Meri khubsurat biwi ki train me chudai

It was December. Me and my wife Manasi were travelling by train to Delhi. We had two seats in the AC 2 tier compartment and the other two seats were empty. There were total four seats and two lower berths for sleeping and two upper berths. The compartment had a door and when shut four passengers could enjoy privacy.

‘You wear something hot’ I told my wife because I planned to enjoy the trip.
‘What?’ she asked with a cheeky smile.
‘Wear the short skirt I brought for you from Dubai’ I said, ‘and the matching black bra.’
‘You must be out of your mind’ she remarked ‘with those things I will be as good as naked.’
‘So what?’
‘If other passengers come? What then?’ she quipped with a smile. Her charming face lighting up in romantic mood.

‘Then you take a kambal (blanket) around you. We both will be inside the same single kambal, snuggly, hot and romantic’ I answered.
‘Wow! That’s going to be lovely’ she replied. ‘I always dreamt of getting caressed under a blanket.’ She said face lighting up.
‘We will honey moon under the blanket’ I said winking at her.
‘Naughty’ she muttered sternly but she took out the black dress from our baggage.
‘I will wear it in the bathroom and come’ she said.
‘All will see you baby’ I said imagining the reaction of males who would see her in such a slutty dress.
‘They won’t’ she said ‘I will wrap a kambal around me.’
‘If anyone sees you, you will get fucked’ I said laughing.
‘You will relish that, I know it you voyeur’ she replied back smiling sweetly.
‘I know you love cocks too’ I added to heat up the situation.
She went to change up. I was hoping that no one else would board the train and occupy the two vacant seats. I was planning to enjoy her under the blanket.

Manasi was 29, quite beautiful with big 38 size C-Cup boobies a narrow 28 in waistline and the mesmerizing 40 in hips with solid upturned buttocks and white milky thighs. Her biggest asset was her white, hairless and smooth creamy complexion, almost milky and that made her look ravishingly hot, especially when half naked. She used to go to the gym regularly to maintain fitness and she also did yoga to keep her pussy tight and muscles in good condition.

Accordingly, I had brought for her a slutty dress from Dubai worn by belle dancers which consisted of a black lacy bra that covered only the nipples and nothing else. The other part was a micro mini skirt, a tiny piece of cloth around the waist that didn’t hide the pussy rather enhanced the view between her legs. She looked like a sex goddess in that attire.
Her pink pussy was robust, fleshy and maintained clean and nicely shaven.
Soon she was back. I closed the compartment door and whisked off the blanket which she had wrapped around her.

‘Wow!’ She looked killing!

She had put on her favourite jasmine perfume and body spray and was smelling lovely like a flower. I noticed that she had also done up her face beautifully in a full make-up and had put on a red glossy lipstick she used made he look highly desirable. She smiled sweetly as I gazed at her.
‘So you are mesmerized?’ she questioned. ‘I look like a slutty whore in this dress.’
‘You look lovely’ I commented. I took her into my arms and started to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around me tightly and I hugged her naked body. She was soft and warm. Her body was hot even in the cool AC. The very feel of her naked body rubbing against me was enough to excite me tremendously.
We were just beginning when the train had come to a halt.

‘Maybe a station’ I said ‘you wear the blanket around you and sit. I hope no one comes.’
I was wrong. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I opened it and to my horror I found a group of Bihari guys standing there. They were hefty, totally black complexioned and I noticed that they were from the lower labour class. They wore lungis. I could smell the sweaty odour emanating from their bodies clad in vests. There was also the stench of cheap liquor. They were drunk.

A huge guy stepped forward. ‘Saab, we have 2 seats here’ he said ‘but we are six, we didn’t get confirmed tickets so we will share. I hope you don’t mind. He came inside and saw my wife in the blanket. In a hurry Manasi had not wrapped the blanket well and one of her bare shoulders glistened in the dim light. Anyone could easily make out that she was naked underneath.
‘Memsaab bhi ayi hai’ muttered the big guy in Hindi with a knowing grin.
‘Darwaze ko bandh kar dena’ he ordered.

They trooped inside and took their places. They removed their vests and became topless. They were huge and hairy. The sweat shone on their bodies.
The big guy (Bhushan) was obviously the leader. He was a massive black guy like an African and he stared hungrily at Manasi for a long time apprising her. ‘Hum log bhi sath jayenge’ he quipped at her and before I could react he sat down beside my wife. I noticed that he sat noticeably close to her purposely.

