Sex with wife and step daughter

Hello readers, I am new here. So, pardon me for my mistakes. This is completely hypothetical story but full of fantasy sex and if you are obsessed with incest then don’t read it.

I was living in the London in a hostel and I simultaneously searching for a sharing flat. So, I search the availability of flats on different social media.

One day in the afternoon, I get a call from an unknown number, I pick it up and say hello. At that side a lady ask me that did you looking for sharing flat. I said yes did you have one. She said my name is Julie and I have one flat. I asked her about the address.

After that I go to her place, see the room and it’s satisfactory. I asked about the rent and sharing members. She said that she is living here with her daughter named as Sara and the rent is quite reasonable. Her daughter is living in hostel and come home on weekends only.

She is working in a local company but her expenses is not fulfilled by that, that’s why she need a flat mate. I started living there, after some time I and Julie become a friend. We share many things, she told me that her husband is beaten her that’s why she divorced with him and as a alimony she get this flat. She asked me about my girlfriend. I told her that I have the one in the past but now I am single. She tells me how its possible for the good looking guy like you be single. I said her then how its possible for a beautiful girl like you to be single. She said that I afraid after my past experiences that’s why I decide to remain single.

I asked her can I tell you something if you don’t mine. She said yes. I told her can you be my girlfriend I liked you a lot from first day itself. I also don’t have problem with your daughter.

For a instance, everything is paused for me and her. She said I want to think about it. After that we did not have any talk for some days. One day I asked her what you thought about that. She says yes. I become very happy and we started to kiss each other. I slowly open her clothes. I started to grab her boobs from the bra. She moaned and says squize them harder. She touch my dick from the clothes itself. It gets harder after her touch. I open my pants and she said you have a very big one how can I handle it. She started giving blowjob to me.

After sometime, I opened all her clothes. She is completely nude in front of me. She is extremely sexy woman. I started licking her vagina. She moaning harder. She said please fuck me, my vagina is very much thirsty for your dick. I put a condom on my cock, she said don’t use condom. I said okay and started fucking her. She is crying after the pain but after sometime she used to it and started enjoying it. She said fuck me harder and harder. I increase my speed.

After sometime I said that I am about to cum where I cum, she said cum on my face, I want to taste your cum. I put my cock in her mouth. I fill her mouth from my cum and she sucked it all.

After that I again lick her vagina and inside my tounge inside her. She liked it so much. We get a shower together. Now it’s become our daily routine to have sex. But except weekends when her daughter is come to home. Actually, she didn’t told about our relationship to her daughter.

One day I and Julie have a sex and her daughter is come. She sees us in an inappropriate manner. She goes from there, we wear a clothes and Julie goes to her daughter for telling about our relationship. She tells her that we like each other. Sara said that I am happy for you that you find a soulmate for your self. Julie become happy that her daughter accept her relationship.

After that Julie and Sara come to me and said Sara is completely fine with our relationship. I and Julie decide to naked at home when Sara is not there. Julie also liked my idea because she also don’t like a clothes. We have sex at any time in a day. Sometimes julie doing her office job and I started inserting my dick in her vagina. And in that way she is doing his work along with sex. This will continue for a year. But now, sara come to home permanently because her studies is completed there and for further studies she wants to do it from London itself. It is fine for us but now we are not roaming nude in the home.

She said that she wants me to married with Julie. I said it’s completely fine for me. If she is okay with it then I am ready. Julie is also okay with the marriage. We married in a church in London.

Now we officially become husband wife. Sara become my step daughter. After that we goes to honeymoon to Hawaii. Me and Julie spends a nice time there. We go to nude beache also.

We open our full clothes and started walking nude on the beach. The wind passes from our private area gives us the very soothing experience. Everyone there is nude. As I have a big dick, many girls and womens started Gilling on my dick. I get a boner because of that. Julie started laughing by that and said you get a boner. I said please help it hurts me, she sucked my cock on the beach and we have a sex on the beach itself. It’s our lifes best sex experience. Many bbc’s come to us and want to have sex with Julie but we denied about that.

We are sitting in a hotel room and I asked about a couple swap sex if she is comfortable with it. I tell her that it was my fantasy to have a couple swap sex. She said that she can try it. Next day, we sitting in a bar and one black couple looking at us. We noticed something different in their looking. They came to us and they introduce themselves as Mark and Lucy. We also greeted them. They say that this is their first vacation to Hawaii and they are new here. So they search for a friend. I told them that we are also new here. So we can help each other.

