Mom sees a sleepwalking specialist and sparks fly – Part 6

I wasn’t so tied to Dad’s departure the next morning. I was taking my car because Dad was taking the afternoon off to take Mom to see Dr. Jaffrey about her sleepwalking episodes. Dad was going out the door when I came down the stairs. I sat down on a barstool and Mom pushed a cup of coffee across the bar. I took a sip and it was too hot. Mom caught an ice-cube from the refrigerator ice dispenser and dropped in my cup.

Mom put her elbows on the bar and intentionally let her robe separate. She grinned when I looked down at her exposed tits. As always, my dick reacted and pushed hard against my zipper. Mom didn’t bother to check. She reached inside her robe and pushed her big tits together and pulled them up to her lips. I groaned and pushed my erection to my left hip.

I was a little surprised that Mom was feeling so frisky this morning considering she was going to see a doctor that afternoon for her sleepwalking and the things she does. I would have expected that she would be a little tense about it. She didn’t seem to be though.

Mom grinned at me and said, “If you didn’t have to get off to work soon, I’d be inclined to get you off.” I chuckled at her phrasing. I asked what time Dad was picking her up to go see the doctor. She said that he would pick her up at twelve-thirty for a one-thirty appointment. I took a long sip off my coffee cup. Mom pulled her robe back together and leaned back against the edge of the sink.

I said, “Are you nervous about today?”

Mom said, “A little bit. I know the doctor is going to want to talk about why I want to engage in sexual activities with whomever interrupts my sleepwalking. Have you ever stopped me at night and then I did something sexual to you?”

I was honest with her because we have a sexual relationship now. I said, “A few times, but only once at night. When Dad was gone, you didn’t have an episode at night. You did have some during the day though.” That information seemed to rock her a little. No one had said anything about day time sleepwalking to her. I wasn’t surprised, I was probably the only one who was around when she had one. I told her about the times on her bed and in the bathroom and the one at night when she gave me a tit job and then Dad caught up with her and she did the same to him.

She grinned at me and said, “Wow. That sounds pretty hot. I’m sorry I missed it.” We both laughed. I had to go and I finished my coffee and Mom came around the bar and hugged and kissed me. “Don’t worry about me Dex. We’ll still be able to get our fun when the time is right. You’ve got something going with June and Julie anyway and you need a nice girlfriend.” I smiled because I had one in mind.

I commented on how it looked like she and Dad were closer. She smiled and said, “Your father is being very supportive with this crisis, as he calls it. He hasn’t been like this for a long time. He’s even initiating sex.”

I laughed and said, “So I heard last night. I was wishing it was with me.”

Mom laughed and said, “You little pervert. I was wishing the same thing. It’s not that your father is a bad lover, because he isn’t. This new job weighs heavy on him and his interest is waning. He has never paid much attention to what I want in bed.” I got the sense that she was going to go on, so I kissed her in a long tongue searching embrace and then I told her good luck with the doctor this afternoon. I waved as I drove off.

At eleven o’clock, I was at my desk, pecking away on my computer when there was a soft knock on my open door. Sylvia was standing at the doorway until I invited her in. I offered her a seat but she declined. She said, “I only stopped by to tell you that your father has been on the phone all morning talking with corporate big-shots. They are going to continue at one o’clock to discuss his negotiations last week. He asked me to ask you if you could take your mother to her doctor’s appointment in his place?” I hope it’s nothing serious.”

I said, “Sure, I can do that. It’s nothing serious but it’s hard to get appointments and she was lucky to get this one.” I leaned back against my chair.

Sylvia glance down quickly at my crotch and then averted her gaze to the window. After a moment of silence between us she looked back at me with a coquettish smile and said, “Would you like to do lunch sometime? There aren’t many employees around her under the age of forty. All I see all day are leering fifty-somethings. A leering twenty-year-old would be refreshing.”

I could feel the grin explode onto my face as I quickly answered, “Absolutely. I can leer with the best of them.”

She laughed and said, “Call me,” as she turned and left. I chastised myself for how I handled that, I should have been a little cooler, not so anxious, but I let it go quickly and I sat there just grinning as I watched her amazing ass until it was around the corner and out of sight.

My phone rang and I answered on the first ring. It was Mom, telling me what Sylvia had just told me. I figured that Dad had called her about the change in plans but it was Sylvia who had called Mom before she came here to tell me in person. She was pleased with her short conversation with Sylvia. She thought Sylvia was very respectful to her. She said, “I doubt she would be all that respectful to the competition if she was having an affair with Jarod.” I was glad they had a chance to at least talk for a few minutes. I told her that I’d pick her up at the same time Dad was going to pick her up.

Mom said, “Can you come home earlier, like right now? You’ll have three horny women waiting for you.” I could hear the twins giggling in the background.

I said, “Hang up the phone Mom, I’m on the way.” She laughed and hung up without another word. I was driving into the driveway twenty minutes later. I quickly pushed in the front door and Mom and the twins were standing in the foyer totally naked with their fingers already working their pussies. They stopped what they were doing and rushed me. Mom yanked my zipper down while the twins went to work on my suitcoat, shirt and tie. In seconds, I was as naked as them and the twins each grabbed a hand and Mom grabbed my erection and pulled me up the stairs to Mom’s bed. My clothes were left where they dropped in the foyer.

The three of them took turns sucking my cock as they sat on the edge of the bed and I stood in front of Mom with June to her right and Julie to her left. They each had sultry looks in their eyes. They had probably got going on their own and decided that they could use a real cock. Mom dropped off the bed to her knees and attacked my balls with her lips and tongue while the twins filled in around her sucking up and down each side of my shaft. My knees buckled as I gazed down at the unbelievably erotic sight of three amazingly gorgeous women sucking on my cock and balls.

The girls took turns working on their deep throat skills and I wasn’t going to last much longer as I was pretty much groaning non-stop. I used both of my hands to the back of the twin’s heads to hold them in place while I gently fucked their faces.

As if on cue, Mom pulled her lips back from my balls with a pop and pulled back away from me pulling Julie’s lips off my shaft with her. My cock was bobbing up and down. Jesus Christ, I was hard as granite. Mom stood up and pushed herself up on her bed pulling me by my cock behind her. The twins parted and waited for their instructions from Mom with their fingers flailing through their sex.

Mom pushed me down in her spot on my back and threw her right leg across my hips and sat down compressing my cock against my stomach. She leaned forward and dangled her big tits a half inch above my lips. She waggled them from side to side and I pushed out my tongue to let her nipples ride over it. She groaned from the contact. I grinned up at her as she pulled back and sat up straight. The twins scrambled up on either side of me on their knees and sat down on their heels.

Mom said to no one in particular, “I’m gonna go first and then I’ve got to get ready. You girls can have him after I’m done with him. He’ll be able to get it back up for you.” I smiled at the twins as Mom lifted herself with her legs and reached under and guided my cock into her pussy. She dropped herself down my shaft as I heaved my hips up at her. She yelped with my thrust but she didn’t stop or even slow down. I had a grip on her hips to help pull myself in and out of her. She used her thighs to match my pace. Then she pulled herself forward and up my shaft and stopped and whimpered, “Piston-fuck me with just your knob.”