‘Kya bolte ho?’ he asked Manasi, his face close to her’s. I was sure he could smell her up-close.
‘Ha’ she replied.
‘Dekha, ye samaj gayi.’
‘Dost banoge’ he said offering his hand to Manasi.

She had no option but to take his hand. The movement caused her blanket to slip down and her bra clad body was suddenly in open view of all. They were staring. Her breasts appeared to be larger at that than usual and were ballooning out in defiance before them. They glistened in the dim light. I noticed that some guys had their hands on their cocks, they were having erections.

‘Bohot sundar ho’ the one called Haria remarked as he walked up to her and shook hands. He squeezed her hands. One by one each one came near her ogling at her nudity and shaking hands.
I was forgotten. All the attention was on her. They had her surrounded.

‘Aap upar chale jao’ a guy told me sternly.
‘Tum us side beth lo, Memsaab beech me bethegi.
‘Kyu chalegi na Memsaab?’ he asked Manasi. He was still holding her hand so that she could not cover her breasts.
‘Ha’ Manasi replied weakly.
‘Tu achi hai samajti hai’ Haria said as he sat on the other side of my wife.
During the adjustment Manasi had to stand up to allow Haria come beside her and the blanket slipped to the floor.
In a flash she stood naked before the six Biharis in the flimsy dress.
‘Achi dress hai’ Bhushan remarked as he apprised her from top to bottom. I could make out his eyes linger on her open pussy.
‘Bilkul randi lag rahi ho’ Haria commented.

Manasi was feeling terribly shy for being called a ‘randi’ before so many guys. She stood demurely exhibiting herself to them and her eyes avoiding theirs, face downcast.
‘Tum aise raho hamare sath koi pareshani nahi’ Bhushan said ‘ek sath safar karne wale hai to phie sharmana kya?’
‘Rahoge na? Bolo?’ the other, Haria asked.
Manasi nodded.
‘Chalo betho hum dono ke beech me.’
‘Usko sardi lag jayegi’ I protested weakly ‘kambal de do.’ I did not like all of them raping her with their eyes.
‘Chinta mat karo’ the leader said looking at me ‘kambal de denge.’
Haria caught her hand and made her sit.
Now the blanket was raised so that it covered all three of them together.
‘Aab thand nahi lagegi’ Bhushan said.
‘Thand lag rahi hai aapko?’ Bhushan asked Manasi.
‘Nahi’ she replied.
‘Nazdik chipak ke betho’ he said and both edged close to her. Their faces almost touching hers. I was sure she could smell their sweaty bodies now.

I was also sure their hands were probing her under the blanket. Manasi’s face was flushed red as both men were slowly caressing and exploring her body.

‘Sab mil ke chalenge’ Bhushan said grinning. He looked at my wife, his face close to her’s ‘kya bolte ho?’ he asked her. His palm was on her thighs (I could make out from the dipping blanket) and I imagined him squeeze her thighs with passion.

Manasi’s face was flushed red in shame as she tried to avoid the probing hands of these smelly big black guys.
‘Aaram se’ he remarked squeezing her butter-soft thighs. ‘Ghabrayiye nahi.’
One of them was groping and fondling her boobs. Her wide eyes told the story.
‘Aap upar jao’ the guy called Haria directed at me.
It was a hopeless situation.
‘Ye to char logo ke liye hai’ I protested weekly. ‘aap log to 6 jan ho.’
‘Koi baat nahi’ replied Haria, ‘manage kar lenge.’
‘Aap upar jao. Memsaab niche so jayegi. Hum log do seat me manage karlenge. The guy’s palm was between my wife’s legs, I was sure. She was butter-soft there and I could almost sense how the guy must have felt touching her there. They were not fools and they realized that she was and ideal female for fucking.

‘Jaldi sharab nikalo auur batti bujao’ he said removing his lungi in a trice as he slid naked into the blanket with her. I noticed that he was rubbing his body against hers. They were not going to waste time.
Manasi was restless as the guy called Haria explored her like a black monster from the other side.
Manasi winced and from her facial expression I knew that one of the guy’s had his hand between her nude soft thighs or pussy and he was obviously squeezing them hard now.
Manasi was staring out of the window her face was flushed red.

One guy took out a bottle of liquor and passed it around. I was also offered. I had no option but to drink the cheap liquor.

‘Aap bhi thorisi pi lo, Memsaab the big one said thrusting the bottle at her lips and I could see him rub his body against her under the blanket.
‘Ek sath bethenge aur maza karenge. Kya bolte ho? He asked my wife.

