Lost virginity to my Mosi

Hi Readers, Myself Ratan, 33 years old from Pune works in MNC. I hope you have read my previous story “Playing Doctor-Doctor with Mosi”. So here I am back with my new real life story on how I lost my virginity to my Pinky Mosi.

My mosi was 26 years at that time and I was 21. I don’t know her size but she is very fair, hot, and gorgeous, her boobs are voluptuous, firm anyone would die for. She is 5’3” in height, has curvy body and right amount of flesh at right places.
Fast forward 5 years from the previous story. My Mosi got married but within one year she got separated (Divorced) from her husband.
Because of this she used to be always Sad, not talk to anyone, do not socialize in family or with friends. All were worried for her. My cousin Nanaji and all family members would call me to come and meet her and make her happy again.

In vacations, I went to my Nani’s place and then went to meet my Pinky Mosi. After looking at her, I felt very sad as she was not the one like she used to be ever. She just looked at me and said kaisa hai tu Ratan and then went to her room.

Nanaji told me now it is your duty to cheer her up and make her lively. I assured them and went to Mosi’s room. I then started chit chat with her and told her that get ready quickly, we are going out.
We then went on bike to a lake. There I tried cheer up her and she started to respond positively and asked her to move on, I am always there for you whenever you require me. She then looked at me and gave me a smile.

So in next few days she became normal and everyone in the family were happy. All were asking me why you did not come early Ratan.
Nanaji then asked me to stay here only for 3-4 days as they are going out of town and they left in the evening. After dinner I and mosi started watching TV and were chit chatting.

Me: Mosi, do you remember our game that we used to play?
Mosi: Which game?
Me: Doctor-Doctor… would you like to play? I winked at her and was rubbing my hand on her thighs
Mosi: You naughty… chup kar… and she gave a shy smile and did not removed my hand from her thigh. Teri girlfriend k bare me bata
Me: Kya batau, apko to pata hi hai apki shadi ke pehle hi break-up hogaya tha mera to. I am still virgin. Aur Me to Single hu ab
Mosi: hmmm…Tu bhi Single, Me bhi Single, why not we Mingle… Winking at me with a Smile and came little close to me
I and Mosi were looking into each other eyes and were very close. I leaned forward and gave a kiss on her head, cheeks and finally landed on her lovely pink lips. Mosi closed her eyes and also cooperated with me. Her breathing started increasing
We were kissing each other. I put my tongue in her mouth and she sucked it and then she did the same. It continued for 10 mins. I then removed her cluture and let her hair loose.

Mosi mere hairs me hath ghuma rahi thi aur me unke back pe hath ghuma raha tha. Then we got up and were deep kissing each other and then me mosi ki gaand sehlane laga. Mosi ki siskariya nikalne lagi…. Ummmm. Ahhhh….
I turned her around and started kissing on her neck. My dick was pressing against her ass. I told mosi look in the mirror how beautiful, sexy you are and started pressing her boobs from her top.. Mosi ahhhh Ratan dhire se…..ssshhhhhh ahhhhhh…..
Then I removed her top and she also removed mine. Her boobs were dying to come out of her black bra. Bra pe se hi mosi ke boobs dabane laga aur bite karne laga… mosi started moaning ahhh ohhhhh….

Phir mene Mosi ki bra bhi khol diya aur mosi upar se nangi hogayi. Kya nazara tha.. aj bhi imagine karte hi mera lund khada hojata hai. Phir mene mosi ke boobs ko chusna start kiya ek-ek kar ke..aur ek hath se dusre boobs ka dabata raha…
Ufff….. ahhhhhhh……. Ratan dabate reh….. chus mere boobs ka….nipples ko chus achese….ahhhh..bahot maja aa raha hai….Phir mene mosi ko godh me utha k room me leke gaya aur bed pe letaya aur phir unke upar aa k nipples ko chusta raha aur nipple ko bite kiya..mosi ekdum se jamki awaz nikali ahhhhh… katu mat…bas chuste reh ratan ahhhh. ummmm…
Aur phir me mosi ke pure badan pe kiss karte-karte unki nabi me aya aur tongue se khelne laga….wow ratan maja aa raha hai…ummmmm……ufffff…….

