Lockdown sex with mom

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hi everyone my name is mani coming to my experiance sisce it was befor lockdown my father went to our village for some land issues and he strucked their itself in lockdown in my home me mom and father.

My moms size 34/30/34 i was watching my mom when she went for bath i used to watch from key hole and when she chainges her dress i used to watch her nudely nd i do mastebition nd find me that i was mastebition by her used cloths smelling her panty nd bra that night me nd my mom slept at same bed later she went to deep sleep i slowly removed her jaket hooks nd licking her boobs slowly i put my fingers into her pussy she caught me suddenly nd i was shocked she slaped me nd didnt talk to me nd slept next day mrng she cook tiffin for me nd didnt talk to with me nd working in kitchen i went and told her that i need u nd i want to fuck for one time i was begging mom didnt replied me all of sudden i huged he from my back nd kissing her on neck holding her bood nd squiceing her left boob nd soon he removed my hand she went to her bedroom nd i also went she told me to stop their nd dont come but i dident lission later she told me only ones i was full happy nd asked her to bath both at a time then i kissed my mom on lips i holded her boobs she was squesing my dick i remove her nighty nd she removed my t-shirt and short my mom was so happy for my didk becasue my was failed to satisfy my mom after few year she told i uesd vegitabales for my satisfaction that day i got to know why allways my mom coockes binjol reguler nd i said from now u no need to use vegitables i will be with u mom nd wa went for bath nd she asked my to shave her pussy hair nd she shaved my dick hair i started licking my moms pussy she was moming like

Aaaaa….. llick like bog my son Aaaaa…… humm…. like that nd suddenly she started pissing nd she holdes my head nd asked m to drink it nd pushed me to her pussy i dranked moms piss bit salty but tasty after shaving her pussy mom asked me to lick it again after we had a hot shower i asked to suck my bick she neel down in front of me and take my dick into her mouth nd sucking god its like heaven till i cum my mom was licking soon when i started to cum i sad im cuming she told mr to cum in my mouth i just cumed in her mouth nd finished out bath me came to room in nude nd mom asked me to have a nude dinner nd then start a section …………..

part will be contiude sooonnnnnn……..

any girls auntys want to sex chat text me in instagram @luckey sonu hin blue jacket dp

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