Mother helps son and daughter restore their sexual life

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Mother helps son and daughter restore their sexual life

It was Valentine’s Day four years ago when my family was shattered. I was sixteen and ready to go out on a date when the sheriff deputy pulled into our driveway. He had a serious demeanor when he asked if my mother was home. I told him apprehensively that I would get her.

Mom had burst out in tears, appearing to know what the deputy was about to tell her.

“Some hikers found him,” he told Mom solemnly. “There was this card in his pocket addressed to you.” It was in a red envelope, typical of a Valentine’s Day card.

Mom took the card out from the envelope, opened it and went into shock, it slipped from her fingers. I bent down to retrieve it from the floor. I felt compelled to read it.

‘I’m sorry but it must end this way. I’m sorry I am no longer the husband you deserve. Good-bye my Valentine.’

The deputy tried to console my mother when my sister Nicole came out of her room. She was dressed for her Valentine’s Day date, screaming sexy red dress, like she was ready for a fun evening. She stopped when she saw the deputy and my mother crying, a worried look came over her face. I went to her with the card still in my hand.

“Dad killed himself,” I informed my sister. “Some hikers found him in the desert.” I showed her the Valentine’s Day card our father left for our mother. Nicole read it, her jaw dropped open.

The sheriff deputy told Mom she would need to go and identify the body. He would drive her to the morgue. I took out my phone and cancelled my date. I told the deputy that I would drive. Nicole’s date had arrived and when she told him the situation he left.

“I will go with you,” Nicole told Mom. “Let me change first,” she said.

Since then, Valentine’s Day has become a somber day of remembrance and regret. Nicole broke up with her boyfriend and I never seemed to be able to have a lasting relationship with any of the girls I dated. Lisa, the girl I was going to take out that evening tried to come on to me several times but I just couldn’t connect anymore. It was almost as if we were cursed.

A couple of years ago we were sitting at the dinner table with Mom on Valentine’s Day when Nicole revealed the plans she had with her boyfriend that fateful evening.

“Billy had reserved a room at the hotel where we were going for a romantic dinner,” she relayed to us. “I was going to lose my virginity that night. I was so ready.”

“Are you still a virgin?” I asked out of curiosity.

“I popped my cherry with a dildo so I wouldn’t be embarrassed if I ever did have sex with a guy,” she confessed. “But, yea, I guess I am still a virgin.”

“What about you Eric? You don’t seem to hang with anyone long enough to get that far,” my sister inquired into my relationships.

“I got pretty far with Lisa but not all the way,” I confessed.

Last year when Mom asked why I couldn’t seem to hold on to a relationship I told her and Nicole about my last man to man talk with Dad.

“Dad told me about his problem,” I started. “He said he couldn’t get an erection anymore with you, Mom,” I said not wanting her to feel bad but it was the truth. “He said he was fine getting hard and masturbating,” I remembered. “was there a problem between you and Dad?”

“It was my fault,” Mom confessed. “A few months before your father caught me, uh, in bed with someone else.”

“What! You were sleeping with someone else?” Nicole blurted out astonished. “Who was he?” she demanded.

“It wasn’t a he,” Mom responded. “You remember Karen who lived across the street?”

“Oh yea,” I recalled. “She moved away right after Dad killed himself,” I said trying to put the situation with my mother in perspective.

“Well, Karen and I were, I don’t want to say lovers because we were not in love,” Mom explained. “We just enjoyed having sex with each other, pleasuring each other, having orgasms. It was sexual pleasure I didn’t get from your father.”

“Did Dad ever get you to reach an orgasm?” Nicole asked Mom. “I mean, I can get myself off rubbing my clit but I never could just riding a dildo. I don’t know if a real dick could do the job.”

“No. Your father never got me off,” Mom told us. “We were never good in bed. He would just cum in a couple of minutes and then fall asleep. I was never satisfied.”

“Do you think that’s why he killed himself?” Nicole conjectured. “Because he felt impotent and couldn’t please you.”

“Maybe,” Mom sighed.

We let the conversation die and sat in silence.

