My mom affair with my best friend – part -1

Hi my name is xxx and I live in Mumbai with my mom and my dad lives in abroad.
The hero and heroine of this story is my best friend and my mom i know my best friend from school time now we are in same college and same course.

From my childhood he would come to my house and we would play together and all was going good.
After we went to college i started seeing change in my friend he would always tell come lets go to your house.
Sometimes he would touch my mom and i would think it’s by mistake and mom would treat him well.
Everyday mom would insist him come and study with me and have dinner here.
He would not come to college and when i ask why he didn’t come he would give several reasons.

One day in college my last two classes got cancelled and i went home early and saw my friend bike was parked.
When i ranged my home bell there was no response for three minutes and after that my friend opened the door.
He was sweating and i asked why you didn’t inform me that i am coming to your house he said i thought I would surprise you.
When i entered my house my mom was coming out from her bedroom in a transparent
lingerie and i was shocked to see her.

Her cleavage was visible and hair was messed up and she acted casual before me and said wait i would give you two guys something to eat.
My friend said no need i am going to my house and said to me i will come in 2 days to meet you.
After he went i immediately went to my mom bedroom and saw her saree was in the floor her bra was also there and panty was in the bed and i saw a condom packet.

That night i was not able to sleep after thinking my mom and my friend had a affair and thought dad was not good in bed with mom.
After that I decided i should see them having sex so i message my friend are you coming to college tomorrow he said no.
Later i checked my mom phone my friend message my mom tomorrow be ready i would come tomorrow by 10 in the morning and have your vagina for breakfast.

I thought of placing two camera in my mom room and one in the hall by luck i had three old phone in house.
I placed two phone in my mom bedroom and one in the hall and as usual i left to college and according to my mom.
The time was 9 30 i entered my house with the spare keys silently and i went to my mom room to see what she was doing.
The door was slightly open she was in her transparent lingerie and doing her makeup.

Later she stood and went to cupboard and started selecting her saree and she selected a blue colour saree.
She removed her lingerie and she was naked and was observing herself in the mirror and took the phone and took pics of herself.
After taking pics she sent it to my friend and started voice message she said please come fast and fuck your queen and satisfy her.

I will share the part 2 very soon if u like the story please comment

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