My friends wife Deepa (Bong Beauty)

So here the story starts My friends wife Deepa (Bong Beauty) ..

My friend Rajiv and me works in the same company. We three are from Kolkata staying at canada. We three are bengali. So our thinking are same. Rajiv a had a little son and works deliveratly hard everyday. We used to have holiday trip together. Deepa was a very conservative wife but with influence of western culture she was also learning things which is obviously a good thing.

Deepa is 33 years old with curvy figure as like every bong could relate. She is very Foody and super excited all the time to prepare good food for everyone. She usually wears saree and salwar everytime. She is very friendly with me. So coming to the story a incident happened one day that changed my thinking so one day we planned to travel a castles in near by forest area.

We travel through our car and reach there at the forest check post from there we to have to walk for 3 km walk as cars not allowed to go further. So we started our journey me,my friend Rajiv, his son and deepa. We started chit chatting talk different prospect of the nature and the castle. And our cars were in check point as this road is used only for walking no cars allowed.

After about 2 km we got exhausted and we kind off rest in a tree for a while and Rajiv told me that they were moving forward as deepa need to pee urgently. I was watching her discomfort but she how managing as she told me and after that Deepa and Rajiv are long way in front of me. Then I got side ways as I also need to pee and didn’t see Rajiv and deepa I thought they are well ahead and I came near by tree to pee and I hear sound of foot steps so I kept my self hide behind a tree and I saw deepa came and pulling down her patiala pant to pee, I got stuck with the view. She sat down pulling down her black panty to pee and I got a view of her big ass which is truly big and fair. Sound of her pee makes a crazy section in my body.

She wore her black panty and pulled up her pant. I was curious from that.

After that we reached the castle in the evening and our accommodation was already provided for that night. We are provided with one big room but there is partion in between the two rooms but there common to go to the other side..Rajiv and deepa and her son went to there room and I went to mine for fresh up. After my fresh up I thought to go to there for chit chat with my friend and I knocked from the common door which was in between the two room and deepa opened the door and told me to come. With these two rooms each one has a drawing room as well as separate bedroom.. I Sat on the drawing room and deepa was making tea and her son was in the room playing and Rajiv was still in the washroom. Deepa was busy making tea while was going through news paper and checking hee out. She was wearing a saree which usually she wears at her home as I have seen whenever I visited her home. And I noticed that she had a nice smile and obviously so gorgeous which is enough to turn mens head. Even though she was in a normal saree but it is obvious that she had voluptuous body with attractive round buttocks, noticeable big round breasts with no sag. They were shaped with prominent brown nipples with deep cleavage. Deepa had a pretty symmetrical face with a sharp pointing nose and very big eyes, with a milky-white skin tone.

After that my friend Rajiv came and we three sat fir chit chat and also for our next day trip. Deepa was very fond of traveling and she want to plan each and everything rather than her husband. So these goes on till at night after our dinner we went to our respective rooms. While in the bed I was just reminding of the morning scene about deepa’s buttocks that how perfectly round and smooth her butt was with premium black panty. Her thighs were curvy without any flab and extra flesh. While thinking I thought to mastrubate but I went into a deep sleep. In the night my sleep gets distracted as I got the urge to pee and I went to my bathroom and there I heard Rajiv voice and after deepa voice , then I thought to hear it more clearly so came in the common door and I found that it was unlock and pushed and opened it slightly and found that there room door opened and they were in full intimate mood and there little son is sleeping. They too are kissing deeply and Rajiv hand engulfed her butt in saree. While watching these my dick got erected.

After that she got into the bed and Rajiv slide down her pant and underwear. Rajiv put his hand on to her leg and stated pushing her saree up to her boobs..I was like omg and he pulled down her thin white panty. She could feel her hard dick touching into her pussy lips and he stated to unhook her black bra but he failed…they started to talk again

Deepa: we are married almost 8 years you couldn’t open the hook of the bra..(kultha parla na).
Rajiv couldn’t say anything he was in cloud nine as she unhooked her bra, he started to press those two big white melons of deepa. I was watching her boobs first time I couldn’t able to hold myself any more and started to strock my dick.
Deepa: were the condom ( condom ta poro) [in bengali]
Rajiv: No I don’t want to wear it today. (Na aj porbo na condom)
Deepa: why? ( kano?)
Rajiv: are taking taking your contraceptive pills right? ( pills ta nicho tho)
Deepa: yes..

And Deepa adjusted his hard erect dick to her opening and he entered her with warm sensation in his body. He started to drill his manhood into her vagina. The bed started to shake with cracking sound. She began to moan slowly felt complete pleasures from her loins as Rajiv giving vigorous thrust. Her bangles started jingling sound. It gives pleasure to hear that sound of bangles of bengali woman as me being a bengali. She was looking at his face and touching his butt to feel the rhythm of his thrust. Rajiv started to thrust his dick harder and she told while moaning

Deepa: go slow, go slow ( asta koro lagcha)
But Rajiv didn’t listen he was in strong motion. Her boobs were moving due to strong thrusting. And I couldn’t able hold by watching this. How they could be so careless not to lock their bedroom door. After that they started in doggy position. Rajiv came near the bed and standing while deepa came near the edge of the bed. As they started to talk.
Rajiv: please switch off the ac now ( ac ta bondho Kora daw) that time in ontario sun was at the peak so we need AC. She took the remote and switched off. I get to see her hanging big boobs.
Deepa: okk..
As Rajiv tried to enter his dick but felt uncomfortable due to height of the bed. Then she told..
Deepa: bed height is too high ( kaat ta kub unchu na)
Rajiv: Hm. Please come a bit forward yeah.( aktu agiya aso )

And he entered her and started to strock his dick grabbing her curly hair. Deepa began to moan again aaaahhhh ouuch , it’s paining ( asta lagcha uuufff). Their thighs making a strong slapping sound ( thaap thaap thaap thaap) and then farting sound was coming ( viginal fart) ( pooch krooch).

Deepa: go slow ( asta asta). She got embrassed with this sound.

Rajiv started fucking hard and was kissing deepa after that Rajiv made roaring sound and spurted his semen into her vagina. She also made a strong moan after that and Rajiv felt into her for sometimes and I couldn’t control went to the bathroom to release. That night changed my whole imagination to deepa. How beautiful and elegant she is being a bengali married woman. Next day I woke up and got ready for the today’s trip..I went to their room and they too were having tea.she made one cup for me and sat in the sofa. I was recalling yesterday night scenes. Today she is wearing salwar and leggings. My eyes got into her thighs as her panty lines got visible in her leggings. I was feeling horniness by looking at her thighs as woman thighs get wider in the sitting position due to the softness of the flesh. And after went for our next day trip and Will return to the same place at night. I was excited what will happen today as deepa looks little more desperate today…

To be continued… the next Part…
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