The twins looked at each other as if saying, ‘what’s a piston-fuck?’ They moved back behind Mom so they could watch my cock entering her sex and watched as I pulled my cock out to the ridge and took a firm grip on her hips and began firing my hips up and down as fast as I could, penetrating Mom with just my glans. I could feel the ridge of my glans rapidly sliding past the entrance to her vagina in both directions. Mom let out a scream and her head dropped forward. Her curly auburn hair cascaded down over my face. The twins bent down behind Mom to watch closer. Their fingers renewed their strumming with considerable vigor.

I was gasping for air from the activity and I was tiring. I couldn’t tell if Mom was going to have her orgasm like this or not. I knew that mine was approaching. Mom seemed to know too as she grabbed her tits real hard and worked her nipples as she snapped her head back throwing her hair back over her head. She gazed down at me. Watching her working on her nipples didn’t help my situation any and I made one last attempt to push her to an orgasm.

I could see her orgasm building by watching her eyes. Her head cock slightly to the left and she sucked her lower lip between her teeth. Then her torso rolled to the left following her head and finally she sat down hard on my cock stopping my piston-fuck. I kept trying but then I realized that she wanted full depth powerful thrusts from me and she exploded on the first one. I was seconds behind her and cum blasting into her caused her to scream with each one until they lost their power and finally just drooled out of my cock. Her clenches seemed to be milking the cum from me.

Mom went still and just stared down at me as I stared back. Her nipples were still being manipulated by her fingers and they were rock hard. She rolled her hips around on mine grinding her pussy on my shaft. It was beginning to soften and she manually clenched her pussy on it several times and I clenched my cock in response. She groaned and smiled down at me and said, “I have to get ready. Take good care of your sisters.” I looked past Mom and the girls had moved up beside her. They were both tweaking their nipples, which were as hard as Mom’s.

Mom lifted herself up and off my shaft. It was mostly erect responding to Mom’s vaginal clenches. Julie grabbed it when Mom came off and rolled off to June’s side of the bed and then she went to her feet on the floor and held my load in her pussy with her right hand as she hurried to the bathroom.

Julie was jerking me off when I heard the shower come on. Mom was humming again. There was some eye communication between the twins and Julie held my cock straight up in the air so June could mount it like Mom had. June’s pussy was sopping wet from her own ministration and she lifted herself up and onto the tip of my glans. I was rock-hard again. Julie continued with the hand job as June fine-tuned her position and then pushed down my shaft, displacing Julie’s hand.

June sucked her lower lip to her teeth like Mom does and all the air in her lungs was expelled as if to make room for my cock. She sat still at the bottom and looked over at Julie who had returned her fingers to her sex. The look on June’s face was very odd. She was barely moving and then I realized why. Her orgasm was right on top of her and she was trying hard to hold it off. I could have pulled my hips down sliding my cock with them but I knew she would blow immediately if I did. I stayed still and let her attempt to stave off the sensation that she would crave before we were done.

June stopped moving all together and just sat there with my cock fully engaged. I didn’t move either for nearly thirty seconds. Then a frown formed on June’s face. I knew then that her attempts to hold back her orgasm had failed and then she started flailing herself up and down my shaft figuring that if she was going to blow, it might as well be for a good reason. I joined her action and drove my cock hard. I tried to get my thrusts in synch with hers but she was everywhere and in a random rhythm. I grabbed her hips and began rocketing my cock up and down as I felt her body tense and a long guttural groan started in her throat and built to a scream. I felt her strong vaginal clenches and I tried to catch up with her but there was no chance of that happening.

Her torso dropped down on my chest as I kept pumping my cock up into her. She was like a rag-doll, offering nothing to the powerful sensations rolling through her body. I held her to my chest and continued fucking her. Julie knee-walked over to check on her sister. She had stopped breathing and I didn’t realize it at first. Neither did Julie. It occurred to Julie first and she said, “June. Breathe. June. June. Take a breath for me okay?”

June rolled her head to face Julie and she sucked in huge quantity of air and smiled at her. After a few breaths, June said, “Holy shit. That was intense. I could feel my orgasm building like a wave as I pushed myself down his cock. I tried to stop it but I couldn’t. I guess I left some for you this time.” She chuckled and Julie came down beside June and cradled her body between us.

Mom came in from the bathroom as Julie folded herself down to June. I saw her standing there naked at the foot of the bed watching. She was drying herself with a towel which was lingering in her sex more than drying anything.

Time was getting short and I’d still have to take a quick shower or go to the doctor’s office smelling of sex and since the doctor was also a sex therapist, she would certainly recognize the distinct odor. Julie nudged June off my body and I had to roll with her because my cock was so hard. Julie’s eyes beamed when she saw that she was going to get her chance. She gripped my cock hard and just held it. She whispered, “Doggy?” I smiled and sat up and pulled my feet up and around Julie and pushed myself to the floor. My cock wagged from side to side and Julie giggled and tried to catch it with her mouth. As I moved into position on the side of the bed, Julie pulled her knees to the edge near me and presented her ass to me. She was on her hands and knees and looking back over her shoulder to watch my approach. She couldn’t see the actual penetration but she felt it and she groaned and dropped to her elbows trying to see from that position. Her tits have no gap between them so she couldn’t see between them.

Julie groaned with each powerful thrust of my cock into her depths. I could feel my balls slap against her pubic mound and Julie reached down to catch them as I pushed inside. She was just as wet as June and her lubed up pussy offered little resistance from friction.

I was pounding her pussy pretty good but she wanted more and said so. I ramped up my pace and gripped her hips to launch myself in and out. Julie began a constant low-pitched groan as I was pummeling her sex.

Mom came over behind me and reached under my butt-cheeks and cradled my balls and let my gooey shaft run through her fingers as I thrust forward and pulled back. She wasn’t making much headway getting ready. She pulled herself into me and I could feel her hard nipples rake across my back as she dragged her sex from side to side across my butt-cheeks. She kissed me on the shoulder and whispered, “Give it to her sweetie.”

I could feel Julie’s orgasm building and so was mine. I tried to wait for hers but when I erupted with my second ejaculation in a half-hour, it was huge and the power of the cum launching into Julie’s sex drove her over the edge and we were both screaming in stereo. Mom and June were grinning at us as I kept launching my hips at Julie’s ass. Skin was slapping loudly. Julie did what she could to add to the collisions of our bodies.

I finished expelling my load before Julie’s pussy stopped clenching on my cock. I wondered if she would ever stop. When she finally did, I eased my softening cock from her and she collapsed face first on the bed. Cum was drooling out of her pussy onto the sheets and as I moved back, Mom and June both moved into my spot and bent down and began licking and sucking the cum from Julie’s pussy. Julie’s groans continued through that process.

Mom had made some progress. She was into her bra and thong panties at least. With Julie cleaned up she sped up the process. When I came out of the bathroom, all showered and clean, Mom was dressed and she was sitting at her dressing table applying her makeup.

Mom was beautiful without any makeup but when she wore some, she was stunning. She wore a beige, low-cut, silk blouse with a brown, high-waisted, leather, A-line skirt with the hem at mid-thigh. It form-fitted her ass and I wondered if I’d be able to get my underwear and pants back on over my renewed erection. Fuck, she was hot. The twins were gawking at my hard-on again but they knew Mom and I had to go.

While I went back downstairs to collect my clothes in the foyer and get dressed, Mom returned to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. She came downstairs with the twins smacking her tongue on her teeth. She said, “That’s better. I didn’t want to meet the doctor with cum-breath.” The twins giggled and Julie ran her fingers into her own pussy and then pushed them into her mouth and sucked them clean.

