Priyanka’s Beautiful Treat Ends My Long Desire

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Guys, the story is little long but please read it completely, becaz it takes u into another world and u will really enjoy it.

Coming to the story, I am Rajesh, age 31 tall, good looking guy from tamilnadu, working in bangalore. This incident happened many years ago in chennai. I am a shy , soft and somewhat reserved type, so that I don’t have girlfriends. In my school days, I often talk to girls- only regarding subject wise. So apart from this I have nothing to talk.

I started in searching a good job which suits me. But it tooks me hard to get and I like that, so until that I like to go with my friend’s office in chennai. Since it is a KPO, the job is very fine and simple. The life goes easy with this but I didn’t expect that this is the place where I am going to meet my dream girl.

My team is very small and there is no beautiful girl . So I started looking other departments. There are enough girls and most of them are beautiful. Since I am a shy type of talking with girls, I can’t go friendly with them. But my job makes me to speak with them, only officially.

Things going like this and I am simply working. After a couple of weeks, I saw a girl just opposite to my cabin. She attracted me very much. So I started looking at her whenever I cross her bay. After a week, while I was working, a girl came to our team. She came to my senior who was sitting left to me for a doubt clarification. I casually looked to check who is that, the first thing I met was her lips, such a beautiful and rosy lips. Just while returning only I looked her face, oh my god, it was her, who attracted me that I usually look in the opposite cabin. That beautiful lips belongs to her. It was the first sight, I met her so closely. I was totally lost. I don’t know anything about her, I like to know her name. Since I am new to the office, I don’t want to ask my senior or my team-mates. Before returning she signed in the remarks note. So I took that to find her.

I got her name, Priyanka, so cute and beautiful, even stlyish and sexy too. Her body is simply sexier with her golden mixed white skin. Her stats are 37-30-38. She totally disturbed me becaz she was so beautiful than others and not only that, she is tall like me. She has a style and always come in loose hair which was long and thick. Her smile, actually I lost in that which was sexy and beautiful. Whenever she smiles, it resembles south actress richa to me. Also she looks like Actress Jyothika and Twilight actress. But she is not fat and not lean and she fullfilled the qualities of my dream girl. She is the perfect girl for me that I like to present her my virginity.

I was thinking of how to start speaking with her. Somehow I managed to get near her but things happening against me. My team was shifted to first floor, I was totally upset with this. But I got chances to see her at the break time and in lunch. At the break time, I go to canteen and straightaway sit opposite to her table where she usually chat with her friends. I start looking at her lustfully. This continued everyday. Often she looks at me. I always come in the shift in which she comes.

After few days, I saw her in my floor, I thought that she might come for clarifications but I came to know that her team was also shifted to my floor. I was so happy, she was opposite to my bay but there are 4 bays in between us. Not to worry about this, I am tall and I can easily look at her by sitting straight in my chair itself. Whenever I come in night shift, I wait in the morning to see her. One day when I was coming down from the stairs, she and her friend was waiting near the door expecting somebody. I realised that she is not having her ID card as she left that in her seat itself, so I went near her, without asking anything, I opened the door with my card. After entering she thanked me with her beautiful smile. I was flying in the air.

I went to my seat and started my work, while crossing , I again looked at her, she too looks at me. I saw a lust in her eyes. It was very very sexy. But chances are very less for me to speak with her. After a month I heard that she was going to resign. My friends said that she has a boyfriend, she has been engaged and going to get marry but I don’t beleive in what my friends said. I decided to speak and show my interests on her before she leave.

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