Me and my friend fucked my mom

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Hi I’m Aryan. This is a continuation of my previous story ‘ mom fucked my dad and me‘. My mom has a amazing figure. She has big boobs and butt. Most of the people love to admire her. Last time I fucked mom with the help of my dad. At the end while leaving my mom said to invite Raghav who is my best friend to the house because he loves mom and once he secreatly showed his dick to her while she was in the kitchen.
My mom loves young hard dick and she loves to get herself drilled by someone. Earlier I saw dad and two of his friends fucking mom. So as mom said to invite Raghav to our house, it was bit awkward. I never thought that my best friend is going to have sex with my mom. The best day I met him in the school playground.

Me. Hi Raghav
Raghav. Hi bro
At the time he was getting ready to play foot ball. He was tugging his full sleeves up.
Me. Raghav I need to talk to you
Raghav. Not now I really busy, we have beat their team
Raghav. Okay say fast
Me: I….. I wanted… say that

I was feeling weird to say him about my mom so I simply invited him to my house.
Me. Bro will you come to my house today
Raghav smilleed at me and said
‘yes why not I’m your best friend ‘
I knew why he was smiling.
So I went home and I told him to come at 4pm but he came to my house at 3.
Me. You came so early
Raghav. Yeah I was free so I came early
We went to my room whereas my mom was sleeping in her room
Raghav. You wanted to say something right
Me. No nothing
Raghav. Okay

We were playing games and then Raghav said he wanted to go to washroom. So he went
It’s been 10 minutes still he didn’t returned. So I thaught of checking.
And then what I saw Shocked me out.
Raghav was rubbing his dick on my mom’s pussycat and mom was I sleep.
Me. What are you doing?
Raghav. Bro I love your mom a lot
Me. I know
Raghav. You know?
Me. Mom told me that last week you showed your sick to her and asked her to suck it.
Raghav. Sorry bro
Me. Even mom wanted you to come to our house
Raghav. Really
Me. Yup
Raghav just jumped around with joy and started waking mom
Raghav. Aunty aunty I’m here
Mom. What….. Who o Raghav, great to see you
Raghav pulled off his pants and dragged mom to his dick
Mom. Mhhhhhppppp…..ahhhh so big….. Mphhhhhhh…. Mhhhhh
Me. Want me to join?
Raghav. Wait bro let me handle a few minutes
Mom. Wait son
Me. Okay

I was sitting aside and seeing my mom sucking Raghav’s dick like hell.
I was getting hard so I opened my pants and started jerking off.
My mom’s name is Sushmita. So Raghav was calling her with her name
Raghav take it Sushmita take it yeahhh
Mom. Mhhhhhh……. Mhhhhh

Then after 15 minutes they changed to missionary position. My mom was on bed and Raghav on top of her. He inserted his dick in her pussy.
Mom. Ahhhhhh……..
Raghav. Yeah Sushmita I will tear your pussy
He started fucking her like wild. Mom was moaning too loud.
Mom. Ahhh ahhh ahhhhhh ahhh
After half an hour mom called me
Mom. Come on son join me
Raghav. Yeah bro come take your mom’s pussy and I will take her ass
Mom was on top of me and Raghav at her ass. It was double penetration. I can’t believe we are having threesome.
Me. Wow…….. Yeah mom
Raghav. Yeah sushmita
Mom. Ahhhhhhh
Raghav then kissed mom and started pressing her big boobs.

After half an hour I got a call so I went to pick it up. Meanwhile Raghav took her pussy. Raghav never gets exhausted. He was full of energy.
Me. Don’t you get tired Raghav?
Raghav. bro I am fucking your mom, how can i get tired
Raghav was fucking her pussy.
Mom. Ahhhh ahhhh Raghav it’s done get up.

Mom was tired and she wanted a shower. So she got up and went to washroom. But Raghav wasnt done yet. He followed mom to washroom.
And locked the door. They both were having sex in the washroom and the door was locked.
Me. Mom are you okay
Raghav. Don’t worry oohhh yeahh
Mom. Raghav get out of my pussy
Raghav. No Sushmita wait yeahhh
Mom. Ahhhhhh ahhhh
This time mom is being fucked very hard. I could completely hear her moaning from other room also.
Mom. Don’t cum in me Raghav dont
Raghav. I can’t control ahhhhh
Mom. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Raghav threw all his cum in my mom.
Mom. What you did Raghav? Now what if I am pregnant.
Raghav. Sorry aunty sorry.
They came out of the washroom
Mom yelled at him and told him to leave.
Me. Did he cummed in you?
Mom. Yes
Raghav wore his pant and shirt .
Raghav. Sorry bro I couldnt control but it was great to duck your mom. I love her always.
Me. Get our Raghav!
He walked out

I hope you liked my story and if you want to get the third part, what happens after it then email me at
[email protected]

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