Unfortunate sex with my senior in Hyderabad

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Hi all this is Prash from hyderabad.
Here is my new and unfortunate experience with my Senior happened in December 2019

I was a part time body massage therapist for women and used to visit women at their homes or hotels.
I have posted an ad in Locanto and after a few days I got a whatsapp message asking the details about massage and whereabouts.
She introduced her as Kousalya(not her real name, but close to this name), from hyderabad and working in some small software company and she needs full body massage.

Next day (thurdsday) evening she asked me if i’m available for Saturday, as it is weekend for both of us and it would be easy to spend time for massage. I said I’m fine with it and I booked oyo room in Kphb.We both met at forum mall, she came in a long blue skirt and light blue top. Her face was hidden under her scarf and I was not able to see. We both from telugu states so we spoke everything in telugu. I asked her to remove the scarf, but she refused as someone might recognise her. She got on my bike and we went to the oyo room and we both sat on bed and she started removing her scarf and she was beautiful. Immediately I recognised her and we both are from same college but she was my senior. We spoke for a few minutes.

I then asked her shall we start massage, she said yes and I asked her to undress and wrap the towel. She went into the wash room and came with a towel wrapped around. She was with bra, panties and towel just that’s it.

She laid down on her stomach and I slowly started massage from foot, preparing her for massage, mean while we were talking about our jobs, life bla bla bla….and I started massage pouring oil on her body then. She slightly shivered and said she is liking it. I went on doing massage, her thighs were really good, I massaged her thighs and back and told her to turn around. She slowly turned around and again covered towel on bra and panty. As I came to massage hands, she suddenly pulled me on her and started kissing instantly, I was in shock and my dick got hard and responded positively by kissing back, afterall I’m a boy and I will have feelings.she got up and sat on bed. Now she removing my dress while looking naughtily into my eyes and I’m fondling her boobs over her bra. They were 34 in size and I was the first guy to see her naked. I slowly unhooked her bra and removed her panty with my legs. We both were rolling on one another. She asked me do I have safety(condom). I usually carry two condoms in my wallet and she want to try atleast once before marriage. And she dont want to miss this opportunity as we both know each other and she felt comfortable.

She likes to be very romantic and wants to experience it. I slowly started kissing from head, lips, cheeks, chin, neck, amazing boobs, stomach, button hole, navel, her pussy was shaven and its neat and clean, thighs, till toe.

She was making circles on bed, making sounds and room was resounding them. I liked it and she’s asking me to do more. I started to suck her boobs, they were firm and bouncing back and standing straight. She really loved my boob sucking, boob playing and pushing my head on her boobs. I again went on her lips and she was waiting like a lion in the cage and took my lips immediately and chewing them. She became very hot and she is not in control. She was moaning as if this is the last day of her life and doing things wildly. She came on me and took my dick in her hands and giving strokes and playing with it as if a child play with her toy.

I asked her if she is can suck my dick, she immediately took it into her mouth and sucking it like lollypop and played with my dick for some time and she asked me to put my dick in her pussy as she is not able to hold it anymore. I took condom and wore it on my dick and now I started teasing her by just putting dick on her pussy lips and not entering. She was shouting loudly with all bad words, put it in, fuck me, fuck me fuck me hard. I bent on her pussy and licked her pussy and she immediately pushed my head on her pussy and it is hot like furnace and I slowly trying to enter her pussy, but it was not.

As she is virgin and her pussy is really tight, she is shouting in pain and again asking me to insert. I asked her to come over me and try to put that in. She came on me and she navigated my dick into her love hole and with some struggle, it slipped in and she left a heavy moan and she fell on me. I slowly started to give strokes and she now slowly moving up and down shouting in pain and pleasure. I turned her up side down and started to fuck and increased the pace and fucking her hard, she in pain and pleasure shouting like hell. Some time shouting pls stop, some time fuck me hard. That was really crazy and in some time we both cummed and lied on bed.

After some time, I again started playing with boobs and my dick got hard again, she was laughing on seeing my dick and started to play with my dick. She asked me to put my dick between her boobs and I did fucked her boobs and cummed on face. We both fucked two time that day and left. After that we did met three more times before lockdown at the different oyo hotels and also I travelled with her in bus and also fucked her in bus.

If any women / girl / Aunty / Aunties / divorced / widows looking for these kind of experience and fun, please email me [email protected]. for sure your details will kept secret.
Your comments and appreciations are most welcome and most important.

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