My journey from nothing to everything

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Hey everyone this is my first story , I am writing what all happened in my life, it is a lengthy story and everything except names in story are true .

I am Rahul ( name changed ) , I have seen many of the people describing their personality very well and attractive but here I am a normal guy aged 22 ,my height around 5’7 not tall but yeah average height with medium built tanned body bcoz I am a morning person used to run daily morning and exercising have been my habit , so here I am expressing what all sexual things happened in my life but before that every story has a heroine and here it’s two , first is my sister her name is Sneha ( name changed ) , she’s 3 years younger than me , to tell about her she’s a perfect girl for my physical appearance , she is fair in colour with tanned body , 5’6 in height slim fit , she don’t do workout and all but her navel is so flat that anyone would die to touch that , her measurements are 30-26-32 , yeah she’s too slim and curvy , I loved her for her small sized tits and flat navel at the time of her puberty .

Second is Neha she was just like my sister in physical appearance but her assets are still smaller than my sister’s (27-24-28) and her height is 5’3 but her long hairs were there to make everyone fall for her and she was dusky in colour one more point to keep in mind about her beauty.

Okay now start the story but before that we are 4 members in family me and my sister Sneha and our parents , ours is a middle class family , dad’s a government officer and mom’s housewife .

Back to the story it all started when I was 18 and my height was 5’5. I got a seat in famous engineering college which is like 500km from my hometown and I went there and started to study , I used to stay in hostel and there we should use public bathroom standing in the line for hours and I hated that , so I used to take bath after everyone use bathroom and finish their things , I was from middle class family but I used to take bath naked always , one day when I was taking bath I was applying soap all over my body and suddenly a sexual scene from a movie came to my mind and my hands started to move towards my dick ( 5.5 inch in length )and slowly I started applying soap over my dick and it started to slip from my hand and that’s what turning more and more hard , I began to stroke harder , I started to imagine that I am fucking that actress from the movie as I was stroking my dick with my eyes closed and I increased the speed and I ejaculated within few seconds , yeah you read it right I ejaculated in few seconds not even a minute that’s premature ejaculation , that was my problem from the beginning when I was 13-14 but I didn’t care much about it and continued ejaculating in seconds as usual .

I was a good student in college and many girls used to ask me few questions if they didn’t understand when lecturer was teaching , I am not saying I am the best student but I used to understand everything and I loved to explain or clarify doubts of others either boy or girl , among them a girl named Neha used to ask me doubts frequently and I used to clarify all of them . One day when I was clarifying her doubts and we were sitting adjacently on the class room bench and class was empty as it was evening and all classes were over .

I was clarifying her doubts and when I was writing something on book to clarify her doubts suddenly my elbow touched her boobs , they were too small yet I can sense their softness and their warmth , she got chills and moaned softly , my intention was not to turn on her or anything , I was just clarifying her doubts , after sometime she was normal and once again my elbow touched her boobs and this time she was turned on and she closed her eyes and I called her ‘ neha look at here this is import….’ but her eyes were closed and when I looked down she was touching her pussy over her clothes ( she was wearing a black t-shirt and a white jeans and I was wearing a blue t-shirt and black jeans ) , I got shocked as it was my first time I am watching a girl getting horny and touching her body parts infront of me , I called her two three times and then she opened her eyes and took my hands kept them on her chest and asked me to squeeze her boobs over her clothes , I was still in shock bcoz these all these things never happened with me . I started to squeeze them slowly and gradually increasing my speed and pinching her small hard nipples in between which used to turn her more and more horny , just before she took my hand and keeping them on her pussy ( on clothes ) , a worker from college came and we both got shocked , he told that it’s closing time and we need to leave , we both were disappointed and we kissed on cheeks before leaving and we hugged and she whispered in my ears that she has many doubts , making sure that I can assume that she wanted to spend more romantic time with me .
We did the same thing many times and we got disappointed all the times , one or another used to disturb us everytime , it was more than 2-3 months but we were still lagging behind in sexual things we never kissed on lips , I never touched her bare pussy just touched it when her panties were on , and she never touched my dick she just felt the boner over my boxers . So we decided to extend that further and one thing was not sure neither we were lovers nor friends may be inbetween both , may be it was lust with friendship . Our sem exams got over and we had around 8-10 days of holiday and I didn’t wanted to visit home as it will be too less time for me to enjoy with family and my friends so I decided not go , to my surprise even neha didn’t go to her native place ( even she used to stay in hostel ) , we talked in phone on the evening of the last exam day and planned to go out to someplace where we can have sex and no one should recognise us from that place so that the Sexual relationship between us should be private , we both called our parents individually and asked them for some money to get into a 3-4 days trip .

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