I lost my virginity to my best friend in college(Real Incident)

!! “This is exactly what happened in real life,no twisted ,no spices added in this story” !!

My name is Shubham and this Happened during my college days in my early 20’s , I am kind of a Shy guy who is afraid and shy to talk with girls ,in my first year I barely have any female interactions, meanwhile my friends have started dating and got breakup and again started dating ,in a span of 1 year they have dated multiple girls ,and one thing I can say is those guys who have dated more than 3 girls are much more uglier than me and they are nearly 5.6 -5.9 feet.I don’t know how this shorty guys end up having girl friends . Before moving forward let me give you a rough Idea of how I look like , I am 6.3 feet tall and a muscular body, brown skin , small eyes , perfectly parabolic teeths ,brown eyes, small ears and my member size is 8 and 1/2 inches (measured during my teenage days when I used to watch porn a little bit ).

After my first year when I become sophomore I also started get a little bit obsessed with girls (I can blame the surroundings and my hormones) , I also want a girl friend but when I looked into mirror I never find out myself attractive (why would a girl choose me among those good looking guys ,even though a girl choose me what if ?if she found a guy whi is more attractive than me ,she will throw me into the trash),these thoughts never let myself to try on someone and I am kind of guy who is not interested to date a girl who is carrying her past baggage (had sex with her Ex or in a relationship before). Well it’s time around before my end semester we got Lab practicals in computer Lab , our professor divided us randomly in sub groups and there I met her for the fifirst time , during our first meet up we talked a lot like we are chit chatting like regular friends ,she told me her name is Deepti and as of my observation she will be probably 5.7 and she is really beautiful,on that day we didn’t exchange our numbers but I think we become good friends in our first meet up .

Next day I got little bit late to go college and when I reached classroom I have to sit on the second last bench , after 5 minutes she arrived class even late than me ,she sat right behind my bench and asked while laughing “how long is been since professor has come to the class ” I replied while Laughing “You are asking the wrong guy , I arrived just 5 minutes before you she laughed and handshake with me”.

After the period she asked “How many classes we have left for today I said probably 3 more ” she said “Can You please put proxy for me “, on that moment I got angry but didn’t show (finally girls show their standards of using guys to do their work and then they will threw it into the trash ), and then I said “Why don’t you want to do the remaining classes”, she said “The lecturers are boring and since we are studying on a private college we should more focus on our skills rather than academics “,I said “Yeah that’s True but we should can’t bunk classes just to focus on skills , I am moderate at machine learning and neural networks also I am 4 star at codechef and candidate master in codeforces but still I am doing the classes”, she amazed and said ” wow that’s a lot of achievement as a sophomore, can you please teach me all of these things), I said ” yes why not ” , the she asks me for my phone number and we exchanged phone numbers .

Form that day she use to daily call me in the night and ask her doubts in programming and academics , time passes and we slowly became best friends. One day we are in the market place which is situated behind the college ,our college students to take breaks and eat, we are taking tea and we are sitting on the chairs we saw two couples drinking tea in a literally hilarious way , the girl take a sip of tea and kissed her boy friend in front of everyone and splashed the sip of tea in her boyfriends mouth and kissed , Deepti and I both got ashamed by seeing this and we looked at each other and kneel our head down (feeling ashamed by seeing the couple behaving like this in public and those two couple are of our college itself)and in the road Deepti suddenly started laugung and after hearing her laugh I also started to laugh and said ” This is not good we shouldn’t destroy our culture like this by seeing western culture in social media” and started to laugh again , she said ” then why are you laughing “, I started to laugh again . In our way back to college I said to Deepti ” Deepti always remember this your dad will be very happy after having a real good son -in- law , but they will really happy and be proud if there own daughter, You will touch the heights of success and your mother will be really happy too about you because she never got the chance to go so far in the society “, she smiled and said ” You always motivates my and stand right beside me whenever I am in trouble ,that’s why I can proudly say you are the best person I ever met in my life, and for the boy friend I have never dated someone and never will until my marriage ” I said “that’s what sounds like a real women of culture “.

Days passed and we ended up in our final year in college and doing something terrible wrong . In our final year we don’t got time to talk regularly but on alternative days we somehow find time to talk to each other. I end up cracking Google off -Campus (After rubbing my ass for day night for nearly 2.5 years in college ), Deepti congratulates me and I conducted a party for my friends in a 7 star hotel , after the party night when everyone is leaving for their hostels and homes I saw tears in Deepti’s eyes , I asked her what happened ,deepti said ” nothing dude ” , I said ” You can’t lie to me, we have been best buddies for almost 3 years now ” she hugged me and said ” I try so hard off -campus but didn’t got a single off -campus PPO letter even after doing everything in Internship perfectly, and I don’t want to get end up being a very lower middle class who even struggle to pay her own rents in time ” I said ” don’t worry I will help you practice and to grind more hard to get an off-campus job offer but please dont cry i can’t and don’t want to see you in tears “,deepti smiled and stopped crying ,from that day I helped her to arrange previous asked interview questions ,contacting my friends to gave her a referral and on that time one of my batchmate is working on Microsoft I contacted him and he agreed to gave Deepti a referral, 9 days before the interview I remember we used to work so hard that we started to Crack jokes on Data structures. Finally D-day came ,interview was online , and in thr night she called me and said she is able to solved 7 out of 8 questions which is really good in an interview for a FAANG , MAANG company, after 7 days Deepti called me around 2 am in night she send me a screenshot of job offer letter which she got from Microsoft for SDE role 1 , we are on a video call Deepti is literally crying in happiness .

