Sir Fucked me Hard

Im 19 old girl .my name is ayesha khan from Hyderabad . and it was the last day of my exams, we were supposed to go to different colleges to attend these exams and our invigilator would be different everyday. Since it was the last day, i thought I’d dress up a litter better. The top i wore was kinda deep and my boobs had grown out during quarantine but it was such a perfect blue.

Minvigilator was an old Mahesh sir, maybe about 29. I had a really nice wet dream last night and i have a huge thing for exp fucker. As i walked into class I could feel his eyes on my chest, his mouth was slightly open. I finished my exam soon and everytime i looked up i caught him staring at me, and he’d look away. I was getting bored waiting for the bell so i decided to tease him a little. I would occasionally stare at him or squeeze my boobs together. He knew i knew and i was so fucking horny by then.

Bell rand everyone were starting to leave. I pretended to search for something so i could get a chance to be alone with him. I went over to him and I slowly rubbed his thick limp cock which responded quickly. He asked me what the hell i was doing. l stroked him a little harder and asked him if i should stop. He looked at my boobs and said this isn’t right. I whispered in his ears “this virgin is all yours if u have a condom Mahesh sir, just close that door for me”

His dick was really hard now and he quicky closed the door sweet all over his face. I pulled his trousers down and realised how big and thick his dick was and if my virgin pussy could handle it. I started at the head sucked it really hard and then i started the lick his whole dick. His breathing was getting harder and he started to grunt as i squeezed his balls. I finally took his whole dick and he took full control over my head. he fucked my mouth like i was his little slut.

He moaned and came in my mouth and made sure to drip all over my chest. I pulled his trousers down completely and asked him to sit down. He quick took my shirt off and held my boobs and squeezed them really hard. He began sucking them and licking my neck and boobs. He took his other hand and pushed two of his thick fingers in my pussy making me leave a loud moan. I stared riding his finger really hard i never been so turned on. Just before i was bout to cum, he pulled his fingers out. I noticed his dick was back in shape and his precum was leaking out.

He forced his condom on and adjusted me over his thick dick. I had never know such pleasure when he forced his dick inside me. I began to ride him like a devil that was when he took charge and pushed me over his table and entered me again. He pounded me from the back and i moaned with every thrust. He moaned that this was his best fuck and his wife never made his dick feel this way.

We bothcame and my juices were dripping. he turned me over and sucked my inner thighs. He licked me and teased me. I pushed my vagina againsthis mouth cause i could take it no more. He began sucking wildly and played with my clit. His tongue moved in all directions and deep into my vigina. He rubbed my clit and he sucked my vagina and he pushed his dick I cried he fucked me hardly 30 -40 mintues wild fucking really I went to heaven closed my eyes and each moment I was enjoying that time .

We heard some noises outside so we quickly put our clothes on and left . afer 1 week i called him . he invited his room one more time he used me badly fucked me . thank you all .

so that was i fucked her . so if you want sex fun just do message me gmail id : [email protected]

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