Tragedy pushes a mother and son together

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I’m not going to tell you this is a totally true story, because it isn’t! The characters are real, or at least they were, of course, I’ve changed their names, I don’t know why because both of them are now gone. I didn’t suspect, their friends didn’t suspect, their neighbours never suspected. To everyone who knew them, they were just a normal couple living their lives. In their old age, I would see him pottering around his garden when I visited, while she sat in her deckchair, enjoying the sun, but never taking her eyes off him.

How come I know about their secret? I can’t tell you, perhaps they had kept the secret so long, that in the end, they just had to tell someone. I knew that the village existed and also the town but not how they came to be together. Over the years that I knew them, I was always certain of one thing, that they were still after all that time together, in love. Neighbours and friends commented on it, how nice it was to see a couple growing old and still feeling as they did, especially in an age where people tended to marry for five minutes.

I had popped around for tea one evening when out of the blue, they started to tell me their story, little snippets of how and why it had happened, but never any real detail. And then one day, they were gone, and their secret was now my secret, I kept it as long as I could, but now it’s time to pass the secret along. I decided to fill in the details myself, bringing their lives forward into a new era, and write about their relationship, a story not primarily of incest but love. I’ve no idea if any of it happened like I imagined, in a way I hope it did, because one thing that I’m certain about, was that right to the very end, they felt no shame for what they had done. It may have been wrong in the eyes of the law and to everyone around them, but to the two of them, it was the most perfect thing in the world.


Tom parked the car down the side of the house before climbing out and retrieving his suitcase from the boot of the vehicle. Looking around him, he felt as though nothing had changed, he had driven through the town and into the village, all of it looking exactly as it did the day he left and he wondered if anyone had actually missed him whilst he had been away. He had graduated from university at twenty-one with a degree in engineering but had decided to take a year’s break and travel. That year had turned into two as he travelled and worked his way around most of Europe, not being bothered what jobs he did, content to earn enough to fund his travel and subsistence.

He had met up with a young woman called Gail on his travels and eventually a relationship had developed between them which had lasted for most of the time he had been away. It had only ended when he had returned to their rented flat one afternoon, to find her in bed with someone else. Moving out the same day, Tom had continued on his own until a month later when he had received a phone call from his mother. She had been distraught, his stepfather Brian worked in the construction industry and there had been an accident at work, and he had been killed. Tom had immediately booked a return flight, arriving in the early hours of the morning he had rented a car and had then driven for the last six hours to reach home.

Glancing at his watch, he noted it was just before ten o’clock, he’d made good time on his journey and the day was turning out to be half decent, the sun already high in the sky. It was warm outside, not as warm as when he climbed on the plane earlier, but still a comfortable temperature. Lifting the handle of his suitcase, he trundled it behind him as he made for the rear entrance and let himself in. Leaving his case in the utility area, he went through the kitchen and dining room, heading for the lounge when his mother intercepted him, rushing forward and throwing her arms around him and kissing his cheek.

‘Welcome home,’ she said. ‘Look at you, I’m sure you have grown.’

Tom had filled out while he had been away, most of the jobs he got had been manual work and his body was now toned and bronzed from being outside all the time. Jessica his mother looked just the same to him, albeit he now stood taller than she was. She made them both a drink before going through to the lounge where she told him about the accident. Brian had been helping erect some steelwork in high winds, it should never have happened, but somehow a large girder had come detached and had crashed into him, killing him instantly. She was crying now, Tom wrapping his arms around her as he cuddled her close to him until the tears finally stopped.

He felt sad for her, realizing that it did not have the same impact on himself, he had liked Brian, but he was only his stepfather, his mother had got pregnant at fifteen and his real father had just disappeared. He was five when his mother married Brian, but Tom could never bring himself to call him ‘Dad’. Tom had nothing against him, he had been good to both he and his mother, making sure they had everything they needed, it was just a personal thing he thought. Making sure she was OK, he took his case up to his room, again it was the same as the day he had left it, his mother throwing nothing away in the event, that he would one day require it again. He unpacked his meagre possessions, putting stuff into cupboards and drawers before going back downstairs to be with her. He would need to find himself a job he decided, asking her if they could manage until he found something to help pay the bills.

‘It’s all right for the moment,’ she told him. ‘There is enough money in the accounts for the foreseeable future, but there is going to have to be an inquest and an investigation into what happened and I’ve also been advised to see a solicitor. ‘I’ve been told it will be a while yet before the body is released, so I’m not sure yet when to organize the funeral.’ The words had all come out in a rush.

The tears came again as she felt the weight of it all bearing down on her, and for the second time that day, he held her close and comforted her. Early evening, they had a meal, but she only picked at her food, hardly eating anything while he was ravenous, feeling slightly embarrassed eating his food while she only picked at hers, pushing it around her plate. Tom retired early, he had been awake nearly twenty-four hours and exhaustion was finally catching up with him as he undressed and got into bed naked. He heard his mother come up about thirty minutes later and then must have drifted off because when he next woke, he could hear her sobbing in her room. Rooting through his drawers, he found an old pair of pyjama bottoms and pulled them on before going to her room and tapping on her door. She seemed glad he was there as he slid into bed next to her and pulled her close, holding her tight until she finally drifted off to sleep.

It was fairly late in the morning when he next opened his eyes, his mother still curled against him fast asleep, her leg draped over his groin and laying atop his morning erection whilst her arm lay across his chest. Carefully, he tried to extricate himself without disturbing her, but with the way she was laying across him, it was nearly impossible. He didn’t want her to wake and feel his erection, so gently tried to move her leg, she murmured in her sleep, her hand lazily stroking his chest before she suddenly planted a kiss on it, still fast asleep. He lay motionless, she must be dreaming that it was her husband led next to her he thought, not wanting to cause any embarrassment if she felt what was under her leg.

Tom tried to move her again, eliciting another long drawn out murmur, her hand this time rubbing at his nipple. He shook her shoulder gently, trying to rouse her and watching as she slowly came awake. It took her several minutes until she must have suddenly realized that the person next to her in the bed was her son, her leg, swiftly withdrawn from his groin.

‘I need to get up mum, would you like a cup of tea?’ He asked her.

Jessica nodded her head, keeping her eyes closed until he had risen and left the room. Once he had disappeared, she opened her eyes, feeling ashamed of herself, knowing she couldn’t tell him the truth yet. Things at home had not been rosy over the last couple of months, ever since she had found out Brian was having an affair and he had moved into the spare room for the time being. Her tears had been because she was feeling sorry for herself and not necessarily for her cheating husband.

In her semi-conscious state, she had forgotten that it was Tom in her bed, she was just happy to have someone next to her again until her leg registered the solid lump of flesh beneath it and sent signals to her fanny. It was only then that she remembered about her son, quickly withdrawing her leg but the sensation still lingered on her flesh. He returned several minutes later after having relieved himself and placed a cup of tea on her bedside table.

‘I’m just going to grab a shower mum while you have your brew,’ he said and with that, he disappeared again. Tom never gave the incident a second thought, she was his mother, and if she did realise, she was probably too embarrassed to say anything.

That first week passed slowly, it was still early in the year and the short sunny spell had not lasted long before normal temperatures resumed. Tom was not one for sitting around doing nothing, but at the same time, he did not want to leave her alone. At least she had stopped breaking into tears he thought to himself and he had not heard her during the night since that first occasion.