A couple of weeks ago Mom told us she had rented a cabin on Mt. Lemmon for the Valentine’s Day weekend. She told me I could skip my Friday classes that day and she asked Nicole to take the day off work so we could spend a three day weekend away as a family.

“Look,” Mom said to us. “We have to break this Valentine’s curse. No more sitting around regretting and blaming and despairing over what happened four years ago. We are going to have fun this year. Maybe there will be some snow left and we can go skiing.”

We had a few winter storms that left snow on the mountains above six thousand feet. I was actually looking forward to it hoping to go skiing again. Growing up Dad had taken us on yearly skiing vacations to Colorado.

As Valentine’s Day approached it became obvious that all the snow had melted on the mountain, the weather had been hotter this year with days over eighty degrees here in the desert valley. Still, the change in environment was welcoming.

We drove up late that Friday morning stopping for lunch before getting to the cabin.

“Would anyone like some of our famous pie?” the server asked as we finished eating our lunch.

“Definitely,” Nicole chirped.

“You better watch it,” Mom teased Nicole. “You’re getting a little chubby girl.”

“Mom,” Nicole responded. “That’s not fair.”

“Mom’s right,” I chimed in making digs at my sister. “That pie looks like it’s going straight to your butt.” Actually I thought Nicole had a sexy round butt, perfectly complimenting her round large breasts.

“Alright, have some pie,” Mom laughed.

We arrived at the cabin and unpacked the car. It was a two bedroom cabin with a living room and small kitchen. Mom had brought some food to cook so we didn’t need to eat out considering there was only the one restaurant in the small village. I also noticed she brought several bottles of wine, reds and whites.

The weather was nice, temperatures in the fifties, though we knew it would get colder when the sun went down. The cabin came with plenty of firewood so all we needed was to collect some small kindling to get the fire going.

Mom baked a pan of lasagna for dinner. Afterward we went to the living room continuing to drink the red wine we started at dinner.

“Eric, Nicole,” Mom started out to tell us something. “Last year on Valentine’s Day we had some very depressing conversation if you remember.”

Nicole and I nodded yes. How could we not remember? We were still trying to come to terms with Dad’s suicide and how it affected each of us.

“I’ve thought about a lot of things afterwards,” Mom went on. “The one thing that bothered me the most was that the two of you are not having healthy relationships. You both seem to be avoiding them. And mostly you are avoiding healthy sexual relationships.”

Nicole and I looked at each other. I knew Mom was right. Nicole hadn’t dated since she broke up with her boyfriend four years ago on the night she planned to lose her virginity.

“You’re afraid to get close with a woman,” Mom said to me directly. “Afraid you will be like your father and not be able to please her.” I was embarrassed she was so spot on. “And you, Nicole. You were all worked up, ready to lose your virginity when your life was shattered. You need to recover,” she admonished my sister.

“We are going to overcome our fears, our inhibitions, perceived inadequacies. We are going to be open and loving with each other as we do so as a family,” Mom told us. “And we are going to have fun.”

Mom threw some large pillows and cushions on the floor in front of the fireplace. She directed us to sit in a circle. Then she took a deck of cards and began to shuffle them.

“Strip poker, Texas hold-em,” Mom said gleefully. “I think we all have beautiful bodies and we shouldn’t be afraid to show them off and be comfortable in our own skin. So, the loser with the lowest hand has to shed an article of clothing.”

We had played poker as a family for entertainment. I learned from my father who was very good and even successful at the Casino on the Reservation. Nicole was pretty easy to beat but Mom was the worst.

“Don’t be nervous,” Mom said as she dealt the first hand. “I’ve seen you staring at your sister’s tits,” she chided me. True to form, Mom lost the first round and instead of taking off her shoes to start she pulled her sweater off over her head revealing her mature large natural breasts held up by a white lace bra.

After a half hour or so of playing poker both Mom and Nicole were down to their underwear, bra and panties, while I still donned my pants, boxers and t-shirt. Mom was the first to lose her bra. She teasingly cupped her tits and brought each nipple to her mouth and licked them.

“You better not play so good,” Mom teased me as I stared at her luscious breasts. “Your erection is going to get painful confined in those pants,” she chuckled. She was right though, it was getting painful.

