The Birthday : Full of surprises

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Hey everyone I am Rahul the same well built 23 years old guy back with another story which is also true story and the continued part of My life from nothing to everything . I recieved good response for my last story and few of them asked me about curing premature ejaculation which is 21 days course and I helped few of them with the curing technique and thank you to all those who read the story and made it popular story of the month on this website , so let’s start the continued part of ‘My life from nothing to everything‘ .

Those who didn’t read the previous story I will make a short introduction I am Rahul 23 year old guy with well built tanned body , 5’8 height and 6’5 inch dick and the heroine of the story is my sister Sneha 3 years younger to me so 20 years young 5’6 height , fair in colour with more upgraded assets 33-27-34 ( previously 30-26-32) a perfect hourglass figure . We are living together since last two years and to tell about our parents , I explained well in the previous story that they got expired in some bad incident and we both are now living far away from our relatives and native place . I hope this much is okay to understand the continued part so let’s begin .

However we are in relationship for more than 2 years but we both are still the same as we are before this 2 years , my interest and love on her will increase every second and I feel the same from her , overall it’s a perfect relationship with a word ‘match made in heaven ‘. The sexual life is better than before , one will be submissive and another will be dominant but I like my sister to be dominant over me always . If the girl is dominant over you and still cares and loves you much then that relationship will stay forever no matter what . And we would have sex every alternative day or leaving two days of gap between the next day when we will be having sex but if either of us don’t want to have sex we will be respecting each other’s decision. It was her birthday few months ago but the thing I am explaining now is about my birthday which was on 22nd August .

It was one day before weekend and Friday ( 20th August) after dinner while my sister was in kitchen washing the dishes , I went to the bedroom to arrange the bed to sleep and have some fun with my sister before sleeping . So I brought some ice cubes In the glass and sprayed best perfumes and made the room light dim so that it should look romantic and I turned on some romantic music to give the final touch for the great night . After doing all the things I layed on the bed naked covering myself with blanket waiting for my sister and after few minutes my sister entered room , she was wearing loose gray t-shirt and black shorts . As soon as she entered room and saw the arrangements I made , she smiled at me and came near to the bed and jumped on bed with excitement . I knew she was very much excited after two days of gap and want to enjoy with me so as soon as she jumped on the bed , I moved towards her and kissed on her forehead , she was enjoying the moment by playing with my nipples touching them and making circles around them .

As soon as I started kissing her lips , she turned little horny and started moving her hands from chest to lower body of mine , we were kissing slowly sucking each other’s tongue and tasting one another’s saliva , when I squeezed her lips within mine that made her horny and she straight away slipped her hand inside the blanket and accidentally touched the head of my dick , she now came to know that I was naked from the beginning and she gave a naughty smile , she held my dick in her hand slowly started stroking it while we were still kissing without losing the eye contact , as we both started kissing vigorously she started stroking my dick harder and I started cupping her boobs over the t-shirts and started squeezing them after sometime when I pinched her nipples she all of a sudden stopped kissing as well as stroking my dick , I don’t know the reason but may be the pinching of her nipples took her to the normal life from the sex world or may be I did some mistake or may be she thought she did some mistake oh god I don’t exactly know the actual reason .

When I asked her she told ‘brother I am feeling sleepy let’s sleep ‘ I didn’t say anything and slept next to her closing my eyes but I was thinking what could have been happened? Even though she was horny and her nipples were so hard why she’s stopping herself from the sex ? , After two three minutes I opened my eyes and to my surprise she was sleeping all naked right next to me and after seeing her I started smiling again and she said ‘no we are not having sex today I am naked bcoz I want to sleep cuddling you ‘ even though I wanted to have sex but I thought cuddling is better than sleeping apart doing nothing , when we cuddled I felt something cold in between us that to near my stomach , later when looked down it was her pussy wet juices which were on my stomach damn now I am fully unstable she gave me hard on again and I started thinking even though she’s wet why she stopped me from having sex ?