The ride to the doctor’s office was nearly an hour and Mom and I chatted about how we thought this would go. Neither of us could figure out how the doctor was going to do anything or learn anything when she wasn’t sleepwalking right then.

Five minutes past the appointment time, the office manager told Mom she could go in. I figured this was all personal so I didn’t get up, even after she gave me a look that said, ‘please come with me’. I motioned for her to go and she did. Two minutes later, the office manager asked me to come in too.

Mom was lying on a couch when I came in. The doctor introduced herself and offered her hand and I shook it. I was confused as to why I needed to be here and the doctor read the confusion and said, “You are the son?” I nodded. “And you have witnessed your mother’s most recent sleepwalking episodes?” I nodded again. “That’s why I asked you to join us. You know what happened and your mother doesn’t. From what your father said when he made the appointment, there are sexual elements to Madelyn’s episodes.” She looked at me and continued, “You witnessed these sexual encounters between your mother and father while she was sleepwalking?” I nodded again. Then things got a little tenser.

Dr. Jaffrey said, “Did Madelyn engaged sexually with you during any of these episodes? I glanced over at Mom and she looked like she was going to die right there. I cast my eyes to the floor and nodded. “I see,” said Dr. Jaffrey.

I don’t know why I felt compelled to defend my actions and my method was even more stupid. I said, “Just look at her. How could I not.” Mom groaned and the doctor looked over at her.

Dr. Jaffrey smiled and said, “Good point.” I smiled at Mom. She was not happy with me or with how this appointment was going.

Without prompting, I felt compelled to take another shot at justifying myself and while looking at the floor I said, “She’s pretty strong. Even if I had wanted to stop her, I’m not sure I cou…” I knew I wasn’t helping the situation, so I just shut up. I took a seat by the doctor’s desk and she asked me to provide the details of every one of Mom’s sleepwalking episodes that I had witnessed. She was taking a lot of notes. Mom just laid back on her couch and listened with interest. I included all of the day-time episodes.

The doctor wanted to know if I’d seen any of Mom’s sleepwalking episodes with the twins. I hadn’t. Dad had told her that he worried most about that. Mom responded to the doctor’s questions but she really had little to offer even from her childhood sleepwalking. Dr. Jaffrey seemed more interested in her childhood episodes, but Mom didn’t remember anything that happened and I knew nothing about that.

So far, the appointment had been nothing but a Q&A and I figured that nothing would happen to help with Mom’s affliction. When Dr. Jaffrey finished writing her notes, she set her pad on her desk and said, “I’m more interested in the sexual elements than the sleepwalking episodes themselves. Sleepwalkers often will perform normal everyday things while they are walking. Having sex isn’t common, but it happens, particularly if the sex life of the walker is non-existent or unsatisfying.” She asked me to go back to the waiting room while she queried Mom on her sex life with Dad. I didn’t need to or want to hear about that. I got up and headed for the door.

Before I opened the door, Dr. Jaffrey Columbo’d me, “By the way, Dex. Do you and your mother have an ongoing sex life other than the sleepwalking episodes you mentioned before?” My eyes went straight to Mom still on the couch. She was pleading with me to lie. My eyes dropped to the floor and then everywhere else in the room. Dr. Jaffrey watched me and then Mom and then said, “I see. We’ll need to talk more about that.” I hadn’t said a word but I didn’t need to. She wasn’t judgmental in the slightest. She was very professional but Mom let a soft groan escape her throat. I opened the door and was glad to escape the inquisition.

Twenty minutes later, I was called back in to the doctor’ office. Mom had been crying and she was now sitting up on the couch with a tissue in her hand. I was offered the same seat as before and I sat down. Dr. Jaffrey looked at Mom and said, “Madelyn, this is what I’ve gleaned from the questions and answers. I want to thank you both for your honest and candid responses. That doesn’t happen very often. Parent/child sex is generally frowned on in this society but it happens way more often than people know. Sometimes, it is coercion and is more often father/daughter sex. That doesn’t appear to be the case here.” I already knew all that.

Dr. Jaffrey went on and said that she wanted to do hypnosis and put Mom into a simulation of her more recent sleepwalking episodes so she would remember them and see if the memory would help her understand why she always resorts to sex when she’s interrupted. If that didn’t work, she wanted to do hypnotic regression on Mom to better understand if something had happened to her as a child sleepwalker that set her on her current path.

I thought she would make another appointment but she got up from behind her desk and sat in a chair beside Mom and motioned for her to lay back on the couch and relax. She explained to Mom what she was going to do which was basically to hypnotize her and have her reenact one of her recent episodes.

She explained to Mom that I was going to simulate my position in the next exam room down the hall like it was my bedroom down the hall at home. She told us that she would be right there providing hypnotic instruction but would not in any way control what Mom did during the session. She asked me to go to the next exam down the hall and wait.

Twenty minutes later the doorknob jiggled to the room I was waiting in. It jiggled again and popped open. I was fascinated by this simulation of a sleepwalking session. Mom was standing glassy-eyed in the open door looking at nothing in particular. Dr. Jaffrey was a few steps behind Mom offering only instructions pertaining to the simulation of the rooms here in her office. She told Mom that I was in my bedroom.

Mom offered no response to Dr. Jaffrey’s instructions. She walked over next to the exam table I was sitting on and I was amazed to see Mom pull her tight leather skirt up to her waist and pull her thong to the side and began fingering her pussy. Dr. Jaffrey moved into the room beside Mom to see what she was doing. My cock went instant hard. I was a little embarrassed in front of Dr. Jaffrey and I put my hands in my lap. Dr. Jaffrey smiled at my attempt to cover up my erection. I could feel the heat on my face when she smiled as she glanced down at the obvious bulge in my pants.

Mom diddled herself to an orgasm but made no move toward me. Dr. Jaffrey was taking notes as fast as she could write. Then she stepped up behind Mom and put her hand on her shoulder. Just like before, Mom stopped and stood there dead-still. Then she slowly turned to face Dr. Jaffrey who was closely examining Mom’s eyes and furiously writing on her pad. She was completely startled when Mom moved toward her. She stepped back to make room for Mom as she continued to advance on her. Then Mom reached out and laid both hands on Dr. Jaffrey’s ample bust and forcefully pushed her back against the wall by the door.

Mom dropped to her knees and pushed her face into Dr. Jaffrey’s groin and held her there against the wall with her hands on her hips. Dr. Jaffrey tried to pull away but Mom had a firm grip on her.

Even in Mom’s hypnotic state she recognized that Dr. Jaffrey’s dress was blocking access to her goal. She lifted Dr. Jaffrey’s dress and pushed her face underneath and Dr. Jaffrey’s eyes went wide when Mom apparently pulled her underwear to the side and pushed her tongue to her pussy. I couldn’t help myself any longer and I unzipped my pants and pulled out my throbbing cock and started jerking myself off. Dr. Jaffrey was horrified by this turn of events but Mom was getting the best of her and she rested her head back against the wall and pushed her hips forward as she pulled her own dress up to her waist. I pushed myself off the table and grabbed a wad of tissues from a box on the counter and got back up on the table again.