After that we together go to different places. I told mark about my fantasy and asked him about couple swap sex. Mark is also interested in julie so he said that I have no problem but I have to asked to my wife. I said ya it’s completely fine. If you’re wife is also ready then come to my room in the evening.

At 6’o clock, doorbell rings of my room. I open the door and it’s mark and his wife lucy. Mark told me lucy is also interested in couple swap sex. Then we started. Mark come with Julie and I come with Lucy. They started kiss each other and I and Lucy also kissed each other at the same time. Lucy is a ebony she has a black glowing body. I like it. On the other hand julie is very much white. So mark is also like her. I started to open the clothes of lucy and mark started of julie. I suck the boobs of lucy. Lucy putting her hand inside my pants. I open my pants, lucy started sucking my dick. Julie also started sucking dick of mark.

Mark is a BBC. Lucy giving me a very good blowjob. After that, I started licking her vagina. She liked it so much because it was my expertise. She get a orgasm very early than julie. She said fuck me. I started fuck her without condoms, she like it although my dick is slightly smaller than mark but she liked my speed and stamina which is more than mark. Mark ejaculated very fast. I continously fucking lucy and increasing my speed with the time. Lucy didn’t experience this thing before having sex with me. I said lucy that I am about to cum she wants it in her vagina, so I ejaculated there itself. It’s a great night for all four of us.

Next day, we are coming back to london. One day, julie asked me can we talk about sara about our no clothes home policy. I said how can we ask her means how can she saw us nude. She say that we are living in london and its very much normal here. I said okay let’s talk with her.

Then I and julie tell sara that we have to talk with you. We sitted together, julie started the conversation. Julie said sara that before you come to house we both are living nude at home. Because we both don’t like the clothes. So, we want to remain nude but we thought that how can we in front of you. That’s why we thought to come in a very less clothes like only clothes for private parts. Did you have any problem with that. Sara said, no it’s completely fine for me as well because I also don’t like big clothes. Then we open our clothes and come in a boxers only. They both are also come in lingerie only. Sara has a nice figure and big boobs. I don’t know how but I like her body after seeing her in a lingerie. Julie noticed it and teasing me about that. I apologise to her in private for getting excited after seeing sara in a lingerie. She said its completely fine she is more sexy than me. It’s a proud moment for me that my daughter is looking more sexy than me. And you are also her step father so it’s not a very big problem. After that day we are always in a very less clothes. We wear full clothes when we need to go outside. Julie get pregnant from me. We are happy that we have a child. Because of pregnancy doctor suggest julie to remain nude as much as possible. So we talked about it to sara, she said okay. After that julie open her lingerie as well.

Now sara also said that she also don’t like lingerie. So I said you can also open it. I also open my boxers. Sara’s boobs are so big and looking juicy. I want to grab them but I control my self. Doctor suggest that it’s better if you guys don’t have a sex upto pregnancy. We said ok doctor and come to home. After some days it become hard for me to live without sex.

Julie understand my problem and tell me can I talk about it to Sara. I said what are you saying she is my step daughter how can I have sex with her. She said exactly she is your step daughter so it’s not a very big deal. She told sara about doctor advice, she asked can you have sex with your step father. Sara told that what she get in return, julie told her that she get anything she want. Sara said I want a car in exchange for that. Julie and I both are agreed.

Then sara started sucking my dick in front of julie. She is a very good sucker. She already have so many boyfriends and have a continuous sex with them. I enjoyed her blowjob. I fingering in her vagina and started licking it. I licked all her body. I sateted fucking her with my big cock. She said that it was so good, keep fucking me harder step daddy. It’s been better than all my boyfriends. It give me a confidence and I perfom with more energy. It’s been her life’s best sex according to her.

Now it’s become very common between us and we did a regular sex. She broke up with her boyfriends because she like it with me more than anyone else.

After 9 months julie give birth to a baby boy. Now I can sex with julie after 5 months. We both are happy. Sara said to julie what about her. Is she didn’t get a sex with me. Julie said don’t worry dear we can share him. I am also becoming happy by threesome. From that day we started threesome. Now john our new baby boy also growing. He is also growing in a nude environment. Sara want to become a Instagram influencer, so she asked my permission that can she posted the semi nude photos on instagram. I don’t have problem with that.