Manasi nodded because she too was helpless. She was purposely avoiding my eyes because it happened to be the Biharis who were now under her blanket instead of me and they played with her body freely. Both the Biharis were sexually excited by now and groped her eagerly and lovingly.
‘Ghabrayiye nahi’ Bhushan consoled Manasi when she tried to move away. He pulled her onto his body and held her tightly by the breasts.
Manasi gulped as he fed her the liquor. She choked. She was helpless and accepted the drink. He made her drink profusely as he gripped her boobs and pulled her close to his body.
‘Garmi aa jayegi.’

Soon I noticed that she was huddled between the two big burly men like a baby. There was a slight movement under the blanket and her bra and Haria’s lungi fell on the floor. I could tell that all three were naked underneath.

The raw country liquor was strong and soon I could see Mansi’s eyes were closing and she was letting them feel her as they willed. She had succumbed to the two naked Biharis completely under the blanket.
‘Batti bujha do’ the big guy shouted and the lights were put off.
The train was passing the forests so it was dark. I could hear some grappling as the guys made love to my naked wife. The liquor was effective she provided no resistance. Suddenly all was quiet.

‘Isko pakro’ Bhushan was whispering in her ear, he was giving her his cock.
‘Meri bhi’ Haria echoed.
‘Pyar se ghiso. Ha aise. Teri khilone hai.’
Manasi stroked their cocks and they were delirious.
The train passed a signal and briefly I caught glimpse. The three of them were wrapped in the same blanket with my wife like a single ball. Manasi was now sitting on their lap. They were hugging her and kissing her like mad men. I could hear their tongues lap. One of them was sucking her boobs!
Suddenly I felt that I was having an erection. I decided that I should give Manasi the good opportunity.
Meanwhile the other men had pulled blankets around themselves, pretending to doze.
‘Aap upar chale jao’ Haria told me.
‘Manasi you sleep in this berth’ I said.
‘Ok’ she replied weakly ‘you go to sleep I will sleep after some time.’

As soon as I was on the top bunk I peeped below. They were just waiting for me to go up. The other guys came under the blanket. Then there were the sounds of kissing, sucking and my wife’s occasional sighs as they played with her lovely naked body.

‘Kya cheez hai.’ I heard someone comment. Within an hour all the six guys had played with my wife by turn under the blanket.

Manasi was drunk and she moaned loudly in full passion.
‘So gaye?’ someone asked me. I kept quiet pretending to be asleep.
‘Ye so gaya’ he announced.
‘Ab chodenge isko’ I heard Bhushan whisper. ‘Tum log mere baad.’
He made Manasi lie down on the berth and he slid his huge black body over hers.
‘Tange kholo memsaab’ I heard him whisper.
‘Aaur fellao. Khub pyar se.’ Pause. ‘Apne hato se mera lund andar le lo pyar se’ he instructed.
Manasi did so because he said ‘Ha bariya.’
Bhushan was instructing my wife and I was sure that she was cooperating fully.
Suddenly there was a stifled groan coming from Manasi’s throat and I knew instantly that he had inserted his lund fully in her pussy. I could hear Manasi’s typical sighs as he stroked her.
‘Kas ke jakarlo muje” Bhushan ordered Manasi.
‘Aaou zor se. Tango ko meri pith pe lao. Aaur upar. Ha aise. Abhi puri tarah se andar gaya hai.’

Hard ramming.
Maybe they were low-class labourers but they knew how to achieve complete penetration.

‘bohot tandrust ho tum. Teri chut mast hai Memsaab, kafi garmi hai. Bilkul tight. Super.’
‘Tere dudh ka size kya hai?’ I heard him ask her in a whisper.
‘Challis’ I heard Manasi reply, she was enjoying so she had lied. She was also playing with the Bihari now.
‘Mast banaye ho’ Bhushan commented.
They talked and fucked. I could not hear everything but they were getting introduced.
‘Kabhi Bihari lund liye ho?’
‘Aaj maze le lo.’
‘Chodna pasand hai? He asked her.
‘Aaj dil khol ke chodo. Hum 6 log hai.’
‘Chone dogi?
‘Sabbas, ye huwi na baat.’ He was kissing her.’

He fucked my wife for an hour. He would thrash her wildly till she cummed then he would slow down to full deep strokes. He was taking his own time tasting her slowly.

