Bengalee Film Queen 21

Episode : 21

The lovely Tollygunge film-actress Koel Mallick walked the long corridor of her own house and moved to her room. She returned home in the evening from Tollygunge Film-studio after the completion of her latest film’s  shooting. She could notice neither her husband Nilay nor her servant Birju as she tried to find out them from one room to another.

It was rare that she and her “Macho Husband” had much time alone, and she looked foreward to spending a night with her man today. It wasn’t just the busy outdoor shooting schedule of her husband that had forced the loving couple apart. Even her own tight schedule of film-shooting made themselves to spend numerous night without any type of sex.

Actually Koel was possibly even more in demand in Tollygunge Film-industry than her husband Nilay. The fans loved the beautiful actress and she was one of the hottest performers in the film “Arundhati” without any doubt. Despite this professional success, she could feel the strain in her and Nilay’s relationship and they both were troubled by it.

Being frustrated not to find anyone in the house, at last Koel slowly approached her bedroom’s door. She thought she could hear some soft moaning coming from inside their bedroom room but was unsure about it. She turned the doorknob apprehensivly and entered the room silently.

What she saw forced the beautiful Tolly heroine to stop dead in her tracks. Her husband Nilay was sitting down on the luxurious leather coach, his head was back and eyes were closed, while the sensational Indrani’s head was buried in his crotch!

The wavy black-haired actress-dancer moved her sensual glossy lips up and down on Nilay’s long shaft as the famous Punjabi film-director enjoyed the warm feeling of her lipstick coated ruby lips. Neither one of them had noticed Koel who stood in the doorway in shocked silence.

Indrani’s mouth began to speed up as she worked the great director’s mighty cock. He softly moaned, “Ohhhhh….. Indu Boudi I’m gonna cum”.

At that moment, both bodies shook with the explosion as Nilay started shooting his load after load down in Indrani’s sucking mouth. She swallowed the precious cream of Nilay which was spurting from his massive shaft in her hungry mouth, but some of it spilled down onto her pink Saree. The sensational actress-dancer squeezed Nilay’s balls to milk every last drop of cum out of his rapidly deflating cock.

As Nilay recovered from his orgasm, his senses returned and suddenly he noticed his wife standing in the doorway. Koel simply stared at her husband in awe where as Indrani was in shock. Nilay jumped up, practically knocking Indrani, who was on her knees, to the marble floor.

“Koel…. you!” The Macho Man exclaimed, still unnerved by her quite unexpected presence.

“Oh Nil dear! You are cheating with me….. I can’t expect it from you!” Koel questioned, nearly in tears.

“What are you talking about, Koel? I know you’re doing the same thing with Kaderbhai!”

“No…no, dear, that’s just a lie!” Koel answered shooking her head.

As the famous Tolly couple bickered back and forth, neither of them noticed that Indrani had moved to the doorway and shut the door. The voluptuous actress-dancer then moved behind Koel and grabbed her shoulders….. startling the younger actress.

“What are you doing Indudi?” Koel asked being surprised by Indrani’s sudden action.

“Well, insted of sitting here and fighting all day, I think we could come to some sort of compromise. There’s no reason we can’t all work this out.” the talented mature Tolly celeb answered wickedly.

“What the hell do you mean Indudi? There’s no way we can maintain our sweet relationship! You were giving head to my husband!”

“Oh, I see, you’re jealous of me. Well, no problem.” Indrani answered smilingly.

Koel was getting angry now. “Look, Indudi, you know I respect you just like my own elder sister, and I didn’t expect such behavior from you,” She reiterated, “And I don’t know what exactly you’re talking about, but maybe you should leave.”

Indrani wasn’t about to be deterred, though. She began to move closer to Koel, her face touching koel’s soft chestnut hair. She began to kiss and lick up and down Koel’s neck and earlobe sensuously. The young actress jumped away from the advances of Indrani.

Koel was undoubtedly a beautiful innocent Bengalee girl and Nilay was her first serious boyfriend whom she had married later. Although she had several close relations with her co-actressess, she had certainly never been with another woman.

“Whoa, Indudi, I don’t do that, it’s just wrong! You need to leave, now!”

