Sexting Smitha Aunty

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This is a series of text messages, between my Aunt Smitha and myself, vicky.

Happy Reading!

Smitha: vicky, was that on purpose?

vicky: Hello Smitha Aunty. What was on purpose? I did not get that.

Smitha: Stop messing around now. Did you do that purposefully, or was it seriously a mistake?

vicky: Do what Smitha Aunty?

Smitha: Ok, now do not make me angry. Did you just grab my ass at the wedding? I am pretty sure I felt your firm grip on my body.

vicky: What nonsense! I would never do such a thing. Maybe I touched you by mistake. It was so crowded in there. You know that.

Smitha: Yes, I thought so too. But you never bothered to apologize, and also your hand was on my ass for a good 15 seconds.

vicky: It wasn’t me Aunty. It must have been somebody else standing close to us. It could be just your feeling too. Maybe you brushed against a pillar or something.

Smitha: Well okay, I guess it was just that then. But I just wanted to tell you, I loved the way you pressed my ass cheek.

vicky: What? What did you just say?

Smitha: Exactly what you read. I loved it when you groped my ass and continued feeling me up in front of all those people.

vicky: Smitha Aunty, I am so sorry. I just lost my control. I did not mean to.

Smitha: Now don’t feel bad, vicky. I don’t hate you for it.

vicky: Please don’t tell my mother. She would be furious.

Smitha: Hahaha, why would I do that? I am a mother, too. I understand the feelings of a boy of your age.

vicky: It was just from the heat of the moment. I had never had you this close to me before…

Smitha: And so?

vicky: And I never knew you had such a big booty. I just wanted to know how it felt.

Smitha: And how did you find it to be?

vicky: Firm, thick yet soft.

Smitha: Just like how you have imagined them to be?

vicky: Come on Aunty. I have never thought about you like that before.

Smitha: Now that is a lie. I have seen you check me out, before too.

vicky: Well, I am just sorry. But I never wanted to hurt you or touch your private parts.

Smitha: So you have learned a lesson? You won’t do it again?

vicky: No Aunty, trust me, please. I will never do such a thing. Please forgive me

Smitha: What if I want you to?

vicky: What?

Smitha: What if I want you to touch my ass again?

vicky: You cannot be serious!

Smitha: I am. I don’t blame you for what happened today. It is normal, and I did dress to get all the attention.

vicky: You knew all along that your ass was standing out? I mean, you had your pink kurta on top, but your ass still projected out from inside your black tights.

Smitha: Yes, I knew that. I had worn no panties because I wanted my ass to be ogled at.

vicky: I can’t believe you are telling this to me, and we are having this conversation.

Smitha: When did you first notice my ass, today?

vicky: The moment I saw you. I had your side view first when you were talking to my mother. Your ass looked bigger than ever.

Smitha: So you have checked out my ass before too.

vicky: Honestly, yes. I always liked your bubble butt. I have imagined you working out extra hard at the gym for that.

Smitha: I have been working out really hard with the squats, for the shape I have now. I just wanted to show it off in its full glory today.

vicky: I am glad you did that.

Smitha: Somebody has started talking.

vicky: I don’t know, I feel this is just what you want to hear.

Smitha: Maybe. So what else had you planned to do today, if I had not left all that soon?

vicky: Do you really want to know?

Smitha: As long as you don’t say you were planning to rip apart my tights, and leave my naked ass on display.

vicky: Haha, no! But I did want to dry hump your ass. At least feel my dick in between your thick ass cheeks.

Smitha: Damn, that would have been interesting…

vicky: Yeah? You really would not have minded that?

Smitha: Since we have talked so much already, I think I should tell you I might have loved that. As long as nobody noticed it.

vicky: Well, I almost did. But Sonakshi suddenly looked at me, and there was no way I could feel her mother’s ass when she was looking.

Smitha: So what are you going to do the next time we meet? I always wish to be spanked on my butt.

vicky: Well, since you have told, I am going to spank your butt so hard, the redness in your creamy ass cheeks would take a month to go.

Smitha sends a picture of her ass in just a red thong.

Smitha: What do you have to say about this?

vicky: Oh fuck! I cannot believe this, I really did not expect this. Did you just take this picture now? Your ass is huge.

Smitha: I wanted to send you a picture as soon as I pulled my tights down, after the wedding. But I thought I would keep my naked butt for later. And so put on this red thong for you.

vicky: That glorious silky red thong isn’t covering much, though.

Smitha: You have a problem with that?

vicky: Not at all. Just that I wish you had something more loving in between your ass cheeks. Something better than a thin lace of thread.

Smitha: And what would that be?

vicky: My tongue, maybe. For now!

Smitha: Did you just say you want to lick along my ass crack?

vicky: I thought I said I wanted to lick your ass hole. And more.

Smitha: Arnaaavvv! You know what? Fuck you, hahaha…

vicky: You know what Smitha Aunty, or just Smitha? Shut up and suck my dick, bitch!

Smitha: I am so fucking wet.

vicky: Why don’t you just say, you want me in your pussy too?

Smitha: Well, if you ever get to licking my ass, isn’t it mandatory you fuck my pussy too?

vicky: Oh is it? Is that how you been treated all these years?

Smitha: Excuse me? Do you think I am some slut?

vicky: I didn’t say that. But next time we meet, you are my slut even if I don’t call you one.

Smitha: Mind your language mister.

vicky: What else should I be calling you after all these hot texts? You expect me to call you ‘mom’ or ‘mummy’?

Smitha: Aaha, so you really think I want you to call me ‘mummy’ after you just grabbed my ass today?

vicky: I don’t know. If you like me calling you ‘mummy’, I can.

Smitha: You would have grabbed me even if I was your real mummy?

vicky: If that is the kind of ass you had, and if you chose to expose it like you did today, I certainly would have.

Smitha: Okay. So have you tried the same with your real mom too? Sujatha has a sexy ass after all.

vicky: I have noticed.

Smitha: You are worse than I thought.

vicky: But I like your well-toned ass more. And now I own it too.

Smitha: You really think I am going to let you have it, for real?

vicky: Do you think I would really be waiting for your permission. I am just going to pull down your tights and eat your ass, wherever it is I see you next.

Smitha: And what do you expect me to do?

vicky: Just bent down, and push your ass out as much as you can

Smitha: So we are seriously on, vicky? This is forbidden and really risky.

vicky: You should have thought about that earlier. Now all I want to tell you is that you will never miss your husband again.

Smitha: And this stays between us, right? Nobody will ever know.

vicky: As long as you make sure I wake up to your nudes.

Smitha: You are going to get tons of them.

vicky: I have never seen anything of your boobs ever. Not even your cleavage.

Smitha: You won’t have to complain about it for long. Next time we meet, I am going to pull my top off for you.

vicky sends a text of his hard cock

vicky: He says he loves you

Smitha: You are huge. Now I really wish you had it in between my ass.

vicky: Soon, baby. Kisses on your pussy lips for now.

Smitha: Love you, honey. Tell your meaty cocky I am going to blow him nice. Let me just find a way to get to spend time with you. Maybe another function will come up soon.

To be continued.

I really hope you liked this story. Please do send me your suggestions and feedback to [email protected].

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