I kept on thinking and she was watching me closing eyes giving some weird expressions on my face so she told me ‘Rahul neither you did some mistake nor I did , I will tell the reason tomorrow why I stopped you from having sex so don’t worry now sleep well ‘ saying planted a kiss on my head ‘okay Sneha ‘ I felt little relaxed and slept cuddling her .

Bcoz of the body heat of both we quickly fell asleep in the cold room , when I woke up in the morning I found my sister wasn’t there in the room I thought she woke up early and may be in the kitchen doing some stuff so I woke up and neatly done the bed before stepping out , after stepping out I went to the bathroom which was in the bedroom , brushed teeth and washed my face when I came back from the bathroom there was my sister holding a cup of coffee for me , I was moving towards her and I was still naked and her eyes were focused on my morning boner , when I went near to her and held her soft cold hands she looked into my eyes , gave the cup and wished me good morning kissing on my forehead , I took the coffee and did the same . While I was having coffee she started undressing watching herself in mirror and I was staring at her butts my dick started getting more harder , she was quiet even though she knew what I was feeling about her , when I finished drinking coffee and asked ‘hey could I get a chance to take shower with you ? ‘ she turned to my side and looked at my face and started moving her eyes from top to bottom and stopping at my rock hard dick she said ‘ yeah sure but don’t try to be horny and I don’t wanna have sex now ‘ I was sad she noticed and said ‘yeah I know I told you I will tell you the reason today for yesterday’s situation but there is still 16 hours left ( it was 8am in the morning ) to end the day ‘ I was still confused but to make her happy I said ‘ yeah sure it’s all your wish Sneha ‘ and went near her holding her hand I took her to the bathroom . Even though she told me not to be horny but I was horny all the time in the shower , it’s too difficult to stop being horny when the sex goddess is with you , so while taking shower I fulfilled my wishes partially by applying soap on her boobs , cleaning her ass and touching her pussy as many times I can and even she stroked my dick few times while applying soap on my body so that I could feel good with her , when we finished taking bath we both wore some clothes , she moved to kitchen and I took the clothes to washing machine and ironed them until she prepares breakfast .

When I was back after washing clothes and arranging them in the wardrobe neatly , my sister was done with preparing breakfast and also set the breakfast was on the table , we both greeted and started eating breakfast then my sister started with ‘ Rahul do you know how to drape saree ? ‘ I was just shocked with that and coughed bcoz I started talking while I was swallowing the food she gave me water and after drinking water I replied ‘what ? How could I know that ? You want me to wear saree or what ?’ I asked in hurry bcoz I was confused as we often do some role plays and thought this would be one of those but she had different plans and said ‘ haha slow down brother there is no rule that you should know saree draping only if you want to wear but you can …’ she just gave a naughty smile I did think for sometime to understand but I understood finally and said ‘ oh romantic girl wants her boy to drape her saree , that’s so romantic and I can get a chance to see you in saree I am excited when should I do that ? ‘ as I was over excited she said ‘ okay you can do that whenever but you need to know saree draping right ? ‘ and that made me worry so I said ‘ yeah you are right I need to learn but I am excited for everything , it’s weekend and I am off from the work so I will learn it today don’t worry haha I am excited ‘ I was super excited and even she was and said ‘ okay you can learn all the day that but do remember that you have girl in home with whom you should spend sometime ‘ she said and by that time she completed eating breakfast and went to wash hands ‘ how can I forget you my love you are the only one for whom my heart beats everytime ‘ I told as I went behind her after eating breakfast , she was still washing her hands and I went behind her and hugged her while washing my hands with hers , I didn’t know the reason but my dick started rising and poking her from back so she turned and looked into my eyes ‘ you are soo romantic these days and I love that ‘ saying kissed on my forehead and went to clean the table , we both cleaned the table and I washed dishes and she started watching TV

