SEX WITH MY AUNT (first time sex with aunt)

hello guys this Rahul in this story i am going to tell that how i fucked my aunt for the 1st time.

this is a real incident

First of all let me tell about my aunt her name is JAYANTHI age 36 sizes 36c-30-36 fair average height and my age is 20

coming to the story it is new year night everyone busy in celebrating new year but i planned to fuck my aunt that night we live in a colony of houses so every family of colony was gathered at a common place to celebrate new year

there was a new under construction villa so i planned to fuck my aunt there

everyone was enjoying the party i went to my aunt and asked her to come with me as if she comes with me i will give her a gift as of excitement she said ok and came to me

(she was wearing a blue saree with blue blouse and petticoat with black bra and blue panty)

I took her to the under construction building it was almost ready just need to add the gates, she asked me that why did i brin her to that house and asked me about the gift

then i told her that we will get inside and then i will show her gift and it is seceret i said she said ok and came inside with me then she asked about the gift again now i pointed my bulge with my right hand and told her this was her gift she got confused and asked me so i pulled my hard dick out and said i am gifting you my dick to give pleasurer to you i said she immediately got angry and shouted on me telling that she gonna complaint to my parents

she tried to get out of the room of villa but i pulled her holding her hand to me and said just give me a chance and let me prove i said she didnt listen and still wanted to complain about me

so now i pulled her saree out and she was in blouse and petticoat she got more angry and shouted and ordered me to give back her saree or else i will complain then went near her threw the saree aside pulled the thread of petticoat and pulled blouse and removed both of them and threw aside she tried to defense her but she failed and i ripped her inners too and now she is nude infront of me

now instead of ordering me to give her clothes back she started pleading me to give them back now i told her her if she has guts go and complain me an=bout me nude and when you go mostly before listening they start to fuck you i said

now she started crying and begging me to leave her i slowly went near to her nude and hugged her from back pressing and massaging her boobs then went infront of her and gave he a tight liplockkk for 10mins where 3 mins she was still resisiting and after rest of 7 min she also started to reactt to my kiss and started enjoying her pussy was leaking i went to her pussy licking and she was moaning very loud and she started beggin me to fuck her ads she needed to be fucked very badly

then i stopped licking her and asked her to give me a handjob first she obeyed and she started giving me a handjob for 10 min and starte dto beg me again for the fuck

i told her to give me blowjob she then she gave blow job for 30 mins after that we smooched for an hour and finally i enterd her pussy she was feeling a bit of pain as my dick is big and she was crying out of my pumping and joy after inserted i pumped for 2 hours and cummed inside her pussy and slept on each other

i asked her how was it she said at start she was not willing but she started enjoying on the go and after 1 hour she climbed on me and rided my dick for 1hour and cummed in her pussy again then after some time had a great boob job with her boobs and cummed all over her boobs and face

now she was totally covered in cum in all front side of her body i asked her to turn back she understood that its her ass turn now ,,,,

she showed me her ass and told me that her ass was virgin and pleaded me not to fuck it but i was not in mood to listern i went to her ass smelled it and started fingering her ass started with 1 finger slowly while time passing increasedthe number of fingers and finally it was time to give my dick inside of her ass i pointed my dick to her ass hole and stiked very hard to the asshole thinking that full dick maybe entered at one shot but i was wrong onyl half was in and as of full forced entering to her tight pussy she was in pain and shouted very loud in pain i didnt care and took out my dick and pushed my dick again will force now it went full in but she was shouting in pain started pumping her slowly her pain faded and she started enjoying fuckred her ass for 1 houer and cummed in her ass

now we both took rest and cleaned ourselves and went back to our home

now the time is nearly 9am when we started fucking the time was 1am at night

we enjoyed it and in home i said we are going to have our next fuck in public and left to my room

this is the end of this part guys Thank you so much for the patience and love that you have all shown me. This is the start of a series with many more exciting facts which happened with me and my aunt in real.

the public fuck will be in the next story so stay tuned with me and get ready for the next stiory its going to be more interesting

This is Rahul signing off again. You can contact me at [email protected]. I am available for all your chats, questions and your feedback.

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