Sex tales of sanvi and Ansh

It’s a story of the best and most awaited sex of life with my friends girlfriend, her name is sanvi and my name is Ansh. So it could be called sex tales of sanvi and Ansh.

This incident is about a year ago. I’ve always wanted to share it with others but couldn’t. So the names are changed but the real names sounds similar.

Sanvi is my friends gf and also my ex gf’s sister. So we’ve been friends since long. I’ve always imagined to share a bed with her since I got in relationship with her sister. But me being a introvert never was able to make a move. Sanvi was always outspoken and complete opposite to me.

Me and my gf Riya were very open with each other and had shared our darkest fantasies with each other. Once after getting drunk we were discussing about our darkest fantasies when I told that I have imagined fucking sanvi she got offended but took it lightly and discussed my fantasy with her sister sanvi.
It was sanvi’s birthday next month , Riya was out of town and sanvi invited me for her birthday. She had booked a suite in luxurious hotel. She sent me a proper invitation and also called me and insisted me come. After I confirmed she asked me to send my Aadhar card copy as she said party will last still long and she had organised my stay at the hotel only.

I reached the place little late, once at the reception, the receptionist asked for my Aadhar card. After seeing it she told me the room no. and that ma’am was eagerly waiting for me and gave me card to enter the room. After reaching to the room I notice DND sign was on and I couldn’t ring the bell. To which I used the card to open the door.

On opening the door I noticed that there was complete silence in the room. As I entered I saw sanvi was alone there sitting on the sofa sipping champagne. She was wearing two peace Black netted lingerie. The bed was covered with rose petals and balloons. Her nipples were clearly visible thorough her bra. I was shocked and got a instant boner. “Ansh , I’ve been waiting for you so long baby” she said and winked. “It’s my birthday but I want to give you a gift tonight, I’m all yours for tonight”. She was looking like a sex goddess in that dress. As soon as I went near her she stood and grabbed me and started kissing. While kissing my hands took a tour of her body. She was smelling so sexual. She then pushed me on the sofa and unbuttoned my pants while we were still kissing. She then took my dick out, she gave it lick with bottom to top , said “enjoy it” and took my dick in her mouth while kneeling infront of me.

She started to suck it passionately. I puffed her open hair so that it doesn’t come in between. She was sucking it like a pornstar making “uwak uwak” sound, after 6-7 gulps her saliva started flowing down my balls. Each time my dick came out her mouth it was drenched in her saliva, I’ve never seen my dick this sloppy. Her saliva was dripping from my balls and got collected on the sofa. I’ve always fantasied about a sloppy blowjob like this. While sucking she said she had read my chats with Riya and planned this, she knew about all my fantasies. While she was slurping my dick, I started rubbing her pussy though her undies, her pussy could be clearly seen through the see though undies.

There was a very little bust of hair above her pussy and the hair were poking out from the holes in the undies. Her underwear was completely soaked from her pussy juices. I made her stand up and sat her on the sofa with her legs wide open.

I then pulled her underwear which were wet and sticky. Her underwear was a thin and small piece of cloth which shrinked in small cloth after removing it. I could smell her pussy as soon as I removed the underwear. It smelt so sexual and arousing. I went near it licked it from bottom to top, it tasted salty and sexual. It made me rock hard , I started circling my tongue around the clit softly, and she started moaning softy. It was about tasting her all the juices and showing her heaven as she showed me with her tongue. I was giving her soft lick around the corner where she was moaning the most. While licking I could feel her juices flowing out. After licking her completely it was now time to fuck her. I stood up and kept my dick on the clit , she spat a some saliva on her hand and rolled her hands on my dick and held it and slowly inserted in her already wet pussy. It slid inside her.

“Aaahhhhh” she moaned as it went half way, with a little push it made its was completely inside the warm pussy of sanvi , she held me kissed me instantly , I could feel her moan in my mouth while kisssing. It was heavenly experience for both of us.

We slowly gained pace while fucking , her legs were crossed on my back and we were continuously kissing while fucking . She was breaking the kissing between to moan.

After 4-5 minutes was thrusting in full pace and she started moaning on the top of her voice. While fucking I removed her bra and started to lick her average sized tits. Her nipples were rock hard. She then made me stop and pushed me toward the bed, “let me take the charge babe” she said and climbed on me. I was laying on the bed and she was on top of me , took my dick in her ans guided it slowly in her pussy ans started pumping slowly while resting her hand on my chest. She slowly increased the pace and started pumping hard while leaning forward and kissing me. I noticed as soon as the fuck got hardcore she used to avoid her moans while kissing me but even kissing me. I could feel her loud moan in my mouth which made me even more excited.

After 3-4 minutes she literally started jumping on dick like a pro pornstar. Room was filled with sounds of the bend cranking and sanvi moaning on top of her voice. She was moaning so loudly that I had to force a kiss so that the sound doesn’t go outside the room. On looking of the body language I could say she was on a verge of an orgasm. While riding her legs started shaking and she moaned on top her voice “happy birthday to both of us” and fell on me. There was a pause of 6-7 minutes, both of us were exhausted and sweating. Our bodies were glued to each other.

Then she stood up , I took her to the balcony, there was a sofa on the balcony , I made her sit doggy style on the sofa and started fucking her. At this time we were fearless, she was moaning and I was spanking her continuously, we were completely audible to the outer world. After fucking for like 3-4 minutes I was about to cum. By looking at she knew know it was now my time, “you can fill me with your cum” she said, and as soon as She said my cum blasted in her pussy, “I could feel it flowing in me” she said. We collapsed in each others arms after that. Our bodies were drenched with sweat. Hands down it was most erotic sex of life. After 10 min we both stood and went in the room.

“It was our first but not time ansh, I hope you had fun” she said.

She then told me how she had been reading me and Riya’s chats and made this plan. She always knew about my love with black lingeries , sloppy blowjobs, deep smooches while having sex and cowboy sex position, she had already planned about the position we were to have during the sex.
It was a heavenly experience for me.

After this there was strong bond which grew between me and sanvi , we both knew that we wanted sex from each other , that’s it.

Now whenever we get a chance from our busy lives we book a hotel and have a amazing sex , we are like friends with benefits now, a friend with the most benefits.

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