When I was done with dishes I went to the bedroom and started watching video of how to drape saree , I took some saree from the wardrobe and even practiced on myself and finaly after too many unsuccessful attempts I was able to drape saree well , the one which I learnt was basic saree draping but I wanted to see my sister in sexy way so I started watching some modern saree draping which have more visible navel as well as cleavage and pleating will be held at very bottom almost near pussy , when I saw them it gave me instant hard on and I tried doing that style too and failed sometime but yeah I learnt however and I wore the saree exactly the same way I wanted to see my sister , when I was looking in mirror correcting some pleats my sister entered the room and started looking at me and coming close to me slowly , held my face up and kissed on my lips oh god that was all happened too quick , finally she said

‘ damn Rahul you are hard worker , you learnt it for me and wearing it better than me haha you are soo cool ‘ I was blushing for all of her compliments and she started removing saree from me ‘ why are you removing ? I want to learn little more ‘ she replied ‘ I think you have learnt a lot already and guys wearing saree is not so good for me and especially you ‘ I thought for a moment and then said ‘ then let me drape saree on you Sneha let’s do this ‘ I was really excited but she said ‘ no we are not doing this now lunch is ready and hot , we need to do this later on , I just wanted you to learn this bcoz I will be needing your help coming days ‘ she took the saree and kept it in the wardrobe but I was still thinking what day she was referring to ? When will I get chance?

‘ Rahul let’s go’ she said in a loud voice and took me to the kitchen holding my hands , we had lunch together and watched TV for sometime and evening we both went for shopping . We first went to Big bazar where Sneha bought some honey , chocolate , candles and some vegetables and kitchen stuff . After that we went to mall and started looking for night clothes and bought some good ones after that when we were going to counter for billing Sneha told ‘ okay before going if you want to give me saree which one you will choose? ‘ I am quiet surprised by that question so told ‘ okay give me a minute ‘ I went to women saree section and searched for some good looking colours finally found a modern silk saree with The Mesmerising Mauve colour I thought this will be a perfect suitable colour for my sister , when I went back to the counter she was there with one set of clothes which were for me a white shirt and a gray cotton jeans pant , I loved her choice and even she loved my picking , after billing when we went back to the car I asked her ‘ hey I bought only saree what about blouse and petticoat ? You need to buy them once again ? Let’s go and buy them also’ I was opening the door of car but she stopped and said ‘no need to buy blouse piece is given with the saree and I have matching petticoat in home so don’t worry let’s head back to the home ‘ I calmed down and said ‘ okay as you say but you need to show me where the blouse piece is ‘ I was all excited about this saree thing and it was only one day since she told me about saree , how could anyone who knows their wife wears saree everyday can control their emotions everyday ?

When we head back to home Sneha showed me the blouse piece as soon we reached home I took it and it was really smooth as it was a silk material and asked her in excitement ‘ when will this blouse gets ready ? I really want to see how this will be done ‘ my excitement was increasing more and more , Sneha told ‘ if you will help me we can do it now only ‘ I said ‘ let’s do then ‘ bcoz of the excitement , she made few cuts out of the piece and I helped her in taking perfect dimensions for the blouse so finally the blouse was ready , I took it and held it in my hand and said ‘ wow it looks so amazing Sneha you will surely look sexy with this ‘ she started blushing and said ‘ okie will surely wear this one the next time when I wear saree ‘ we were both happy and it was already around 8:30pm and we need to have dinner so she told me to cut the vegitable and she will be back after making some calls , I thought may be she had some calls from her friends from college so I went to the kitchen and started making preparations for the dinner , she came back after almost an hour and I was halfway done with preparing the dinner , she said ‘ sorry brother I was late ‘ as I was preparing the dinner and enjoying the cooking ‘ it’s okay Sneha you got some calls from friends that’s okay , see I am really enjoying cooking here ‘ she hugged me from back and said ‘ love you Rahul ‘ and kissed on my cheeks . After sometime of talking the dinner preparation got over and we started having dinner , throughout the dinner time we just talked about the day it was everything about saree and shopping , she never let me deviate my mind towards sex .

