Sex with wife and step daughter

Hello readers, I am new here. So, pardon me for my mistakes. This is completely hypothetical story but full of fantasy sex and if you are obsessed with incest then don’t read it. I was living in the London in a hostel and I simultaneously searching for a sharing flat. So, I search the availability … Read more

His fiancée’s friends give him a birthday surprise

It was my 21st birthday and I was on my way to my fiancée’s flat in London, where she went to university. She shared it with two of her friends, Diane and Rachel, Diane was short, attractive and slim with olive skin, Rachel however was tall and skinny, but still reasonably attractive. My fiancée’s best … Read more

The Birthday : Full of surprises

Hey everyone I am Rahul the same well built 23 years old guy back with another story which is also true story and the continued part of My life from nothing to everything . I recieved good response for my last story and few of them asked me about curing premature ejaculation which is 21 … Read more

A Birthday Surprise Gangbang For My Wife

My name is John. I am forty-one-years-old and have been happily married for twenty years to Wendy. We have two children both nineteen years old and life is pretty good. The one thing I wish I could change is that in twenty years I have failed to satisfy my wife sexually. My wife has a … Read more