“Look, Koel, only a woman really knows how to please another woman and you need to find it out.” With that, Indrani moved forward and planted a kiss directly on the stunned beauty’s lips.

Quickly she then snaked her tounge into Koel’s mouth. Koel at first resisted and trying to push Indrani away, but Indrani was stronger than her. As the lip-lock continued, Indrani reached a hand down and slipped it under Koel’s Saree. The mature actress-dancer began to fondle and rub Koel’s medium size breasts through her blouse.

The younger actress was struggling harder but she couldn’t deny the fact that her pussy was getting wet with each step of Indrani. Getting manhandled by another woman was actually arousing the lovely actress even more.

Meanwhile, Indrani had busied herself removing her own Saree-Blouse as well as Koel’s. Indrani herself wore a lacy black bra holding up her impressive C-cup breasts. Where as Koel’s pair were contained in a conservative white bra, which was quickly removed by Indrani.

The black-haired actress-dancer lowered her head and began to suck Koel’s hardening nipples. Koel couldn’t believe the amount of pleasure she was receiving from the other woman and rolled her head back in growing ecstasy.

This lesbian scene had awakened the Macho Man’s mighty cock and he was fully erect once again. He walked over to the duo and loosened the knot of his wife’s Saaya ( Petticoat ) which fell down through her long legs on the floor.

Nilay was now treated to the sight of his wife’s beautiful soft ass….. contained in only a small white panties. The panties were soon gone and he enjoyed her sexy naked body. Koel had barely noticed this, as she was more wrapped up in Indrani’s oral pleasuring. Indrani began to run her teeth over Koel’s hard brownish nipples as she squeezed the younger actress’s other tit in her hand.

While this was happening, Nilay had turned his attention to his illegitimate lover cum Boudi and quickly removed her smalk bra as her splendid melons sprang free from the netted black bra. He then loosened the knot of her Saya as it crumpled down instantly at her feet. The same treatment was applied with her lacy red panties, which made the both Tolly Queens now completely naked.

Indrani then dropped to her knees in front of Koel, taking in sight of the young actress’s pink pussy. She smiled happily…. inhaling the intoxicating scent of Koel’s attractive pussy. She examined Koel’s lovely pussy thoroughly as she slowly took a long lick up and down the pink lips of her pussy. While she was busy in working on Koel’s pussy, Nilay admired the exciting sight before him.

The two Tolly celebs were almost exact opposites. Koel had beautiful long hair with medium sized tits, and a tight, young body. While Indrani had Bob-cut wavy hair, with bigger tits, and a fuller body….. complete with a nice big, but not excessive fat ass.

Indrani began to work her tounge deep into the experienced young actress. Koel loved the sensational feeling reached up through her body….. grabbing her own tits and squeezing them with her hands.

Indrani’s tounge was working it’s magic on Koel’s pussy while her searching fingers were busy in finding Koel’s small clit. Soon Indrani found the hooded knob and massaged it gently. Koel was now groaning like a crazy bitch in uncontrollable heat…. pinching her own hard nipples madly. She was incredibly close to cuming all over the face her husband’s ‘Mistress-boudi’.

Indrani ran her tounge up to Koel’s extended clit and sucked on it. At the same time, she quickly rammed one finger into Koel’s tight, unused asshole. This was enough for the young heroine of Tollywood as she came all over Indrani’s face. And before, she could recover, Indrani got up quickly and french kissed her sister-like co-actress, sharing the young actress’s own pussy-cream with herself.

“Why don’t you try me, now?” Indrani proposed Koel.

Koel was meanwhile loosened some of her inhibitions and was happy to oblige the Didi-like actress’s proposal, yet unsure how to proceed. Indrani helped her by pushing the young actress’s face to her large melons.

Koel burried her face in between Indrani’s mounds of flesh. The younger woman then began to lick and suck the older woman’s tit-flesh slowly. The sensational sucking and the feeling of Koel’s inexperienced lips on her boobs made Indrani crazy.

Koel then grabbed Indrani’s big boobs and squeezed them thoroughly….. they were much more than handful. After a few moments of this, Indrani pushed Koel’s head down to her shaved pussy. Koel tenatively licked the older heroine’s wet pussy….. liking the salty taste of it first time in her life. This made her to shove the tounge deep inside Indrani’s soaking pussy.

