Introducing my affairs to my wife pavithra ( part – 1)

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Hello readers,
First of all let me thank each and everyone for replying and talking to me on each of my sex experiences. Unfortunately I was not abe to reply a few of them due to my busy schedule. But soon will reply all of them.

November 2020 was a beautiful month for me. As you all knew from my previous story of how I met candy (nick name) and started living together with her. It was an open relationship between both of us. Can be broken anytime by anyone on their own will. We got together to fulfill our sexual desires and needs. Since she was a divorcee none of the women in her community invited to any occasions or marriage. She was all alone and lonely all the time. It was only work and eat in her life till I entered in her life.

After that post Diwali incident, we used to meet regularly in her home only and spent time giving company to each other during day times along with roaming and shopping. We had most erotic and streamy sex at night. These days I even ignored my wife who was staying in Orissa due to my affair with candy. On 27th November I as usual decided to meet my wife as it was a long weekend with election holidays. I called candy and told her that im going to meet pavithra and will be able to meet you only by next weekend. Hearing this she felt low as she even had 4 days holidays and had no one to give company to her. She told happy journey and cut my call. I felt bad about leaving her. Infact I even wanted to stay even with her. As her kid was with her ex husband I decided to take her along with me to Orissa.

I immediately called her and said, pack your bags, im not going to leave you alone here. Lets go together to Orissa. She felt very happy and within 1 hr she was ready with her luggage for the 4 day trip and we started the same day at 9 pm. I picked her from her home, she hugged me very tight when she saw me and told than you for taking her with me. I told “ if I leave this diamond, someone else with definitely take it” . she laughed and we started on my car towards Orissa.

Since she was a fashion designer, she maintained herself very clean and neat. She even looked very modern. She was wearing a slim cotton plain top along with black track pant which was very smooth. All her curves can be better viewed from outside view of her dress. After fucking her for more then 15 times, I still had a hard on seeing her figure. I wore plain track pant without any underwear. My dick was almost 90 degrees having her beside me. within 1 hr we were out of the city and entered highway and there were very few vehicles and we are on the 5th gear and started talking and blushing with kinky talks. With one hand on the steering and other hand I was rubbing my dick and testicles. Candy saw what I was doing and asked me “ raj, I think you need some help”. I said yes definitely I need. She pushed her seat a little back, got on her knees and removed my track upto my knees and started sucking.

I was in heaven, I was always a new experience when she sucks my dick. She even teased me licking my cum with her lips. I on the other hand, used my left hand to press her 34 sized boobs. Within 10 minutes I cummed in her mouth and she spit it outside and cleaned herself. I was soo relieved and started driving. It was 12 in the night we reached suryapet and we had a nice mean in the Punjabi dhaba nearby. After having food, she said she needs to use the toilet. I drove the car to nearby village where ther are no people and asked her to pee. She sad near the bush and started peeing. I silently switched on my torch on my mobile and started seeing how she was pissing. She had a soundy piss and covered her face in shy when I was watching her. I removed my dick and started masturbating seeing her hairy pussy. As I already said she never shaves her pussy, it was a thick forest down her pussy. She finished her piss and I was on full mood to have sex. As she was about to lift her panty and track, I stopped her and hugged her and liplocked her. She tried to say something, but I was very passionate in sucking her lips. I used my right hand to finger her pussy over her hair and was pressing her 36 size ass which was very smooth. Without breaking the kiss, I positioned my dick on her pussy and made a sudden push. She coughed with sudden push in my mouth. I rammed her soo fast in that open bushes without letting her moan. It was very dark and no one was visible , I pushed her onto the car door, took the support of the car and fucked her in standing position and cummed in her pussy. I then opened the car door and made her sleep on her back, opened her pussy haor and sucked her pussy and even clear my cum in her pussy with my mouth. Within 10 minutes of pussy sucking she even cummed a little. She said “ I really loved this. No one fucked me in open air on roads” I told her “ this is just the beginning. Get ready to experience more on the way”

She was tired and she slept. I increased my speed and drove the car without stopping. It was 7 pm when we reached Visakhapatnam. We thought to take some rest and continue to drive in the evening. I took a nice 3 start hotel near the beach road. We checked in as husband and wife. As soon as I reached I slept being tired. She meanwhile got freshed, she was in her white bathrobe. I never saw an indian women in a bathrobe in real. She was drying her hair near the dressing table, I hugged her from beside and rubbed her ass and pussy. She told me to get ready and lets have breakfast. I said I want to eat you first. She laughed and said ok and told me to get ready first. It was a nice toilet with a glass separated shower. I forgot the towel, after finishing the shower, I asked candy for towel. When she was giving it to me I pulled her inside. Removed her bathrobe started sucking her boobs. I was having a high morning erection, I made her bend on the commode and fucked in doggy position. I took some hair oil and applied on my dick and rubbed some of it on her pussy. With every thrust she was moaning, ummm ahhhh wait raj please slowly. I didn’t listen her and even fast fucked her. I cummed very fast in 10 minutes and I sat on the commode and made her sit on my dick. We were fucking slowly hugging each other. And the door bell was our breakfast I guess. So candy wore her bathrobe and opened the door. Seeing her the room boy blushed, I guess he heard our moans. Kept it on the table and left. I completed my bath and got fresh and had food.

What happened further and how I introduced candy to pavithra will be explained in part-2 . please read and comment you views and suggestions at [email protected]

For those who were asking about my relation now with snighda, it was only one time sex and they never contacted us again

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