Dr. Jaffrey was gasping for oxygen as she moaned from Mom’s hypnotic induced sexual attack. Mom’s slurping on Dr. Jaffrey’s sopping wet pussy was the loudest noise in the room. When Mom pulled the orgasm from her, she groaned hard and started throbbing her hips into Mom’s face. I blasted cum into the tissues seconds later. Mom licked her pussy, drinking her juices and then pushed herself up to her feet. She walked past Dr. Jaffrey, through the doorway and proceeded down the hall back to the room she started in. Her leather skirt was still hiked up to her waist. Her thong was still pulled to the side.

Dr. Jaffrey took a moment to get herself back together and nervously smiled at me and then hurried to catch up with Mom who was crawling up on the couch in the doctor’s office when I came in behind the doctor. To all appearances, Mom was sound asleep.

The doctor dropped herself into her chair and let out a “Whew. That was intense.” She looked over at me and said, “Does your mother routinely engage in lesbian sex with your sisters?” I looked over at Mom and nodded. “Well, your mother is definitely bi-sexual. I hadn’t picked up on that before. I should have asked more questions. I’m going to set up another appointment to do regression therapy. I suspect that she may have been sexually abused as a young child by both male and female assaulters while she was sleepwalking and now, as an adult, she associates these sleepwalking events as sexual in nature.” She looked over at Mom on the couch curled up in a fetal position. She got up from her chair and went to sit beside Mom. She just stared down at her and then back at me and said, “I’ve never had that done to me by a woman before. Holy shit, she is good.” I looked at her and grinned as I nodded.

She turned back to Mom and then said, “And she only performs sex on the person that interrupts her?”

I thought a moment and said, “Mostly. She did give me a tit-job in the bathroom and I hadn’t touched her.” I went red in the face at how explicitly I had answered her question. “TMI.” I muttered to myself.

Dr. Jaffrey chuckled and said, “It’s like you said. She’s hard to resist.” She looked away from Mom to me and said, “This case fascinates me. I’ll make time for regression tomorrow. It’ll take some time. Can you bring her back rather than your father? He’ll just have a thousand question for me to deal with and you are up to speed. Besides, I suspect that you know more about her current sex life than your father does.”

I said, “Sure. No problem. I just don’t want Dad to know about Mom’s sexual interactions between me and my sisters.”

Dr. Jaffrey smiled and said, “Of course. I totally agree. I’m not in the business of breaking up marriages and families.” I grinned at her. We understood each other. She spoke to Mom and counted three-two-one and Mom came groggily out of her hypnotic trance and sat up. She was startled to find her leather skirt up around her waist and her thong pulled to the side and with a red face, she made the necessary adjustments.

She looked at me and then Dr. Jaffrey and asked, “When do we start?”

I chuckled at that and Dr. Jaffrey told her we were done already. She counted one-two-three and after a moment, Mom’s eyes suddenly went wide. Dr. Jaffrey looked over at me and said, “She’ll now remember everything that just happened.”

Mom’s eyes suddenly went wide as she processed her memories of the hypnosis session. “Oh my God. I didn’t do that did I? I couldn’t have.”

Dr. Jaffrey took her hand and squeezed it as she said, “Madelyn. You did everything that you are remembering. Including what you did to me.” Tears rolled into Mom’s eyes and she processed her memories again and said, “Oh my God. I couldn’t have.” She looked at me for confirmation and I just nodded.

Now, she was mad at me for letting her do the things she now remembered, but Dr. Jaffrey explained that she needed to understand what she was doing when she was sleepwalking and until she remembered those things, she would never get on-board to address the problem and whatever underlying problems there were.

Mom was really distressed to find out she wasn’t done with Dr. Jaffrey. She would be coming back tomorrow for regression therapy, whatever the fuck that was.

We talked about the hypnosis session all the way home and before we pulled into the driveway, we were laughing as I described the doctor’s horrified look that morphed into one of pure ecstasy when she rolled into her orgasm. We both laughed hard as we decided that Dr. Issabella Jaffrey probably hadn’t had a good orgasm for some time.

We had decided that the details of today’s appointment would stay between us. We determined that we would leave it at Dr. Jaffrey’s belief that Mom had underlying issues probably from childhood trauma that was likely sexual in nature.

At dinner that night, Mom explained what we decided to say and I backed her story up. Dad said that he could take Mom tomorrow but she explained what the doctor had said about not wanting to start from scratch again. He confirmed that I was okay with it and then he let it go.

The twins and I went out to the hot tub after dark. I told them what really happened and their jaws fell in unison when I explained that Mom had driven Dr. Jaffrey to an orgasm with her tongue when it was the doctor who interrupted Mom’s hypnotic simulation of her sleepwalking. June couldn’t stop laughing at the image of Mom on her knees sucking on the doctor’s clitoris. Julie laughed too and then said, “I saw Dr. Jaffrey’s photo on line and I wish I could get a shot at her. June laughed even harder.

Julie wanted to know a little more about what the doctor had planned for tomorrow. I explained that the doctor thinks Mom may have been sexually assaulted as a child and I think she thinks it may have been a family member. She’s going to hypnotize Mom again and do regression therapy to reveal what happened.

June wanted to go back to the sexual encounter between Mom and the doctor. She wanted to know what I was doing through all of that. I chuckled and told them that I was so horny that I masturbated into a wad of tissues. Julie laughed and said, “I’d have paid to see that.” The vision of Mom, tongue fucking Doctor Jaffrey invaded my mind and my dick grew to full size. I didn’t wait for the twins to make a move. I reached down in the hot water and pulled my burgeoning cock from my bathing suit and started jerking myself off.

June checked the family room windows and then reached down and replaced my hand with hers as Julie began drilling her fingers into her pussy. Both June and Julie shared hand jobs under the water and when I was about to cum, they both pushed their faces to my cock as I lifted it out of the water. Julie took the first two shots of cum and the June took two before pulling off and giving way to Julie again. Julie finished me off, holding a lot of cum in her mouth so she could share it with June.

Nothing of note happened that night other than Mom and Dad getting it on in the middle of the night followed by Mom crossing the hall to the bathroom in the nude. I couldn’t see much in the dim illumination from the streetlights.

Mom knew I would be leaving late the next morning and she came up to my room to wake me after Dad had left. She didn’t nudge me like usual. She lifted my covers and slid in beside me and pushed her bare ass against my groin. I moaned awake and kissed Mom’s neck below her ear. She moaned too and pressed her ass against me again. I reached my hand to her hip and pulled her even harder to my morning woody. Then I traced my fingers up to her waist as she trembled like it tickled. I continued up to her breasts and Mom moaned hard when I cupped them and fingered her nipples.

Mom lifted her top leg and reached between them to guide my cock into her pussy. Once my knob was inside her, she pushed back and I pushed gently forward. She moaned non-stop until I was buried deep in her sex. Not a single word had been spoken and we fucked each other gently and slowly. The only sounds were our soft moans and the squishing of my cock in her pussy. What an incredible way to wake up in the morning.

I was content with what we were doing but then Mom pulled her pussy off my cock and made a subtle adjustment of her position and then pushed her anus back against my slippery glans. I pushed forward enough to hold my position and let her take me as fast as she wanted. She didn’t hesitate much and I was buried deep in her bowels in less than a minute. The heat and pressure of her ass was incredible. She pushed back on me as I pushed forward on her. She was whimpering as she pushed her fingers inside her vagina. I could feel my orgasm building and so did Mom. She said, “Don’t wait for me Baby. Cum in my ass.” I was a little disappointed that I was going to cum so fast but when I did, I thought I would never stop. Mom was humping her ass back at me and said, “Jesus, Baby. Fill my ass.”

