My mom affair with my best friend in a resort part -1

My mom affair with my best friend in a resort

Hi guys hope u liked my last story about my mom affair with my best friend, i am back with another story about them sit back and enjoy.
Dad had book a resort in Coorg for our family but at last moment he got a important job so he could not join us he told to my mom u guys go,

My mom asked me to ask my friend whether he can join us in dad place and i asked him and he agreed so we all went for shopping to a mall to purchase dress for him, mom selected all his dress and after sometime mom also wanted to buy dress.

So my friend helped my mom out and was keeping the dress and seeing whether it’s good for her and he was touching my mom navel and later mom wanted to try out her dresses in change room, so she went there and i got the call so i went outside the shop and when i entered the shop again i could not find my friend and i quickly knew he would have went to change room.

So i went there and saw he was in mom change room and talking to mom u r sexy in each dress and she told leave now and we finished shopping the day before we were leaving for resort i checked mom message she message my friend don’t forget to bring condom and sleeping tablets for my son we went to resort Mumbai to Bangalore flight and from Bangalore we took car to Coorg and while travelling my friend hand was on my mom body we reached resort and checked in the room and we had only 1 room which a big bed where we 3could sleep and mom went to bath and i told my friend i am going to have lunch please bring mom after she comes out and i placed a go pro camera in the room and went to have lunch.

After 20 mins my mom and friend came to have lunch i asked my mom why u r late she said she took a long bath and i Said i am going to the room and i transferred the go pro data to lap and saw after i left my friend went to the bathroom and returned with my mom who was naked and quickly wore a condom and they had sex my friend lifted my mom and had sex for 5 minutes and they both got dressed and left for lunch at evening we planned to swim in our private pool and me and my friend went to the pool after 5 mins mom joined us she was wearing her swimsuit which was transparent and she asked my friend to teach her swimming she was learning but i went underground and saw my friend was rubbing my mom pussy and i went swimming to them in underground and they 2 had a small heartattack and mom left the pool.

In night i heard mom and my friend speaking that they would add sleeping tablet in my Pepsi after having dinner we returned to the room and mom changed to her new sexy nighty and my friend served Pepsi to me and then only mom went to bathroom i told my friend i think mom is calling you go and check and come i threw the Pepsi outside.

I will share the next part very soon hope u like this.

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