Nicole lost the next round and let her boobs out of the confines of her bra.

“Very nice,” Mom said leaning over to feel the firmness of Nicole’s round tits. “What do you think?” Mom asked me grabbing my hand and placing on my sister’s breast. Nicole’s nipples stood out, hard, as my fingers brushed across them.

Mom sat back down and I noticed she slid her hand in her panties. She pulled her hand back out and licked her fingers.

“Oh my god, Mom,” Nicole called out. “You’re making me wet.”

This was too much for me. My cock was hard pressing against my balls. Nicole dealt the next hand. I purposely traded in a pair of jacks hoping to get nothing in return so I would lose. To my relief I had the nothing to show. I stood up, unbuttoned my pants and pulled the zipper down. Mom was right there helping me out of them and running her hand along my stiff rod under the thin fabric of my boxer shorts.

“Feel how hard he is,” Mom said to Nicole coaxing her to come feel my cock.

“Oh my god, he is like a steel rod,” my sister said.

I lost the next hand as well but not on purpose. I dealt myself a lousy hand and got nothing on the draw. I pulled my boxers off leaving my cock on full display.

“Oh, it’s so big and fat,” my sister cooed.

I looked down and noticed some shiny pre-cum oozing from the tip. Mom must have noticed too. She leaned over and licked it off.

“You didn’t get that from your father,” Mom said admiring my stiff rod.

“Can I touch it?” Nicole asked.

“No inhibitions,” Mom said giving her the green light. The soft touch of my sister’s fingers running up and down my cock was sending waves of pleasure through my body, a sensation I had never felt before.

Mom lost the next hand and removed her damp panties. She put them up to my nose so I could smell the scent of her womanhood. Then she gave them to Nicole. My sister took in her mother’s aroma and then savored the panties in her mouth.

I purposely lost the next round so we could end the game, Mom and I being totally naked leaving Nicole with her dripping wet panties as the winner.

“You should help your sister out of those wet panties,” Mom suggested. I did. Nicole leaned back and raised her butt off the pillow so I could slide them off. Mom took them from my hand.

“You should taste your sister’s pussy,” Mom told me. I had never gone down on a woman before, the farthest I got was fingering my high school girlfriend and tasting her off my fingers. I gently spread open my sister’s legs and licked her juices from her swollen pussy lips. I lapped up as much as I could of her intoxicating nectar.

“Let me show you,” Mom instructed as she gently had me sit back and observe. She spread Nicole’s pussy lips open and pulled back the hood exposing my sister’s swollen pronounced clit. “This is a woman’s most sensitive part. Lick and suck on your sister’s clit and you will get her to orgasm.”

As soon as my tongue touched Nicole’s swollen love nub her body bucked and she let out a moan. I did just as Mom instructed alternating licking and sucking, my sister’s pelvis grinding against my face, her moans getting increasingly louder.

All of a sudden Nicole thrust her pelvis hard into my face, her cum gushing all over me, drowning my chin with copious amounts of her womanly fluid.

“You cum hard, baby,” Mon said to Nicole. “Just like me, leaving puddles.”

Nicole was trying to catch her breath before responding to Mom.

“Mom, I uh, uh,” I stammered feeling like my balls were going to explode. I needed some relief, especially when my sister came all over me, I could feel the need to get off. Mom looked at me and seemed to understand.

“Of course sweetie,” she replied. “You’ve had that erection for a while. I’m sure your balls are going blue.” With that Mom wrapped her mouth around my throbbing cock and massaged my balls. I tried to warn her but it came on me so quickly I couldn’t.

I moaned as I shot my load in my mother’s mouth. She didn’t pull away taking in as much of my cum as she could before it would seep out the sides of her mouth. I tried to apologize.

“I’m sorry Mom. It came on me so fast,” I said. She just looked at me grinning with my cum all over her lips and dripping down her chin.

Mom went to kiss Nicole, first spilling a mixture of my cum and her own saliva on my sister’s face. Then they locked lips in the most erotic scene I have ever witnessed, sharing my manly fluid between them. I saw Nicole swallow but not my Mom.

