The Virus 1

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World Headlines Nov 02, 2020

CBN: COVID-19 Kills over 2.5 million as it runs its course.
ABC Today: Coronavirus kills 60% more black males then White.
AP: People of Color 5 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than whites.
Washington Times: COVID-19 Traced to Sex with Monkeys in China.

December 2 2033

World News Tonight: Monkey Virus strikes terror as Thousands Die over night.
Los Angles Times: 24,900,004 Dead from Monkey Virus in 14 days in California.
Boston Post Times: 87,901,786 dead in U.S. More to come says White House.
Washington Sun Times: African Continent Decimated in second Pandemic. Cause unknown

May 2, 2037

CBC: Washington Looks into Cause of Monkey Virus. (M.V.)
NBS: Source traces Monkey Virus (M.V.) to African Men having sex with Monkeys.
ABS: 98% of Blacks die from Monkey Virus. M.V.
Boston Post: 92 % of Asian and Latino Men Dead from M.V.
New York Times: World Population drops as 72% of males die from M.V.

March 5, 2039

74 year old Rodney Wilson sat reading the paper in his Jacksonville home. To look at him you would guess 24 years old max. Built like an oak tree he was fit beyond belief. At 6’1” 195 he was cut, almost no fat, all muscle. Wide shoulders, with 18” biceps, super defined pecks, six pack abs and small waist. His cock was huge at 10” and twice as big around as most. His legs were big and defined.

Life was good since the pandemics had passed. Life was finally getting back to some kind of normalcy. The M.V. had killed off all the men with some kind of dark pigment in their DNA. Rodney didn’t understand it, and really didn’t care. But what it amounted to was the darker the skin the more deadly it was. For some reason it only hit men. Light skinned men and all women seemed immune to the virus. Light skinned Asian and Latino men survived for the most part; but we’re left sterile. Baby boys, born with more than 30% dark skin died at birth while girls survived.

One side effect of the virus was anti-aging. White guys didn’t physically age past mid-twenty’s. The old guy’s like Rodney had reversed in age. Those that had reversed were super fit, muscular and well endowed. Women,
on the other hand aged at a normal rate. A second side effect was IVF no longer worked, again, he didn’t understand it.
A third side effect was white guys produced full loads of sperm every 30 minutes and could get hard with only 10 minutes recovery time.

Some believed it was a curse from God. Other’s said it was survival of the fittest. Others yet, said it was just pure evolution, mankind heading for their ultimate race.

Worldwide, there were 12804 women between 16 and 40, for every man, in Jacksonville it was only 79 to 1. But hey, that ain’t bad.

Reading the morning headlines, one really jumped out at him.

“ Presidents Join Together to Repopulate Country’s.”

Today the President’s of Mexico, The Philippines, Venezuela, Thailand, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Columbia, China, Nigeria, Egypt, Nairobi, and Kenya. Along with the Queens of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Zululand, and the U. A. E. announced a joint venture.
Forming an alliance called White Men Breeders, Inc, or WMB for short. Their plan is to build island retreats and fill it with men to breed the women of their countries. The details weren’t made public, but a source tells the AP that the men will be housed in private mansions on the islands and paid up to $10 million U.S. a year plus benefits. They would be required to breed at least ten women a week. With islands located in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, South Pacific, and China Sea.

Interesting he thought, might have to look into that.

Reading the personal adds, he found his add.

“White male for reproductive serves. Reply with nude pictures. $20,000” (cash no trades) Listing his e-mail address as [email protected]

Checking his e-mail he found forty reply’s to the add. Scanning them, he weeded out 16, sending out a form letter, with a contract for the rest. The form letter included a picture of him dressed, one naked with his massive cock hard and sticking out proud, and one with two women kneeling giving him a blowjob.

Rodney was just about to close down the laptop when he got his first conformation back. This conformation wasn’t right, something was deferentially wrong. The file should 20k to 25k bits, but this was huge 5G bits. Running a virus scanner it came up clean so he opened it. Finding a greeting letter he read it, twice in sheer disbelief.

I represent WMB and would like to offer you a position with our organization. Enclosed is a copy of our photo album with some of the lady’s we seek to breed. I think you will find most of them more than attractive and desirable. These are just some of the thousands of women that need to be bred if our member countries are to survive.

This is just a brief summery of the contract we are prepared to offer you. A complete copy is also included below.

Your compensation would be $5 million the first year and $10 million the second. Should you desire to stay a third it would be at a rate of $18.5 million. Years 4-10 would be at $25 Million. All currency is tax free US or Canadian dollars.
Benefits include weekends off, 14 paid holidays, 4 weeks paid Vacation per year, Medical, Dental, matching 401k up to 10% of gross, and stock purchase plan at 25% below market value. Unlimited use of company jets, boats, and cars. All your personal expenses to include your own 10 room villa with servants. Food, and bar stock, Clothing allowance. Finally, your choice of weekend companions from our breeding portfolio.