It was nearly a month before the investigation was completed and the inquest was to be held the following week. Tom had promised to be there and hold her hand during the proceedings. It took several days to get through, with the coroner finally coming to a verdict of negligence by the company Brian worked for. Jessica had an appointment with her solicitor the next day and the body was finally released so that she could make arrangements for the funeral. Another week passed, the service and cremation were planned for later the following week and Tom helped his mother finalise the details.

He had been out and bought himself a black suit, white shirt and black tie, the clothes he had returned with had been mostly jeans, shorts and t-shirts. The morning of the funeral, he had showered and shaved before going downstairs and having his breakfast. As he returned upstairs to get ready, he passed his mother’s bedroom door which was slightly ajar, stopping as his eyes caught sight of her, stood in front of her full-length mirror in only her black bra and panties, it was probably only seconds but felt like minutes as he gazed at her, taking in her still pert bottom and her slim figure. She turned slightly as she checked herself, giving him a side view of her full breasts and slightly rounded stomach before he came to his senses with a jolt and carried on to his room.

Jessica breathed in, finding that she had been holding her breath, the reflection in the mirror had caught him stood just outside her door as he looked at her and she could tell that he was appraising her body. Secretly, it had sent a thrill through her and she scolded herself for being a wanton woman, what was she thinking of, letting her son see her half-naked.

With the funeral over, life started to return to normal, but Tom was beginning to go stir crazy feeling that he was trapped in the house. As May arrived, the weather perked up and sunshine was predicted for the following week.

‘I’ll tell you what mum,’ he had started, ‘If its nice next week, let’s take a picnic and go to the beach.’

Jessica had readily agreed, the rental car had been collected shortly after Tom had arrived home and Brian’s car was sat in the garage, having not moved since his death.

‘That’s a good idea, the car could probably do with a run and it’s about time I started to get out and about again,’ Jessica replied.

You could tell by Tuesday of the following week that the day was going to be a scorcher. Jessica was in the kitchen making sandwiches and salad as Tom backed the car out of the garage and checked the oil and water. The engine sounded fine and the tank was nearly full as he revved it a few times before switching everything off. He got several windbreaks from the garage before going indoors and collecting towels and blankets, his mother called to say the hamper was ready and could go in the boot while she went and changed.

By nine-thirty they were out on the road, it was only about a thirty-minute drive to the coast and the early morning traffic had now dissipated. They kept the car windows down all the way to the beach and he was glad to see that his mother had perked up and was once more laughing. Parking the car up, he went and bought a ticket before lugging the hamper and windbreaks down onto the soft warm sand, his mother following behind with the blankets and towels. He set the windbreaks up, creating a small space where she could get changed, while he was content to just wrap a towel around his waist and strip off, he had been on beaches abroad where he would have just stood there naked.

When Jessica emerged, Tom was surprised, he had expected a one-piece swimsuit, but instead, she wore a bright yellow bikini. Her skin was probably still a bit pale for such a bright colour, but he had to admit she looked stunning. As they applied lotion he glanced up and down the beach, it was busy enough without being overcrowded, everyone having enough room for privacy. They spent the first hour and a half basking in the sun, turning frequently so as not to burn. Tom was fine, his body already sporting a dark tan, but he kept an eye on his mother, starting to see her colouring already.

The day was getting hotter when he decided he needed a dip in the sea to cool off. ‘I’m just going for a swim mum’ he told her as he got to his feet.

Jessica shaded her eyes as she watched him move towards the water’s edge, his shoulders wide and tapering down to his slim hips and waist. She could see the muscles in his back and arms move as he walked away from her, he had turned into a handsome young man she thought, his dark skin making him stand out from the others on the beach. Raising herself onto her elbows she looked left and right, noting that he had already attracted the gaze of several women on the beach, both old and young.

Tom waded out before diving beneath the surface, coming back up almost immediately, he had forgotten that the sea temperature in this country was different than abroad and it was freezing. Giving himself a couple of minutes to acclimatise, he struck out, swimming about twenty yards offshore before turning parallel with the beach and swimming a couple of hundred yards along its length. Jessica watched as he disappeared beneath the surface, coming back the way he had gone when he next appeared. He was a strong swimmer, his arms and legs powering him through the water until he drew level with her once more.

She watched as he made his way back up the beach, his wet swim shorts clinging to his body, her eyes continually drawn to the bulge evident in his groin. Glancing around again, she smiled to herself as she noted even more women’s eye’s watch Tom’s return. She could not help but smirk as he grabbed a towel and dried himself, looking at her expression he asked, ‘What’s so funny?’

Jessica giggled like a schoolgirl, ‘Just glance around casually, you seem to have developed a fan club I think.’ If it hadn’t been for his tan, she suspected he would have been blushing.

He applied more lotion and lay back down, allowing the heat to dry him completely as he soaked up the sun’s rays. He was starting to get peckish and sat up, reaching for the picnic basket.

‘Are you ready for some food?’ he asked his mother.

She sat up and put her sunglasses on, ‘I’m just going to have a quick dip, will you set it out?’ She said to him as she set off across the warm sand. Tom watching her bottom wiggle as she went to the water’s edge. He set everything out on a blanket as he awaited her return, noting that as she came back towards him, the sea had made her bikini slightly transparent and the cold water had certainly affected her nipples, which now resembled a couple of church coat pegs. Also noticeable was the darker pubic area between her legs as he jumped up and offered her a couple of towels smirking all the while.

Now it was Jessica’s turn to ask, ‘What?’.

‘Your bikini is see-through,’ he told her smugly, watching her turn bright red as she threw the towels around herself.

Tom couldn’t help but smile, she looked as pretty as a picture and at her age, her figure was still eye-catching. She kept the towels around her while she ate, conscious that for a second time, she had displayed her body to her son. She had originally picked out a black one-piece swimming costume, but on a whim had delved into her drawers to find the bikini she had bought years before, not wanting to appear too mumsy in his eyes.

With the sandwiches eaten, they settled back again as the morning became afternoon, Jessica at one point, laying on her front, asked him to rub some lotion into her back. She immediately regretted her request as his hands slid across her skin, generating a sensation in the pit of her stomach that threatened to move lower. Finally, it began to cool down as they packed up their belongings and carried them back to the car. Neither of them could be bothered getting changed and so drove home, dressed as they were, Jessica enjoying the attention of passing motorists.

They had emptied the boot and put everything away when Tom asked, ‘Fancy going down to the pub for a drink?’

Jessica agreed, ‘Just give me time to have a shower and get changed,’ she said dashing upstairs. She called him once she had finished so that he too could refresh himself and get changed, emerging from her bedroom a short while later in a white shoulder-less dress.

Tom came out of his room in a polo shirt and chino’s stopping to give his mother the once over, ‘You look gorgeous, but I would add a cardigan if I were you, the white strap marks spoil the look.’

Returning to her room she checked in the mirror once more, she hadn’t noticed them, but now that he had pointed them out, she understood what he meant. Tom meant it as a joke as she was grabbing her cardigan.

‘You need to go topless tomorrow if you want them to disappear,’ he quipped with a smile.


They’d had a very pleasant evening down in the village, up to a point, even though Tom had been back nearly two months, folk did not realise he was home. Jessica was not enamoured by the number of young women who decided to stop and chat with him, even her female friends when they arrived, seemed more focused on Tom than they were with her. If Jessica hadn’t have known better, she would have considered that she was feeling jealous with all the attention he was receiving. As the evening progressed, she drank more each time another female approached, until by closing time her head was beginning to spin.

