Sex with lusty bosss

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Hey guys I’m pinki, I m 26 years old and 5″3 height with curvy measurement’s. my boobs and ass are so big that any men can fuck me in his mind seeing me . I m too sexy .

This is a story of mine when I got job in company as secretary of my lusty boss. Actually he gave me job observingymy looks especially booooobs..
Firstly he tried h lot to get control over me and does many efforts to complete his lust over me.

His efforts got colours when he proposed me.
He not only wanted to have sex but also want to win me forever by marrying me.
My boss is 30 years old guy and very handsome and sexy too.

Before marrying we spend tym by dating each other.

One day we went for trip to Goa.There after many trials my boss made me ready for sex.
We went for shopping in a mall.There my boss get me with many very short dresses ,lungries,nighty,and other slutty clothes.
We went for hotel.and went in lift.My boss gone crazy seeing me and kissed my lips for first tym and I also gave him great feedback.we reached our room and He asked me to wear the red coloured lingerie and gave me a deep kiss.He went outside so that he can freshen up and I can change up my dress.I weared that lingries.It was too short that my hips are not covered completely and it was fully of net leaving the boob and pussy area.It was backless and I looked stunning.

I was fully ready for my first night with dark lipstic,heavy makeup and high heels. my boss came and become mad on seeing me. and hold my hand tight and pulled me toward himself and kissed me.He was bitting my lips somewhat,but I was enjoying.
He stopped and picked me up in his arms .He went to sofa and sat there along with me in his lap.

He started kissing me calmly and very smoothly for long tym.In this tymm I removed his shirt and vest.He then started smooching my neck and hands and was moaning”I loved you, Baby”,”I love you so much”.I was licking and feeling his chest nipples with my hands.My one hand went to his hairs and other to his hairy chest.we were enjoying and moaning very badly.i was feeling his cock sitting in his lap.he stopped and immediately uncover my boobs .He started pressing my nipples and started licking them soon. I was unstoppable and I was kissing him everywhere I can in that position. After a interval of tym he teared off my lingerie and I was nude in front of him.i felt somewhat shy.i stood up and ran behind the curtains.He stared at me and gave lusty smile.he unwear his pant and said”baby , I’m nude too ., don’t feel shy.”He came to me and pulled me toward himself.we were so close that tym.i was wet all down.he put his hands on my hips and pull my leg up and start kissing whole of me .I was enjoying simultaneously my boss put my hand on his cock. I was surprised it was so big and hard.In no tym he lift me up to bed and lied over me .he put his cock inside my pussy I afraid but it was more enjoyable than pain.i moaned and he started fucking me .he pressed my boobs And licking them madly. All night we enjoyed each other .At last I said him I love uh my jaan.he said I can fuck you my whole life and love u tooo, baby.

At morning I was lying on my boss shamelessly and fully nude.he woke and gave me good morning kissess.and we fucked again in arms of each other.

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