Mom dribbled what was remaining in her mouth on my sister’s tits.

“Have you ever tasted your own cum?” Mom asked me. “Lick some off your fingers after jerking off? Just out of curiosity?”

“No,” I admitted. I always thought it would taste bad. Now I was curious.

“Lick that off your sister’s tits,” she said gesturing to the globs she deposited there.

I went to do as Mom suggested. I ran my tongue along the curves of Nicole’s firm round breasts lapping up my own salty semen. It didn’t taste bad at all.

“Here, you can clean off my face as well,” Mom directed. I ran my tongue across her chin and then our lips met. Mom’s tongue gently pushed on my lips opening them. I felt Mom take my hands and place them on her breasts. Hers were soft and malleable unlike my sister’s firm young tits. We were making out like this for a few minutes and I felt my cock twitching, getting hard again.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Mom said to me and Nicole. “I knew it wouldn’t take long for a young stud like you to recover,” she commented.

Mom pulled the sheets down. I stood there with my cock at attention looking at my beautiful sister and sexy mother in all their nakedness.

“Both of you are virgins, right?” Mom asked. We both nodded. “How does your brother’s cock compare to the dildo you play with?” mom asked my sister.

“Well, he’s a lot thicker, fatter,” Nicole answered.

“How do you use the dildo?” Mom inquired further. “Do you just pump it holding on or do you suction it to the floor and ride it up and down?”

“Both actually,” Nicole replied. “I prefer to first use it where I can control it going in.”

“One more question,” Mom continued. “When was your last period over?”

“Four days ago,” my sister answered.

“Good,” Mom responded. “Because the sensation of him cumming inside can set off a climax,” she told Nicole. Mom then turned her attention to me. “The key to orgasms for a woman is foreplay and lots of it,” she told me. “If your sister is anything like me, her tits are very sensitive and her nipples are a big erogenous zone.”

“They are Mom,” Nicole confirmed.

Nicole and I started making out on the bed. Her lips were soft like Mom’s and our kisses were wet and passionate. I squeezed my sister’s tits and played with her hard protruding nipples. I kissed her neck which sent shivers through her body. I nibbled a little on her ear. We became intimate very quickly like we had been lovers for a long time.

“You can bite them gently,” Nicole whispered as my mouth ravished her sumptuous breasts with their hard nipples. I wet my fingers with her juices and rubbed her protruding clit. I could feel her sexually energy building to an orgasm.

“Oh god, keep going,” my sister cried out.

“Flip around with Nicole on top in a sixty-nine position,” Mom suggested. We did and continued ravishing my sister’s clit with my fingers and my tongue. I felt her warm mouth slide up and down my hard cock.

“Oh god,” Nicole cried out as her dam broke, once again flooding my face.

“Ride your brother’s cock, now,” I heard Mom instructing her. I was lying on my back with my cock standing straight in the air when Mom helped guide Nicole down on me.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” Nicole gasped. I felt her tight, wet, hot pussy envelope my throbbing cock.

“Fuck yea,” I sighed in agreement.

Nicole paused when she was all the way down, my cock fully engulfed inside her.

“Move around however it feels good,” I heard Mom say to her. It all felt good to me. She rocked back and forth and bounced up and down. I glanced over at Mom. She was fingering herself as she watched us intensely.

“Fuck YES!” my sister screamed. I felt her gush this time flowing over my balls.

“Roll her over and pound her hard,” Mom directed me. “Don’t let her come down off her orgasm.”

I rolled my sister on her back, her legs flailing in the air as I pounded her pussy as hard as I could. She clenched my cock each time she came to another orgasm.

“Fuck me harder, HARDER, FUCK ME,” my sister wailed. I pushed as hard as I could, as deep as I could.

Nicole was now shrieking as I pummeled her. I felt my balls tense up. Her pussy clenched my cock harder as I pushed ever deeper, exploding, pumping my cum deep inside her.

I stayed inside her as we rolled over to rest on our side, embracing each other. I could feel her heart pounding as hard as mine as we drew our bodies close, our sweaty skin pressed together, panting still. My cock eventually softened and slipped out.