When we finished dinner it was almost 10:30 we both washed the dishes together and watched TV for sometime around 11:00pm we switched off the tv and I started moving towards room but Sneha dragged me with my hand and locked my lips with hers and said ‘ let’s fuck ? ‘ I was just surprised ‘are you asking me ? Damn I am always ready sweety ‘ we started kissing some more time and started moving towards our bedroom and she stopped me saying’ I don’t wanna go to room by walk ‘ I understood and lifted her in my arms and she locked her legs around me for support , we again started kissing and started moving towards the room she said ‘stand infront of the room and open the door when I count 3 to 1 ‘ I agreed and we were infront of the door she counted ‘ 3 , 2 and now ‘ I kicked the door and what was in the room just surprised me to the core .
As soon as I entered the room there was a beautiful fragrance of the perfume she knew I loved the smell very much , the bed was decorated with the flower most of them were rose , there were chocolate pack , a glass filled with ice cubes, honey bottle which we brought that evening and most importantly the music , which was very silent but excessively romantic and to give final touch she had lit candles all over turning off all the lights , seeing all of this turned me horny and I made Sneha stand on the floor but without breaking the kiss now she broke the kiss and told ‘ now you got me why I stopped yesterday?’ I hugged her and said ‘ you could have said that directly I could have understood ‘ she kissed on my forehead and said ‘ yeah I could have said but I wanted to give you surprise , you gave me alot of surprises and this is just beginning of surprises from me ‘ looking into my eyes and we kissed once again and I told ‘ love you sweetheart ‘ .

When I was about to take off her t-shirt she stopped me and said ‘ Nope let me be dominant over you today , you just need to enjoy my action without thinking much ‘ I pulled my hands back and said ‘ as you wish miss ‘ she started kissing me and slowly undressed me and I was naked within a minute , she made me lay down on the bed and got up on the bed and sat on her knees and told me ‘look at me just focus only on me’ I agreed with her words just locked my eyes on her , she slowly started removing her t-shirt, pulling little up and again stopping and teasing me , finally she removed her t-shirt and her black push-up bra was visible to me but I can’t touch her now as I need to obey her orders , I controlled somehow and she now started removing her shorts , sitting on the bed lifting her legs up and removing them slowly showing her thick thighs to me , finally she took it off and threw it away after teasing me alot , now she was there down on her knees with only black inners and pressing her boobs over her bra , my patience was coming down as my dick started to rise , after teasing me as much she can she started removing her bra , she just undid her bra straps but still holding it from the front after requesting her many times she took it off completely and gave it to me , I just smelled her bra the smell was filled with her body perfume , now she was wearing only her panties and her boobs were shining bcoz of the candle light , her nipples were hard and boobs were firm I started moving my hands towards her but she stopped me somehow , after requesting so many times she just left me to touch only her nipples just for few seconds , I was disappointed by not to touch her but was horny at the same time bcoz of her dominance , now she moved her hands towards her panties holding them by side and slowly pulling them down and finally took them off by lifting her legs up I saw her wet pussy when she lifted her legs up , when she removed her panties she gave them to me , I started smelling them damn the smell was intoxicating filled with her body sweat , perfume and her wet juice , I took the smell as many times I can until she tells me to throw it away , now we both were naked and her pussy was shining bcoz of the wet juice of her pussy .

I am laying on my back Sneha got off from the bed and took honey and chocolate from the table which was adjacent to the bed and poured honey all over my body except my dick and face and now took chocolate and it was nearly liquid already she applied the semi liquid chocolate on my lips cheeks and kept lot of it on my dick , now she took one ice cube in her mouth and layed over me while kissing me,I got chills all over my body when her cold lips met my lips , she kissed many times on my neck with ice cube still in her mouth it gave me instant shivering, I was fully hard that time and there was precum coming out of my dick , when the ice cube from her mouth got fully liquid she kissed me and exchanged the cold liquid while sucking my tongue , oh god she was very romantic than me when she gets dominant and I have the opportunity to feel this whenever I want . Now she started licking the chocolate from my face , most of the chocolate from my lips already vanished while kissing and she licked remaining ice which was on my cheek and moved towards my neck where she kissed some more time and started moving towards my chest and stopped near my nipples where she intentionally poured more honey , she started making circles around my nipples making them hard and biting them occasionally , each time she bites my nipples there was more precum coming from my dick , she licked all the honey from my chest and started licking honey from my belly and cleaned every drop of honey from my upper body and stopped licking .

