Torturing my mom brutally

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Torturing my mom brutally

I tide her in hands and legs on the bed then spread her legs and just lick her pussy. But she was crying and blaming me in bad words so hit on her pussy with my hand.  She cry loudly then i put my underwear in her mouth.

Then bite her pussy clit tidely she cried so much and shaking her body.

Then i took oil and apply on all the pussy and make it sloppy.

Then took some chilli and insert it into the pussy.
Then put the spreader into the pushy spread it more. Then i put aome chilli sauce into it.

Now slowly she feels the fire burning in the pussy.Then i took out the spreader from pussy. Now its closed and starts to burn like fire.

She is shaking her body very fast. Becz its burning inside the pussy. Then took my underwear from her mouth and put my dick in her mouth.   Becz of pussy burning she is biting dick so hard. Its like put my dick into the grinder.
Hers teeth are making a mark on my hard dick.  I sllapped strongly in her big boobs till it get red Then finally she strongly bite my cock head and not leaving.  So pinch her nipple so hard  but she bites me more. Strong lady.

And strong boobs like rock its not making loose her mouth from my dick. Then i put my all dick into the mouth now she relase my dick . But my dick got red and swelling.  So i slap her strongly in her face and her chicks getting red and made me more horny.

Now the pussy is on high fire burning. So i went and put my hand inside the pussy. Slowly rubb around the pussy inside. Now she is shouting loudly. Her full body was shaking.  Then i clean her pussy little bit. Then i put condom and insert into her pussy. It was feels little warm becz of chilli  and sauce.

Then fastly i fuck her till she cum.  2 times she cummed. And got tired.  I clean the pussy with the milk.  Leave her for take rest with out untide her hands and legs.

The whole night she was on bed. Morning i rubb her pussy and she piss off. Then i took the steel pipe insert it into the ass hole. She just shout and shaked. Then she pooped out.  After that i clean everything and asked her to get ready for next round.  But that fucking bitch blamed me in bad words. Then i pinch her nipple hardly. She cried. I told her, hey bitch if u cooperat with me u can be safe or i will tear ur ass hole.

Then i took 7 inch ginger piece and put it into her ass hole but its not going inside so hit with my hand nearly 5, 6 hits and at 7th hit i went inside fully. She was crying loudly  and shaking her ass.  I went front and give my dick to suck but she suddently bite it. Its made me more hard so i enjoy it. Like cewing gum she was chewing my dick head strongly. Same time i pree her boob .

Slowly the ginger was starting to burn her ass hole steongly.So  she bit my dick more becz of burning pain.  And i just enjoy it by pulling her hair hardly.  For 2 hrs i let her like that and she suck and bite my dick. Then release her and came to her ass. Took out the ginger from ass hole . Now she is relaxing. Now my turn to fuck her.

So made my dick hard and apply some balm on it. Slowly its starts  to burn my dick so i put more and insert it into mom’s  pussy suddently.  She cried. My bitch. But still her pussy is so tide so i fuck so hard till my dick get cool. She could not resist it cried so loud. I slapped her ass strongly and made it so red and big. So i ride her like horse. I enjoy it my sluty mom is fucking with me and I’m  tearing her pussy and ass hole  badly.

Now mom is crying a lot becz I’m riding her ass hole hardly and pulling her hair back and hitting her ass brutally. So she got pain and moaning loudly and sexy.

She looks like real slut in a black linger.  She is sweating much more like watering. So it makes me so hard to fuck faster .

30 min i ride her ass hole. she said its like inserted the fire rod  in my ass hole. Its made me so horny my mom got horny and speaking dirty.

When i hit her ass she tide her as hole very much and giving me a strong grip like coupling.  Then  now my dick also in burning condition so took and put it into her mouth again she bite and suck it.  It feels like I’m  It feels like I’m  in a hell with my sluty mom.
Then i cummed in her mouth and force her to drink my semen. But she was not so i slapp her and put my dick more into her mouth so she drunk it.

Then i relase my dick. So now she is relaxing. I showed her the little bad rat. She got afraid and said don’t  do that to me u mother fucker.  I slapped her in face 5 times. She got angry and blme me aon of bitch. I grap her pussy hardly and lifted up her 90 kg body up.