The walk home helped a little and even though Tom chatted away, she wasn’t in the mood for conversation, saying very little until they reached home. Once indoors, she sorted through her CD collection putting a disc in the player.

‘Come and dance with me,’ she slurred slightly, holding her arms out.

Tom humoured her, imagining that she was still missing his stepfather. The music was slow, and she found herself clinging to him, her groin grinding against his as they moved sensually around the room. She lifted her head, looking into his face, and then on impulse, kissed him.

It wasn’t the first time he had been kissed by his mother, she would often give him a peck on the cheek, occasionally, maybe a brushing of lips, but this was not a mother’s kiss, this was a woman’s kiss. Jessica suddenly recoiled in horror, appalled at what she was doing and embarrassed as she was sure she had felt a stirring in his groin. Tom was dumbfounded as she fled the room, hearing her running up the stairs and then the slam of her bedroom door as she flung it shut behind her. He turned off the music and switched off the lights before going up and knocking on his mother’s door, but got no answer, and when he tried the handle, he found the door locked.

He had wanted to apologise, having forgotten for a moment that it was his ‘mum’, who he had his arms around. He had picked up the scent of her perfume, the smell of shampoo on her hair and the warmth of her body pressed against him. Having now gone without for the last few month’s, the most natural thing in the world happened, as he felt himself start to harden. No wonder she had looked shocked and fled the room, she must think her son a pervert.

Tom woke, sensing that someone was sat on the edge of his bed.

Jessica spoke softly, almost a whisper, ‘I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me, you must be disgusted that I tried to kiss you’.

Tom wasn’t in the least disgusted, ‘It’s OK mum, you’ve had a bad time, and then tonight you have drunk a bit too much, you probably just imagined you were dancing with Brian.

‘Anyway, I can confirm that you are nice to kiss.’ He finished with a laugh, trying to inject some humour into the conversation. It was only then that she told him what had previously taken place, he could sympathise with her, hadn’t he also suffered the same fate.

He could hear her crying softly as he reached out, placing his hand on hers and trying to offer her some comfort.

‘I would invite you into my bed, but I’m currently naked,’ he told her, astonished when she told him to move over and slid in beside him.

Even though he could not see her in the darkened room, he sensed that her face was close to his and that she was looking at him. Tom purposely kept a space between their bodies aware that he was naked, and that if he got too close, something unexpected may happen. They lay there in silence, as though she was waiting for something to happen, and then much to his surprise, he kissed her, at first, tentatively, but then as she responded, the kiss became more sensual as she closed the distance between them, pushing her body, still covered by a dressing gown and nightdress, against his.

Jessica felt warm and soft as she pushed her hips and pelvis against his own, even with the clothing she wore, she must be able to feel his cock as it started to expand, he thought to himself, suddenly becoming self-conscious with what was happening in his groin. But either she did not notice or did not care, her hand which had been resting on his chest, started tracing patterns over his bare flesh, her fingers rubbing and arousing his nipples. He breathed in deeply, holding his breath as her hand wandered from his chest and down across his belly, until suddenly he gasped, the air rushing from his lungs as her fingers encountered the head of his cock and she ran her fingertips around it.

Tom groaned audibly as her hand took hold of him, ‘Holy shit,’ he thought, aware that the hand grasping his cock belonged to his mother, just as the sound left his lips.

No longer was she just holding it, she was slowly masturbating him, his shaft throbbing and twitching as she pulled the skin up and down. She released him momentarily as he felt her sit up, and then a rustle of clothing as he presumed, she got rid of her dressing gown and nightdress. His assumption was confirmed when she slid back under the covers, pressing herself against him, and he felt her bare breasts, pushing against his chest. Her hand returned to his groin and her purchase on his cock, as she masturbated him once more. Tom reciprocated as his hand went to her breasts, cupping each soft full orb in turn and running her nipples between his finger and thumb, thus bringing both erect.

Now it was Jessica’s turn to moan softly as began to arouse her, she too was holding her breath as his hand moved down over her stomach, stroking her soft curves and then pausing as his fingers reached her pubic hair. Tom could feel that she kept it very short and manicured, not much more than a soft downy stubble, his hand continued with his mother finally letting out a gasp, as he touched her vagina, the lips already open and moist with her juice. He teased her incessantly until finally, he slid his finger into her cunt as she swore loudly.

At first, it felt strange to him as he was still thinking in terms of her being his mother, he had touched his mother’s breasts and nipples had run his hand over her pubes and he was now fingering his mother while she was tossing him off, could anything be more bizarre. But the more he touched her and the greater his arousal, the more he thought of her as a woman, doing things to her that he knew she would enjoy. Jessica moaned pleasurably as his fingers continued to sink into her flesh and she felt herself drawing closer, and then dragging him on top of her as she demanded that he fuck her.

Tom knelt between her thighs as she pleaded with him, ‘I want you to fuck me, please fuck me, Tom.’

It sounded strange to hear his mother utter those words to him, but he was happy to do as she asked as he pushed the tip of his cock against her fanny and then plunged it deep inside her. Jessica screamed as he filled her, her passageway expanding to accommodate him as their groins pressed together. He carried on kneeling, slowly rocking back and forwards as his shaft slid in and out of her fanny, Tom wanted more, at the moment, she was a shadowy form on his bed, the room too dark to make out any features and he desperately wanted to see her.

Leaning over her, he whispered in her ear, Jessica murmuring her consent as she felt him reach out sideways and fumble for his bedside lamp, And then the room was lit by a subdued light and he was able to gaze down at her perfect form. ‘Oh god, she is gorgeous,’ he said to himself, viewing her long hair fanning out across the pillow, perfectly framing her beautiful face. Her breasts still kept their shape and firmness, twin peaks that rose from her chest, both topped with a dark erect nipple.

As his gaze ran down her body, he was surprised to see that she carried not one ounce of fat. ‘She had certainly taken care of her self,’ he thought as his eyes reached her perfectly manicured bush and the sight of his cock buried deep inside her quim.

‘Do I pass muster?’ She giggled, both pleased and amused with the changing expressions across his face, if she had been unsure before, she knew for certain now, that he found her attractive. Tom’s reply was to increase his impetus, his cock sliding into her fanny with greater momentum and causing her to moan louder. Jessica was so close now, it had been a while since she had last had sex, and it had not taken her son long to bring her to a fever pitch. She wanted to wait until he was ready, so urged him on, begging him to fuck her fast and hard.

Tom needed no second bidding, it had also been a while for him, and like his mother, he was reaching the point of no return. Leaning forward on his arms, his hips became a blur as he shagged her, and was quickly rewarded as she thrashed beneath him, her body going taut and her fingers digging into the sheet as she climaxed, followed seconds later as she cried out again and called his name, his cock twitching rapidly inside her and then jerking as his cum spurted deep inside her cunt.

It was the only time that night that they made love, it was late, and they were both sated and exhausted, falling asleep in each other’s arms. Jessica was the first to awake the next morning, turning on her side and looking at her son, still sleeping soundly on the opposite side of the bed. She had an urge to touch his skin and run her hands over his muscular chest, but instead, she lifted the covers gently and peered down at his morning erection, an instant thrill springing forth between her legs.

