Forced father in law

When i was 12 my cousin showed up at my grannys wanting us to come out and meet her new husband. When we got outside it was love at first sight. Her new husband had his cousin jack with them and as soon as i seen him i wanted to get to know him.
They left and after that every time i seen my cousin i asked about jack. My cousin had told her new husband about the two of us used to mess around and he wanted to watch us two get it on in front of him but i didnt like him and refused even when they tried to bribe me and offer to take me to see jack again, i still refused.

When i was 13, my sister and i were invited to a friend’s wedding which i went to. It was fate.
The jack was there giving his sister away cause there dad wouldnt do it.
From that day we started dating, it took my granny awhile before she gave in and let me go on a date with jack. On our second date i gave up my cherry to him. At 14 i ran off with jack and we lived with his parents. Now jack was 17 and a walking hard on.
So I slept in just a gown no panties cause jack would wake up in the middle of the night finger me, fuck me or stick his dick in mouth. Didnt matter if i was asleep or awake. He would come home on his lunch break just to have a quickie. I was used to being molested while i slept or pretended to be asleep. So some nights i would just lay there and pretend to sleep.

Now jack and his mom both worked full time and his dad worked as a painter so alot of times he didnt work much.
This one day i was woke up to someone under the covers moving up between my legs very slowly and begin licking my pussy. I was sure it was jack so i layed there enjoying my pussy being licked and sucked on. It wasnt till he started fingering me that i looked over at the clock and it was no where near time for jack to be home. I turned and looked down and seen he had his hand in his underwear jacking off as he ate my pussy. Who was this i didnt dare raise the covers or move, i just layed still pretending to be asleep. I kept peeking watching as he stiffened up, took his hand out of his pants and slowly started easing off the bed. I kept peeking to see who it was. Steve, jacks dad. Wtf. He eases my door shut.

I lay there trying to figure out what i should do, weighing all my options and the out come on every decision i could make. Steve could tell my parents where i was while jack was at work or he could kick us out, he could blame me and try turn jack and his mom against me. So i just kept quit and acted like nothing happened.

After that steve got real nice towards me. A few days passed and i woke up to being ate out again, sure enough it was steve. He done this a few more times and each time i layed still and pretended to be asleep. It seemed to ecourage him more and more cause each time he seemed to get alittle braver with stuff he done.
He got to standing next to the bed and jacking off rubbing on my pussy.
One afternoon jack came in and said his mom needed him to take her to her sisters and they wouldnt be back till tomorrow and asked if i minded staying here to help watch his little brother.

As if i had a choice i said sure. Later that night not sure how long i had been asleep i was awaken to my pussy being ate. As usual i just layed there pretending to be asleep and let him lick and suck on my clit. He started slowly fingering me as he licked. Making me climax. He stopped and i thought he was done but instead of moving off the bed he moved up the bed between my legs. I felt him rub his dick up and down between my pussy lips. Slowly pushing his dick in me, i squeezed my eyes tight. He kept his weight off me as he pushed my legs up and slowly pushing his dick in more till he had it all the way in. He stopped moving holding his dick still. I tried to pretend i was sleeping as he started pumping in me slowly, the more he pumped the harder he pushed forward and caused a little moan to slip pass my lips. He said i knew you were awake. I opened my eyes and said get the fuck off me, what do you think your doing. I pushed on his chest trying to push him off me.
Steve says stop it you know you want this so stop pretending to fight me and enjoy it. With that he puts his arms under my legs and leans forward giving him more access to get his dick in deeper. I push against him and slap him which made him stop and sit up, move his arms so my legs fall down. He looks down at me looking pissed and surprised at the same time. As i go to push away from him he punches me in the stomach hard, knocking the breath from me.

You little cock teasing bitch, you walk around in your little shorts, you let me eat your pussy while you act like your asleep, you dare slap me. He punches me again in the stomach your gonna keep your mouth shut and let me do whatever the fuck i want to do. As i try to catch my breath he puts my legs up on his shoulders and begins fucking me hard and fast. Ramming his dick in hard. He reaches up and starts pinching my nipples and squeezeing my titts.

He starts grunting and sweating, breathing hard as he slams into me.
I knew i was gonna get in this tight pussy and you better beleave im gonna fuck that pretty little mouth of yours. The more he pounds me the more i start to cry. He notices this and laughes, you poor little bitch. Oh im about to cum. I plead with him not to cum in me, he smiles and pulls out shooting his cum onto my stomach. He gets up how nice i look forward to fucking you again. I look at him its not happening.
Steve says sure it is, what are you gonna do tell jack, go-ahead ill tell him you came on to me and then i call your dad and let him know where we live so he can come pick you up. So go ahead. With that he walks out.
What do i do to deserve this.

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