“Eric, you are wonderful,” Nicole whispered when we both had calmed down considerably.

“Sis, you are fantastic. I never imagined sex could be so fulfilling, exhilarating,” I responded. We kissed.

“You two should go back into the living room and relax with a glass of wine while I change these sheets,” Mom told us. “You really cum profusely, baby. These sheets are soaked.”

Nicole and I went back to sit in the living room as Mom had directed us. I poured us each a glass of wine. We sat side by side with our free hands resting on each other’s thighs.

“Did you ever think it would be so intense?” Nicole asked. “And so amazingly satisfying?”

“And so pleasurable,” I added.

“What about Mom?” my sister continued. “It’s been four years since she was with Karen and she never really had good sex with Dad.”

“What are you thinking, Nicole?”

“I’m thinking we should all sleep together tonight and the pupils reward the teacher,” she told me with a smile.

Mom came out to join us after finishing making the bed. She asked us how we enjoyed the experience and how we felt about each, noticing that we now appeared to be glued at the hip. We chatted a while reliving the poker game and laughing about our fears and apprehensions. After our second glass of wine Mom indicated that she was ready to call it a night.

“Mom, can we all sleep together?” Nicole asked.

“I’d like that Mom,” I said.

“Well sure,” Mom said happily. “Do you want to clean up a little before bed?”

“Yea, we’ll take a quick shower,” I replied. “After all, clean sheets.”

Nicole washed me off and then I washed her. I really got off on rubbing her round butt. I couldn’t control my erection. “Save that for Mom,” my sister teased poking her finger at my cock.

Mom was in bed, still naked, sitting up watching a movie on TV. Nicole tried to distract her and keep her from noticing my raging hard cock while I slipped in bed under the sheets on the other side.

“What’s the movie?” Nicole asked.

“Oh, just some romantic comedy I must have seen a dozen times,” Mom replied. “I wasn’t really paying attention.”

“What were you thinking about?” I asked.

“How much I love both of you,” Mom said.

“We know you do,” Nicole told her. “What you did for Eric and me today was courageous,” my sister added.

“What about you? What do you need to get over Dad,” I asked compassionately.

“I got over you father a long time ago,” Mom answered.

“Then, why haven’t you moved on? Found someone new? Or got back together with Karen?” Nicole prodded.

“You were more important to me. And seeing both of you happy together tonight is all the satisfaction I need,” Mom responded.

Nicole went to kiss Mom while I caressed her breasts. “We need to make you happy too,” Nicole whispered to Mom. “You already have,” Mom whispered back. “But even more so,” Nicole responded and kissed Mom again.

I took each of Mom’s soft breasts into my mouth, sucking them in until my mouth was full and lightly nibbling on her nipples. The way her body reacted told me she was enjoying the attention she was getting. Nicole slid down the bed pulling the sheets down with her. She separated Mom’s legs and planted her face on Mom’s pussy. Mom was cooing.

Nicole used her fingers and mouth to bring Mom to a couple of orgasms while I paid attention to mother’s luscious breasts. After Mom’s second orgasm, Nicole pulled away and I positioned myself between my mother’s legs. I placed the tip of my cock on her slick wet opening. Without any effort I slid in my mother’s hot sloppy cunt.

Mom felt very different than Nicole. It was like my cock was in a hot bath and flowed effortlessly in and out.

“Oh sweetie, your cock feels so good inside me,” Mom murmured her pleasure. I reached with one hand and grabbed a hold of one of her tits and squeezed it like I needed to hold on to something.

“Oh sweetie, keep going,” Mom cooed as I kept a steady persistent rhythm. Mom was enjoying the moment, not reaching for a climax, relishing in a long drawn out orgasmic pleasure.

All of a sudden I felt my orgasm about to take over me. It wasn’t a buildup from the friction fucking my sister’s tight pussy, it was a wave overcoming my whole body. My mother sensed it.

“Fill me up, please sweetie, fill your mother’s hot pussy,” Mom panted. I let go in stream after stream pouring out of my cock into her vessel.

I was physically drained as well. I collapsed in my mother’s arms contented, feeling wonderful.