Tom was slowly coming awake as he turned his head and squinted at his mother, a smile suddenly appearing on his face, ‘You look pleased with yourself’ he murmured, raising his arms above his head and stretching.

‘Do you regret last night?’ she asked, wondering what was making him smile.

He shook his head, ‘Not at all, but there is one thing.’

Jessica looked worried and nervous for a second until he continued, ‘Next time we fuck, do you mind if I call you by your name, it doesn’t feel right saying ‘mum’ under those circumstances?’ Jessica looked relieved and then her face broke into a broad grin, he wanted to fuck her again, and he was teasing her, Tom getting a playful slap in retaliation as she pounced on him.

They were up, dressed and breakfast was finished when Jessica announced that she was going into town, Tom asking if she wanted company.

‘Not today thanks, I have some women things to do,’ and with that, she donned a jacket and collected some bags before going out and setting off in the car. Tom was at a bit of a loss, it was a nice day and he had thought they may visit the beach again, but without a vehicle, there was not much he could do. He went out and had a walk around the village, chatting to a few of the folk that he knew, but because it was still mid-week, most people were at work.

Bored, he made his way home, it was too nice to be inside, so took a large blanket and went down to the far end of the garden, spreading it out on the lawn. Returning indoors, he stripped off, donning just a pair of shorts and flip-flops as he went back outside and lay down on the blanket. He opened the bottle of lotion, rubbing it into his skin, even with a suntan, it was still possible to burn, he thought, as he idly opened a chilled bottle of beer he had brought with him, drinking half the contents before placing it to one side and laying down under the hot sun.

Even on such a glorious day, Tom was finding it difficult to settle, fidgeting all the while, he was used to working, and if not, he would be on the move and travelling, sitting around like this was starting to get him down, and especially being alone. It was mid-afternoon before he heard a car pull up at the side of the house, expecting his mother to come around the rear.

The sun was in his eyes as he raised his hand to shield them, gazing at the strange woman who had appeared, it certainly wasn’t his mother he decided, perhaps one of her friends. She waved to him as she kicked off her high heels and headed in his direction, surely it couldn’t be one of her friends, she looked far too young, maybe only a couple of years older than he was.

Her face lit up in a broad grin as she neared him and his mouth dropped open in shock, ‘Fucking hell, Mum, pardon my French, is it you?’ He asked.

Gone was her long flowing locks, in its place was a boys style cut, highlighting the shape of her face and high cheekbones, it looked stylish and extremely sexy with its silvery tint’s. Jessica’s off the shoulder top showed an expanse of tanned flesh, surely the result of a spray booth, she hadn’t been that colour when she left. Her midriff was bare, his eyes drawn to her belly button which seemed to wink at him as she moved while her legs and hips were encased in a pair of jeans that must have been sprayed on.

Her head swivelled as he walked around her, admiring her curves from every angle, he was stunned, anyone that didn’t know her would be convinced that she and Tom were the same age and maybe brother and sister.

‘I don’t need to ask if you like it,’ she said, laughing all the while. ‘You’re making it pretty obvious,’ she continued, pointing at the growing bulge in the front of his shorts.

He was gobsmacked, ‘Mum, you look fantastic and ten years younger, in fact, good enough to eat,’ he said with a lascivious look on his face as he advanced on her.

She held her hand out to stop him, ‘No way buster, I’m not having you ruin my new clothes. Go and get us some drinks while I get changed’. With that, he watched he sashay back across the grass, heading for the house, her bottom and hips moving from side to side as she walked.

Tom went and got them both drinks before settling down once more, surprised and thrilled at his mother’s new look, suddenly realizing that it felt exactly like being in a new relationship. He watched as she returned, again wearing her yellow bikini, only this time it looked more spectacular against her tanned skin. Lying next to him on the blanket, she sipped at her glass of wine while he took a swig from his second bottle of beer.

‘Will you rub some lotion into me?’ she asked, looking around the large garden.

The house was detached, their neighbours at least fifty yards in each direction, with the tree’s and large hedge’s, the garden, especially at this far end was quite secluded. Tom put a small amount of lotion on his hands, telling her to lay down.

Jessica glanced around once more, ‘Hold on a minute,’ she said with a mischievous smile, reaching behind her back and unfastening her bikini top and casting it to one side.

Tom immediately wanted to do more than rub lotion into her skin, a prominent bulge having suddenly appeared in the front of his shorts. Jessica lay back, purposefully propped up on her elbows as she watched her son first oil her shoulders and then quickly work his way to her breasts. She was proud of them, they had kept their shape and even now, she was still able to go braless, it was just that until recently, she’d had no reason to. Tom took far longer massaging the lotion into her tits than he had with her shoulders, by the time he moved down to her stomach, her nipples were erect and she was breathing heavily.

She stopped him as he reached her bikini bottoms, a broad grin spreading across her face, slowly she eased them down her legs and casting them next to her top before laying back. Tom was astounded to see that the spray tan she’d had, covered her completely.

With a wicked grin he poured a little more lotion into his cupped palm, ‘Open wide please madam’ he quipped as he leant over her.


Tom rubbed the lotion into her hips and legs, leaving between her thighs till last, by the time he reached her fanny, he needed very little oil, Jessica was wet and groaning loudly as her arousal mounted. Her language and urgings increased as he slid between her open thighs and she felt his breath on her quim, shrieking as his tongue ran firstly over her labia and then as it pierced her fanny.

Her hips bucked wildly as he lapped at her cunt and she thrust her mound into his face, grinding her privates against his mouth. She momentarily wondered how many young women he had done this too, but quickly succumbed to the pleasure signals coming from her fanny. Tom’s erection, pressing into the ground, was becoming uncomfortable but he did not want to move until he had made Jessica climax. He could tell she was close, her profanities becoming courser and her vocals louder, as he tried another trick to tip her over the edge. Gripping her buttocks firmly, he pulled the cheeks of her arse apart and sank his thumb into her anus, wriggling it around inside her.

Jess screamed so loudly that Tom worried about the neighbours coming to investigate, her body visibly shaking with her orgasm, her juices splashing across his mouth and face as she came. Raising himself, he took the opportunity to divest himself of his shorts, his cock now free and jutting proudly from his groin before sinking on top of his mother and ramming his shaft home, thrusting forcefully into her cunt as she was still trying to recover from her initial climax.

Jessica was still in the depths of her orgasm when she felt her internals expand as Tom shoved his cock deep inside her cunt, pumping into her at a steady rate as she felt herself on the verge once more.

‘Oh, my fucking giddy aunt,’ she was thinking to herself, aware that she going to climax again, so soon after the last one. It had been so long since anyone had made love to her in this fashion, strange that it should be her son who was making her feel like a woman again.

And then she was crying out once more as her orgasm sent pleasure signals to her brain and her body responded to the sensations flooding through her nerves, Tom slowing, but shagging her enough to make her climax last. Jessica was trying to speak but her mouth refused to work, her brain not processing the words as he bent over her, cupping and squeezing her breasts.

He had her nipples erect as he lowered his mouth to one and then the other, sucking and nipping at the sensitive buds, squashing her tits at their base and forcing them upwards. Jessica was passed the stage where she even knew what day it was, her body was in overload as Tom suddenly began fucking her frantically, his cock pounding her fanny and making squelching noises with each insertion. She felt herself climaxing again and then stars lit up behind her closed eyelids as she felt his cock jerk inside her cunt and that sudden rush as his spunk coated her insides.