Fifteen minutes later.
‘Abhi me bbej dalunga. Tumko ho gaya?’
‘Ha daliye, me tayar hu,’ I heard Manasi reply in a whisper.
Muje kas ke jakar lo’ he said.
‘Aaur zor se, tum bachi nahi ho’
‘Apni chut se mera lund kas lo. Zor se. Ha aise. Bariya. Baar baar kaso. Aaaah ….ha ha aise he muttered drunkenly. ‘Ab lelo mera beej.’
Manasi croaked as he filled her up with his Bihari semen.
Manasi was having an orgasm and I knew it from her throat sounds. They were ejaculating together.
‘Maza aya?’
‘Ha, bohot.’

He slumped upon her for 10/15 minutes.
‘Ab Haria chodega tumhe.’

Haria was eagerly waiting for his turn and as soon as Bhushan stood up he pounced upon Manasi hungrily.
‘Bohot khub surat ho tum’ I heard him comment. Manasi moaned softly. He had entered her pussy.
It was slimy with Bhushan’s semen so Haria’s cock entered her easily.
‘Kya naam hai?’ I heard him ask.
‘Manasi’ she replied.
‘Umar kitni?’
‘25’ Manasi had lied again she was almost 30.
‘Bache hai?’
‘Aaj ho jayega. 6 jan chodega tumko bari bari se. bolo chahiye ya nahi?’
There was silence as he fucked her,
‘Sali baat kar’ he stormed ‘chahiye ki nahi?
‘Ha chahiye’ Manasi replied.
‘Ha aisa bolo.’
‘Maza aa raha hai? He asked.
‘Ha’ this time I heard her reply.

Heavy pounding Pause
‘Husband ka lund ka size kya hai?’
‘Char in’ Mansi replied.
I was shocked to hear her lie. I had a 6 in erection.
‘Meri wali 9 in ka hai’ Haria said ‘maza aa rahi hai?
‘Kabi liye ho 9 in?’
‘Nahi, aaj pehli baar’ I heard Manasi reply.
‘Tumko to 9/10 in maza degi. Hai na, bolo?’
‘Bihario se chudwao. Chudwayegi?’ Haria asked.
‘Chudwaungi’ she replied.
‘Kis se chudwaoge?’
‘Aap log jaise Bihariose chudwaungi.’
‘Sabbas. Ab meri pani nikalne wali hai,teri pani nikli?’
‘Abhi kas ke jakro jaise Bhushan ko jakra tha. Tange pith par. Chut se mera lund ko kaso. Ha aise. Aaur zor se. bariya kaste raho aisehi jab tak me dadungi.’

Manasi croaked grinding her cunt on his inserted phallus. A deep groan came from his throat. That was the signal. Haria was vigorously ejaculating into her.
‘Aaj kafi din baad bariya chut mari hu. Maza aa gaya tumko chodkar’
The third was a slim lanky guy called Mannu. He thrust a cloth bag under her buttocks to raise her ass before penetrating her. Then I heard a strange sound.
He was spitting!

Ya! He spat on her and then came some lapping sounds. He was licking up the spit from her face and shoulders. I wished I could see the play but it was too dark. This continued. Spitting and licking.
‘Tu bhi chato’ I heard him tell Manasi.
Lapping sounds and ramming.
He fucked Manasi quietly for an hour. He did not talk but hugged her close kissed her mouth passionately as he fucked.
Next came Sukhlal. He was black and ugly looking with a protruding belly.
‘Meri lund chato Memsaab’ I heard him whisper to Mansi.
There was silence as he fed her his black cock. I could hear her lapping. That was the way she used to lap my penis. She was obeying.
‘Zor se chat. Maal nikal de aaj.’ He was fucking her mouth.
‘Ha ha aise, bohot dino ke baad koi chusa hai aise aaur maza do jiv lagao ha aise.’ His commentary made me feel hot.
‘Gand bhi chuso. Ha udhar. Zor se… jiv se chato… aaah ha aise.’
‘Bohot khub memsaab’ he praised.
‘Abhi meri beej niklegi mu me lo. Puri pi lena. Ek bhi boond girna nahi chahiye,’ he directed Manasi.

I could hear my wife gulp in her throat. He was ejaculating his semen in her mouth. I was hot as ever. Manasi never ate my cum but now she was eating this ugly black guy’s cum like milk.
‘Acha hai? He asked her.
‘Ab Sitaram ki bari. Me tumhe baad me chodungi, Memsaab.’
Sitaram was a fatty guy of about 40.
‘Me tumhe piche se chodungi’ he announced. There was a scuffle as Manasi was made to kneel and he mounted her from behind using her boobs like handles. Manasi moaned as he gave her his big black cock. She was now oblivious of her surroundings.
‘Teri dudh mast hai re, kaise banaye ho. Achi tarah se pakarne do. Ha aise, pyar se, ye hui na baat. Teri chut bhi mast hai jaanu.’
He fucked her hard.
‘Kaisa lag rahi hai, Mansi?’ he asked.
Achci lag rahi hai.’
‘Ahista maslo, dukhti hai’ I heard Manasi whisper.
‘Tum to shadi shuda ho Mansi muje kas ke dabane do, kuch nahi hoga.’
‘Zor se chati dabao’ Haria put in ‘Sali ko pasand hai.’
‘Pura nichor raha hu. Kafi bare bare hai zaroor maza ayegi isko’ Sitaram replied.