She started to posting semi nude photos on her insta handle clicked by me and julie. Her followers is increasing day by day. Me and julie also thinks to uploads semi nude photos on instagram. We make a page on insta and started posting photos on it. We started to get a calls from big brands about promotion. We get a ad for condom, sex toys, Deodorants, etc. Sara also continued her studies as I already told her that you have to do study as well. She goes to school and her school uniform is so short that her panty is seen from her mini skirt. But sara like it. She is very good in basketball and a captain for their school team as well.

One day she changed her clothes in a changing room after playing basketball. Two boys come there, as she was alone there all the girls are already left. They started teasing her because they saw her Instagram pictures. She also like there touch and started having sex with them. She open their zip and started sucking their cock one by one. They tore her clothes and started a rough sex with her. They fuck from front and back. One putting in her vagina and one is doing anal with her. She likes it and started moaning heavily. They both ejaculated in her mouth and her mouth is full of cum. She again started sucking their dick and now they are ready to double penetrated in her vagina.

This time they both are cum in her vagina. Her vagina is overloaded with their cum. They started licking her vagina and licked their cum too. They goes from there after a good sex. But now it become problem for her as her clothes is torned by them.

Then she calls me and asked me can I get a clothes for her from home. I said okay I can come. I goes to her and give a clothes. She told me everything about that. I asked her can we have sex here. She said that she is tired but can do it one more round. She started sucking my dick and after my dick come in full shape I started fucking her in school itself.

After a round I and sara come to home. Sara got heavily tired so she go and slept in her room. I got a message from an unknown number. I check the message it has a clip. I saw it, it is the clip of me and sara from the school sex. I checked the number in a directory. It is of sara’s madam, I asked her what she want. She tells me that Come to my place. I goes to her address she is extremely sexy. She said she want to have sex with me. I started kissing her. She wear a black one piece. I open her clothes and started squizzing her boobs from her black bra. I can’t control on my self and opened her bra and panty too. Her pubic hair is completely cleaned which I liked it so much. Her vagina is pink in color and have a big round shape booty. I spanked her booty. She liked it and said do it again. I repeatedly doing it and her booty become red by my slap. She opened my clothes and grab my dick. She started sucking it. I liked it very much. In very less time I come a orgasm and ejaculated in her mouth. She continously sucking it after some time my dick become hard again. I come on her and started to fuck her vagina. She liked it so much. I starts a boob fuck after that means holding my dick between her big boobs and started up and down movement. She told me for anal sex. I put my fingers in her butt so that my dick easily goes in.

I started licking her butt and ready to insert my dick into it. I inserted my dick, she feel very heavy pain but enjoying it after some time. I fuck her 5 times that day. I come to home, sara is still sleeping and julie is still not come from her friends bachelor’s party. So I also slept. At night doorbells ring, I opened the door. It was julie. She said that she become so tired today.

Next morning I prepare a morning coffee for me and julie. She said good morning to me and giving me a nice kiss. I asked her about her friends bachelor’s party. I asked did you enjoy yesterday. Is your friend also calling a jigolo. She said how would you know. That means she call that too. She said yes, it was a wonderful experience with him. He has a very big cock, my vagina is still hurting. Can I give you a massage. She tells yes please. I started massaging her vagina. Because of that I get a boner too. Sara is also come there, sara help me with my boner and I help julie with her pain. John is also growing now and he also get a big dick like me. I giving him a lesson about how to masturbate. He learns it fast.

Now sara become 25 so, I and julie thinks of some surprise for her. But didn’t get any idea. Julie suggest me can we call a bbc for her. I told her that she have sex with bbc so many times in her school. Let’s have something different.

Then I get a idea of having sex with her brother. It’s a new thing for both of them. But we have a doubt that john is ready for sex. We ask john about it, he said he can try. On the birthday night we celebrate her birthday. Instead of knife for cutting cake I told her to use her brother’s dick. She looked at me in a strange way. Really, are you fine he have a very short dick. I insisted her and she try it. But it really small. I said it better if you suck it first. She started sucking johns dick, johns get a boner too and this is his first experience. Now she cut the cake by johns dick. She licked the cake from johns dick.

After that I tells john that how to lick vagina. I give a demo to him by licking sara’s vagina. He is a fast learner. He licked it better than me. Sara also enjoying the little tongue over her vagina.

After that John try to put his dick in sara’s vagina. He successfully inserted it and starting fucking her.

She satisfied with his stamina. In this way, John is also starting sex.

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