She didn’t  cry but suddently she grap my dick with balls.  Crash it till i leave her pussy.
So 2 min i tried to resist it but after i couldn’t. So i leave her. But she pulled me near and climp on me and hit my dick so hard.  My cock got more hard by seeing this. She said u mother fucker, getting more hard ah? When i am hitting u. Now i am gonna bite off ur dick. Bitch.  Like that she said.

Acutally tide me in her cuplings on the bed. Now she got up said me , u son of bitch u r raping me see now I’m gonna kill ur dick.  She took the balm and put it on my dick and leave it to burn. Its like volcano on my dick.  Then she sit on the chair laugh at me. I said u aluty bitch if I’m  coming  i’ll put the in ur ass hole and take it through the pussy. She got angry and came to my dick and apply more balm on it.  I couldn’t bear it also my cock getting  too hard. She saw that said wht a hard rod cock. Like donkey dick. While she is watching my dick i grap her pussy so tidely. Now she is in my control. I pinch her clit head so hard. Now she tried to escape from me and hit me in my face. So i release her. She rubbed her pussy becz of pain and saw me with angry. She took the towel and rubbed my dick so hard. its like rubbing with the 2 stones.  Ahe clean the balm and took the towel. Now my dick is so red and big.  She smiled at me went to the kitchen and took some honey and put it on my dick. So i felt very pleasure with that bitch doing. But i got doubt why she is smiling?.  Slowly she is rubbing my dick and putt it in to her mouth. So i got more horny and hard. After 5 min she blow my dick and stoped.  Then she took big glass bottle showed to me in sexy way. I smiled.  Mom came to me and put it on my dick and saw me in sexy way.  I just close my eyes and feels horny. Suddently i felt like some thing scratching my dick. So open my eyes and saw. That sluty mom put that bad rat in to the bottle and close it on my dick.

Now its slowly licking the honey around my dick and i didnt move. Bit this bitch make that rat to get angry by torturing it with needle through the bottom of the bottle. And it s getting angry slowly becz i can feel that its scratching me so hard. So shouted. That bitch my mom came and sit on my face and  gave her pussy to lick. Becz of the pain and breath taking i bite her pussy. She got angry and torture the rat more harder.

Now the rat is trying to escape from there so its scratching and biting my cock head.

Its feels so pain and also made me more brutal animal to fuck my mom. My dick getting more big.  My mom sitting on my face and enjoy it that I’m sucking and biting her pussy and ass so hard. 3 times she squirt on me and its taste like some kind of juce.

Down that rat is fighting with my dick.  And my mom is enjoying it. After 30 min she took that bottle and take the rat. Its so tired. She kept in the bottle and slowly inject the needle into that rat ass.  It got more angry and ahouting and running in the bottle. Actually i did not give food for 2 days to that. So its in hungey thats y its bite my dick.

I kept the rat to leave it into her pussy. The n she saw my bleddy dick. And just suck it with that blood and its so burning and painning.

Then she said, don’t try to fuck her again u mother fucker.

And release my haand.  So i slowly stand up but ahe hit my cock by her leg strongly. So i fall down. Mom went o the bathroom to clean up everything. Mom’s  ass is shaking like balloons . So i got hard .  Slowly i went to the hospital and took treatment .
After 3 days i came home.
Mom is now looking so hot in black night. But unfortunately  she did not throw that bad rat away it was in my room in that bottle. So i had a plan to torture my mom.

I called my mom.  Said mom plz take me to my room. She grap my dick and pulled out to the room. So i felt so pain.

And mom’s  big boobs made me so horny. So i slap my mom i tide her with my bed .  Remove my mom’s  nighty. She has weared black linger. And shave her pussy.
Its made me so hard to torture her like brutal way. So i just put directly my hand in her pussy and rubb it hard. Ahe got shaked and horny.

Then i took big spreader and put it my mom’s  pussy and spread it widely. Now i smile at her and pinch her nipples hard.

But mom didn’t  know that the rat is there.  I went and took the rat and came to my mom.  Then she saw that and got fear. I can see that in her eyes. She is begging me to stop. But i slowly rub her pussy and nipples. Then inject the needle in that rat’s ass. It got more aggresssive to bit some thing . It didn’t  eat for aweek.

Now i take it near to my mom’s  pussy and put it inside the pussy.  Took out the spreader. Now its just staying inside and nothing happen becz my mom tide that rat with her pussy.  So i sllapped her pussy so hard to loose that pussy. After few slaps ahe loosen her pussy. Now the rat has got angry and try to escape from there. I paste the tape on mom’s  pussy and close the gap.

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