Manasi was groaning like a slaughtered sheep.
They made long hot love.
‘Kaisa lah raha hai bolo’ he repeated.
‘Achi lag rahi hai’ Manasi replied.
‘Ye hui na baat. Ab teri gand marungi’ Sitaram hissed.
‘Nahi’ Manasi croaked but the guy had already entered her ass.
‘Pura ghus gaya. Bohot tight hai re tu Mansi.’
He defiled her ass for nearly thirty minutes before filling her with his hot thick scum.
Soon five Biharis had shot her with cum. The sixth was an oldish Bihari of about 50. His name was Baldev.
‘Tum mere upar aajao’ he ordered Manasi.

‘Ha aise. Pura lund andar le lo aaur chodo.’
The fucking had begun.
‘Zor zor se.’
‘Aaur zor se.’
‘Bariya. Chodo chodo. Mera maal nikal lo.’

Now I could hear Manasi moan with full sexual pleasure.
‘Jaldi karo, Baldev’ Bhushan spoke up ‘iski pati jagne se pehle muje isse phir chodna hai.’
‘Ha ha’ there was a chorus of approval.
‘Sali naagi beth rahi thi kambal ke niche’ Haria commented.
‘Iski nangi photo nikalungi’ Sukhlal suggested.
‘Batti jalao’ someone snapped and the lights came on.

I peeped. Manasi’s hair was in shambles. The red lipstick was gone all sucked away. Her boobs were flushed red due to hours of rough handling. She was sitting on his lap and fucking the black old Bihari from top like a real slut looking sexy as ever. I realized for the first time that she was really good at it. Baldev’s cock was in her pussy. He was hairy and I could see the hairs rubbing her pussy as she stroked him passionately.
‘Dekho kitni pyaar se Baldev ko chod rahi hai’ commented Mannu.
Mansi was jerking her ass hard against Baldev.
‘Randi hai Sali’ Haria added.

Suddenly Baldev grabbed Manasi by the buttocks and rammed her hard onto his dick. Holding her in a vice like grip, full cock in her pussy, he ejaculated. I could see his buttock tendons swell spasmodically as he released loads after loads of his scum into her.
He was trying to remove his pennis from her cunt.
‘Ruko Baldev’ Bhushan intervened ‘maal andar jane do puri tarah. Tu iski lund nichor le’ he told Manasi patting her on the head.

She was looking gorgeous. Her breasts were fully naked before them but the skirt was still on her waist. It was no impediment at all.
‘Chal chut se uski lund daba’ Haria urged Manasi kneading her boobs.
Kyu Baldev dabati hai?

Ha re sali ustad hai maza aa raha hai,’ Baldev was smiling and I could see his tobacco stained teeth.
Manasi tried to get up but Baldev was holding her steady, cock still fully inserted in her pussy.
‘Lund lete huwe bohor sundar dikhti ho aap, hath upar karo’ Bhushan ordered and Manasi obediently raised her hands.
‘Jhatka do Baldev ko me video bana raha hu’ Sukhlal interjected.
Manasi obeyed. Her boobs swayed as she thrust backwards and forward.
‘Uski dudh ka video banao’ someone pointed out.
They took her snaps and made videos.
‘Muje ise chodna hai phirse’ Bhushan said.
‘Muje bhi’ Haria added.

Everyone wanted a second round. Bhushan and Haria were lucky because they fucked her again. Sukhlal also fucked her pussy under the lights as he had promised.
Then the train reached the station.
They were going to get down. Bhushan looked at Manasi who was now in that black bra and skirt. He took some snaps.

‘Nishani ki dour pe’ he smiled ‘aapse milke acha laga hum phir kabhi milenge zaroor.’
Manasi was smiling in acknowledgement. Her face was radiant.
Manasi got pregnant and I had to go for an abortion.

I hope you all liked the story. Please give your comments and if you want Manasi’s snap do post a request by email at [email protected].

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