life and a perfect affair. I will be honest I had serious feelings for Roy. Thanks to the scoundrel Roy’s expertise

My breasts became pretty big and also were in good shape. Meanwhile, I also started gymming and young trainers tried to flirt with Me, lol. I loved gymming but I hated following diet. I loved Calcutta Biryani, Mutton Chaap, Mutton Korma O My God – they were equally orgasmic as My scoundrel Bengali lover’s fucking(probably more). Out of curiosity I also had beef few times and pork twice(despite being a muslim) but honestly speaking, I never became a fan of beef or pork.If you have read the second part you know Me and Roy had made a deal that I would not be eating beef and he would not be eating pork. But then we both cancelled the deal and he started having pork and I also had both.Sorry for breaking the mood but I thought maybe I should be brutally honest while narrating My incidents.

Roy and Me, there was hardly any place where we didn’t make out. I loved him and Me doing pda in restaurants – cafes and in many places. Sometimes some police also caught us but I was dam safe with Roy – he had connections in the right places and was bloody rich.

He loved carrying Me in his arms and just destroyed My pussy standing. He loved doggy position and I simply enjoyed with him.There was hardly any position Me and Roy did not try. Roy loved experimenting new positions and I cooperated.Garage,bedroom,kitchen,roof there was hardly any place where we didn’t have sex. I still remember how I gave Roy a wonderful blowjob below the table in a restaurant and had his cum on My lips. The waiter came and I still had some cum on My lips. I simply complimented the waiter saying the pasta was delicious, when the waiter was staring at Me. I was least bothered and the fun part is that restaurant was actually a luxury Bengali restaurant haha. The Bengali Scoundrel Roy loved doing anal and I hated that but somehow I loved feeling that he enjoys it so much with Me. He was a kinky man. We went to the bathroom for showers together and he enjoyed showering from My pee and also bathed Me in his pee. He wanted to drink My pee and wanted Me to drink his pee but I simply refused.But if you ask Me what My favorite position was I will have to say I loved him penetrating Me in the missionary position(not exactly missionary but the usual one). That was My favorite. I also did ride him and he enjoyed much but I loved Roy when he got on top of Me and crossed My legs around his back or around his shoulders and simply pounded Me like the beast he was. I loved him in that position, sweat dripping from his shoulders. I loved the scene. I will be honest here, Roy was My first love I did find him wonderful. Strong like a bull, pampered Me and treated Me like a princess, he was powerful rich with the right sources with all his old money as well as new money and was also a perfect gentleman. I loved to be with him. I knew I had no future with him but still loved the feeling. I was a bit jealous of his wife , but was also happy for him having such a beautiful typical Bengali caring housewife.

Me and Roy had sex sometimes with protection sometimes not. Honestly, I did not care since I loved him and I loved him getting inside Me without protection.

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