Mother and sister in marriage 2

We reached temple. Everyone was looking at my mom. We arranged for everything. Everyone reached after half hour. Function went well. While returning my uncle asked for scooty. He told he and dad will come from bike. I mom and sister went from bus. I and mom were sitting together. Mom slept on my shoulder. … Read more

How I Lost My Virginity To A Lady I Met Online (Desiboy75)

Hi, I am desiboy from Hyderabad. This is my first story (real experience) forgive me if I make some mistakes, so let me tell you about me! I am 24, doing my GRE in Hyderabad, handsome, I got a 7.8-inch dick I’m happy to show it online for ladies. Coming to the story it has … Read more

Interview Ki Vachina Pooja Vadina Tho Part-1

Welcome back my dear lovers reader… Hope every one was doing great. My name is Praveen and I am 24 years old from Hyderabad. Na story lo heroine na vadina (Polka), konchem durapu chutalu. Tanani nenu first time ma intiki vachinappudu chusanu. Structure matram super ga untundi, evariki aina legavalsinde chuste. Tanaki iddaru pillalu ante … Read more

Neighbor aunty tho

Hello everyone, na peru rahul, athletic body untundhi, nadhi Hyderabad. Meekosam malli na life lo jarigina story cheppu kotaniki vachesanu. Sex anedhi iddaru istapadi cheyali edho chesamu ani kadhu. Okkosari sex cheyakapoina aa manishi tho vunte chalu manasuki chala happy ga vuntadhi. Sex ante istam vundi chala interest chedham anukunna vallu yavaraina Hyderabad lo vunte … Read more

Fun With Rutu Aunty

Hello Friends, I am writing my new real experience which i encountered when i moved into new town few days ago. I’m Akash working as an software professional in bangalore this incident took place few days back when i moved on to pune i told my friend to search for the house. As I’m new … Read more

Kavya tho Swetha gadipina madura kshanalu

Hello friends this is yash from hyderabad.naa mundhu story ki manchi response vanchindhi and thanks for your feedback. Ekka story ki veltha, e story naa online friend dhi.. E story motham thane rasindhi. Hello everyone. I’m sowmya 31 years old from Hyderabad. Na structure vacchesi 32 28 34 Inka kathaloki velthe, maku oka own house … Read more

Introducing my affairs to my wife pavithra ( part – 1)

Hello readers, First of all let me thank each and everyone for replying and talking to me on each of my sex experiences. Unfortunately I was not abe to reply a few of them due to my busy schedule. But soon will reply all of them. November 2020 was a beautiful month for me. As … Read more

Pakanna Appartment Aunty Ni Denganu

Hello friends, ela unnaru. Your Praveen is back with a banging experience. Nenu Hyderabad lo untaanu. Aunties and girls meeru eppatiki marchipoleni dengudu kosam edhuru chusthunnara? Mi pukulani satisfy chese modda kosam vethukuthunnara? Inkendhuk alasyam na hangouts ki message cheyandi. Na sarikotha anubhavam tho mi mundhuku malli vachanu. Na previous story ki anukunnantha response aithey … Read more

HardCore Sex With Pavithra Aunty

Hii friends this is Praveen chala days tharwatha malli meetho na experience share chesukuntunanu. I’m Chinna age 22, height 5’6″, weight 55 kgs. Na modda size 7 inches. Nak sex ante chala pichi. Aunties 24 hours sex thoughts a untayi. And ammaila gudha shapes or boobs shapes chusina ventane nak modda lesipothadi. Nen ippudu cheppaboye … Read more

Hardcore Sex With Harshita| Callboy Experience

Hii everyone this is Praveen. Nenu last time post chasina story ku chalaaa response vachindi and chalaa comments vachai. Any girls or aunties meru koda nanu book chasukovali anta mail or hangouts lo message chayandi. Meru ammai ani confirm aena tharavatha aa na details isthanu. Harshini super ga vuntadi, age 29, height 5’4″, sizes 36-28-39. … Read more

Nenu call boy ga velli dengina dhaniki pregnancy naa valla

Hi friends nenu first lo call boy ga join kaavali ani chala try chesanu and also ala chala amount loss ayyanu at last final ga naaku cilent dorikindi genuine ga. Nenu ala call boy ga secret ga unsatisfied womens ni satisfy chestu manchi rating to unnanu. Daya chesi cheptunna readers andaNenu Callboy Ga Velli Denginadaniki … Read more

Callboy experience

Hi to readers. Na ee hot telugu sex stories lo first sex incident ni meeku chepthaanu. Na peru yash. Age 23 years. Nenu recent ga oka mnc lo job lo join ayaanu. Nenu 6 feet height 60 kgs weight vuntaanu. Inka manchi athletic body ni maintain chesthanu. Na sulla oka decent size lo 6.2 inches … Read more

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