My mom affair with my best friend part -2

Hi i am back with my story part 2 hope u liked my first part sit back and enjoy this. My mom affair with my best friend – part -1
After sending pics she wore her blue saree and was ready at 9 55 the bell rang and i ran to my room and saw my friend entered the house.
He started kissing and hugging my mom passionately and put his face on my mom boobs.

She said to my friend will u do all things here come to bedroom and my friend lifted my mom to the bedroom and throw to the bed.
Luckily they didn’t close the door properly so i see them properly after throwing my mom in the best he became naked immediately.
His dick was 7.5 inch and already erect now i knew my mom loved him because my dad was fat and had a small size.

My friend wasted no time and went to bed and started removing my mom saree and now she was in her panty and bra.
He came top of mom and started kissing her and he removed her bra and started playing with her big boobs and started drinking milk.
After drinking milk for 5 mins he went down and removed my mom panty and threw it and started licking her pussy and she was moaning.
After that he told my mom let’s do 69 and they shift position and mom was doing it like a pro and he was enyjoying it.

Later my mom was desperate for sex she told please fuck me fast i can’t wait my friend teased her.
My friend took condom from the bed drawer which was straberry flavour my mom liked straberry very much and he wore it.
They went to missionary position and my friend inserted his penis inside my mom and it went easily inside that meant they have sex regularly.
My mom was moaning loudly and enjoyed the sex with my friend after 5 mins they changed position to doggy style.

They did doggy style for 5 mins and my mom became tired but my friend was ready for another round so he told mom come top of me.
He started ridding mom and his hands was holding mom boobs tightly and after sometime mom fell on him and told it’s over for the day.

After that he wore his dress and kissed mom and left.

I hope you like the story i have a story where my mom and friend had sex in a resort.

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