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Hi my name is roshan from chennai I’m 21yrs old, this is my first story.

Now let’s kick off our story ( this is not a real life incident )

My name is rekha I’m from Coimbatore, i hail from a vegetarian family. I’m only daughter to my parents currently I’m going to complete my 12th std, let me tell about me

My skin tone – dusky, boobs size – 38C, height 5’4, i do have large ass like two watermelon. Boys in my class used to stalk but im not interested, one day my science teacher asked us to do project so everyone should pair with a boy and complete the project, i was paired with rajesh let me tell about rajesh he is 6’2 ft tall skin tone – black he is like don to the class. To be honest i don’t want to pair with rajesh coz i need a topper guy but it is what it is. Rajesh came to me during lunch and asked me to come to his house, i know rajesh never had bad intention on me cox he never kept eye on me, he was friendly and i said ok. When school finished rajesh came to me and asked can we go together and i said yes, together we walked and talked about each other interests, i was suprised he never kept an eye on my boobs or ass coz in our school for girls uniform is short skirt and white shirt. We reached his home
Me – y there is no one? Where is your mom?
Rajesh – she will return by 9:00 coz he got job also my dad he will return by 10:00.

Then he freshed up and i was in my school uniform, we started our project work simultaneously we are talking about other stuffs, 1 and half hr passed in the middle rajesh gave me snacks to eat. I asked rajesh out of curiosity why he didn’t make an eye contact with my boobs and ass coz in school every guy was after me. He didn’t reply he just noded ane went to bathroom. It made me embarrassing and awkward. But i decided to tease him so i made my hair losse and showed my clevage he came out of restroom he was stunned after seeing me i asked –
Me : rajesh what happened? Why are you looking like that? ( internally I’m enjoying )
Rajesh – nothing!

Then he came and sat, while working now he started to look at my boobs. And i made a move, i kept my hand on his tigh he looked at me and gave me a lip lock kiss i didn’t object his move more i co operated and suprised by his move. Then we separated, we both stood ane look at each other he came near me and wrapped one of his hand around my hips and squeezed gave me lip lock again we exchanged our saliva and played with tounge. He kissed my neck, earlobes. I kissed him back. He removed my shirt and skirt now I’m standing in my red bra and panty also hip chain. He sat on sofa and dragged me gave a kiss in my navel and made a circle with tounge, then he turned me around to see my ass he spanked and squeeze my ass. I was pounding hard and moaning then he stood removed his dress now he is in underwear now he unhooked my bra and removed my panty , I’m left with hip chain .
Rajesh – andha hip chain sexy ya iruku ( that hip chain looks damm sexy on you )

I was shy then he removed his underwear I was shocked it was huge and thick 8inches long black dick it looks monstrous. He sat and dragged me I sat on his lap he licked my boobs
Me – mmmmmm…ahhhhhhhh….

He licked my armpit then we are in face off position I wrapped my leggs around his hips he slowly inserted his penies since it is first time for both of us my vagina was tight . He psuhed with a force I hugged him tightly and screamed it pained a lot , blood was oozed out of my vagina he carried me went to bathroom to clean then we came back, I straight away jumped on him now he inserted his penies in one full force it was mixed feeling pain and pleasure at same time he fucked in standing position in a slow pace slowly he started to increase the speed the room is filled with my voices I was moaning so loud and I can feel the thickness of his dick with that foreskin coming in and out , he fucked me in standing position for 10min he said sperms are coming he put me on bed and sprayed the cum on my boobs .I licked some of the cum . Then he spread my legs and started to lick my vagina he started to lick have to say he is so skillful with his tounge . In a minute I released my urine on his face I don’t know coz I was lied down
Me – hey sorry da!
Rajesh – it’s ok!

He continued to lick I moaned so loud in few minutes I released my cum he licked my cum . Then I kneeled down in front of him my heart was pounding coz the cock is huge and thick , I taken his in my mouth I licked his dick for 10min he came on my mouth after releasing cum his cock still straight so I continued to suck his cock he cummed on my face then he said he want to fuck my ass I said it will pain so much but he wants to do , so he applied coconut oil and slowly inserted his penies i was screaming so loud , he started to fuck in full speed simultaneously spanking by ass. He gave me so much pleasure I was in heaven , he fucked my ass for a while . Then we selpt together ( naked) . Time 8:00pm we both went for hot tub in his bathroom and freshed up got dressed while dressing he asked mine bra and panty , I said people will notice my boobs , he was adamant so I left my panty and bra . I know he is kinky . He said he will leave me in his car . I get into the car . He started driving , tbh I was obsessed with his big huge black cock . So I asked can I have blowjob . He said baby u can have whatever u want. I sucked his dick till he reached my home I drank his cum . While getting out of the car he spanked and squeezed my ass:
Me – hey !!.. someone will see us !

Rajesh smiled and we said bye to each other .

End of the story.

Part 2 will come to the response you guys give to this story . Please share your Comments
And thoughts through this mail id – [email protected]. As I said before I love to have conversation with girls your messages will be protected.

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