In the photos you will find pictures of the villas, the islands, the included amenities, (golf, scuba diving, fishing, boating, five star dinning, and so much more).

Your obligation would be to breed ten women a week. You chose 8 and two are chosen by computer. Breeding consists of first normal intercourse. After cumming in the subjects vagina you are free to engage any type of sex of YOUR choice. The lady’s will comply. Any extra breeding will be compensated at the rate of $30K per subject.

I have enclosed a copy of our contract for your Bannisters to go over. If you require anything else, please let me know.

Lord Reginald Bentley, Esquire
Bentley, Howard, and Winston Esquires, HMS
London. U.K.

Opening the photo album he found a title page. The front page reads in bold letters you choose which you breed as they come into cycle. You pick them, we line them up for your enjoyment. *One clause: two women a week will chosen by a computer for you to breed. These women are family members or friends of board members. If you find them undesirable you can pass once a quarter.

Basic rules, you fuck them, cumming in their cunts first. After that, they are yours to do as you like for the rest of the night. Anything you like. Oral, anal, spanking, threesomes you name it.

Looking through the photo album, he was surprised at the beauty’s that were available. There were also some fat ass broads that were just plain ugly. All the women had multiple pictures, bathing suit, dressed for dinner, dressed slutty, and of course nude. Each had a brief description that included age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, and in bold letters virgin if they were still. Then there was a brief statement as to why they should be chosen for breeding.

Setting back, he scanned the pictures. He could do this, two years would set him up for life. Who knows, this might just be what he was looking for, a mansion in paradise and all the women he could ever want.

Printing a copy of the contract he took it to his lawyer for review.

Meeting him at her office door, she invited him in. Kathy Rodgers was a gorgeous little thing, at 5’1” 90 pounds she was screaming hot. Wearing a sheer red top, no bra, a short black skirt, and fuck me heels she was something else. Her red hair was done up in a ponytail and hung down her back. Her tits were at a guess 34c while her waist was 22” and her ass oh her ass was firm at about 33”.

Handing her the copy, he said the same rate as last time? Licking her lips, she whispered of course. Looking over the contract she smiled at its language. Typical lawyer speak, beating around the bush to make shit harder than it needed to be. While she read it, Rodney started removing his clothes. When she was finished, she said it looked like a helluva good deal.

I did make a few changes to negotiate. One, no nap heads only black women with class. Two, only women with top notch hygiene, all must bath and shave their legs, pits, and pussy’s before arriving.

Walking towards him she undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Stepping out of it, she slowly undid the buttons on her blouse. Shaking her shoulders the blouse joined the skirt on the floor. Standing in just her panties and heels, she dropped to her knees.

Looking into his eyes, she reached out and took his semi hard cock in her hand. Smiling, she gently moved her hand up and down his uncut cock. Slowly she moved her hands up and down rubbing the head with her thumb as she reached the top. Spreading his pre-cum over the head and down his prick she gowned as her mouth moved closer. Licking the head, she worked her tongue around the head and tickled the soft spongy underside. Teasingly she moved her mouth down along his cock swishing her tongue as she went. Hitting his balls she took one into her mouth, rolling it around, then the other. Sucking his balls back and forth in her mouth, she let them fall and worked her way back up his cock. Sucking the golf ball sized head into her mouth, she sucked it lovingly, licking it as she worked it deeper into her mouth.

Raising her off his cock Rodney told her to remove her panties and sit on his face while she sucked him.

Standing, she rolled her thong down her tight, strong legs relieving her neatly trimmed flaming red bush and her puffy cunt lips. Before she could climb over him, he said, turning around and show me your fine ass.

Smiling, she turned and bent over, spreading her legs she looked between her legs at him as she pulled her butt open for him. Seeing his prick jump she whispered someone likes what they see.

Setting her cunt over his mouth, she resumed her sucking. Working about 5” into her mouth, she started moving up and down faster as she covered his cock with saliva.

Holding her pussy open he gently licked her twat from taint to hood. Prying her hood open he teased her clit then slid his tongue back down. Licking her cunt juice he prodded his tongue into her sucking her pussy lips into his mouth.

Panting, she took what she could of his cock into her wet warm mouth. Grinding her cunt into his mouth, she shook as her first orgasm rocked her body. Feeling her cum he bucked into her mouth driving 3 more inches into her, bursting into her throat. Shooting the first stream of his hot cum into her throat, she fought to get him back into her mouth before she gaged. Feeling her esophagus fluttering around the head of his cock he shoved even deeper into her throat. Pumping her head, he shot three more spurts of cum into her stomach.