Phir mene Mosi ki legging utardi aur unke toe se leke thighs tak kiss karte aya. Then I reached near her pussy and smelled it from her panty. It was wonderful feeling. I gave a slight kiss on her pussy above the panty. Mosi ko ekdum se current laga….
Mosi: ye kya kar raha hai tu ratan waha kiss nai karte hai…

Me: Mosi ap bas enjoy karo….. Then I removed her black lacy panty and started rubbing her pussy fingers..
Mosi: ahhhh….bahot acha lag raha hai…..karte reh…
Me: Mosi ke chut me finger dalne laga…chut tight lag rahi thi but I kept finger fucking her…and mosi was moaning heavily… Mosi ki chut puri gili hogayi thi…

Then I started licking her pussy and mosi started moaning ahhhhh…..ummmmmm……ohhhhhhh…..ahhhhhh…keep going..ufffffff…. I chewed her G-spot and mosi held my head against her pussy and moaning heavily ahhhhhh..
Ratan I am cumminggggggg….and she came heavily….. I cleaned her pussy….. Mosi was tired and laid down on the bed… I also laid down next to her and was playing with her boobs and pussy… My dick was rock hard inside the pants….
Mosi regained some energy and then placed her hand on my dick above the pant and started kissing me on lips.. we were kissing like as if there is no tomorrow. We both were so excited.

Me: Mosi mere lund ko azad karo n
Mosi: Ha mere raja don’t wory and pulls down my pant along with my underwear. My dick pops out and hits on her cheeks.
Mosi: Smilling, acha maintained kiya hai lund ko. Cleaned and good size to satisfy any women
Me: Mosi apko khus kardu vahi kafi hai mere liye. Chalo ab muh me lo aur chuso
Mosi: Ratan please, me nai chusungi and don’t force me. I have not done this thing before
Me: Ok mosi. I wont force you but atleast kiss to kardo n uspe and handjob to do
Mosi: Mosi leans down and give a kiss at the tip of my dick and a gave a moan..ohhhhh mosi..apke lips me jadu… Mosi then started stroking my dick slowly and I was pressing her boobs..

We both were moaning… ahhhhhh…ohhhh..ummmmm…. and I finally releases my cum on mosi’s hand. We then lay down for sometime…
Me: Mosi, ready for final show???
Mosi: Gives a cunning smile and nods…. She pulls me on her and I fell down on her and started kissing her and sucking her boobs…. Ab dal de andhar Ratan, raha nai jara mujhse
Me: I placed my dick on the entrance of her pussy and tried to push it. But mosi’s pussy was so tight that my dick was not going easily.
I applied some oil on dick and with little force pushed inside her pussy. Half of my dick went inside and mosi cried in little pain.
Me: Mosi kya hua? Should I stop
Mosi: Nai Ratan, dhire-dhire andhar dalte reh…

Phir mene ek aur push kiya aur mera lund pura mosi ki chut me chala gaya. Phir me dhire-dhire lund ko mosi ke chut me andar bahar karta raha..Mosi and me siskariya nikal rahe the…ahhhhhhh….. ummmmmmmmmmm…………. Yesssssss………………… uffffff………
Mosi: aur chod ratan….ahhhhhh…chodte reh…bahot acha lag raha hai
Me: Ha Mosi…..lo aur lo andhar tak….I kept fucking her pussy for next 10 mins in missionary position
Mosi: Ahhhhhhhh ohhhhhh yess, Ratan mera nikalne wala hai……ahhhhhhhh
I kept fucking her and after 7-8 stroke, I felt like I will bust and came inside her and lie down on her. After few minutes, my dick came out of her and our cum was oozing out of her pussy….
Mosi: Thank you Ratan, I love you beta… It was the best fuck ever…
Me: Mosi, lekin humne protection use nai kiya.
Mosi: Don’t worry, I will take a pill and also I am on safe period cycle.
Me: Mosi did I satisfy you? Are you happy?
Mosi: Ha Ratan, I am very much happy now. With your dick, you can satisfy any women. Your wife would be lucky.

We then cleaned our self in the washroom and came down on bed and lie down naked. This is how I lost my virginity to my loving mosi. Next what happened and how we enjoyed will cover in next part.

Hope you like it. Please share your reviews, comments and feedback on my email – [email protected]
Any women looking to have chat or real fun can mail me or ping me on hangout. Everything will be kept secret.

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