Next day deepti gave party to everyone including me and she thanked me infront of everyone that I am the only reason she is able to Crack to Microsoft, which I have never expected cause (I think deepti is like almost every girl who make FWB). After the party we got late to return to our hostels , on that night Deepti called me and said ” hey Shubham for our farewell I want to buy some new dresses exclusive for farewell do you want to join me tomorrow “, I Said “how many people joining us tomorrow ” she said it’s only and me cause she hates other of her friends choices ,I agreed and said ” okay tomorrow sharp at 6 PM evening “, she said “yes sir and laughed “. During the whole night my mind is playing the beautiful ,dumb and funny moments we have done in our college also I remember the small compliments she used to gave me and some little flirty lines (once she said you are really a kind and humble guy not like other guys who just want a quick hookup for their help to girls, your girl friend will be really happy to have someone like you or you can say I am jealous of her , I laughed and said I don’t have girl friend in my entire life and you are jealous of my imaginary girl friend make me proud of my self ,oh come on girls really like talk guys like you and the way of speaking to them ,you speak well and in my eyes you are really handsome , I said “and I finally found a girl who complimented my looks and then I realised she is my best friend, that’s why she said I am handsome” , we both laughed ), after remembering all these things I cried a little , how time passes so frequently maybe after farewell we won’t again, I don’t have any feelings other than a best friend for her so I can easily let go but still something inside me want to cry really loud .

This the phase when I have commited a really big mistake .

On the next day we both arrived at the bus stop at correct timing it’s already seems dark clouds , I said to Deepti ” we should hurry and try to grab all the things before 7 PM or we will end up in rain. We arrived at the mall I purchased a towel and a hoodie (boys stuff we don’t but things or clothes frequently ). We left the mall around 7:45 PM and Rain got both of us , we are so soaked in water like we came out of swimming pool while jumping with full clothes, Deepti is wearing a white kurti so anyone can see through her clothes I gave her my hoodie which I purchased in the mall and I said ” we should book a room and change clothes and dry ourselves a little bit or else we will get severe fever later “, she agreed with me and we booked a room in hotel , I entered the room and told her to take a hot shower and dry herself and wear the clothes she had purchased from the mall, she said ” if I wear this now I have to buy new clothes for farewell ” . I thought are freaking kidding me how should women’s can be so dumb , I mean you are soaked in water you don’t want to wear your new clothes because you have purchased from the mall,!! ouff women stuffs!! . Then she went to take shower I stand in the balcony and the thunder Strom has no signs of stopping after around half an hour she came out in Towel only( my towel which I have given to her to dry herself after taking bath) ,I get ashamed to see her in Towel only she looked at me and laugh and said You can go to take shower now “, I take shower around 15 mins and thinking about not going out of bathroom because I was too ashamed to see her in towel only , but I can’t be inside the bathroom for the whole night and from the bathroom point of view Rain has no signs of stopping and we probably have to spend out night there , if this happened I will probably sleep in the balcony by hanging a towel infront of me so Rain won’t hit me and Deepti will sleep in the bed I can’t just sleep with her she is my best friend at the end.

I came out of shower she is watching instagram reels in the bed I joined her right beside her in the bed and after a hours of watching reels her battery becomes 3 % she don’t have charger to charge her phone, I always use to carry a power bank with me which I gave her , she put her phone in charge and we start taking about college moments meanwhile I am so ashamed to see her cause she is wearing a towel only ,after some time she came really close to me to let her head in my thigh to sleep , we are so close to each other that we are literally like exchanging breathes , I started to get sexual arousal towards her , I started to tell myself she is your bestie you should be ashamed of thinking like that way towards her , she is really beautiful and in towel only , I started to remember porn videos which I have watched during my teen age days and I have quit porn a really long time ago because I am starting to objectify women which is not good and a behavior of well cultural man ( I quit porn since my 20th birthday , I still watch after my 20 th birthday but occasionally or rarely , and from previous some years I didn’t watch any point content ), she is looking into my eyes and I am feeling a little but aroused towards her ,on that moment I want to slap my self for thinking in that way towards her but she is also on that condition I can’t stop my self (my friends use to say me they control their sexual arousal by watching porn regularly so in that way they feel less serially aroused and they can wait till their marriage to have sex), I want to slap my self meanwhile while I am thinking this Deepti kissed me, I am shocked she is thinking the same ,she started to kiss me , I can’t control my self I kissed her back and I am fully aroused , I unfold the towel she is wearing , I saw first real boobs in my life (before that I have boons in porn only) they are more attractive in real life I squeezed both of her boobs at the same time and she started to moan! , I started to kiss her again and squeeze her boobs at the same time and then she started crying and she revealed the biggest the surprise of all she said ” Why you never understand how much I love you , I love you since the day we are best friends, I gave you so much hints so you can propose me but you never get them, I love you shubham, I love you …..”

