Mon son stuck in a hotel during lockdown

Hii guys I am Steve, 20year old lives in Bangalore about myself I am 6.2 feet tall with a 7inch thick dick, brown guy currently doing my BTech, we are a family of 5 members me my 2 brothers and mom dad, I am the eldest one, telling about my mom she is Sara who is a teacher, she is a37-year-old chubby women with medium-large boobs and sexy big ass.

One day my mom decided to go to our native place due to some emergency and the lockdown due to the coronavirus had been lifted shortly and transportation was not available. Somehow we got a cab but the cab got some issued in the middle of the journey in some random town and due to lockdown there were no repair shops. I and my mom paid the cab driver and it was 6 in the evening we couldn’t find any other ride we waited till 7.30 but couldn’t find any and decided to stay in that town after searching 1.5hr for lodging we finally found a lodge in with only one room was available with a small bed, as we didn’t have any other option we decided to stay. We went into the room and mom told me that we should have a bath to reduce the risk of coronavirus.

So, I went in first and had a bath since we were going to our native for only one day we had carried no extra clothes with us, I had a bath but my underwear got wet so I put it to dry and wore my pant which was thankfully not jeans. I was wearing a casual cotton pant, I had a bath came out and my mom went in for a bath she also had no extra clothes with her, she came out and told since we have a small bed and only one blanket we have to share the bed she told me to sleep on the left side and she was on right.

I removed my T-shirt and went on the bed and my mom was wearing a saree and it would be uncomfortable to sleep in a saree so, she removed it and was only in petticoat and blouse she was looking very hot in that I could see her nipples through her blouse, she slept beside me and we were almost touching each other due to lack of space. I couldn’t sleep coz I was feeling too horny it was 11.30 in the night I turned towards my mom she was facing my side and since it was a single blanket for us I went inside the blanket and turned on my phone screen and her petticoat had lifted up and could see her sexy thighs, I came out and saw her boobs and decided to feel it by touching it, I gathered all my courage and touched it …this was the first time I touched any boob it was soft and big.

After a while she turned the other side I removed the blanket and lifted her petticoat up to her hips and saw she was not wearing her panties I felt very lucky and started to touch her ass I pushed my hand down and could touch her pussy I put my finger in it and licked my finger it was tasty, then I decided to masturbate and I pulled down my pants and started to rub my cock to moms ass slowly she didn’t wake up thankfully then I decided to touch her pussy with the tip of my dick as I did it mom woke up confused and stood by the bed. She asked me what the hell is this what are you doing with me and why are your pants down and cock erect.

I was like I’m sorry I couldn’t control and all she got angry with me and scolded me for 10mins about how bad was this and mom and son relation is pure and all. I was just laying there with my pants down with an erect cock.Then I told mom that I have never seen a woman naked and couldn’t control myself after seeing her she told me its ok and came back to bed she couldn’t sleep after that and I too couldn’t sleep due to erection I turned towards mom and my erect dick touched her again she told what is this again. I told her I cant sleep due to this what can I do she told me to somehow get rid of the erection so I started to jerk off and I couldn’t cum after trying hard (I lied to my mom) she told now what I told I don’t know she also started to feel horney after seeing my 7inch thick dick she didn’t tell anything and grabbed my dick and stated stroking and did it for 3mins and told why are you not cumming I was like I don’t know she got up and sat and started to unhook her blouse I told her what are u doing mom she told me she was just trying to help me and showed me her boobs I was very excited and after a while I told her can I touch them so that I can cum fast she hesitated for a while and the agreed I started to touch it man that felt good mom told this should be between us and nobody should know this especially my dad I promised her to keep the secret 5mins passed she was still stroking my dick and told her hand is starting to pain and cant do it anymore I told her please do something and she told me dads dick is only 5inch and he cums only in 3mins and couldn’t satisfy her I was just replying hmm hmm then she removed her petticoat knot and removed it and told this just to help me and only this one time I was very happy and excited that finally I could fuck my mom and she laid on the bed and told me to put my dick in her vagina I asked her if she is sure she replied hmm and I asked can I touch her vagina first she told hmm and touched it and put my fingers in it was very wet I put my fingers and fingered it and asked her how she feels she told don’t talk its embarrassing just do what ever you want and closed her eyes.

I had the freedom to do whatever I want so started to lick her pussy she asked me what am I doing that gross but she was feeling awesome I told her its oral sex she told me she had never experienced oral sex and I continued to do it.

Then I finally put my dick inside and started to push in slowly and they paced up mom was moaning like hell but slowly coz we were in a lodge and I stroked inside her for 7mins and I was about to cum and asked her that could I cum in and she told me yaa it’s fine as and I cummed inside her a huge load and took my dick out.. my cum was dripping out of her pussy and fell on the bed too, she didn’t tell me anything and went to bathroom to clean herself and I was feeling amazing and tiered too and fell asleep.

Woke up in the morning and it was 8 mom was still sleeping I woke her up and told we are late and she woke up and looked at me and told please the thing last night should stay between us. I told yaa fine I will never tell anyone and she told me this was the best satisfaction she had since I was born. I felt happy after getting a compliment and we both got ready and left we got a vehicle and went to moms native place I was thinking about mom all the time and mom was also I guess thinking about last night as she was shy around me the afternoon I went to her and asked her if she is feeling alright she replied hoe can I feel alright after what we have done last night, I got scared then she told me that she was kidding, she told me she can’t wait to do it again with me and told her she can’t wait till night she is feeling horney all the time around me and she put her hand in my pants and grabbed my dick.

My dick started to erect and she started stroking and I told mom what if anyone sees us she told its fine and suddenly my aunt who is my mom’s brother’s wife saw us suddenly my mom removed her hand and got up and went behind her to talk if she has seen something. ……………………

The story continues……….

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