They both lay spread-eagled on the blanket, exhausted after fucking, their sweat covered bodies slowly drying under the hot sun. Tom was the first to recover, turning on his side as he gazed up and down his mother’s body, admiring her curves and feeling more for her than just a son’s love. She was fit he decided, her haircut had taken years off her and her breasts were magnificent, while she had the very slightest sign of a belly, most of the young girls nowadays were no different. Her legs were shapely, and he found himself wondering what they would look like in thigh boots, one of his sexual fantasies.

Jessica was slowly returning to reality, she had never felt so alive as she did at that moment, even though she was well and truly fucked. She felt young again, though it was accompanied by an underlying fear, she was falling for her son, it was not just the sex, it was everything about him and the way he treated her, and it scared her. Putting the thoughts to one side, she turned to face him, smiling as she saw the lascivious look on his face, ecstatic that she could still excite someone so much younger than herself.

‘Will you take me out this evening?’ she asked him, ‘Not the village, but into town. ‘I fancy going clubbing.’ Tom could not help but smile, wondering how many years it had been since his mother had last seen the inside of a club, but if that was what she wanted, then he was happy to oblige.

‘Jess, it would be my privilege to take you anywhere to want to go.’ More and more he was calling her by her name, whilst in his head, she was still his mum, it was becoming easier just to call her ‘Jess’.

They showered early and had a bite to eat before getting changed, Tom downstairs dressed and just ordering a cab when he heard her descend. He turned to look at her as he finished on the phone, blown away with her appearance, she was wearing a white dress which was partially transparent, her intimate area’s covered by embroidery, it was obvious that she was braless, her nipples making two mounds in the flimsy material. She did a twirl for him as he noticed that she must be wearing a thong because there was definitely no panty line. The dress was short, barely enough to cover her arse and upper thighs.

‘I hope the cab comes soon,’ Tom remarked, ‘Otherwise you are not going to be wearing that for long or make it out of this house tonight’.

Jessica couldn’t help but laugh, the dress had been bought purposefully to elicit that type of comment and if it hadn’t been for the fact that the cab was due, she would have raped her son there and then. The sound of a horn outside brought both of them back to reality as they went out and jumped into the back of the vehicle. It deposited them in town as together they went in search of their first bar.

By the third hostelry, Jessica was enjoying herself, while in the village, everyone would have recognised them, in this part of town they were anonymous, just another couple out enjoying themselves. Between venues, they linked arms and inside the bars, they continually touched each other, occasionally kissing. There was one thing that Jessica had started to notice and that was the number of envious looks she was getting as they entered each bar. Young women, even when accompanied would look at them when they entered and she could tell by their eyes, that they were sizing Tom up and wondering what their chances were.

Jessica was not the only one who was noticing the looks they got, Tom watching as young men appraised the young-looking woman he was with, none of them aware that she was old enough to be any of their mother’s. By the fifth bar, Jessica’s head was beginning to spin, it had been a long time since she had been on a ‘pub-crawl’ and she needed to pace herself, ordering just a soft drink this time. Eventually, they made their way to a night-club, even though it was a weekday night, it was reasonably busy inside.

Looking around her, she could see that most of the young women were dressed like herself, large amounts of flesh on display as they looked to ensnare a partner, whether for a promised relationship or even a one-night stand. Jessica studied several of them on the dancefloor for a while until she was confident, she could copy their moves. It wasn’t particularly her type of music, but she recognised some of the songs being played and finally dragged Tom up to dance with her, surprised to find that he wasn’t at all bad.

Jessica was again conscious of the looks that came her son’s way when as they made their way back to a booth, they were intercepted by two young women.

‘Hi Tom, what brings you out this way, I haven’t seen you for ages.’

He looked surprised for a second, ‘Hi Melanie, long time no see, how have you been?’

As they made small talk, it was obvious to Jessica that if she had not been there, this young woman would by now, have her tongue buried half-way down her son’s throat and that made Jessica jealous.

She slid her arm through her son’s and said in her nicest voice, but which contained a hint of menace,

‘Hi, I’m Jessica, I met Tom while we were both travelling and thought I’d come and see him. You’ve got to fight to keep hold of a good one when they come along.’

The last bit, and the tone it was delivered in, left Melanie, in no doubt, that if she tangled with this young woman, she would come off second best. There was something about her she realised, some worldly wisdom far beyond her age, which she guessed was maybe a couple of years older than Tom.

The two girls said their goodbyes, disappearing into the crowd as he gave his mother a look, was he angry at her she wondered. They had another couple of drinks and dances before deciding to call it a night, they had both had a good time, but towards the end, something had changed. The journey home was in silence, both of them lost in their thoughts and perhaps fearing for the worst. Once there, it seemed a forgone conclusion that they would end up in the same bed, but still, the silence persisted.

Tom was the first to break the silence, ‘What happens when you find another man?’ he asked, having omitted the final part of the sentence, sensing that the words would come out wrong.

‘You mean someone my age,’ Jessica said, ‘Probably the same thing that will happen when someone younger and prettier comes along, perhaps someone like Melanie.’

They were both gazing at the far bedroom wall, not wanting to look at each other and it was only when she glanced his way for a second that she noticed the moisture on his cheek.

Turning to him she had to ask, ‘Somethings wrong and I need you to tell me, it doesn’t matter what it is, I need to know, are you becoming bored with me?’

Tom shook his head as another tear ran down his cheek, ‘It’s worse than that,’ he said. How could anything be worse than that Jessica wondered as her stomach lurched, Tom couldn’t say the words? Fearing they would make her angry, ‘I’ve developed feelings for you,’ was how he phrased it.

Jessica was stunned, her fears that evening had been confirmed and she had been ready to take on the two young women who had accosted them. During the journey home, a battle had raged in her head and it was only now that she could admit defeat and face the truth. She wiped the tear away, holding his face softly between her hands,

‘I hope you are trying to tell me that you are feeling the same as I am because I can say that I am falling in love with you.’ The feeling in the pit of her stomach had gone, replaced instead with a feeling of euphoria as her heart pounded rapidly, especially when her son spoke the words,

‘I love you, Jessica.’

They talked into the early hours about the implications of what they had just admitted to each other, alone and in bed together, the world felt perfect, but unfortunately, they could not stay like this forever. There was a world out there, and it would only take one tiny slip for it all to come crashing down around them. In the village, they could never be more than mother and son, yes, indoors, they could fuck each other’s brains out, but the moment they stepped outside, they put themselves in danger.

In town, they had been partially invisible, or so they thought, but that night had proved how easy it was for things to change, they had been lucky, the two young women had never met her and knew nothing of Tom other than they had gone to the same university. But it was not as though folk from the village never went into town, and how long would it be before one day, somebody recognised them in a compromising situation.

Sex was not on the menu that night as they finally fell into an exhausted fitful sleep, Jessica awaking first the next morning. Slipping on her dressing gown, she quietly tip-toed from the room, going downstairs to make them both a cup of tea as her mind once more puzzled over the conundrum that was their relationship. Yes, Tom was her son, but presently, he was also her lover and in the future perhaps, even more, she was happy and scared at the same time, he thrilled her and made her feel as she had done twenty years ago but she recognised that it would only take one simple slip for it all to come tumbling down.

