Moonlight Ep1 – The Dinner

Episode 1. The Dinner


Zeel knocked on the front door of her house as she came back from work on that Friday night. She was standing there on a rainy night holding her umbrella waiting on her mum to open the door. After a while her mum came and opened the door, letting her in. worried about her daughter getting wet in rains she looked at her and told her to quickly go and change and also informed her about the guest coming for dinner, as she made her way back to the kitchen.

Zeel slowly walked towards her room wondering who would be coming for dinner, as mom was making such a huge fuss about it. As she made her way into her room she saw her sister Jiya, seating at her desk and studying. Zeel kept her bag on the desk and pulled out a book she had brought for Jiya. “Le ye teri book, Ab mera dimag mat khana! Okay”, (here is your book. Happy now? now stop eating my head) as she just hit Jiya on the head with the book. She then grabbed her towel and made her way to the washroom to freshen up.

After a while Zeel shouted out to her sister from the washroom, “Oye khane pe kon aaraha, aaj pata hai?” (Hey, you have any idea about whos coming for dinner tonight?). Jiya looking through her new book in excitement she just heard her sister ask her about the guests, “Are Soham bhaiya, uncle and aunty aarahe hai” (Yeah, Soham and Uncle aunty are coming), Jiya replied and then she went back to reading her new book which she just got from her sister.

Zeel just stood in front of the mirror for a couple of minutes looking at herself. She always had a crush on Soham, knowing that he was a cousin of hers but that didn’t matter to her. She had a crush on him from their childhood days going to school together. She had to shake off her thoughts before she could take a bath. She then quickly took a shower and got dressed nicely.

She made her way into the kitchen, where she saw Soham’s mum (aunty) talking to her mum. She greeted her aunty and started helping her mom in dinner preparations. Zeel could not help herself from ease dropping on Soham talking, she tried to get a peek of Soham as she was cooking. Whole throughout dinner Zeel and Soham kept looking at each other, they couldn’t stop themselves from stealing looks at each other.

Soham too had a crush on Zeel but he could never really tell her, he could never really find a way to express his feelings. After he finished dinner he headed up to the terrace to call his girlfriend Priyanka. He had made plans to meet her tonight after dropping his parents to the airport after the family dinner. He called her to check up on her, he talked on the phone walking to and foe on the terrace.

Zeel and Jiya cleaned up the dinning table and washed the dishes as their parents sat down and talked in the hall. Zeel’s mum asked them to serve ice-cream for everyone in cups. Jiya served ice-cream for her parents as well as Soham’s parents. While Zeel took the opportunity and grabbed two cups and headed to the terrace. She watched as Soham walked to and foe on the balcony talking to his girlfriend. Before she entered the terrace she put the cups down on a table near by, She adjusted her t-shirt by pulling it down a bit so that they showed her cleavage, she then loosen her hair which she usually tied into a bun and let it fall on her shoulder. She looked hot she thought taking the cups of ice-cream and walking onto the terrace. She made sure Soham saw her as she walked towards him to give him the ice-cream.

Soham smiled at Zeel, as she walked towards him. He then quickly said goodbye to Priyanka as he kept his phone. He walked towards where Zeel was waiting for him. Zeel sat on the parapet of the terrace facing him. He came closer to her, he stood besides her facing the outside.

He picked the ice-cream cup from her hand, “Tuje toh bas ice cream hi chaiye na abi bhi” (even now all you want is ice-cream, right?). Zeel just sipped on her ice cream, holding the cup in her hand, “tu jaldi kha le, nahi toh me kha jaungi vo b” (Have your’s fast or I’ll eat that too).

She really loved ice cream, from the movement she had tasted the favor of ice-cream. As she started having her ice-cream, she noticed Soham was eyeing her. She got nervous and dropped a bit of her ice-cream on her bare thighs.

Soham laughed as Zeel dropped some ice-cream on her thighs, “Are are aaram se pagal, dekh niche gir ra sab” (slow down my dear, see your ice cream is falling down), saying that he brought his hand to her bare thigh and using his fingers he wiped the ice cream from her bare thigh. He keep rubbing her thigh longer than he should have and Zeel did not mind that at all.

Soham now kept rubbing her thigh, sliding his hand up her shorts, up her inner thigh. Their eyes were locked onto each other and she did not want to stop him but she did. She held his hand from going up any further. Zeel just froze there as he was rubbing her thighs and looking at her, she too kept looking at him right in his eyes and slowly took his hand off her thighs. she had a chill go up her spin as he touched her thighs and the cold ice cream made is even cold.
both of them just kept looking at each other’s eyes there for a minute or so. She could feel her panty was drenched and her nipples stiffened, as she was turned on by his touch.

Zeel’s mom just called for her from downstairs as it was time for Soham to go as his parents had a plane to catch in a few hours. Zeel and Soham both came back to their senses in that moment, Zeel lost her grip on the ice cream cup and it dropped down to the floor. Soham quickly apologized to her. Zeel too quickly got down from her seat, “oh no no, its fine. me uthati hu”(oh its fine, I’ll pick it up) she quickly bent down to pick up the cup. Soham kept watching her as she bent down to pick up the cup. he could see inside her dress from that v-neckline, he noticed she wasn’t wearing any bra and he got a clear view of her boobs. Soham just kept look at her boobs as she collected the ice cream back in the cup and got back up. Zeel noticed him looking at her breast as she got up, she smiled and coughed a bit “Chale niche? ma bula rahi hai”. (lets go down mother is calling)

Soham looked away as he said, “Ha chalo” (lets go). As she walked down the stairs in front of him, he also noticed her ass from behind, wondering if she was wearing any panty.

