Affairs with the Bengali – Continues

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Thanks a lot for so many emails for the earlier part.
I am Sumaiyya Qureshi and this is My Original name. However, I have no personal account on instagram/facebook.
By Any Chance if youu have not read the earlier part of this story visit Sumaiyya First TIme With a Bengali .
You need to read that to understand this part.

We were having a great time together-2 years passed. I started living in a separate flat half was paid by Me and half was paid by Roy.
I was too worried about campussing and all since in our times campussing was done in 3rd year.
And I was not selected in first two companies for obvious reasons.
I am thankful to Roy. With his source, I got a job in one of the leading mncs. I was super elated.

Me and Roy had a very great sex life.This Bengali man honestly had lot of old money(family money) and at the same
time he was very successful in his business.

I was around 21-22 and he was around forty and as a young girl who does not love to be pampered with gifts and all.
College was about to end and I was worried that I might have to shift to another city and I didn’t want that to happen.
Thanks to Roy’s sources I stayed in Calcutta and My joining came soon as well just after My college ended.
And guess what aded fuel to fire moment when My father got transferred to Ajmer. My happiness knew no bounds.

So Me and Roy had many sexcapades and today, I will be narrating one among the risky but spicy moments we had.
I was staying in a normal good society where most people bought flats and left them deserted and Roy often came to My flat.Whenever Roy came,
he came with gifts, especially lingeries.As I have already mentioned I am not the most tehzeeb wali muslim girl with purdah and all but
I come from a descent family so I dont wear revealing dresses. But when Roy was there, I often wore those lingeries and enjoyed this double aged
guy going crazy over Me. Thanks to My meat eating habits and My Bengali lover’s expertise I have grown pretty good breasts and despite not working out,
I had good breasts in shape.

I don’t know what happened, this scoundrel Roy told he came to Me after having pork and I seriously got offended. I am not a conservative muslim but we discussed this earlier
that he won’t be eating pork and I won’t be eating beef. I was dam offended and got too angry. He put efforts and explained he was just fooling around
and also showed Me that he just had mutton in the hotel bill.
I got furious and I said that everything is over between us, to which he replied that he knows how much I love him and I won’t leave him so
he didn’t care.I was super angry and changed My dress from lingerie to a shorts and went to the roof.
He didn’t follow Me and half an hour passed. I was sad as well as angry. He called Me 5 times after half an hour and I purposely didn’t pick up.
I was sure he would come running after the fourth call. Naughtiness was all over My mind. It was around 2:30 and empty I simply started
opening all My dresses and throwing them from the roof.By the time Roy reached the roof I was already naked without a single inch of cloth.
Roy went crazy and I knew hew would be pissed off seeing Me naked. This man opened his shirt and covered Me somehow while I was not ready to get covered.
When he opened his shirt I was so damn mesmerized to see his hairy chest broad shoulders wide chest. I almost got wet between My legs.
He simply picked Me up on his right shoulder and first went to the lift but since cameras might be present he used the stair case for 5 floors
to come to second floor,opened My room’s door and threw Me on the bed.I was confused and startled.
He ran down and brought up the clothes.

He was sweating. He was frustrated and was angry as fuck. He just screamed.

Roy:What rubbish was this? Why did you get up like that to roof and opened up all your clothes.What would have happened if someone saw you.
Me:(We have often done PDA but never knew about his possessiveness about, I was loving this but we are women we dont show our feelings so easily haha)
All men are same.Even My dad has never asked Me to wear purdah who are you to lecture Me what to wear and what not.
Roy got super angry and just rushed towards Me and held Me by My waist and pulled Me near him and started kissing like dogs.
I initially responded for 2 seconds but then remembered that I cant give in so easily, I thought I am a pathan and this bengali scoundrel was at fault.
I pushed him and sat simply showing My back to him. Roy simply jumped onto Me and started kissing me I simply moved from him.
Then he just came to Me and told he was sorry and he really means it.

Everything was done , now I wanted Roy to tear Me up.
I held his hand and said I understand it is ok.
This was enough of a spark for Him. O I forgot to mention I was already sitting naked. He just picked Me up and pushed Me to the corner of the
queen size bed. And once we both are up, Roy becomes a beast in bed with Me. Not that I like it always but today I was super hot and excited.
He was already hard and we didn’t simply do any kind of foreplay. He simply streched My legs wide apart and rammed his dick inside Me in one go.

I literally screamed “Mummy”(I never ever have said ammi in life).
This Bengali scoundrel got mad that day and was ramming Me so hard with each thrust I was simply getting uncontrollable.
My pussy is acustomed to Roy’s dick but today he was out of control.Every thrust was painful and I was feeling like I am having labor pain.
But I will be honest, I was also enjoying his thrusts.At the same time Roy was biting My breasts and nipples and aerolas.I am not very fair.
But I am quite fair and had red marks on My breasts around My nipples and also around My neck area.I was having a burning sensation with his bites but still I was loving them. Bites were good not ferocious ,Roy knows how to bite his girl right way. This Bengali scoundrel rammed Me for a little less than 30 minutes and finally came inside Me. I need to mention to boys and girlls reading this story please practise safe sex-use condoms.

We both were earning and I was on pills and at that time I was having sex only with Roy. So, it was pretty safe.

Roy was tired but I wanted another round with him. SO I simply got down to his dick on the bed itself between his legs and started sucking
his dick. It was dam good as always. It didn’t even take 15 seconds for Roy’s dick to salute Me.

Roy:You bitch why did you get naked.
Me:You fucking dog, why do you pretend you don’t care while you are fucking so possessive about Me.
Roy:(Grinning)You are My greatest treasure I have. Why won’t I be possessive about you and held My hair.
Me(grinning):If I were other women I would have asked you to write the property in My name and guess what you would have done.
Roy:(Laughing like an idiot)WHy just property I can write Myself in your name.
Me:(sucking his dick) huhh not interested.
ROy:baby I am going to cum baby. Drink MY cum.
Me: I won’t today you fucking dawg.If you can just hold it and put it inside Me.
ROy:Baby you are a bitch come fast.
He just got up took Me to the wall carrying Me on him and just rammed hard against the wall and cummed quickly inside Me.
I will be honest I loved the sensation of Roy’s fluids inside Me. It did make Me feel special.
That night Roy pleaded Me to suck him again and I loved drinking his cum to the fullest. He was literally dry and we both slept at around
5:30 am. I got up at 2 pm and saw Roy like a little kid sleeping tired as hell.It was a friday and I had ofice but I had to take the day off since I was too tired . I was too proud of Myself to turn this big stout man to little baby like creature. Me and Roy had some amazing friday and a great
weekend . He went to his home that monday. This scoundrel was indeed a bit special to Me.

This was the end of the second installment. I will share last part with Roy as well in the coming time.
I used to be sexually quite active till lockdown happened, so if I get good support I would also love to share My other experiences.
Please guys let Me know @ [email protected] how you liked to listen to My real sexual experience.Please stay tuned.
Please do support Me guys, it takes hard for Me to remember instances from past just to share with you guys and then many
sites don’t even bother to publish often.I manage My small business , do job and still take out time to share it with you guys
looking for yoursupport.And a good news for the ones who read till here. I won’t be having a personal account but soon I will also open an instagram account related to sex stories. If you want you can definitely follow Me there .Sharing My favorite sex stories out there.

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