Pulling out with a pop he heard her gasping for air, and coughing. In a raspy voice she panted, “good to the last drop.” Turning, she kissed his chest as he played with her nipples and slowly started fucking her tits. Mashing them together, he was amazed as always, just how firm her tits were. Rodney loved the feel of her tits, big and round yet firm. It still came as a shock that they were 100% natural.

Fucking in and out of her tits he pushed her head down so she could lick the head on the upstroke. When he was good and hard again. He pulled her up and guided his meat into her hot wet cunt. Letting her control the pace insured he didn’t hurt her. The first time they had sex he had gotten carried away and it hurt for her to walk a week afterwards. Easing herself down she went slow just letting her wet cunt take it as best she could. After five minutes she finally got it all in. Panting, she just sat there for a short time, then moved up slowly. Reaching the top she just let her weight take over ramming it home again.

Screaming, she bounced up and down in sheer joy.

Hearing her scream her 18 year old secretary Amber, rushed into the room. Seeing what was happening, she just froze and stared. Seeing her bosses wet cunt bouncing on such a huge cock insistently excited the girl. Moaning, she reached into her skirt and started playing with her twat.

Hearing Amber’s moan both Rodney and Kathy turned towards her. Bending over Kathy whispered something in his ear. Smiling, he nodded yes and waved the girl over and looking up told her to strip. Watching Amber pull her dress up and over her head Rodney felt so surge jerking through his cock. She was so firm and lovely. Her long legs seemed to go on forever as the dress moved up. Shaking, she continued removing the dress to reveal her boy cut lace panties. Rodney could see a dark stain where her cunt juice had leaked out soaking her panties. Moving the dress higher her matching push-up bra came into view. Fuck her tits were sweet looking all nice and perky, 32b standing out firm and hard. Dropping the dress she just watched as Kathy shook on the cock ramming into her wet pussy.

Pointing at her bra Rodney told her to keep going. Reaching back with trembling hands, she undid the clasp and let the bra fall to the floor. Her tits were firm 36dd with hard nipples 1 to 1 ½ “ long. Her nipples were huge compared to the size of her tits and stood out like rocks. Slowly, her hands started rolling her panties down as she bent forward.

Standing naked she moaned as her hand went back to her wet cunt. Rubbing her her bald cunt, she found her clit. Rubbing across her pussy she started shaking as she heard her boss squeal with delight and beg for him to breed her.

Oh fuck please shoot your cum into me and breed me, give me a child she yelled. Rocking back and forth on his cock she screamed as she squirted pussy juice down his prick soaking his balls. Pumping his sperm deep into her womb, he gave her load after load of his hot cum.

Lifting Kathy off him, he stood and pulled Amber into his arms and kissed her. Braking away, he turned her and pushed her onto the couch next to Kathy. Dropping between her knees, he forced his head to her cunt. Licking the wet lips, he looked up into her eyes. Rolling her eyes, she moaned and begged him to keep going. Oh shit she yelled as his tongue pushed deep into her virgin pussy.

Locking his gaze on her he probed her pussy with his tongue and rubbed her clit with his nose. Grinding his face across her bald pussy he sucked her juices from her, drinking it down. Feeling her climax on his tongue, he moved up sucking on one of her nipples licking around her tit. Moving to her neck, he gently asked if she was ready for him to breed her?

Panting, she pleaded with him to fuck her, then said but be gentle. Pulling her hips towards him, he felt her shaking. Pushing forward, he placed her hand on his cock and said put me in. Rubbing his cock’s head against her virgin opening she moaned as she guided it to her. Bucking her hips just a little to line him up, she felt the head enter her opening.

Smiling, he asked if she was ready, nodding she panted yes. Looking him in the eyes, she just yelped as he plunged into her. Braking her cherry he shoved half his cock into her. Before she could react, he pulled back and forced the whole thing deep into her cunt. Holding her tight he just stayed still, letting her get used to his cock. Kissing him, she asked what he was waiting for hurry up and fuck me.

Pulling all but 1 inch out he moved back in rocking into her clit as he went. Moaning, she started moving with him thrusting to meet him. Twisting and bucking, she smiled into his eyes and slapped his ass, yelling harder, fuck me harder.

Ramming as hard as he could, he beat his pelvis into her.

Oh fuck she moaned as her eyes rolled back into her head as she felt her orgasm rock her body.

Slamming into her he kept bouncing in, to her like a piston in a engine. Squealing with sheer joy she shook again as she felt his hot sticky cum shot into her pussy. Digging her heels into his calfs she rammed herself into him and held him tight to her. Yes, she yelled oh yes, that’s it make me your slut. Fuck fuck fuck she moaned into his ear.

When his limp cock fell out of her sopping cunt he pulled Kathys mouth to her cunt and whispered clean her. Standing, he placed his cock in Ambers mouth and told her to clean her mess.

Smiling, she took him into her mouth.

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