As I humped my cock in her ass, I reached around and replaced her diddling fingers with mine. I knew exactly how she diddled herself and I figured that was how she liked it so I just did the same things. I mixed in a few of my own likes and she launched into her orgasm as mine ended. I pushed my middle finger inside as far as I could to feel my own cock pulsing in her bowels. That was a new experience for me.

I got her off again in the shower as she clung to me to hold herself up. Cum bubbled out of her ass and down her legs while I ate her pussy. She held my head tight to her sex as I drilled her pussy with my tongue while I drilled my middle finger into her anus. Her hips throbbed and pulsed as her orgasm took control of her body. She luxuriated in the wave of sensations from my lips and tongue, my fingers and the hot water cascading over her up-turned face and down over her sensitive nipples.

We rinsed and stepped out of the shower and dried each other off. Mom was wasted. When I came downstairs dress in my suit, Mom was sitting at the bar with her face in her hands and elbows on the bar. Her robe hung open on either side of her. She sipped on her coffee while I ate a bowl of cereal and downed my own cup of coffee. We kissed at the front door and I told her I’d be home to pick her up at noon. She gave me a nervous smile. She wasn’t sure she wanted to know the truth about her childhood. I got the feeling that she sensed that bad things had happened even though she didn’t remember anything like what the doctor was going poke around in repressed memories for. She had never talked about her childhood. As I drove myself to work, I had to admit that I was curious.

I couldn’t really concentrate on my job and I was kind of hoping that I would get another phone call from Mom like yesterday asking me to come home early. The memory became a vision and I could feel my dick moving in my pants. I pushed my hand to it through my pants and the pressure felt good. I pushed myself back from my desk and leaned back in my chair as the visions of Mom, June and Julie sucking and fucking on my cock took full control of my erection under my hand.

My eyes were closed to concentrate of my vision and I didn’t realize that Ginger, our group secretary was standing in my doorway. She softly cleared her throat and my eyes flashed open and I sprang forward in my seat and pulled myself back to my desk. I have no idea how long she’d been there but the flushed facial expression told me she had witnessed more than I wanted.

Ginger always dressed very elegantly. She was probably in her mid to late forties and very attractive for her age. She had worked for the company since she was my age. When I started work here, I daydreamed about what she must have looked like back then. She probably had more than leering old men all over her. Women in the work-force back then had to contend with much more sexual harassment than women today, and with no recourse available to them.

Ginger collected herself quickly and said, “Uummm. Your mother is on line 1. You must have accidentally turned off your ringer. After your call, I’ll come back and show you how to turn it back on. This new phone system can be a pain.” I thanked Ginger and she hesitated as she continued to look down at my desk as though she was in a trance. She pulled her gaze to my face and with an odd smile, she turned and left.

I lifted my phone from the cradle and said, “Mom? It’s too late to come home early.” Mom laughed as she knew exactly what I was talking about.

She said, “No. No. I was just calling to make sure you hadn’t got wrapped up in something and forgot to come pick me up, but I like the way you think.” We laughed together and I assured her that there was nothing in my job to get wrapped up in. I told her I’d be home by noon so she should be ready. She giggled and said, “I’m ready now. I’m going commando today, just in case.” She giggled again.

“Mom. You’re evil. There is no way Dr. Jaffrey is going to allow that scenario to repeat itself today.” I found myself envisioning Dr. Jaffrey held firmly against the wall while Mom tongue-fucked her pussy. The look of horror on her face morphing quickly to a look of pure bliss and then the orgasm. Fuck. My erection was back in full force. I ground the heel of my hand against the hardness and it felt good.

Mom must have recognized what I was doing because she asked, “Are you jerking yourself off to what you saw yesterday?” I pulled myself back from my reverie and told her that I was. She said, “Good, because I am too.” This could quickly become a phone sex thing and I would be late, so I told Mom that I would be home soon and hung up.

The moment that the phone was back on the cradle, Ginger reappeared. She must have been lingering around outside my office waiting for my call to end so she could fix my phone. She always wore a lot of makeup but I could still see that her face was flushed again and I thought back to what she could have overheard. She came around beside me and started pecking on buttons on the base of the phone before I realized that my hand was still pressing against my erection. She couldn’t see anything from the front of my desk but she sure could see everything standing beside my chair. I watched what she was doing on the phone so I couldn’t see where else she was looking. She quietly muttered, “Oh my,” and then she quickly left my office without another word.

I got my erection back in control and I stood up to pull my suitcoat on. As I headed for my door, I noticed Ginger staring at me from her desk. Her face still flushed through her makeup. I walked by her desk on the way out and told her I’d be out the rest of the day. She nodded as she followed my departure. She was nibbling on her lower lip. I smiled to myself and thought, ‘That lower lip nibbling thing seems to be universal.’

I got home with no time to spare. Mom saw me drive into the driveway and she appeared coming down the walkway before I could get out of the car. The twins were in the open front doorway. Julie was drilling her tongue into her cheek at me. I rapidly flicked my tongue past my lips and both girls burst out laughing. I smiled at them as I drove out of the driveway with Mom pushing herself across the console to give me a kiss. I leaned toward her and let her kiss me and then she pulled back to her seat. She said, “Sorry, Sweetie. I shouldn’t do that in public.”

There was no one else in the doctor’s waiting room, including the office manager. It was deathly quiet and Mom and I whispered so we wouldn’t disturb the silence too much. Mom’s hands fidgeted in her lap pulling at the flimsy material of her rose-colored sun dress with thin shoulder straps. The skirt was full and flowed from side to side as she walked. I followed her so I could watch the fluid motion of her hips. I knew she was wearing nothing underneath her skirt and she wasn’t wearing a bra either. I could only imagine what Dr. Jaffrey’s reaction would be but I was already feeling the effects of my own reaction.

When Mom had first come out of her trance yesterday and then remembered what had happened, she was so ashamed that tears rolled out of her eyes. She apologized profusely even though Dr. Jaffrey waved off her apologies. Today, Mom had clearly prepared herself for another similar encountered and I was just as anxious to watch it unfold.

Dr. Jaffrey ushered us both back to the same office as yesterday. She hadn’t worn any makeup yesterday but today she was all glammed up. She wasn’t wearing her white coat either. She was dressed in low cut tight sweater that highlighted her large breasts. Her skirt was of a flimsy material similar to Mom’s dress. It had small pleats that allowed it to flow with her movements.

Mom took her spot on the couch and laid back. I took my seat by the desk. Dr. Jaffrey said, “Well, shall we get started. This could take some time so I’ve cleared my schedule for the day.” She turned to me and said, “Dex. Please make yourself comfortable. Take off your suitcoat. I’m going to allow you to stay until I see how this is going to go. Madelyn may need a familiar voice to calm her if things get to be too much for her. Delving into our most secret childhood memories can be a harrowing experience. Why don’t you get a soda from the refrigerator in the lobby?” I took her advice and stood up and removed my suitcoat, loosened my tie and unbuttoned the top button restricting my throat. I left the office and brought back a soda. Mom was under Dr. Jaffrey’s spell when I got back.

