My Mother’s Strange & Unusual Request

I tried to write this twice before and it took 9 sheets of A4 in excel, it ended up as a novel, it’s about me and my mother and the unbelievable request she made one day, I’m not going to use false names or any names for that matter as I can’t really see the point as I still have to protect certain people, I have twin sisters 13 month older than me, My father was a fleet air arm test pilot, navy in case you don’t know what that means, he was killed in an accident leaving 4 of us, My mother never looked her age, she was at the time 38 and could match any girl I was seeing at the time, in looks and figure and she was always admired for it, like many today, and I have looked, she looked like she was still my age and dressed accordingly, standing next to my sisters you simply could not tell them apart, she cycled just over 7 miles a day to work weather permitting and her body was well toned.

One day I was in on my own, can I talk to you in confidence she said while your sisters are out and we both sat down, that attempt failed as one of my sisters came in, a few days later though and she picked up where she left off, oh god this is going to be harder than I thought, I’ve gone over this in my mind of how to explain this and now I’m scared, I have to admit there was genuine fear in her face and she was beginning to tear up, since your father passed away I have never been with another man, I never wanted too I just felt numb, I thought I lost all those feelings forever, I had my family and all of you helped more than you could possibly know, I knew I had to be strong for you three, eventually I came to terms with it, with all of you growing up getting girlfriends and boyfriends things started to feel normal again, I never expected to have these kind of feelings again, but I have and it’s making me feel like half a woman and very baron, I feel like time is running out for me.
I never heard her talk like this before and There was genuine sincerity in her voice, this meant a lot to her, It was also about her sexuality and her identity as a woman.

Are you trying to tell me you’ve met someone I said?
Good god no sweetheart she said, going out with my friends has only made things worse too over the last 3 or 4 years too, you know who my friends are don’t you, I said yes, when we are out they do their upmost to have sex with whoever takes their fancy! But they are married mother, that doesn’t bother them one little bit she said as long as they use protection! I give you my word on your fathers soul I have never done that sweetheart, ever, you must promise me this goes no further than us two for what I’m going to say now, I’m not going to be promiscuous like them, I want your help, if I was going to let anyone touch me I would rather it be you.

At that moment the silence was deafening! A huge bombshell had just exploded right in front of me and I was completely speechless, I need the loo I’ll be right back, coming back she held my hand again, I want you to make me feel like a woman again, I want you to make love to me, it’s wrong and insane I know, for the last few years I’ve felt like half a woman but I can’t be like that lot out there, don’t say anything now but please just think about it sweetheart, and with that she got up and headed for the kitchen, I sat there thinking while she made us a coffee, Oh I need you to do something for me too she said, do you remember the motor home we had, I think so but didn’t you sell it, no it’s been in storage for quite a while now and it’s cost me a small fortune, I want to have it back home and use it so can you come with me tomorrow cause I want them to get it back on the road, it shouldn’t take much and we can use it again.

So that’s how it all began, and she must have been planning how to say what she did for quite a long time too.
I couldn’t say anything then cause I was literally shell-shocked, A couple of day’s later we went to look at the RV, it appeared to be in very good condition outwardly but filthy! Inside was ok and I was expecting it to stink but it didn’t as it had all been cleared out before storage, a worksheet was made up of what it would take to get it back on the road, a figure was agreed and that was that, before we left though they started it up and the engine sounded really great, nothing more was mentioned though and at that time I thought she had forgotten all about it, it took 8 months to get it back to what it was with a total refit, That summer we decided to give it a try, mother was self employed so could take her holiday when ever she wanted so she waited for me to have my annual holiday, I genuinely thought she had forgot about it, I was dead wrong, in fact this is why she took the risk of having put back on the road as I found out, while my sisters were going abroad with there boyfriends we would take the RV on a road trip.

Driving it was a challenge, it was great on normal roads but we were heading for the Cumbria and the lake district, on the way up there she said, do you remember that chat we had sweetheart, of course I knew what she meant but I said which one do you mean, You know about us, it’s been a few months now and I’ve gone to all this trouble to get us away, we get to many visitors at home! Mum can we talk about this when I’m not driving, I felt a strange sense of uncomfortable and a weird sense of arousal at the same time, We found a spot near one of the lakes up there and parked up, it had been quite a drive up there and I was hungry, for food! We were completely self sufficient and everything worked as it should have.