She heard the toilet flush upstairs as she prepared the two cups, taking them back upstairs to her bedroom where Tom was propped up in bed awaiting her return. Placing one on either side of the bed, she climbed onto the mattress, the sight of his cock arousing her as she straddled his hips and teased him by running her fingernails along his shaft. It never failed to amuse her that such a simple touch would have such a rapid result as his cock because erect and jerked continually. Tom retaliated as his hand slid inside her dressing gown and between her legs, she tried to alter her position to keep him at bay, but eventually, he found his target, parting her labia and stroking her clitoris.

Jessica was moaning softly as he touched her, she was trying to concentrate on sliding her hand up and down his shaft, but each time he hit her sensitive spot, she would pause momentarily as waves of pleasure rolled over her. Determined to wrest back control, she slid backwards, away from his hand, and until she had reached his ankles, there she spread his legs and lay between them as she took hold of his cock once more. To Tom, it felt like someone had attached the pipe from a vacuum cleaner to the end of his shaft as Jessica’s lips formed a perfect seal and she sucked, her tongue tracing patterns over and under the rim of his plump knob.

As her mouth worked its charm, her hand slid up and down his shaft, she could feel the solidness of his manhood in its erect state, the veins pulsing over it hot smooth surface as she pulled the skin up and down, exposing the sensitive areas for her tongue to tease. He could not help himself as his hips lifted, in effect, fucking his mother’s mouth until she considered that he was suitably aroused. Climbing back to her knee’s, she once more straddled his hips, only this time, she fumbled for his cock, holding it upright as she impaled herself on it, crying out as it filled her cunt, his balls pushing against her arse.

Towering above him, she was more able to control their fucking as she eased herself up and down his cock, watching his face and in particular, his eyes as they wandered up and down her body, especially when she discarded her dressing gown, cupped and raised both her breasts and proceeded to lick her nipples, driving Tom wild as he tried to reach for them.

Jessica was leaning forward on her arms, her breasts hanging over his face and swinging backwards and forwards as she bounced up and down on his shaft, groaning and panting at the same time. At the last moment, Tom grabbed her buttocks holding her aloft as he raised his knees, his hips leaving the bed as he pounded her fanny. Jessica could hear herself crying out loudly as she climaxed but could do nothing to stop it, especially as she felt his cock give one almighty jerk inside her quim and them his cum hit the back of her tunnel.

Laying together, they dozed again for a short while before either of them found enough energy to get up, shower and dress.

‘I may not be able to have him outside yet, but for the moment, when we are indoors, he’s mine,’ Jessica thought to herself as she showered, at one point, having to tell her son to ‘bugger off’ as his head poked around the bathroom door and he leered at her naked body.


During the summer, they had kept themselves occupied, when the weather was nice, they took trips to the beach or even a simple picnic, taken into the open fields and countryside which surrounded the back end of the village. They would occasionally go out into the village, but they were always wary of attracting attention and so behaved as people would expect a mother and son to behave. They had surreptitiously made love on the beach one afternoon when it had been quieter and had openly got naked and fucked out in the open fields away from prying eyes. Once a month, they would go into town and let their hair down, acting the same as every other young couple they encountered, with a fair amount of barmen and doormen starting to recognise them and presuming they were a couple.

But the best time for both of them was when they arrived back home, indoors and in private, they consummated their relationship, neither of them thinking of the other in true terms anymore. Jess thought of Tom, not as her son, but as her lover, her soulmate, her other half. For Tom, occasionally he would forget and call her ‘mum’, but more or less, he called her ‘Jess’ or Jessica and thought of her more as his girlfriend rather than his parent.

One thing he had discovered about Jess, was her willingness to participate in anything sexual, no matter the location, so long as there was no fear of being caught.

As she explained to him one day, ‘It’s not the fear of being caught that bothers me, that is part of the thrill, it’s the possibility of being caught by someone who knows who we are and that all we have, would come to an end’.

Tom knew exactly what she meant, he was in a relationship, it mattered little to him that she was his mother, he just knew that he loved her more as each day passed.

It was just before Christmas when the phone rang and Jessica reappeared looking slightly nervous, ‘That was my solicitor, they have received an offer of compensation and they want me to go in and see them.’

It was a couple of days later that she took herself off, seemingly to Tom, that she was gone for hours as he did some of the housework he had promised to do. When she did finally return, she seemed to be in shock, sitting on the couch and staring into space.

At first. Tom felt worried as she re-told what had been explained to her by the solicitor, it was only when she told him the amount, that his jaw dropped. ‘Bloody hell Jess, that’s a serious amount of money, you should never want for anything in the future.’

She asked him if he wanted anything, but Tom was loath to take any money, it was hers to use wisely. ‘I had an idea on the way home,’ she told him, ‘How would you feel about moving?’

Tom was puzzled at first, surely, they didn’t need a bigger house, ‘Move where Jess?’.

Slowly she explained her thoughts, ‘How about we sell this big house, the insurance when Brian died, paid off what remained of the mortgage. ‘I thought perhaps we could buy something smaller, maybe along the coast, about fifty or sixty miles from here. ‘It feels good when we go into town and nobody recognises us, I wondered if we moved far enough away, where no one knows us, it would be like starting over, a new life, a new proper relationship. ‘Don’t say yes or no now, think about it, not just about now, but maybe ten years or even twenty years, I’m going to be an old woman then while you will still be young and I don’t want you to be tied to a potential pensioner’.

Tom did as she asked, waiting until Christmas Eve before sitting her down and giving her his answer,

‘I think it’s a great idea, I get fed up of having to hide our feelings for each other, so long as we put enough distance between us and the village, I can’t see any reason why it would not work. ‘There is a condition though, you have to let me find a job, just like normal people. ‘As for our age difference, currently, you don’t look all that much older than I do, I’m betting that in ten years, you will hardly have changed while I’ll look nearer your age and anyway, so long as we are together, what does it matter’.

Jessica was excited by his decision, declaring that they would start looking after Christmas and New Year was over with. Christmas morning was fun, opening the presents they had bought each other, leaving three still under the tree, Jessica knew what was in two of them, they had been out together to buy them and while ostensibly they were for her, she knew that in part they were for her son. She had no idea what was in the third package and Tom refused to let her open it until later.

The day went exactly expected, they had eaten and drunk more than normal and had enjoyed themselves, as it drew to an end Jessica asked if they should take the final presents upstairs to bed with them. Sitting cross-legged on her bed, she opened the first one, withdrawing the lingerie set it contained, swiftly she disrobed, pulling on the panties with the split where her fanny sat, next came the bra, it’s cup’s supporting the bottom half of her breasts, leaving her nipples and upper breasts clear. The suspender belt she put to one side, knowing she would not need it tonight. The next present was a large oblong box, she opened it and withdrew the first black leather boot, sliding her foot and leg into it and zipping it up.

They were not exactly the ones Tom fantasised about, these only coming up above her knee, it seemed that thigh boots were not something that your average shoe shop stocked. Even so, as she pulled the second boot on and stood, he was delighted with her appearance, reminding him of the ‘Milfs’ in the porn clips he had seen. Jessica strutted around the room, finishing by squatting in front of him, the slit in her panties opening and displaying her moist open twat.