Dr Jaffrey asked a series of questions about the makeup of her family as a child? Mom was lying back on the couch as she answered that her mother had married a man considerably older than she. He had a son and a daughter from a previous marriage that were ten or more years older than her. They lived with their own mother until they were fifteen or sixteen and then they came and lived with her family. She went on that she had learned later that the son and daughter were trouble and their mother couldn’t handle them anymore. Mom snickered a little as she recalled that her father couldn’t do anything with them either and they were always in trouble with the law. He threw them out when Mom was ten. They were in their twenties by then. Dr. Jaffrey was taking many notes even though she had turned on a video recorder when we took our seats in her office.

Mom had never talked about her older step-brother and step-sister; only that their names were Rafe and Jessica. We had never met our step-uncle and step-aunt. What I had just heard was enough information to imagine that Uncle Rafe and Auntie Jessica were either dead or in prison.

Dr. Jaffrey looked over at me and said, “Your mother is very susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. That’s why I’m suspicious that she could have received some illicit suggestions when she was sleepwalking as a child. I just don’t know how far back her sleepwalking started or ended.”

Dr. Jaffrey asked questions and Mom answered them like she was wide awake watching herself as a child and then it was like Mom became her younger self. It was fascinating to watch. Dr. Jaffrey took Mom back to age five. She was obviously suspicious about the arrival of the step-brother and step-sister in Mom’s family unit. After Mom’s explanation, I was thinking the same thing.

The doctor took Mom back to a sleepwalking episode and Mom confirmed that she, as a child of five, was sleepwalking. She was even able to describe for Dr. Jaffrey what she was doing during that episode. It was benign and offered no useful information. As Mom was led through more episodes it became apparent that she sleepwalked a few times a week, much more frequently than today.

Day by day, Dr. Jaffrey led Mom’s child self through her episodes and then there it was. Mom explained that Rafe had caught her wandering around the house in the dark. Mom said, “He says that I’m in a lot of trouble for wandering around like that. He promises that he won’t tell my mother if I did something for him.” Dr. Jaffrey interrupted her story and asked if she was still sleepwalking when Rafe spoke to her. Mom pondered the question for a few moments and then said, “Yes. I think I am. I hear his voice but I don’t actually see him. I’m alone. I’m terrified of being caught. I don’t have any clothes on.”

Dr. Jaffrey spoke quietly, “Why are you afraid of being caught?”

Mom was quiet for a moment and then said, “Because Rafe says I would be in big trouble if my parents caught me out of bed without any clothes on.” Mom went silent a moment and then continued, “He says he’ll tell on me unless I do a favor for him. I don’t want to get in trouble.”

Mom surprised us both when she sat up on the couch and slid off to her knees. I looked at Dr. Jaffrey and she said, “She’s reliving the interaction with Rafe.” Mom reached her hands up to her face level and fumbled like she was handling something. Then she used both hands and began stroking them up and down on the air but it was clear that it wasn’t air in her memory.

I muttered, “Fuck. No. What an ass-hole.”

Dr. Jaffrey said, “Uh huh. This is what I was afraid off.” She interrupted Mom and said, “Madelyn, let’s move on, okay? Mom just nodded and sat back up on the couch but she didn’t lie back down again. Dr. Jaffrey told Mom to continue on and to stop the next time she was sleepwalking and interrupted by Rafe. Mom seemed to be moving further through her childhood on automatic. Then she stopped and slid back to her knees again and moved her hands back to her face and started stroking her hands again. We understood what she was doing in her mind. Then she started crying and saying, “No. I don’t want to do that. She increased the pace with her hands but she was still crying. Then she said, “Please don’t tell my mom, and then a resigned Okay, but I don’t want to.” She opened her mouth and pushed her lips forward to her hands and started a motion that could only be simulating one thing. Then she gagged as I pictured with disgust what was happening to Mom’s five-year-old persona.

I wondered how much longer Dr. Jaffrey was going to take her down memory lane. This was disgusting but Dr. Jaffrey let Mom move on and the next time that she slid off the couch, both Rafe and Jessica were there terrorizing their five-year-old step-sister. This time Mom readily opened her mouth as she rocked her body forward and back for several minutes and then stopped and moved to her right and started licking the air in front of her with her hands reaching out in front of her just below her searching tongue. It didn’t take much imagination to figure out what Rafe and Jessica had forced Mom to do. She started crying hard as she fended away an invisible pair of hands.

Then Mom pulled back and fell against the couch with her hands up like she was blocking something as she looked back to her left. She said, “Rafe. You’re peeing on me.” Then she wiped her face and said, “What is this? It’s gooey and sticky.”

Dr. Jaffrey moved her through one more sleepwalking episode and it was pretty much the same scenario between her and Rafe and Jessica. Dr. Jaffrey looked at me and said, “I guess we have our answer. Now I just want to find out how long this went on.” She instructed Mom to fast-forward to the last time she sleepwalked with either Rafe or Jessica interrupting her. She was ten and it was just Jessica. Mom had previous explained that Rafe and Jessica had been kicked out of the house when she was ten. Rafe had probably already been kicked out of their house. Jessica was soon to follow because Mom’s interrupted sleepwalking episodes stopped but she continued her sleepwalking unobstructed for another six months until her mother found her wandering around the house at midnight in the dark. Her mother interrupted her and she dropped to her knees trying to do the same thing she had learned from Rafe and Jessica. Mom’s mother freaked out and woke her daughter by slapping her across the face. In Mom’s hypnotic trance, she freaked out too and began screaming. Dr. Jaffrey soothed her and asked me to step in and settle her down. I put my hand on Mom’s shoulder wondering if that would trigger Mom to do her thing. It didn’t. Still in her trance, she grabbed me and screeched out, “I’m sorry Mom. I thought that’s what you wanted. I’m sorry.”

I cradled her to me and held her and rocked her as I shushed and said, “It’s okay, Maddy. It’s okay.” It felt odd calling her anything but Mom, but the woman I was comforting was not Mom. She was a young ten-year-old Maddy. She quickly settled down in my arms and then mumbled, “I’m sorry Mom.”

Dr. Jaffrey brought Mom out of her hypnotic trance in stages and she burst out crying hysterically as she remembered what had happened to her all those years ago. Now she knew why she automatically resorted to a sexual act whenever her sleepwalking episodes were interrupted and it didn’t matter who it was. In her mind, if was either Rafe or Jessica, depending on the genitalia presented to her.

Dr. Jaffrey confirmed that Mom had stopped her childhood sleepwalking at age ten. Five years of routine brainwashing while sleepwalking had taken hold and she had carried that into her adult life when she started sleepwalking again. I helped Mom back up on the couch and wiped tears from her cheeks. She was still very upset trying to process what her step-brother and step-sister had done to her.

Dr. Jaffrey asked if I would go back to the waiting room while she finished up with Mom. I picked up my suitcoat and my soda and retreated back to the lobby. No one was around and it was eerily quiet. I tilted my head back against the wall and started to drift off. Then the familiar sounds of sexual moaning and groaning broke the silence. I wondered what Dr. Jaffrey could possibly be doing now. Mom was awake when I left but the sounds got louder and the moans were coming from more than one person.