I started crying what the heck actually happening she is used to be my best friend and she had these thoughts and feelings towards me and never let me know, she started kissing me again and she said ” I never let anyone touch Me and I am waiting for this moment from a such a long time, I want to lost my virginity from you ” , her words made me more aroused towards her and at the end of the day I am a man and I know that we have reached the position where we can’t return , I pulled out my pants and take out my 8 and 1/ 2 inch member and she teased me !! Oh wow look At that what’s we got up here , probably like the bigger ones I have watched I porn “, she said ” please go slow this is the my first time ” but I am so blind in thoughts I have watched in porn movies I put my whole member inside her in a thrust (since she is a Virgin I am struggling to put it inside her ), she screamed really loud my ears started to get a little silence after her scream , she said ” please go slow or I will die in pain ” .

I tried to go slow but I can’t get it’s my first time too and I am so excited that i can’t control my feelings , she is screaming in pain ” please Shubham ho slow and crying “, I said ” I am trying but I can’t ” , then I started to fuck her in missionary position for around 15 minutes , I am surprised of my performance because I am Virgin and my friends who have lost virginity they said they can’t last more than 4 to 5 minutes in their first time , then I remember yesterday I night I got a night fall ( since I have left porn and masterbation from many years , I used to get night fall 1 to 3 times in a month . I asked her to change the position and set in doggy style she smiled and agreed and as we all know doggy style penetrates the deepest and she screaming in pain and crying to stop me and she can’t take it anymore she also tried to escape once during penetration but I dragged her back , after some time she started to scream really loud like a injures dog and then she had her first ever orgasm in her life , and she smiled and said ” That was really awesome “, I didn’t cum since I turned her into missionary position and take my both hands in her boobs and started kissing her and thrust her really hard she said ” please stop ” but I didn’t care I started to fucked her really hard now, she is moaning and crying , she said ” she is started to get a cramp ” she used her hands to stop me but whenever she started to stop me I make my thrusts much deeper and harder and made her scream loud , after some time I cum right deep inside her pussy and then sleep in her boobs she whispers in my ears ” I love you shubham I really want you to marry me , I have been approached by several guys buy I rejected everyone for you only “.

On that moment I started to realise how badly I have been turned into an animal she is screaming in pain and begging me to stop but the animal inside me didn’t let me listen to me and end up being having sex with my best friend which I started to regret, on that night while I was sleeping in the middle of the night Deepti started to gave me blow job and I told her we shouldn’t do this anymore she said ” what matters any more we have done this once I already started to imagine you as a husband now , now fuck me like I am your wife ” , I can’t control myself again and we go for the second round ,this time Deepti didn’t cry but her moans and screams got louder than before , and this time I am going slow on her but she said ” do it faster like you are doing previously , let my pussy taste a real life 8 and 1/2 inch dick , this time I Fucked her so hard that she got cramp in the area of her pussy she said ” your Dick size is not enjoyable for Virgin pussies , but I started to get used to it and it really feels so good ” after some time she asked me to Lick her pussy I am full fulling her wish like she is the queen and I am the king I Lick her pussy for around 10 minutes and she got orgasm then she squirted on my face , she started to kissing me again and let my head Suck her boobs, on that night we fucked 3 more times ( total 5 times ).

In the morning she waked me up and she is fully naked I can see everything in sun light coming through the balcony clearly , I can’t resist my self to fuck her again one more time I grabbed her ass and rolled her in the bed and starts to fuck her she is smiling and Said ” looks like someone got really horny just after waking up ” she moans eventime I increased my thrust this time I have decided to cum in her boobs or in the face but before pulling out my dick I cum for the 6th time in her pushy she started shivering like she is been possessed by someone she said when she had an orgasm she don’t even feel important to breathe and like she has everything in the world she want after sometime I saw the blanket we are sleeping is totally red and I noticed deepti’s pussy id bleeding heavily like instead of my come it’s raw blood which is coming out of her pussy previous night I can’t see anything due to no lights turned on but I can now see clearly she is a Virgin and in previous night we just exchanged our virginity. After that we went to Our hostels , I am really feeling ashamed of myself how can I sleep with my best friend, and thinking I cum 6 times inside her as I am not masterbating my sperm will be really healthy and this makes her more to be likely to become pregnant , I am crying fir my mistakes and next day shr gave me a happy news, she said ” I got a good news ( I don’t want her to tell me you are becoming dad soon), I have got my periods today so no worry of being pregnant (and laughed !!!).”

That gave me a huge chill inside me .

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