As Koel bent over Indrani’s prone body to pleasure her, the Macho director approached his wife and took his position from behind. He placed his big nine inches Punjabi dick at the opening of her protruding pussy and started to push the head inside the leaking tunnel.

Koel was startled at first as she felt her husband begin to fuck her doggy style. She buried her face in Indrani’s shaved pussy and started licking the woman’s hot box hungrily. Her husband grabbed her slim hips and pushed himself forward, fitting more and more of his Punjabi cock inside his Bengalee wife’s cunt. Koel couldn’t beleive how big her husband’s cock felt inside her aching cunt today, although he was only halfway in!

As Nilay fucked his hot wife, Indrani was being driven insane by Koel’s searching tounge. It felt like she was all over her pussy, reaching further than seemed possible. Indrani pinched her own nipples in pleasure and moaned loudly.

Meanwhile, Nilay slammed forward with a mighty thud from behind and burried all of his large dick inside his wife’s leaking  pussy. Enjoying the unbelievable clutching of his wife’s tight pussy for few seconds, he began to thrust in and out….. quickly and roughly.

Koel moaned and it reverberated into Indrani’s pussy. Nilay’s  thrusting was now in a blur behind his wife as his thick cock was jack-hammering her cunt….. rubbing her clit each time he buried it deep inside of her. He then grabbed his wife’s tight ass and squeezed her smooth ass-cheeks roughly.

Koel was being pulled backward and pushed forward brutally on his powerful cock. Naturally this served to arouse Indrani’s pleasure further as Koel licked her clit with increasing tempo. Indrani squirted suddenly with unimaginable force….. covering Koel’s whole face with girlie-cum. Koel tasted Indrani’s orgasm and enjoyed it fully as she began to concentrate on her husband’s thrusting at her excessively soaking pussy.

But Indrani had other plan as she rolled over in front of Koel. Her voluptuous body was now in display for the young actress.

“Eat out my ass, honey!” She screamed to Koel.

Koel instantly followed the talented actress-dancer’s command and lowered her head slowly to the beautiful upturned milk-white ass. She then began to lick up and down on Indrani’s moist ass-crack.

Few seconds later, she stuck her tounge down on Indrani’s puckered asshole and began to swirl it around the tight ring. Indrani gasped… feeling the warmth of Koel’s salivating tongue on her brown ass-hole. She really loved the feel of Koel’s tounge in her ass.

Meanwhile Koel herself was on the brink of orgasm from the savage pounding her pussy was receiving from her Macho Husband. She screamed suddenly as she came hard pushing her ass backward last time and clamping her mouth tightly on Indrani’s brown ass-hole.

After the waves of climax from Koel’s pussy subsided, her husband removed his cock and placed it at the entrance to her moist asshole. She had never allowed him to fuck her ass before, but now he saw his opportunity and took it quickly.

He pushed his big dick inside her tight asshole slowly and began to fuck it with even more slower speed. Koel couldn’t beleive how big his cock felt inside her tight ass for the first time, it felt like it was tearing her in half. Soon, however, her ass was adjusted to the invasion and accommodated his mighty size.

Koel was now working leisurely on an ass of her own, i.e. on Indrani’s. Her tounge once again was lapping at Indrani’s crinkled asshole….. sending tingles up in Indrani’s hot body. The older actress pinched her own erect nipples as she felt Koel’s talented tounge fuck her ass. She came hard with a loud groan…..  spilling cum on the marble floor.

Nilay was also about to cum as he commanded, “Oh my Koel darling! go…. make out with Induboudi.”

As the two celeb actresses kissed each other lying on the floor, Nilay mounted Indrani’s chest and layed his long dick between her two mountainous boobs. He pushed her boobs together on his cock from either sides and started to tittie-fuck the big-breasted actress-dancer.

The feeling of her big, soft boobs rubbing his dick was like heaven for the renowned director as he aimed the head of his dick at his wife and Mistress-boudi’s mouths.

At one point, he shot the strings of his sticky white cum all over their faces and tits. The two Tolly celebs licked his huze cum off from each other for minutes. At last as they lay basking in the afterglow, they realised that they would have to try this again.

To be continued…..

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