I got to my feet and quietly made my way down the hall to Dr. Jaffrey’s office and listened at the closed door. I could clearly make out Mom’s moans and groans. I was getting a hard-on listening but there was also what had to be Dr. Jaffrey’s moans and groans. I carefully turned the doorknob and pushed the door inward. On the floor beside the couch was Dr. Jaffrey on her back with Mom in a sixty-nine position above her. They were both still dressed but neither of them wore any underwear. I knew Mom had come that way. Dr. Jaffrey’s sex was facing me at the door with Mom’s face buried in her pussy. I couldn’t see much with Mom’s auburn hair blocking my view. I could clearly hear Mom slurping Dr. Jaffrey’s juices. They were both groaning and completely unaware of my presence. I silently moved into the room and sat down in the chair by the desk and struggled to get my hard cock out through my zipper.

Dr. Jaffrey screamed as her orgasm rocked through her and Mom followed quickly after. Both women were humping their sex into the other’s face. I was jacking on my cock for all I was worth. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. I was surprised to see Mom engaging in sex with Dr. Jaffrey but I was shocked that Dr. Jaffrey, a professional, would let herself engage in this activity.

As they recovered from their orgasms, they pivoted around to face each other. Neither of them noticed me sitting there and my hand stopped jerking on my cock. Dr. Jaffrey softly spoke to Mom and she climbed back up on the couch and smoothed her skirt back in place. Dr. Jaffrey pushed herself to her feet and turned back to her desk and screeched when she saw me sitting there with my erect cock in my hand. She loudly said, “Fuck, Dex. You scared the shit out of me.” She looked down at my erect cock in my hand and said, “Umm. I was just finishing up with your mother. When did you come in?”

I smiled at her and glanced over at Mom, who was just sitting there on the couch still obvious in some kind of trance. “Long enough. You were making an awful lot of noise. I’m more than familiar with her sexual moans and groans.”

Dr. Jaffrey frowned and she turned back to look at Mom sitting there without expression. Then she spoke to Mom and said, “Madelyn, we need to take care of this gentleman’s needs. He has a very large cock. Are you up for it?” Mom smiled and nodded. Dr. Jaffrey turned back to me and said, “Are you up for it?”

I said, “Under one condition. I can’t get an erection unless you are both naked.” So, I lied. It was worth a shot and I wanted to see Dr. Jaffrey’s naked body.

Dr. Jaffrey snickered and looked at my cock and said, “Well, that is clearly bullshit. I see a lot of penis’ during my subspecialty as a sex therapist. If your cock isn’t erect yet, then we’re in trouble. Your cock is impressive.” Even though she had busted me on the ‘can’t get an erection’ thing, she unzipped her skirt and let it drop to her feet. Her pussy was shaved bald. I hadn’t noticed that before with Mom’s face in the way. She reached down and spread her outer labia as her juices bubbled out of her vagina. She pulled her sweater up over her head and threw it on her desk and then reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Her big breasts sagged slightly toward her sides as she pulled off the bra. She lifted each of them and pulled them to the middle and up to her lips. She kissed each of her erect nipples.

I started stroking my cock again. Her face was more than attractive but her body was amazing. She said, “Do we need your mother for this?” I shook my head without taking my eyes off her body. Mom hadn’t moved since she smoothed out her dress. She was looking at us but apparently wasn’t registering what was going on.

Dr. Jaffrey had turned off the video recorder at some point and now she cleared objects to the side of her desk before dropping to her knees in front of me and displaced my hand with her lips as she pushed all the way down my shaft. I groaned hard and then mumbled, “Oh fuck,” as I felt my glans push into her throat. She proceeded to pull her face back up my shaft just enough so the ridge at the base of my glans slid from her throat to her mouth and then pushed her throat back on the glans again. The sensation was amazing. Julie had experimented with this action but Dr. Jaffrey was way more experienced.

She brought me right to the edge of an orgasm and then pulled back and smiled around my shaft as she looked up at me with an incredibly sultry look. She brought me right up to the edge twice more before she pulled off with a glob of saliva following close behind her lips. She used her hands to rub her saliva onto my cock and then she stood up and pulled me by my cock to the front of her desk. She pushed her bare ass up on her desk and held her legs out straight to either side, holding them in place with her hands. Her upper arms compressed her big tits together forming an impressive cleavage. I stepped in between her legs and hooked my fingers under her lower thigh to assist. She was breathing hard already in anticipation as I moved my glans to her bubbling vagina. She flinched slightly when my glans touched her pussy. She released her thighs now that by body was holding her legs apart. She let her knees bend and her legs draped down the front of her desk.

To tease her, I gripped my cock and dragged it across her clitoris. She moaned, “Oh Jesus. Yes. Do that. I’m so hot. I haven’t been able to think of anything since yesterday. I masturbated all morning waiting for you two. I saw you jerking off when your mother had me pinned to the wall. I just had to find a way to have sex with that monster. Fuck me Dex.”

I pushed my rock-hard cock knob inside her until the ridge disappeared. She gritted her teeth and seethed air through them. She reached down and spread her labia as she tried to prop up her head to watch my cock slide into her depths. When my balls touched her ass and my cock was buried to the base, I realized that I was so horny that I wasn’t going to last very long. I began counting down by threes like Mom had suggested at the beginning of our sexual relationship. I didn’t want to close my eyes because I couldn’t get enough of Dr. Jaffrey’s big tits. She was clutching both of them as she groaned hard when I bottomed out in her vagina.

She muttered, “Oh fuck. So big.” She gritted her teeth again and groaned as I pulled back to the ridge and then began fucking her in earnest as I thrust my hips at her pelvis over and over again. I could feel her orgasm rising, as her body steadily tensed. She knew mine was building to and she muttered, “Don’t cum in me. I want you to come on my tits.” She gritted her teeth again and lifted her hips upward, changing the angle of my cock in her sex. This change pushed me over the edge and I slammed my cock into her and she exploded into her second orgasm of the afternoon.

I pulled my cock out a little quicker than I should have and she shrieked as she slid off her desk to her knees in front of me. She beat me to my cock and started jacking me off as fast as she could and I groaned out, “YYYYUUNGGGAAAHH,” as the first salvo launched out with such force that it splattered right between her tits and up under her chin and then to her shoulders. One shot and she was drenched in cum and I had eight more to give. Each one was less powerful. She pushed her lips over my glans to receive the last three.

When she pulled back off my cock, she grinned at me and lost much of the cum in her mouth as it dropped straight down to her bald pussy. She followed it with her eyes and then looked back up at me and grinned again and said, “OOPs.”

Her torso was covered in cum and she made no attempt to clean it up. She pulled her tight sweater over her head forgetting to put on her bra. It laid there on her desk unnoticed. She pulled her skirt back on and smoothed the hem. She went into her ensuite bathroom and returned with a towel and bent down and pushed her lips down my shaft cleaning it with her tongue. Then she pulled off and wiped me dry with the towel. She tossed the towel on her desk beside her bra. Then she stood up and moved in close to me and kissed me passionately as she pressed her tits to my ribcage and rubbed them around smearing her cum covered tits around under her sweater.

She pulled back and said, “Well that was fun. I think your mother will be fine now but I’m sorry to say that you and your father probably won’t be getting blow jobs when you try to get her back in bed. I’ll write a prescription that should curtail the sleepwalking altogether. She kissed me again and said, “I’m thinking that you should come in for some routine sex therapy. I’d do it for free.” She grinned and I knew she was just joking.

She moved back over to her chair beside the couch and said, “Let’s get your mother out of the rest of her hypnotic trance. She won’t remember our little sixty-nine session or our session. It’s up to you if you want to tell her but please keep it between you two. Things wouldn’t go well for my practice if this became public knowledge. She reached down and squeezed my cock and I returned to my chair.