There was honey left only on my legs and lot of chocolate left on my dick , so she started from my left leg and licked all the honey and did same with the right leg and finally stopped at my dick , she first licked the surrounding of my dick and cleaned all the chocolate from my balls and only chocolate left now is on my dick , I was excited as she will be going to suck my dick now , Sneha was on her knees and leaned over and held my dick in her hand there was lot of chocolate on my dick which is semi liquid bcoz of the heat of my dick and the precum , she started stroking it slowly for some 10-15 times and licked the chocolate which was applied on her fingers and now kissed on my dick head oh god I controlled my ejaculation somehow that was the excitement , she started taking it in little by little licking the chocolate slowly once she was done with cleaning all the chocolate , she started sucking my dick harder while playing with my balls , she teased me by going too speed and again slowing down , I pleaded her many times to suck harder but she went on with her teasing after some 5-10 minutes she stopped sucking and rubbed her pussy to check whether it’s wet or not but she was fully wet and ready to take my dick In , she got up from the bed and layed over me , pressed her boobs against my chest ,my dick started poking her pussy so she sat on me and pointed my dick to her pussy entrance and started watching the wall clock many times and finally pushed my dick fully inside her uff that was hot , my dick went without much resistance and it was too hot inside her pussy she moaned deeply and after getting relaxed when we both were silent she said ‘Happy Birthday Rahul’ saying leaned over me while my dick was still in her pussy and kissed on my lips 23 times , I was literally got surprised by that I never even imagined that it’s my birthday and I am gonna get surprise wish like this I replied ‘thank you Sneha I never Imagined surprise like this , thank you very much for being with me always, love you sweetheart ‘ she was smiling when I said I loved the surprise and started riding my dick slowly and said ‘now you understood why I stopped you that day ? Or else you still need explanation?’

now my doubts were crystal clear and I was just enjoying my dick inside her while she was riding me , I started playing with her boobs squeezing one boob while pinching the nipple of other boob and switching between both , it started making her more horny and she began riding faster while I was still playing with her boobs , we both were moaning deeply and the room was just filled with love making sounds , she played with me by riding too fast and again slowing down and continued the same for a while , her pussy walls were squeezing my dick from inside I knew she was going to cum so she went on with the fucking and soon my legs started trembling I started moaning deeper , she started taking my dick more and I was helpless to control my ejaculation soon I released huge load in her and she released her love nectar following mine , we both ejaculated one after another and she woke up and layed beside me while making circles around my nipples asked ‘Rahul how you felt my dominance ? I was good ? How was my surprise? You liked it ? ‘ she was excited to hear my answer and I kissed on her forehead , smiled at her saying ‘to be honest Sneha this was the best surprise anyone can receive, I am happy to be your life partner and you are sex goddess when you are dominant over me , I don’t think I can describe you anything more than that ‘ saying I kissed once again on her forehead and we layed down there for sometime for almost 10 minutes

No one spoke the room was just silent and soon I heard some noise from the terrace so I woke up and put my shorts and t-shirt to check what’s there on top and even Sneha wished to come along with me so she also got dressed up , we switched ON the light which was in the hall , we walked towards the terrace and opened the door which was connected to the terrace , when I opened the door someone blasted something and the sound gave me mini heart attack when I stepped in there comes another two three same sounds which almost gave me heart attack and finally I can see some faces which were singing ‘ Happy Birthday to youuu Rahul ‘ damn I have been fooled by everyone it was all Sneha’s plan, now I understand why she was talking in call for almost 1 hour I started understanding every hint now and the thing which they blasted was party poppers , it was all surprises in a row for me I loved them a lot , she invited most of the friends whom we met in that two years span and even some of my office colleagues were present everyone wished me and the cake cutting happened and I put the first piece in Sneha’s mouth as she was the most important person of my life , later everyone ate cake and some people applied cake on my face but that was very little so I wasn’t mad , everyone wished good night and started moving towards their home and soon the terrace was empty and only we two were left there , we switched OFF every light and went back to our bedroom and layed down I thanked Sneha for all the surprises and she told surprises aren’t over yet , she went to sleep early while I slept late thinking about the surprises .