Jessica wanted to laugh out loud as she watched Tom scrabble to divest himself of his clothes, struggling to get out of his pants due to the obvious bulge that had developed. Naked and with his cock bouncing up and down he chased her around the room, finally flinging her onto the bed as he threw himself down next to her and kissed her lips, his tongue forcing its way into her mouth where it intertwined with her own. The kiss went on and on as his hands stroked her face and neck, all the time moving downwards until he reached her breasts, his fingers flicking at her erect nipples.

Not to be outdone, her hand slid down to his groin, firmly grasping his engorged cock and tossing him off, feeling him shiver each time she pulled his skin-tight and ran her fingers beneath the rim of its plump knob. As he sucked at her nipples, his hand moved across her stomach and between her legs, opening the panties and her slit before slipping inside her fanny.

Tom fingered her slowly, stopping and starting as her teased her and built her arousal, she was hot and wet, the outfit she wore made her feel like a wanton woman and she decided that she liked the feeling,

‘For him, she was his tart, his slut, his brazen hussy, anything that he wanted so long as it encouraged him to bury his cock deep inside her passage,’ she thought.

And eventually, that is what he did do as he spread her legs wide and jammed his cock balls deep into her cunt.

Tom fucked her hard and fast, at the same time, suppressing his own arousal, determined to make her cum. His balls banged against her arse with each thrust, Jessica’s fanny muscle’s trying to grip him and stop him withdrawing each time his cock entered her. She could tell her new panties were already sodden from the juices leaking from her fanny, a squelch and slap sounding, each time their groins slammed together. She loved the way he fucked her, always allowing her that first climax before then bringing both of them off together.

It was no different tonight as he reached down, fondling her breasts and teasing her nipples, enough to push her over the edge as she began to orgasm. On this occasion, he allowed her time to recover, laying by her side until her breathing returned to normal.

‘Would you like to open your other present?’ he asked.

Jessica had forgotten all about it. She tore the wrapping paper off, immediately starting to giggle, ‘Oh my god, Tom!’ It was purple with two prongs, one long and curved, the other shorter and when she pressed the button on the bottom of it, it merrily buzzed away.

She had never tried a vibrator, to be honest, she wouldn’t even know where to start looking for one and would definitely be too embarrassed to walk into a shop and purchase it. She noticed his expectant look, knowing what he wanted her to do with it, but determined not to let him get away with it so easily.

‘Turn turtle,’ she instructed, waiting until his head was down near her fanny and his cock was facing her mouth. Handing the toy to him, she made her request, ‘Will you fuck me with it?’ Waiting until he started to slide it into her cunt and then grabbing his cock, wrapping her mouth and lips around the throbbing flesh.

Jessica was doing well, sucking and wanking his shaft until he pushed the button on her new toy and the vibration shot through her. The length up her fanny was fine, but the incessant buzzing of the shorter prong, held tightly against her clit, had her legs shaking uncontrollably. So intense was the feeling that she became animalistic, her tongue and mouth sliding over his glans as her hand flashed up and down his cock. Tom tried to warn her, her blowjob was having the required effect and he knew he was about to cum, but she paid him no heed as she continued and he watched her cheeks suddenly puff outwards as his cock shot several loads of cum into her mouth and throat, he muffled cries resounding around the room as her hips and legs shook and juice sprayed from her cunt.

It took a while longer this time to recover as they both lay panting, their bodies covered in sweat despite the cool temperatures. Jessica was determined to make her son feel like she often did after he made love to her, a feeling of totally fucked, and so turning around to face him, she slowly ran the vibrator along his presently flaccid shaft. Bit by bit, she brought him back to life, her own excitement increasing at the thought of what she wanted him to do.

Erect again, Jessica knelt on all fours, twisting her head over her shoulder as she asked him, ‘I want you to fuck my arse, shove your hard dick up your mummy’s shitter.’

She knew he loved her coarseness, and especially when she reminded him that she was his mother. Kneeling behind her, he opened her buttocks, her tiny puckered entrance wet with her juices as was his cock. Placing his plump knob against it, he applied pressure, watching as inch by inch his shaft disappeared up her rectum until finally, his groin pushed against her buttocks.

Jessica was groaning loudly as he sodomised her, her hand rubbing at her clit and cunt as he reached around and cupped her tits, squeezing and pulling at her teats. She reached out and found the vibrator, and placed it between her legs, feeding it into her fanny and pushing the button. The vibration shot through her tunnel and up Tom’s cock, neither of them able to last as he climaxed once more, and she felt his hot spunk shoot into her arse.

He helped her undress before she curled into a ball next to him, his arms protectively going around her as they both drifted into a deep satisfying sleep.

As the new year got off to a cold start, they scoured the local papers and estate agents, travelling further and further afield, looking for their perfect property. At this time of year, the market was quiet and there was nothing that excited their interest. January, February and March came and went, and they had still not found what they were looking for.

The beginning of April suddenly developed into a mini heatwave, they had set out to go to the beach but after a few hours, they had become bored. Returning to the car, they had decided to drive along the coast, they weren’t particularly looking, it was just such a nice day that it would be a shame to return home. They chatted and laughed, pointing out various beautiful views as they drove along, not keeping track of where they were going or how far they had travelled.

As they rounded a bend on the coastal road, a small village came into sight, Tom suggesting they stop and treat themselves to an ice-cream. They parked near the harbour wall and went to the kiosk, getting a couple of ices, before walking along the small promenade. There were a small beach and a cove off to one side of the harbour, turning around, he viewed the village which seemed to be slightly larger than where they presently lived and disappeared into the distance.

They walked through the village as they enjoyed their ices until they reached the far side, it was the usual mix of quirky shops, food shops, a couple of pubs, post office and general provisions. At the far side, a lane led slightly uphill to a row of old-fashioned cottages and a fantastic view when you turned around, over the village and out across the bay. The sign caught Jessica’s eye as she set off urgently towards the end of the row where the last cottage looked a little forlorn and for sale.

Jessica took note of the details and as they returned to the village asked in one of the shops were the estate agents office was. It appeared that if they drove about fifteen minutes inland, they would come to a large town where the agent’s office was situated.

‘Can we go and look?’ Jessica pleaded, even without having looked properly, there was something about the cottage that had her enamoured. Tom drove into the town and soon located the office, unfortunately, they couldn’t view it today, but would have to return tomorrow.

Jessica was excited as they drove home, hardly able to wait for the next day to arrive. Setting off early, they drove directly to the town, Tom noting it was just over fifty miles away, taking them just over an hour to get there. The property needed modernising they were told, which was reflected in the price, Jessica in a rush to go and look around it. With keys gripped tightly in her hand, they drove from the town back towards the village, finally pulling up outside the cottage.

Inside, it was not as bad as Tom had imagined, of course, it would need the normal painting and decorating, the kitchen was old fashioned and would need replacing as well as central heating installing around the property. Structurally, it was sound, and Tom could see that a few alterations would make all the difference and make it into a home. Jessica looked at him questioningly,


He kept her in suspense for several moments before his face broke into a grin and he nodded, Jessica, flinging herself at him and kissing him passionately.


It was late Autumn when Tom drove the final van load of furniture and brick-a-brack towards their new home. Jess had made an offer immediately, content to pay the full price and it had been accepted. Over the next few months, they’d had builder’s and plumbers, painters and decorators in as the cottage was transformed, Their old house had sold almost immediately and this weekend they had exchanged keys, moving all their property across, Jessica surprised that her former home had realised more than she had estimated. It meant that their new home had cost very little and she hadn’t had to touch the bulk of the monies now sat in her account.

