Natho sex kosam na girl friend kathalu (Indian)

This is a long story so kindly read completely with some patience you will like it, so coming to the story idhi gatha 6months ga jaruguthundhi so how it started anedhani nunchi start chestha, na friend peru darshana age 20 white color skin tone, figure occhi 38 27 34

Sexual Relationship With My Neighbour Girl – Telugu

Hello All Welcome to my first writing, nen ee website lo chala months nunchi stories chadhvuthunna, i always wanted to read with my native language telugu so im writing in telugu for all my telugu buddies, inka modhaledadhaama…!Note: this is completely fictional but will make you guys enjoy for sureMa pakkana house lo oka family … Read more

How I Lost My Virginity To A Lady I Met Online (Desiboy75)

Hi, I am desiboy from Hyderabad. This is my first story (real experience) forgive me if I make some mistakes, so let me tell you about me! I am 24, doing my GRE in Hyderabad, handsome, I got a 7.8-inch dick I’m happy to show it online for ladies. Coming to the story it has … Read more

Maa Friend Lover Naki Flat Ayyi Natho Dengichukundii

Hi friends, my name Praveen I’m from Hyderabad . I hope ee story meeku nachuthadi anukuntunna. Lengthy ga untadi endukante idi na real story(back when I was in the College), nachithe feedback ivvandi, ‌Let’s start the story, nenu inter lo, oka ammai ni true ga love chesa marriage kuda chesukundam anukunna. Anduke ame tho romance … Read more

Neighbor aunty tho

Hello everyone, na peru rahul, athletic body untundhi, nadhi Hyderabad. Meekosam malli na life lo jarigina story cheppu kotaniki vachesanu. Sex anedhi iddaru istapadi cheyali edho chesamu ani kadhu. Okkosari sex cheyakapoina aa manishi tho vunte chalu manasuki chala happy ga vuntadhi. Sex ante istam vundi chala interest chedham anukunna vallu yavaraina Hyderabad lo vunte … Read more

Lost my virginity being a slave to a muslim married women

My name is raj aged 24 with 5.7 height and a 7 inch dick and is very thick. I was a virgin till now, recently a week ago I posted an add online as a slave and after 5 days I received a call from sultana (lets say). She was married women with a single … Read more

Sex journey with Anjali – Living relationship

Hii friends. Those who are reading my story please read the part in the link below to have an understanding about the story. Sex journey with anjali – The beginning Its been 1 month I introduced my journey with Anjali. With the pandemic and the lockdown being imposed in Karnataka it was hard for me … Read more

How I went for the first time

Nenu intermediate hostel lo unnapudu na frnd tho nenu matladukuntunnam night time lo about adult things and other stuff nka ala matallo na frnd annadu ry mama nenu monna smoke ki vellinapoudu ha shop aunty konchum odd (adho madhiriga) ga choosindhi ra naku thelisi thanu sex worker emo ra ani cheppadu nka ala haa mata … Read more

Sex journey with anjali – The beginning

Hii friends, Its been so long i have posted a story. Things have changed a lot in the past six months. Now i was single and just waiting for a new companion. Those who dont knew me, let me introduce first. Im raj aged 25 from hyderabd with 5.7 height and 6 inch dick with … Read more

Hyderabad lo parichayam iyna aunty ni sukapeta

Hello friends na peru nani na age 27 nenu Hyderabad Kukatpally lo unatnu idhi na 3 rd story ishtam iyna valu avaru iyna unte mail or hangout ki ping cheyochu 100% provacy istanu. Inka story loki vaste na heroin peru ramya thanavi ani + sizes ante koncham lavu ga untundhi sizes vachi 38-32-40 untundhi na … Read more

Kavya tho Swetha gadipina madura kshanalu

Hello friends this is yash from hyderabad.naa mundhu story ki manchi response vanchindhi and thanks for your feedback. Ekka story ki veltha, e story naa online friend dhi.. E story motham thane rasindhi. Hello everyone. I’m sowmya 31 years old from Hyderabad. Na structure vacchesi 32 28 34 Inka kathaloki velthe, maku oka own house … Read more

Na ex guddha pagala denga

Hello friends nenu me Nani thanks for response idhi na ex tho na second story. Na ex peru Bindu (name changed due to privacy) thana sizes vachi 34-26-36 dani gudhaa baguntundhi.Na madda size 7 in 3 in thick inka meru aa oohinchukondi. Na extho first experience iyaka memu roju chala pachiga matladukunevalamu oka roju dani … Read more

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