The next day morning I woke up little late and Sneha gave me coffee and told me to get ready so that we can visit some temples nearby , I quickly done my daily chores and we both got ready in traditional for visiting temple I was wearing white dhoti and shirt while she was wearing black churidar kameez . We went to two three temples and gave some food packets to poor people , we had that practice of food distribution on eachother’s birthday , it was around 2 in the afternoon when we were back from the temples and we both were really tired so we slept for two-three hours , after waking up we watched TV together there was some romantic south Indian movie and we both really enjoyed watching the movie around 7:30 in the evening the movie ended and Sneha suggested to take shower together, I agreed instantly as body was full of sweat bcoz we spent lot of time outside home from morning and I thought I badly need a shower .

We both got naked and stepped into the shower , hot water started coming out and we both were standing below the shower watching the water flow on each other’s body and Sneha asked ‘I am feeling horny Rahul let’s fuck ?’ damn just that word gave my dick an erection , she understood seeing my dick but waited for my answer ‘Sneha you don’t need to ask such questions to me I am always ready for you , you can just see my dick for the proof everytime when you ask and my erected dick is your answer’ she started coming close to me slowly and I pulled her holding her waist so that our bodies exchange the heat of water together , she was on her toes and started kissing me , we both explored each other’s lips and tongue while hot water was flowing through our body , soon Sneha went on her knees and started sucking my dick , taking it fully deep while messaging my balls and I was just enjoying her lips around my dick closing my eyes and cleaning her hairs with the water flowing over our bodies , she gave me blowjob for almost 10-15 minutes and it’s my turn to return the favour so I pulled her up and I knelt down while she was standing , I kissed her clit as many times until she moans deeply and turn horny , each kiss on her clit made her moan more deeply , now I moved towards her pussy hole while still playing with her clit with my left hand fingers , by right hand fingers I opened her pussy lips and inserted my tongue as deep I can , I started moving my tongue circular within her pussy while playing her nipples with my right hand , I went with the same speed in pinching her nipples with right hand fingers , rubbing her clit with left hand fingers while fucking her pussy with my tongue , I started increasing the speed of everything at once reaching the highest speed and again slowing down and again continuing the same after almost 10 minutes she came and I took all of the juices in my mouth I didn’t knew which was water and which was her cum becoz both were hot , now I stood up and my dick was still erect and she was ready for the second round , we started kissing again but this time it was full of lust and all was vigorous kissing soon I lifted Sneha up in my arms and she locked my waist with her legs I slowly inserted my dick inside her pussy pulling her little down , my dick went in easily without any resistance and it was damn hot inside her pussy her pussy was hot , she was hot and the water flowing over our bodies was also hot that was the biggest test for my ejaculation controlling , I kept fucking Sneha by moving her up and down when I started going faster I thought she will fell down on the floor bcoz the water was flowing and she was slipping from my hand already so I slowly made her lay down on the floor and again inserted my dick in her pussy , I started going as deep I can , to make sure her G-spot stimulated well I started making circular motions with my dick ,going more deeper making the upper top of my dick contact her pussy walls where the G-spot is situated , when I found her G-spot is stimulated well by seeing her pussy getting more wet , started fucking her faster and deeper , each shot would increase the moaning of both of us , I went on with the speed for almost another 10 minutes and my legs started trembling , I went on with the same speed and within few minutes I released load within her pussy , when I finished releasing my load she started cumming and this time she came too much