Dr. Jaffrey smoothed her skirt and pulled the neckline of her sweater out as she buried her face and inhaled deeply. I laughed and shook my head. She let go of her sweater and patted it against her tits and began counting again, “Ninety-nine… Ninety-eight… Ninety-seven”. Mom’s eyes seemed to clear even more than before. Mom smiled at Dr. Jaffrey and then noticed me sitting there. She smiled and said, “Thank you, Dr. Jaffrey. I remember what happened now. I know I was too young to recognize that what they were doing was wrong. I thought I was the one that was wrong and I was paying them off to keep my secret. What evil people they were. Thank God, their both dead now.” She smiled again, but it was a forced smile. She stood and smoothed her dress.

Dr. Jaffrey handed her a prescription and said, “Use it if necessary. You have a good support system behind you with your husband and kids. Good luck with all of that.” Mom moved in close to Dr. Jaffrey and hugged her. Dr. Jaffrey returned her hug and looked at me as we left her office. She winked at me when Mom wasn’t looking. I smiled and winked back.

On the way home, Mom was mostly quiet as she processed her new memories. Then she looked over at me and said, “Why did Dr. Jaffrey smell like cum when I hugged her?” I lied and just shrugged my shoulders. Mom seemed to contemplate my response and then said, “You should know. It smelled just like your cum.”

I had never expected for Mom to recognize one man’s cum from another and I burst out laughing. I looked at her and said, “I’m busted, and so are you.” She had a confused look on her face and I explained what I found when I came back in the room as they were engaged in a sixty-nine and then Dr. Jaffrey came on to me and I cummed all over her big tits.” She was buying the cumming on her tits because she smelled it, but she had no recollection of the sixty-nine and she apparently decided that I was just teasing her to get out from under my sexual tryst. I let it go and Mom told me about what she remembered of her step-brother and sister. She had started out excited about having siblings living with her, even if they were so much older. They had treated her well, or so she thought. Now she knew differently. We talked about what to tell Dad and the twins. She decided that she had to tell them everything. She would leave out the doctor’s suspicion that Dad’s expected sex when she was sleepwalking would probably stop. I laughed and said, “Let him have hope.”

Mom laughed hard and said, “If he keeps up what he’s been doing, he may not miss it.” We both laughed. Dad had been endearing himself in the sex arena but I wasn’t fearful that our sex lives would suffer unless Dad started taking care of her needs that he found too gross.

The twins were cooking dinner when we got home. That was a nice treat for Mom and she expressed her appreciation. Dad had got home only minutes before we did and he wanted to get a private telling of what happened and they would mutually agree on what to tell the kids. As the story went, I had waited in the lobby the whole time and didn’t know anything.

Mom and Dad went upstairs together but then I heard the shower running. I figured that Mom was concerned that she’d smell of sex, even though Dad didn’t let his nose get too near her pussy. Hence the shower. It had been a long day for her. The twins were grilling me for information. They didn’t buy that I had sat in the lobby all afternoon. I offered no additional information even after June tried to bribe me with a blow job. I knew she wanted to give me a blow job anyway so I let her and then I told her nothing. She faked like she was pissed off and made like she was going to bite my dick if I didn’t tell them something but, in the end, she kissed my glans and pushed my dick back in my pants. Julie laughed at the whole scene.

Dinner was done and getting cold so the twins and I went ahead and ate. An hour later, I heard the shower come on again and we heard Mom giggle as she ran across the hall from her bedroom to the bathroom. Julie giggled and said, “The natives are getting restless again.” June and I laughed at that.

Twenty minutes later, they both came down the stairs. Mom was in her fluffy robe synched up tight with only the top of her cleavage showing. June returned to the kitchen to reheat their dinner. Mom started to tell her story that she and Dad had agreed on. June yelled from the kitchen, “Wait for me.” Mom smiled and stopped. June brought their reheated meals to the table and slid their plates in front of them. They both picked at the meal and mostly talked.

The twins knew about Uncle Rafe and Aunti Jessica by name only and Mom reacquainted us of their relationship to her and therefore us. I pretended that this was the first I’d heard of this. Dad let Mom tell the story until she got to the bad parts of her step-brother and step-sister brainwashing her to do bad things with them, and she teared up. Then Dad told the rest. The twins caught on quickly and they wanted to get in the car right then and go find Rafe and Jessica and kill them. Mom explained that they had died of AIDS in prison years ago. They were bummed that they couldn’t exact revenge on them so they expressed their hope that they both had painful deaths. Mom patted each of them on their hands and said that she appreciated their sentiment.

Dad couldn’t tie in what Rafe and Jessica had done to baby sister Maddy, to Mom’s current sleepwalking forays or he would be revealing how Mom had performed sex on whomever disturbed her when she was sleepwalking. He just left that part out even though that was central to the reason for going to the doctor. Dad went on to explain that if any of us saw Mom sleepwalking again, they were to immediately tell him, even it was in the dead of night or while he was on travel. Mom had a medication she could take if these episodes continued.

June, Julie and I looked at each other and smiled. We knew full well what Dad was leaving out of the story. I glanced at Mom and she winked at me. The twins caught the wink but Dad was on her other side and missed it.

I was kind of disappointed that I wouldn’t be catching Mom and Dad in the hallway having sex in the dark. I was sure it wouldn’t affect my relationship with Mom but still, watching real live porn beside my bed was very hot.

It was Friday night and the day was finally over and I went up to bed. I was thinking that with all this stuff with Mom, I had totally forgot to call Sylvia to setup a lunch date. Maybe I could have even been out with her tonight. I added it to my list of first things to do on Monday.

I laid back on my pillow and began to relive the sex with Dr. Jaffrey. Her tits were the opposite of Mom’s. Mom’s tits perched high on her chest and were unusually firm and close together for a woman her age. Dr. Jaffrey’s tits were longer and hung off toward her sides. Her aureoles where bigger and darker. Dr. Jaffrey had considerable cleavage but only when she jammed them in a bra that pulled them up and together. Mom had ample cleavage even when she wasn’t wearing a bra. I loved both pair and now I was jerking off to the saggier ones.

I was nearly asleep when Dad came up the stairs and turned into the bathroom. I heard Mom saying ‘good-night’ to the girls and then she came upstairs and came down the hall to my room to say ‘good-night’ to me. She stopped at the door and then took a couple steps toward me. She inhaled deeply. I knew she was getting a whiff of my cum stained tissues sitting on the night stand. She whispered, “Were you jerking off to a vision of me or Dr. Jaffrey?

I chuckled and whispered, “Nothing gets past you does it? Issabella, if you must know.”

Mom giggled and said, “Oh, it’s Issabella now, is it? I’m not offended. She’s a very beautiful woman. Definitely jerking off material. I plan on using the vision of her the next time I masturbate.” She leaned down and kissed me and picked up the cummy tissues and put them to her nose and inhaled again. Then she stuck her tongue to a part that was still wet and softly moaned, “Mmmmm.” She tucked the tissues into her robe pocket and went back down the hall to her room. Dad appeared from the bathroom and then the hall light went out and I heard their door shut and latch.

I thought of Mom and Dr. Jaffrey engaged in their sixty-nine and drifted off into a dream that started with that vision in my mind.

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