Soham couldn’t shake the image off Zeel breast from his mind, as he drove home from the airport, having dropped his parents. As he approached his home, his girlfriend priyanka was waiting for him in the driveway. They both hugged each other as they got down from their respective cars and walked into the house holding onto each other’s hand.

Priyanka knew the house well, she dropped her bag on the sofa and made her way to the kitchen, to get some water. while Soham cleared his mind from Zeel and locked the house and headed to his room, preparing himself for Priyanka. Priyanka and Soham would always find times like these, where either of their parents are gone, to sneak each other into their homes to spend some time with each other.

As she entered Soham room. He grabbed her and pushed her against the wall of the bedroom and started to kiss her. He squeezed her against the wall as he felt her body over her clothes and she too kissed him back as she felt his hands feeling every inch of her body.

Soham could no longer wait and undid her top and her bra. He squeezed her breast in his hand while he kissed her neck. He still kept thinking about Zeel and her boobs as he kissed Priyanka. He kept squeezing her breasts as Priyanka just stood there with her eyes closed and leaning back against the wall.

He ran his tongue down her neck and over her shoulder and down to her breast. He kissed and started to bite into her nipples imagining that it was Zeel who he was sucking. He kept sucking her breast and she kept moaning. Priyanka then slowly took her hand down to his pants and gently pressed his cock over his pants and rubbed it slowly.

Soham stood up then in front of her and pulled her face to his and kissed her lips deep.

“Lund chaiye? huh?” ( you want my dick?), he then quickly pushed her down to her knees in front of him.

“Le, nikal le” (open it up) she said to him with as smile as she kneeled down before him. Priyanka liked him getting wild, it was when he really got into it and fucked her well.

She gently opened his jeans and pulled them down to his ankles. His dick was already hard from the moment he saw Zeel’s stiff nipples, it just sprang up from his jeans as Priyanka pulled them down and hit her right on her cheeks. Priyanka jumped up as his cock hit her but before she could say or do anything, Soham grabbed her head and pushed his cock right into her mouth and started fucking her mouth. Soham had a large stiff dick which Priyanka always adored but her mouth felt too small for his huge dick.

Priyanka gagged a bit as he pushed his cock into her mouth suddenly but she soon eased up and started sucking his cock, stocking it with her tiny hands. Soham stood before her looking down at her as she sucked his cock, he wondered what Zeel would look like sucking his cock. He wondered if he would feel different if it was Zeel who was sucking his cock. He moaned as Priyanka kept sucking his cock. She also rolled her tongue on his cock and he pushed it deeper into her mouth.
Soham gagged her by stuffing his dick deep into her throat. As he pulled out his dick she was able to breath and let out a sign of relief. He pulled her up to him and planted a deep kiss on her lips. He also turned her around and spanked her ass a couple of times.

Priyanka could no longer hold on and said to him, “Jaldi kar ab, can’t wait anymore” (fuck me soon, I cant wait any longer).

She walked to his bed, stripping her clothes off as she did. She waited on the edge of the bed with her butt up in the air so he could fuck her from behind. Soham stepped out of his jeans and took off his shirt too watching Priyanka’s ass. He started to wonder about Zeel’s ass, how would her pussy feel like?

Priyanka looked back at him, “Oye, Kya soch ra?” (what are you thinking about) she shouted as she saw Soham just standing there looking at her ass. Soham just nodded at her and walked towards her. He slapped her ass making her scream and got his cock out and stuffed it into her pussy and pushed it into her in one go. Priyanka kept screaming and moaning with pleasure as he started fucking her pussy. She had her hands on the bed and her legs down on the floor as Soham stood behind her and was fucking her. She kept moaning and moving her ass to and foe matching his strokes.
Soham grabbed her hair and started fucking her hard now. He kept on thinking of Zeel while he fucked Priyanka. He spanked Priyanka’s ass and kept ramping her pussy. Priyanka kept moaning louder and louder. Her breast was hanging down and moving with her flow, she wanted to control her screams so she buried her face into a pillow as he kept on fucking her hard from behind.

Soham pulled out his cock and spanked her ass with it. He then lay on the bed with his dick in the air. Priyanka just jumped on him, adjusted his cock on her wet pussy as he legs spread over the sides of his body and started riding him. Soham laid under her watching her boobs as they bounced around as she kept riding him. He grabbed her boobs and squeezed them but he could not enjoy her breast anymore, as all he wanted was Zeel and her body.
Priyanka pushed her hands on his chest to support herself as she rode his cock faster and faster. She kept looking at him as he stared at her boobs. She bent down and kissed his lips and stopped riding for a minute and kissed him deeply.

“Kya hua aaj tuje huh?” (what happened to you today), she asked him.

Soham just kissed her back with a smile, “Kuch nahi” (nothing happened).

He couldn’t look into her eyes straight as he was feeling gulity. So he grabbed her by her waist and pushed his cock deep into her “Chal kud ab meri kutiya” (now ride me you bitch), He said.

Priyanka kissed his lips and started to ride him harder and jiggling her ass in circles from time to time over him. As her moans grew louder and louder.

After fucking for more than an hour, both of them cummed together. Soham just laid on the bed thinking of Zeel, as Priyanka laid over him tired. His dick was still sitff inside her pussy as their cum slowly made their way down her pussy.

Priyanka slowly slid over to his side and laid there besides him hugging him with her leg still over him and her hand gripping his stiff cock, as she slowly felt asleep. Soham still kept thinking of Zeel as he couldn’t get her out of his mind.

He decided to tell her about his feelings now. He look over at Priyanka who by now was asleep besides him. He softly grabbed her breast and squeezed it. He doozed off thinking of a way he would express to Zeel, how much he needed her.

To be continued…

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