Nothing happened that night or for the two nights after, but we did have a chat, she told me how she felt and telling me some stuff about her friends! And it was mind blowing! If I opened my mouth to the wrong people their would be least three divorce cases started she said, then the conversation turned to us,
It was then that I fully understood how far my mother was ready to go with this, she was totally serious about everything, I have a wonderful family but on the other side I feel left behind and empty, Mum you do realise what your asking is illegal don’t you I said, I’ve thought about it a lot, the times I’ve wanted to approach you about it and didn’t, the times I got so jealous of my friends for having the nerve to act the way they do even though it’s horribly promiscuous and could and probably will end in tears for them, so yes sweetheart I want your help, I miss not being in bed with someone I miss the intimacy, and yes I do miss the sex she said, I want to feel whole again but I’m not going with any Tom Dick or harry like they do.

It was 9 at night, I had a shower then mum went in, she emerged from the bedroom and I was standing at the door just looking out over Windermere wearing just a pair of shorts, she came up behind me putting her hands around my waist, what are you looking at she said, oh just the water it’s hypnotic, it’s lovely here she said so quite, close your eyes sweetheart and don’t turn around till I tell you too, I was feeling a little anxious but I did it, ok you can turn around now she said, I couldn’t believe it, she was naked from the waist down, her pubic hair was proudly on display with her top tied around her waist, I couldn’t help but just stare at her, she’s was a knockout anyway but now she simply looked stunning! you really do want this don’t you I said, I wouldn’t be standing her like this if I wasn’t sure sweetheart, after what seemed like an eternity but was probably just a couple of minutes she turned and said, when your finished looking I’ll be in the bedroom if there is anything you want, as she gently patted my bum.

I had a thousand and one things going through my mind, I kept looking at the door thinking should I or just pull out the sofa bed like I did the past couple of nights, I was on the spot, I waited for a few minutes then headed for the bedroom locking the camper for the night.

Knocking on the door she said come in sweetheart, she was in bed under the quilt, I sat on the bed for a couple of seconds before climbing in, we just lay there looking at the ceiling not daring to move! She turned on her side to face me, I know I’m nervous too she said, I wasn’t nervous I was bloody terrified! She shuffled a little closer to me and put her arm over the top of me, her arm was trembling, I’m scared too she said, she gave me a peck on cheek and said it will be alright, her left hand started to wander first over my chest, her hand was shaking, me acting like a corpse wasn’t helping things either, I put my left arm around her, it was only then I realised she was totally naked, doing that seemed to break the ice a little more, her hand wandered a little more down until it reached the waistband of my shorts, she paused a little then reached inside them, all I could do was to pull her even closer to me, the feeling was indescribable, her naked breasts pushed into me, I simply couldn’t fight it anymore, as she fondled my balls and cock I got what felt like the biggest erection I ever had!

a few seconds her attention turned to my shorts, she was working them down my past my waist, I stopped her sitting up in bed, I removed my shorts for her exposing my cock for the first time in years to her, after a few more minutes of her playing I turned to face her, she gave me a peck on the lips, them another, the third one I responded to kissing her back, I ran my hand down her back to her bum and back again, I touched her breasts and they were gorgeous, by now my cock felt like it was oozing gallons of pre-cum.

I’ve waited so long to feel like this sweetheart, and with that she lay back on her back, I ran my hand over her breasts and down to her pubic hair, she flinched for a second, sorry it’s been so long since anyone but me touched there she said, 13 to 14 years to be precise, her pubic hair was thick and soaking wet, I sat up reaching down putting my hand fully on her crotch, Her pussy was lovely and not what I expected, her labia was better and smaller than nearly every other girl I’d been with, in fact almost no protruding lips that I could feel, my fingers went further between her lips and god was she tight, running my finger up the inside I found her clitoris, I began rubbing it it gently in a circular motion as she got wetter by the second and oh boy was she enjoying it cause she started purring, she was highly aroused and there was no stopping now even if I wanted too.
I couldn’t wait any longer, I pushed my index finger inside her, she felt warm and wet and very tight, I couldn’t believe my finger was inside of her body, she lay there with her eyes closed biting her lip and running her tongue over them, I put a second finger inside her as her juices flowed over them, as I gently worked my fingers in & out she started to push against them, helping me by opening her legs, I still couldn’t really see her cause of all her hair but by god I could feel her, after a few more minutes of that she stopped me, sweetheart make love to me properly, she didn’t have to ask twice, climbing between her legs I guided my cock through her pubes onto her pussy, she was so wet it took very little effort to penetrate her at least 3 to 4 inches, I pushed a little harder until I was fully inside her, her pussy was tight and warm and dare I say it, she almost felt virginy, and it felt wetter by the moment, slow and easy darling, there is no rush, I did what she asked me too, never had we been so intimate with each other, or crossed the boundary, we settled down into a rhythm that was deeply satisfying, no other girl had felt like this, this was better, more meaningful even though it was my mum, her pussy started getting tighter around me and her breathing heavier, usually the girls my age were going at it like mad! But this was better, more meaningful even though it was my mum, her pussy started getting tighter around me and her breathing heavier, she wrapped her legs around me forcing me deeper inside her if that was at all possible! As we continued she got even tighter around me, darling I’m cccccccccoming, my cock and balls were consumed by a tsunami of hot pussy fluids but not squirting like mad, all we could do was hold on to each other while we came, at the time I was amazed she came so quickly but looking back it had been over a decade, I was still hard inside her so we kept going, we held each other and kissed while we were locked together at the hip, if fact she held and squeezed me so tight with her legs it hurt.