After some minutes of silence ‘ you got another surprise brother we are going for party and we need get ready’ I got shocked by her words and saud ‘what ? We are going for party now ? Wow let’s have some fun there Sneha I am excited ‘ looking into my excitement she said ‘I know you are excited but we need to fresh up first and we need to be completely fresh enough and should look good in the party ‘ I understood what she meant by and made her stand up below the shower , I took a shampoo which would make her hairs silky and shiny and applied it all over her hairs making sure each hair gets silky and shiny and she did the same with my hairs which should look darker and dandruff free , now I took few special soaps , one soap only for her belly , navel , legs and back , one for her boobs , one for her butts , one for her face and final one for her pussy , all soaps were different with different pH levels and different at giving softness where they are applied and they should be applied where they are meant to be applied , once I am done with applying all the soaps one after another washed the leather well and now every part had different softness her boobs and ass where soft and slippery while her pussy was too soft and slippery than her boobs , after touching them my dick again got an erection but I controlled it somehow , now it’s her turn to return the favour by applying soap and cleaning my body , she took three different soaps one for my whole body except dick , one for my face and the last one only for my dick , she applied all of them one after another and soon we both finished our bathing we both cleaned the water with the help of towel before coming out of bathroom
We both were still naked she was just looking at me I was horny again but we had a party to attend do I controlled myself , I went near her and started applying moisturizer on her skin which she used to do daily after taking shower , now she gave another surprise by saying ‘Rahul you want me to dress in saree right ?

Here I give you a chance to drape saree on me with your favourite colours which includes from inners to jewels’ I was super excited by that and hugged and kissed her for giving me that opportunity , I went near to her wardrobe picked black bra and panties which were my favourite colours , picked mauve coloured saree which I bought the previous day for her and the blouse was already made ready by her only so I picked the same one and finally took light pink colour petticoat which was the only matching colour for the saree , I picked that bcoz the saree and petticoat colour should match while draping saree . Now I came back to her kept all the things on the bed and made her stand near the bed , I took her panties first and knelt down her pussy was exactly facing me and I leaned over and kissed on her pussy 3-4 times before putting her panties , now I stood up and we were facing each other I took her boobs in my hands , pressed and squeezed them as many times I can and sucked each of them before I apply moisturizer on them, after applying moisturizer I put a deep back push-up bra so that it will help her to wear backless blouse , after putting she helped me in adjusting her boobs in each bra cup so that it won’t cause any problems later on , now I took the petticoat and started putting it she helped me by lifting her legs little up so that I can put the petticoat easily and I tied it well just little above her pussy properly so that it won’t fall down , after that I took the blouse and put on her and adjusted it in way that no bra straps can be visible and come out which will make her embarrassed when we are with all the people , now only 20% or the foundation of saree draping got completed the real work will start now .

I took the saree and opened it well thought where the pleats will come and from where to start , finally after revising everything I learnt last day closing my eyes I started draping saree on her , started with left end made one round around her and tucked the top border well within the petticoat so that it won’t fall , now made pleats at the right end arranged them well with the safety fin on them and kept that on her left shoulder , now took the remaining saree which present between left and right end of the saree and made pleats for that , adjusted saree from every side and made sure that the saree is fit from back to front and no sagging from anywhere , now applied safety fin on the pleats and the final thing was to insert that inside her petticoat just little above her pussy , I was excited for that and took the pleats in hand pulled her close and inserted the pleats inside her petticoat while keeping it in I touched her pussy my god it was too hot inside there and she was wet already , I removed my hand and adjusted saree one more time from top to bottom , making her belly more visible and kept the petticoat too near to her pussy and adjusted the pleats on top one more time and now looked at her oh god she was looking too beautiful and sexy with that outfit from that moment I decided no one can look ugly on saree and saree will increase the sexyness 100 times more than usual that’s the time when I corrected myself by ‘SOMETIMES DRESSING IS SEXIER THAN UNDRESSING’ I really enjoyed lot draping saree on Sneha and my dick was erect throughout the session when I was draping her saree , but the work still not done completely the jewels weren’t there and most importantly the face which need some makeup so I asked her about make up but she insisted me that she will dress me up before I help her anything , I agreed with her without questioning