“Beautiful, amazingly beautiful,” Nicole commented.


The bedroom was bright from the sunlight when I woke. I was alone in the bed, the sheets were ruffled. I walked out into the living room a little disoriented. Mom and Nicole were sitting on the couch, wearing bath robes, with a glass of white wine. It suddenly occurred to me I was naked. I was about to turn toward the other room to find a pair of shorts and a t-shirt when Nicole noticed me.

“Well sleepy, about time you got up,” my sister teased.

“Isn’t it a bit early to be drinking wine,” I shot back.

“It’s already afternoon,” she informed me.

“Come sit down,” Mom said gesturing me over to the couch.

“Let me put something on,” I replied referring to my nakedness.

“You don’t need to. We’re comfortable going au naturelle,” Mom said taking off her robe.

I sat down between my sister and my mother on the couch. Mom looked at me and gave me a light kiss. Nicole put her hand on my flaccid cock. I probably should have felt uncomfortable but I didn’t.

“I guess we gave you quite a workout last night,” Nicole said smiling. “You deserved to sleep in.”

“How do you feel, sweetie?” Mom asked. “Are you alright with what we did yesterday?”

“It certainly was amazing and wonderful,” I replied. My cock was beginning to grow in my sister’s hand. I was getting aroused all over again at the sight of my beautiful mother and her fabulous breasts.

“I know society says it’s taboo for mothers and sons and daughters to have sex,” Mom began to explain. “But, we needed this as a family to break that Valentine’s Day curse your father put on us. It was ruining our lives.”

“I don’t have any regrets Mom,” I told her. “Nicole and I would have been trapped forever in self-doubt and despair,” I explained.

“That’s true Mom,” Nicole added. “Dad really fucked all of us over killing himself on Valentine’s Day and leaving you that disgusting card, blaming you for his impotence.” My sister continued to stroke my cock lightly.

“Where do we go from here?” Mom asked openly. “What do the two of you want to make of this?”

“What do the three of us want to make of this,” I corrected my mother.

“Let’s just live our lives, whatever comes about for each of us we accept and respect each other and we know we will always have each other,” Nicole concluded. “This weekend was supposed to be for the three of us, right?”

We all looked at each other and nodded.

“Who would have guessed I would enjoy sucking cock and eating pussy?” Nicole blurted out gleefully. She wrapped her lips around my stiff rod. Her warm mouth felt wonderful. I pulled my mother in close, squeezing her tip and sucking on her nipple.

We didn’t leave the cabin the rest of the weekend. We fucked each other to exhaustion.


“Hey Eric,” I heard a voice calling me as I walked across the campus mall. I turned around to see who it was. It was Lisa trying to catch up to me. Lisa and I dated in high school and now we were both at the university.

Lisa was pissed off at me when I called off our Valentine’s Day date four years ago. When she learned the circumstances she tried to be compassionate toward me but I pushed her off. We were always friendly but I wouldn’t let her get close to me though she always tried.

“Thanks for waiting up for me,” Lisa said. “Gee, you were something else in the creative writing class. That was a beautiful story you told. I loved it,” she said to me.

“Well, I, I thought it was a good perspective,” I said to her somewhat embarrassed at her complimentary reaction to my story.

“It was good to see you like the old Eric I loved in high school,” Lisa told me. “I don’t know what happened but I am so happy for you. You seem so happy now.”

“I feel much better now about myself,” I confessed.

“Is it a girlfriend?”

“No, not really,” I told her. “I just got over what happened four years ago with my Dad,” I confided in her without going into the details as to how I got over it. “I put that all behind me for good.”

“Wow, that’s terrific. I don’t think I could watch you stay in that depression forever. I really am happy for you,” she said. “So, can we pick up where we left off four years ago?” Lisa asked coyly.

“Well Valentine’s Day was last Friday so I don’t think we can start with a Valentine’s date,” I joked.

“It wasn’t cancelling the date that pissed me off, Eric. It was what I had worked myself up to for that date,” she confessed.

“And what was that?” I asked.

Lisa pulled me in close like it was a secret she was about to share. “I was going to fuck you that night,” she whispered in my ear.