The following day we moved but only to the other side of the lake, that night though mum loved to explore my body as I lay there while she fondled my cock and balls, when she had enough we kissed and I touched her all over, that night i went a little further, I kissed her all the way down her body down to her pussy, she smelt lovely too, I licked and kissed the top of her thighs nestling my nose in her thick pubes, Your tickling me she said with a little giggle like a school girl! I motioned for her to part her legs, amazingly I still couldn’t see anything! I could feel it though, her smell was intoxicating, I parted her hair best I could and kissed her pussy to the sound of her sighing, unfortunately it was hard to get through all that jungle with out some of her hairs getting in my throat! Needless to say we had another amazing night but the following night would be better.

She said she had a surprise for me though and I would find out later, oh boy what a surprise it was too, she was in bed first while I locked up, I climbed into bed and put my arm around her, that was lovely what you did last night she said, would you mind if I did that to you? I said no, and off she went exploring, she worked her way down from my neck and chest pushing the quilt of us at the same time, finally reaching my cock, her hot breath felt so good but the piece de resistance came next, in one motion she straddled my face, all of a sudden I was looking up at her bald pussy! Now I know there is no such thing as the “perfect pussy” but Jesus looking up all I see was her wonderful slit with extremely small lips, it looked pretty damn perfect to me, as she started to give me oral I put my arms around her and gently pulled on her, she got the message and started to lower herself closer to me.

I reached up and kissed it, then again, then pushed my tongue inside, she tasted magnificent as I buried my tongue inside her, I parted her with my fingers so I could see her clit, it looked wonderful just popping out, I gently licked it then sucked on it, her juices started to flow slowly at first then a little quicker, her mouth round my cock made me forget she was my mum, I can’t explain the pure erotic joy of french kissing her pussy as she came in my mouth, she tasted sweet and wonderful, all of a sudden my cock started pumping, I realised she was taking it in her mouth and swallowing it, she described my taste as slightly tangy, after that she turned around stayed on top of me making love.

By the time our holiday was up we knew every centimetre of each others body’s and spent just over 3 weeks enjoying each other, I find it incredible I was her first in 13 years, one morning a policeman knocked on the door of the RV, we had not been up long, he said we couldn’t park there and was to move on, he took us for a couple! Even gave him a cup of coffee while he looked around as he had not been in one before! We both knew that our relationship had changed forever though and I’m not ashamed to say we actually fell in love with each other, needless to say it was not the first time we used the RV!

Our relationship lasted for 31 years, She died aged 71 from a brain tumour, it hit me really hard, maybe harder than it should have but there were reasons, reasons I could never tell anyone, being a photographer I did do some pics of mum at her request, I got permission from my bosses to use the studios one Sunday, I think they are the best I have ever taken and she enjoyed flaunting her nakedness in front of me, and teasing me at the same time, did a few standard pics too and boy did we have fun! I usually did portraits family pics and weddings.
I am happy with my life, I adore my wife and kids, but on the rare occasions I look at these pics I wish I had a time machine, I still have the camper too, she left that exclusively to me, the rest was split between the three of us but I’m the only one who lives in the family home now with my family.

I have a couple of pics of her on my wall at home in a blue bikini, I always get asked, that’s not your wife who is she? And when I say my mother aged 38/39 their jaws usually hit the ground! She was after all astonishingly beautiful and youthful for her age.

My story is perhaps longer than some but much shorter than the first 2 drafts.

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