He pulled up outside and went indoors, the main removal truck having just left, he watched Jessica bustling about as she arranged furniture and ornaments. In a pair of old jeans and a tight V-neck sweater, he admired her bottom each time she bent over one way, and her cleavage when she bent the other, she noticed him watching her and beamed, coming over and throwing her arms around him.

‘We could always leave everything and go and baptise the bedroom,’ he said as he patted her bottom.

‘Down boy’ she replied, feeling his cock pressing against her mound, ‘There’s time for that later’.

They were in for a busy weekend sorting everything out and finding it a home and then next week he had his final induction at an engineering company in the town where he had managed to procure a position. In bed at the end of a long day, Tom reached into his bedside drawer and extracted three small boxes, this was the final part of their hopeful deception. Taking his mother’s hand, he placed firstly an engagement ring and then a wedding band on her finger and then it was Jessica’s turn to repeat the process by placing a ring on his finger.

‘I love you, Mrs Stanton,’ he said as he kissed her. ‘Stanton’ had been her maiden name and the name that Tom had been christened with, now to everyone they met and would get to know, they were ‘Mr and Mrs Stanton’.

It was the anniversary of their move; Tom’s job was going well, and he had started the slow climb up the company ladder. Even Jess had got herself a part-time job in one of the shops in the village meeting new people and making friends. They had met all their neighbours, becoming firm friends with several couples, each weekend they would go into the village to the local bars and soon became regulars as folk in the small community got to know them.

As he entered the cottage that Friday afternoon, he found Jessica pacing and looking nervous, he was immediately concerned, had someone recognised them he wondered.

‘What’s wrong Jess?’ He asked, taking her hands.

She lifted her head, looking like a startled rabbit in the headlights as she told him, ‘Tom, I’m pregnant!’

‘Are you sure?’ he asked, Jessica, nodding her head, his faced beamed as he picked her up and twirled her around,

‘Well, Mrs Stanton, it looks like we are going to be parents.’ His enthusiasm was infectious,

‘Are you sure you are alright with it?’ she asked him as he put her down and kissed her.

‘You were the greatest and most gorgeous mother I could have asked for, and now you get the chance to do it again with our new baby,’ he chuckled lovingly.

Even though it was officially autumn, the weather was still warm, and they took their final chance to go down to the beach, Jessica sporting a quite revealing orange bikini. This would be her last chance for a while she thought, no way would she be able to wear it once her belly grew. Tom watched her adoringly as she frolicked at the water’s edge, no matter how many times he saw her undressed, his reaction was always the same, wanting to take her to bed and make love to her.

They spent the festive period with friends, Christmas day at their friends’ home, Boxing day at theirs, Jessica’s bump now starting to show, her breast had got bigger and she blossomed, being pregnant definitely suited her Tom decided.

Sat up in bed one evening, well into the new year, Tom watched as she undressed, first her blouse and then her bra, her breasts were full and heavy now the areola on each had expanded and her nipples were huge, they had become super-sensitive and Tom found it quite easy to roll them between his finger and thumb, amazed at the droplets of milk she expressed. Jessica pushed the elasticated waistband of her skirt over her hips and let it fall to the floor before extricating herself from the big knickers, scratching the flesh at her waist where they had left a slight imprint.

As she waddled towards him, she watched his face, it told her everything she needed to know, it was full of adoration for her, coupled with his youthful lust which never seemed to tire every time he watched her undress, it was obvious what he wanted to do to her. They had a routine by now, each evening he would rub cream into her ever-expanding belly, it would help with any stretch marks, but Tom could never stop there. Eventually, his hand would move below her stomach and over her pubes, before disappearing between her legs, somewhere she had not seen for a while.

His finger softly stroked her labia, feeling them start to open and her moisture within as his finger slipped inside her vagina. She murmured her appreciation as he fingered her, his other hand stroking her belly as it gradually worked its way upwards to her breasts, cupping and squeezing each one in turn as he teased and rubbed her erect nipples. Jessica was panting rapidly, the sensations from her sensitive nipples already had her on the cusp, lately, he had been able to make her cum just by playing with them and tonight was no different as his finger pushed back her hood and stroked her clit.

She shook as her climax made everything wobble, crying out his name as her orgasm made her body even more sensitive. Jessica lay on her side as Tom lay behind her, it was the position she found most comfortable at the moment with her belly, as she felt his cock slip between her thighs, rubbing at her pussy. He changed position slightly, giving him the angle, he needed as she felt his hard shaft enter her quim. He wasn’t frantic, showing consideration for her condition as he lovingly fucked her, building her arousal slowly as his hands moved over her body, teasing and making her shiver.

His impetus increased as he sensed that her orgasm was imminent, his cock jerking rapidly as he emptied his sack inside her fanny, coating her internals with his spunk.

Curled up next to each other, Jessica was sleeping soundly as Tom let his mind drift back over the last two years, was it really that long, occasionally it would pop into his head that Jessica was his mother, but overall, he nowadays thought of her as his wife, he knew they’d had no ceremony, but that mattered little to him, it was how he felt. She’d been for regular scans and according to the hospital, the foetus was fit and well and growing nicely. They had asked if they wanted to know the sex of the baby, but Jessica was adamant that she wanted it to be a surprise.

He had never imagined the day he had stepped onto the plane to come home, that this is where he would be now. They had chosen two names for the baby, Anthony if it was a boy, and Gabriella if it was a girl, named after Jessica’s mother, whom he never had a chance to meet because she had died when Jess was young.

Summer that year was a bit of an anti-climax, a week of sunshine would be followed by a week of rain, Jess was still managing to work, but her time was very near as they both looked forward to the birth of their baby. Tom still had the nursery to paint, but that would have to wait until after the birth when they knew the sex.

He felt someone shaking his shoulder, his eyes gradually opening, the room was still dark as Jessica spoke to him,

‘You need to get up Tom.’

‘What time is it?’ he asked, his brain still fuzzy.

‘Its three o-clock and my waters have just broken.’ She whispered softly.

Within minutes, Tom was out of bed and dressing, Jessica’s suitcase was already packed and had been sitting at the bottom of the bed for nearly a week now. When they were both ready, he got her into the car for the twenty-minute trip to the hospital, Jess having already rung them to inform them they were on their way.

The time between arriving at the hospital and the sound of the infant’s first wail passed in a flash, Tom had been by her side all the time, holding her hand as their baby was born. The midwife turning with the small bundle wrapped in a blanket and smiling, ‘Congratulations, you have a beautiful baby…………’

I decided to end my story now as I know the facts of their life from this point onwards, an idyllic childhood was followed by several years as a stroppy teenager. Marriage followed in my late twenties and I had a couple of children and at no point was there any impropriety. Was I shocked that day when I finally learned their secret, of course, I was, up until that point, there had been no inkling of the truth. Jessica passed away two weeks later, just before her eightieth birthday and was sadly missed by all. Tom soldiered on for another twelve years, but I got the feeling things had changed for him, he enjoyed our family and grand-kids and in summer I would find him pottering around in his garden, the deckchair still sat at one end, he would turn and smile in its direction as if Jessica was still sat there, and perhaps she was. And then he went off to join her, reunited once more and I was left with the strangest feeling. Was my mother really my grandmother, or rather that my father was my brother!.

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