I smiled at her. I wasn’t afraid. I wanted to fuck her too. She picked up on my vibes.

“Really? I mean REALLY?” she screeched. “Come on, let’s go. My roommate has already left for the weekend. We’ll have the apartment all to ourselves.”

“What about our three o’clock Chemistry class?” I reminded her.

“Screw the class. Let’s make our own chemistry,” she said grabbing my hand and practically dancing to all the way to her car.

As soon as the door to her apartment closed, Lisa wrapped her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths as she slowly dragged us, embraced, toward her bedroom.

She let go off me and pulled her top off quickly revealing her small firm perky breasts, the ones I loved to fondle as a teenager parked out in the desert in the back seat of the car. Lisa was in a hurry. She pulled off her pants quickly. I had barely removed my shirt when she went right to my belt buckle.

My cock sprung out when she pulled my pants to the floor. She touched it lovingly.

“Four years is a long time to wait to touch this beautiful cock again,” she sighed. “I am so glad the wait is over.” Lisa stroked me a few times before she took me in her mouth. When we were in high school we would make out and get into heavy petting. Only once before had she given me a blow job.

“I’ve been yearning for this big thick cock,” she cooed.

Awkwardly I tried to remove my shoes and step out of my pants while Lisa was on her knees adoring my penis. Eventually I was successful. She gagged trying to take me in all the way to her throat.

“Let me taste that sweet pussy of your,” I said picking up her petite body and placing her on the bed. I remembered the adolescent thrill of fingering her and sniffing my fingers, enjoying the aroma of her young sweet pussy. Now I was prepared to ravish her totally.

I spread her legs open, kissing her thighs to tease her. I ran my tongue up and down her slit occasionally penetrating. Like my mother taught me, I opened her up and licked her tiny clit eliciting a succession off oohs and ahhhs.

“Holy shit Eric. Where did you learn to do that?” she cried out as a continued to bring her to several orgasms. I wasn’t going to answer her.

I bit each of her nipples gently which sent her into convulsions after her third orgasm. “Time you take my cock for a ride,” I whispered in her ear. “You said you wanted to fuck me.”

“Oh fuck,” she moaned as she slowly lowered herself down, taking my cock into her tight pussy a little bit at a time. Once she had me all the way in, she amazed me the way she rode my cock with so much energy. She was riding me like a cowgirl on a bull. Her small framed body writhing and grinding her way to multiple orgasms.

I rolled her over and started pounding her with abandonment. Her small tits rocking back and forth with each of my thrusts. I could feel the energy building in me, ready to be unleashed in a fury of spunk.

“I’m ready to cum,” I warned her panting.

“In me, in me,” she cried out. “Holy Shit!” she screamed as I pumped my load in her.

I stayed in her as I rolled us over again, she rested on top of me as we calmed down from the exhilaration. Her head rested on my chest. I stroked her light brown hair.

“I never saw you with anyone so I was thinking you were still a virgin,” Lisa said quietly still resting on me. “Guess I thought wrong. That was the most incredible fuck. You’re obviously experienced.”

“Not as much as you might think,” I replied.

We laid there a little while longer enjoying the warmth of each other’s bodies.

“We should get cleaned up and go out for dinner,” I suggested.

“No fucking way,” Lisa responded. “I have plenty of food here. We’re not leaving this apartment for the whole weekend. We’re not even getting dressed. I’ve waited too long for this so I want to drink it up, gulp it down and fuck you silly until you can’t stand up anymore.”

“I better let my mother know so she doesn’t worry,” I told Lisa and went into the living room to give my mother a call.

“Hi Mom,” I spoke softly into the phone.

“Eric,” Mom replied.

“I’m not going to be home this weekend,” I informed her. “I’m spending the weekend with Lisa.”

“Do I know Lisa?” my mother asked.

“She was the girl I dated in high school. The girl I was supposed to go out with on Valentine’s Day.”

“Oh yes, I remember her. She was so sweet and petite,” Mom responded. “Treat her nice and remember everything your sister and I taught you.”

“I will. And Mom, thank you. I love you”

“I love you too, sweetie.”

The end.

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