Now it’s her turn returning me favour she took a black boxer , white shirt and gray cotton jeans pant which she bought for me the previous day , she can’t kneel down properly bcoz of the saree so I stood up on the bed making it easy for her , when I stood on the bed my dick was facing her lips without thinking anything she just took it in and gave me best blowjob within short time , now she cleaned her saliva with some clothes and put the boxer on me and followed by pant and shirt by that time we both were ready just left with final touch , I took a suitable comb from the drawer and combed her hairs well by applying some oil and put a good fashionable hair clutch for good holding of them now moved towards her face , Sneha looks fair without makeup she don’t even need makeup but we were going for party so some special appearance was needed , so I started with applying face moisturizer and after that applied primer thought her face and finally applied little foundation that’s it , she was looking too beautiful with just too little makeup . Girls who look beautiful with less makeup are god gifted , now I applied some lip balm and applied eyeliner to give final touch , wow she was looking absolutely beautiful the only thing which was absent is a Bindi , necklace, earings and bangles . I put one small red Bindi on her which made her look more beautiful and a necklace which was having both of our names on that which I gifted her for birthday and earings and bangles which she took for the festivals finally Sneha is ready for the party and she combed my hair and we started walking out of the room and she stopped me and said ‘ close your eyes’ I was excited for another surprise so asked her ‘ is there any surprise for me ?’ she said ‘ just keep quiet and wait ‘ she put something on my right hand when I opened it was a silver bracelet with my and her names written on it ‘ wow it’s so beautiful Sneha love you ‘ we both hugged once again and left for the party

The party was set in a hotel party hall there were lot of people present my all friends whom I met when I came to this new place and most of my colleagues, I was really happy even some of Sneha’s college mates were there , the party started as the songs from the speaker comes out everyone started drinking and dancing , on everyone’s request me and Sneha danced for a south Indian song we both really enjoyed dancing and chilling with friends and there comes another surprise when we were dancing a girl was walking towards me from the crowd I thought it was someone who is friend of Sneha but as the girl getting closer I thought her as a familiar face when she came and stand infront of me then I realised it’s Neha who used to be my fuck buddy in college , damn that was another surprise by Sneha which I never expected but her arrival made me somehow happy and sad at the same time but I greeted with a smile and when Sneha was with us we both were hesitating to talk so Sneha understood and took us little away from the people out there she left us alone so that we can talk , Neha had the same face she used to look before but she looked mature now her assets were increased more but yeah nowhere near to my sister , we talked about everything , I told everything from the past what all happened what is the relationship between me and Sneha , Neha got surprised by the relationship between me and Sneha but she gradually understood the situation clearly and sympathized me for losing our parents , later she told that she tried to contact me but she couldn’t approach me by any means and she told she is in love with a colleague who is from the same where she works and I learnt that they were getting engaged after few months she invited me for the same and I told , me and Sneha both will visit the engagement for sure and finally when I asked how she reached here and she told me that she texted me through whatsapp and all but didn’t get any response so she texted through LinkedIn which I used in my degree before getting job and Sneha opened that app recently to check about my degree and about my friends there she found Neha’s texts and she replied to her texts so like this they texted for more than a month and to my surprise they became friends, that’s the story of how she came to the party , we talked little more and we had dinner all together and finally Neha left us taking our mobile numbers without forgetting this time so thay we will be in touch always, after the party ended everyone went to their respective home and we came back we almost tired bcoz of the dance and all so we slept soon after coming home , till now that was best birthday celebration of mine which was filled with lot of surprises .

After the birthday till now I only drape saree to Sneha whenever she wants to wear traditional clothes and each time my excitement will be at peak .

My sexual life getting interested everytime and I am sure that it will be the same throughout my life , that’s all about the story I know it’s a lengthy story but I want to express every things in detailed so please cope with me and sorry for the grammatical mistakes I made in the story . For more detailed story and giving suggestions to write story and doing roleplay please contact me through my mail [email protected].

Thank you for reading the story have a good day or night 😊

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