Mom, dad, wife and me

This is amit from delhi. Me dad and mom live in my house which is 2 bhk . It’s usual from my childhood relatives regularly come to my house. So still at 24 I sleep with mom and dad lives in hall. Dad is 46 and mom is 46.

My mom has fair white complexion. She has bomb figure of 38-28-36.She is extremely white with brown hair pink lips. My dad is romantic. He kisses her regularly. .

It was during same say when relatives came. We had to sleep in storeroom again. It was karva chauth. Mom was wearing a red saree with sleveless blouse, Bareback. She was wearing a redlipstick. I was flirting with her. After rituals we came to sleep and I asked mom and dad my relatives will not go for months.

So it’s better dad you fuck mom in front of me. He said it’s not possible. I said we have no other option. Mom came in storeroom wearing short nightgown. I went to kitchen and got 2 glass of milk. I put 3 viagra tablets in it. I just asked them to drink. Since space was little. We were sleeping close to each other. Moms ass was on dad side. Dad was hugging her. Mom don’t wear panty and bra in night. They were horny now. Dad started kissing her. They were in their own world. Mom was moaning madly. Then after kissing for some time. Dad started smooching her boobs. She was completely nude.

Dad then started tongue fucking her. She was moaning loudly. Dad put his penis inside and she screamed loudly. My relatives and were asking what happened. They came in their senses. I immediately said to them nothing moms ankle got twisted. Mom dad were shocked seeing I was watching them. They were embarrassed. I said mom and dad it’s ok. You are not doing anything wrong. I calmed them down. I said you guys are everything to me. Nothing matters than you in world to me. I don’t have any problem that I saw my mom dad making love. They were in tears. I told them I am sleeping you guys continue. They smiled. We became frank. Suddenly they started kissing. Mom came in missionary position and put his penis in cunt.

She again screamed, but started kissing her. She dry humped her for 10 minutes. She was moaning loudly. I think neighbours would have woke up. I was also getting horny. Mom came on top of dad. I put oil on my penis and inserted in her ass. They both were shocked now. Dad said get off from your mom. I said sorry dad I can’t I started giving harder strokes. They fought and removed me. Dad slapped me hard. I started crying. Mom calmed me down. I told them just one time. They were not agreeing.. I was a bodybuilder. I tied dad with rope. Mom was beating me. After that I put mom in missionary postion. I started dry humping her. I was giving harder strokes. And kissing madly. Dad was crying in corner. Mom started enjoying now. She was screaming. I said dad its better if we both fuck her. Otherwise everyone would have known outside you are fucking your wife in front of your son. He calmed down. I explained them lets enjoy. In the meanwhile I was Cumming in her. she was in her periods.

Then I untied dad l. He again slapped me. I hugged him again calmed him down. I explained him I am sorry. I was horny. After 2 hours I again woke up. Mom was riding on dad and kissing him. I was hard again. I put my penis in her ass. I started humping her. Dad didn’t say anything this time. We were like friends then. We fucked her brains out till 5 in the morning. Mom went to bathroom . She woke me and dad at and dad were sleeping naked hugging each other. Mom smiled seeing us like this. She said wakeup my horny boys. We woke up and saw she was in blue saree with red lipstick. Dad said why are you making us horny again. We woke up took bath. In the afternoon my fathers friend daughter was coming.

Her college 3rs year was starting. She was having some problem in her pg. Mom insisted her to stay at our home. Next night we all 4 were sleeping together and chatting. First dad then mom then me then, Sonali. Her figure was 34-26-36. She was still looking like kid. I got attached to her. We bonded I’m very few time.

At 2 :00 she woke me up. She said look there your mom is fucking your sad. I said it’s ok they are husband wife. They dont get much time due to my relatives. She was mesmerized by my maturity. She kissed me on cheeks. I flirted with her why you gave me grand maa kiss. She then smooches me. My dad saw me and gave a smile. I hugged her and bought her to moms side I removed her skirt and top. I removed my trousers. I lubricated my penis. She whispered in my ear . Your mom and dad are awake. I said I dont care. I put my penis. She didn’t shouted. I was kissing her. I started kissing madly. I cummed in same postion after 20 minutes. We were exhausted.

I then went to toilet and after coming I slept in dads place and dad slept in my palce. He was half sleep. Mom understood it’s me. We fucked for sometime. She came and the I cummed. Then we heard dad was fucking her mercillesly. Sonali was thinking it’s me. After that I went to my place and again I started fucking her. She said how are you so horny. After 2 months her college ended and our parents married her with me. Now also we also sleep together. And we are open now.

Later both mom and she was pregnant. They both gve birth to boy. . One day my wife saw me fucking mh mom. She was shocked. We explained her everything Now I and dad swap our wives.

We have total 3 kids now.

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